Brian Atwood

Brian has been called “one of the hottest shoe designers in fashion today”. Atwood grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attributes his interest in fashion from observing his mother’s fabulous wardrobe. He studied art and architecture at Southern Illinois University and then moved to New York where he studied clothing design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Right after graduating Atwood left for Milan in hopes of pursuing a modeling career.

While modeling in Europe he found himself drawing stilettos. Atwood says, “I was always sketching shoes, but at that point it meant nothing to me because I didn’t really know anything about it.” In 1996 Brian Atwood switched from modeling to apprentice when he was hired as first assistant to Gianni Versace. Atood says, “Gianni asked me to design some shoes for his haute couture show in Paris, and that started this whole obsession with shoes.” He was later promoted to chief designer for women’s accessories for the Versus line. Brian Atwood finally created his own fabulous shoe label in 2001. Atwood’s talent was awarded in 2003 by the Council of Fashion Designers of America who awarded him the Swarovski’s Perry Ellis Award for Accessory Design. Atwood was also the creative director for Bally for three years and recently announced that the fall 2010 collection would be his last for the Swiss house.

Many celebrities love Brian Atwood’s shoes including Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Women went even crazier for his heels after Sex & the City 2 featured many of Atwood’s designs. Stylist Rachel Zoe is also a huge fan of Atwood and claims that she “owns every shoe Brian has ever made”. Atwood is also collaborating on a shoe collection with another supporter and friend of his, Victoria Beckham.

Brian Atwood Quotes

“My idea of the woman, and that image of the woman that I design for, she’s confident, she’s very sophisticated but she knows but she knows who she is.”

“Every woman has a moment [when] she’s so excited about a pair of shoes. They have the ability to transform your attitude and the way you look—your legs are longer, your butt’s higher. It’s that magical moment when women feel sexy and own it.”

“I do what I think women would like. It’s gut instinct, and it’s worked so far.”

“If I look at someone and their shoes are wrong, it ruins the whole thing for me. Done. Game over.”

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Sources: Fashion Magazine & Harper’s Bazaar | Hot Brian Atwood Pic from Style Mag

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  1. Kay says:

    I am gaga over his shoes. So so sexy…

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  5. MvGalloway says:

    Some of his stuff is a miss to me and they seem to Louboutin-ish BUT, there have been quite a few of his shoes that are just Sick! I love the blue snake skin pump. I’m not a fan of sculpted heels but, everytime he does them, it’s always so right :3)

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