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Shoes She Should Have Worn: Eva Longoria continue reading

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I was really disappointed in Heidi Klum’s shoe choice. I love her dress, I love her shoes; but not together. continue reading

I think Anna is a fabulous editor ( I love Vogue); I respect her role in the fashion industry and overall admire her style. Last week when I was flipping through the photos from couture week I spotted a lovely picture of Anna & Blake Lively at Chanel Haute Couture. As my eyes were admiring the photo (okay, scanning for fabulous shoes) I saw something I wish I never had. continue reading

British-born and LA-based celebrity stylist Neil Rodgers has now added shoe designer to his repertoire. And with more than a decade’s worth of experience dressing A-list stars from head to toe, you know he’s one to turn to when it … continue reading