10 Different Types of Flip Flops

Type of Flip Flops

When most of us think of flip flops, we think of warm, sunny, summer days, going to the beach, and maybe even showing off a fresh pedicure. And again, if you’re like most people, you probably picture the most generic, two-dollar pair of drug store flip flops when you hear the world. However, there are … Read more

15 Best Long-Distance Walking Shoes

Best Long-Distance Walking Shoes

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just wear any shoes when you go out walking. Just like some shoes have been designed for certain activities, there are also shoes that are to be used specifically for walking. But, with so many options available, finding the right pair of shoes for walking long distances can be … Read more

10 Best Steel Toe Shoes

Best Steel Toe Shoes

Do you find yourself on your feet all day in a dangerous working environment out in the field? Such a work environment can expose you to all kinds of dangers like greasy surfaces, uneven surfaces, electrical hazards, heavy objects, pointed protrusions, and extreme temperatures. These factors can gravely threaten your safety if you do not … Read more

7 Different Types of Insoles

Types of Insoles

Finding the perfect fit when shoe shopping can be a near-impossible task. Most shoes are made with little built-in support, which can take a toll on your feet, ankles, and even your back. Adding insoles to your shoes can help to make them more comfortable and give you the support that you need as you … Read more

10 Best Winter Work Boots

Shoe print in the snow

Not that going to work during warm months is easy, especially for those in construction or other labor-intensive professions, but as the winter months kick in, you will find many people bundling up for work to stay warm. The cold weather, snow, and ice make it harder to maneuver through the day, but also results … Read more

10 Best Adidas Running Shoes

Best Adidas Running Shoes

Running is one of the best activities for your overall health. Not only can regular running contribute to weight loss/ control, improved heart health and stronger bones, it also helps relieve anxiety by de-stressing your mind. But, in order to reap the most benefits from running, you need to get the right pair of shoes. … Read more

16 Best Disc Golf Shoes

Best Disc Golf Shoes

Disc golf, a sport that only a few people knew about during the early 1990s, has captured the attention of the masses in the past decade or so. According to the Pro Disc Golf Association, over 500,000 people play disc golf regularly. There are more than 1,600 courses in the country, with California’s 93 leading the … Read more

27 Best Work Boot Brands

Best Breathable Work Boots

No matter the weather outside, millions of men and women around the world leave the comfort of their homes each day to go to work. When it comes to keeping your feet safe, there are plenty of office-friendly options available that should suffice. But, not everyone who goes out every morning to earn an honest … Read more

13 Best Shoes for the Elderly

Best Shoes for the Elderly

Aging is inevitable. We all get older and there isn’t anything we can do about it but accept it and pay attention to the changes happening in our body. Aging takes its toll on all parts of the body, including the feet. In addition, to wear, there are certain physiological changes that’ll affect how your … Read more

12 Best Slip-Resistant Shoes for Women

Best Slip-Resistant Shoes for Women

Slip and falls lead to a major injury burden both in the general population and at work. According to the U.S. National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, over 9.25 million visits to ER in 2011 were due to falls. In the same year, 25 percent of nonfatal occupational illnesses and injuries involving days away … Read more

10 Best Pull On Work Boots

Best Pull On Work Boots

Are you tired of constantly lacing and then unlacing your work boots to get in and out of them? You have to admit; the process can become more than just a little tiring after a while. It can be especially tedious if the nature of your job requires you to wear tall boots. Luckily, there … Read more

16 Best Water Shoes

Best Water Shoes

Whether you are going for kayaking, swimming, diving, or headed out the Caribbean, equip yourself with swim shoes instead of going barefoot. Reason being, bacteria builds-up easily in damp places such as swimming pools, which can cause several health issues. Additionally, if you are strolling through the sand or water on the beach, there is … Read more

6 Different Types of Wedding Shoes for Men

Types of Wedding Shoes for Men

If you’re a groom or part of a wedding party, you’ll probably spend a lot of time putting together your outfit. Don’t forget about the shoes. Whether you want everyone’s shoes to match or you’ll be selecting a pair that’s perfect for you, learning about the types of wedding shoes for men can help you … Read more

36 Different Types of Shoes

Types of Shoes

There is a nearly endless variety of shoe styles for both men and women, from the earliest examples of footwear to more modern designs. Different styles are built to serve various purposes, from sleek, professional looks to purpose-built activewear. Here, we go over the different types of shoes to help you decide which style might … Read more

12 Different Types of Dress Shoes

Types of Dress Shoes

Building a professional wardrobe is an investment in yourself. But beyond the suits and elegant outfits, you need dress shoes. They’re not just for the office, though. Learn more about the different types of dress shoes so that you make smart purchasing decisions and enjoy high-quality shoes that will last for the long term. Men’s … Read more

17 Best Marathon Shoes

Best Marathon Shoes

In a marathon, your biggest competitor isn’t other athletes; it is the distance. Mile after mile, your body will churn out energy to your muscles while your mind will attempt to hold composure. As you get close to the finish line, your body would be depleted of energy and you will be running on sheer … Read more

12 Different Types of Shoes for Men

Types of Shoes for Men

Whether you’re a guy who knows everything about men’s fashion, or you’re more of a classic jeans-and-sneakers sort of personality, the truth is, there are tons of men’s shoe styles available on the market today. If you’re looking to switch up your style or be more aware of what’s out there for you to try … Read more

5 Different Types of Running Shoes

Types of Running Shoes

Runners are known for their impressive ability to maintain consistent movement over long periods. Their endurance, agility, and determination are something to be admired. While we can certainly appreciate their hard work and determination, it’s also relevant and helpful to note that runners perform their best when they are using the proper equipment. The most … Read more

10 Best Nike Running Shoes for Men

Best Nike Running Shoes for Men

Whether you are in search of the perfect footwear for your morning jogs or are training for a marathon, you know that Nike has something special that can cater to your needs. The leading manufacturer of sports apparel has a fantastic range of running shoes to meet the needs of all types of runners. Founded … Read more

11 Best Tennis Shoes for the Court

Best Tennis Shoes for the Court

While all sports are competitive, we are yet to see a game as competitive and grueling as tennis. Not only do you have to fight for every point, but you have to make small victories and repeat them consistently to win a match finally. The competition between players is terrific, and the agility needed for … Read more