Christian Louboutin Princess Wedges

In January I was in LA for a month staying with my boyfriend at the amazing Sowden house designed by Frank Llyod Wright Jr. It was amazing. Almost every morning we would go to our favorite french cafe, Figaro for a morning espresso. One day I walked into a vintage store right next to the cafe called Sqauresville and spotted the most beautiful, never been worn deep burgundy Christian Louboutin velvet wedges. They reminded me of a Russian princess featuring floral embroidery, ornate beading and jewels. Even though they were marked a size too big I tried them on. Of course we instantly fell in love however I came to the conclusion I really didn’t need them. So I let them go and went about my day. A couple days later, I was hanging out at the house & my boyfriend surprised me with the wedges! He appreciates my love for shoes & knows it’s one of the ways to my heart ;)


The super talented Doug Hac took pictures of me in wedges around the Sowden house.

I didn’t know anything about these wedges so I contacted my favorite Louboutin site, The Louboutin Blog hoping they might know more. They think my wedges are possibly from the 2004 or 2005 collection. I also learned that Louboutin created the shoes for Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2003 show (pictured to the left) which features beautiful floral embroidery. The Louboutin Blog also found similar Louboutin heels also with floral embroidery that was inspired by the French countryside.


…just Louboutin’s in a tub :)

I’ve only worn them around the house & out to dinner once. Since they’re older and somewhat fragile, I’ve decided to retire them as art now. I love them very much and would rather appreciate them artistically then damage them in a couple wears.

Vintage Louboutin Wedge

bottom two photos by Markus

Many thanks to The Louboutin Blog for helping me find out more information on the shoes & Doug Hac for taking the amazing photos.

11 Responses to Christian Louboutin Princess Wedges

  1. VeronicaLyn says:

    great photos!

  2. Sean says:

    You’re brave – those shoes and the koi pond have bad news written all over it! I almost fell in and I was barefoot…

  3. abby spiker says:

    Very nice! I like them, they are really beautiful. I think it’s wise to keep them as art. :)

  4. Virginia says:

    Markus is a very smart man! :)

  5. Annkay says:


  6. Heather says:

    Loooove them, they’re so beautiful!

  7. fiona4802 says:

    My ten year old daughter Marina is soooo in love with these shoes. She has just announced to me that if she owned them, she would wear them EVERYWHERE!!!

  8. Uniquebreeze says:

    They will make great art. Beautiful shots.

  9. rich n. phaemus says:

    epic shoes in an epic setting!

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