12 Best Heated Slippers

Best Heated Slippers

Winter is here, and as the temperatures drop, we spend more time indoors trying to stay warm. Cold and sometimes snowy days lead to cold, wet, and sore boot-clad feet. Best Heated Slippers

After a long day of running around trying to check things off our Holiday to-do lists or waiting at cold, windy train platforms and bus stops during the inevitable weather-related transportation delays, it’s nice to return to the warmth and comfort of home.

When your feet are cold and sore after a hard day, nothing says relaxation quite as well as pair of comfy slippers, and if those slippers are heated, that’s even better. Heated slippers are like a warm hug for your feet and a welcome relief from winter’s chill.

In this article, we will look at some of the best heated slippers on the market right now. We’ll look at a variety of options to best fit your budget and needs. We’ll examine different features and styles to help you find your perfect pair.

Our Top Picks

If you would like more details and information on other available products, keep reading.

Health Benefits of Heated Slippers

Heated slippers may seem like a luxury, but did you know there are actually health benefits associated with wearing heated slippers?

Heated slippers are great for easing aching muscles, and here’s a fun fact, a human foot has ten muscles plus another 19 muscles that are attached to those muscles. That’s 29 muscles working together in each foot to help you walk and stand every day!

When you’re on your feet all day, that’s a lot of strain on those muscles. What’s more, the cold weather makes muscles tight and decreases blood flow to your muscles, making them even stiffer and sorer than if you are on your feet all day in warmer weather.

Heated slippers can help warm your foot muscles up so your muscles relax and have better blood circulation, which will help relieve pain in those muscles.

Another health benefit of heated slippers is that if you wear them before bed, they can actually help you fall asleep more easily. A scientific study from Basel, Switzerland, linked heat loss with feelings of sleepiness.

In the study, one of the measurements they took was foot temperature. Researchers found that as the temperature of the feet decreased, the test subjects began to get drowsy.

When you wear heated slippers, your foot temperature increases, and when you take them off and hit the hay, the change in temperature will cause your body to start feeling sleepy so you can get to sleep faster and wake up better rested the next day.

Types of Heated Slippers

There are two main types of heated slippers offered on the market today. One kind of slipper gets heated in the microwave while the other gets plugged in typically via a USB plug and charged up.

Some slippers also plug into a wall outlet with a non-detachable cord, which is excellent for working in an office or watching TV or other activities that don’t require you to get up. If you need to walk around, then a microwave or USB slipper offers more mobility.

Choosing the Right Heated Slippers for You

Heated slippers come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for shoe or boot style slippers or even ones shaped like pink unicorns, you have a lot of different style options you can choose.

Some types of heated slippers come with a waterproof sole so you can wear them outside or in your car during a cold commute. Other slippers are strictly for indoor use.

You should also see if the slippers you’re considering purchasing are machine washable since some state they are not.

Not all heated slippers perform the same. Different slippers will get warmer at different rates, especially for USB and plugin varieties. They also don’t all have the same maximum temperature. You should consider how cold you think your feet are likely to get. Some slippers have a way you can adjust the temperature to your personal comfort level.

You’ll find an equal variety in microwave versions. Some versions of the microwave slippers only need to heat 30 seconds while others may take a few minutes to warm in the microwave. How long the slippers will keep heat depends on factors such as the material they’re made from and if they are insulated.

Depending on if your feet need cold or warm therapy treatment, these products have you covered with a great deal of flexibility. If you ever suffer from swollen feet or conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, the flexibility to use the same product as a cold pack can come in handy.

If you have any medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or Raynaud’s Syndrome, there are some heated slippers explicitly designed with these types of health problems in mind.

Whether you’re looking to warm up cold feet while making a fashion statement, seeking pain relief, or are interested in the mental and emotional benefits of aromatherapy, you’re sure to find a pair of slippers on this list that will fit your specific needs.

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Heated Slipper Reviews

Now that we’ve had an overview of the different heated slipper offerings available on the market today and outlined some of the health benefits of heated slippers, it’s time to get into specifics. We’ll look at some different brands and styles and consider the pros and cons of each.

1. Smoko Heated Corgi Footwarmer Slippers

Smoko Heated Corgi Footwarmer Slippers

These cotton and polyester slippers are one of the most whimsical looking heated slippers on the market today, but don’t let their playful looks fool you; they will work hard to keep your feet warm. These slippers are also very well padded for extra comfortable wear.

The foot warmer slippers come in two options USB plugin and wireless. The wireless option comes with a removable heating element that gets charged with a USB cord. Once you charge the heating element, it can be unplugged and inserted in the slippers so you can walk around your house with them. The slippers will remain warm until the charge runs out.

The USB plugin slippers only release heat why they’re plugged in, so they are designed for stationary use while lounging or working at a desk. However, the plug is detachable, so if you don’t need the heating element, you can certainly walk around the house in them like you would a regular slipper.

Smoko recommends spot clean only for these slippers, so if you plan on wearing them a lot, keep that in mind because they may get filthy.

These slippers are one size fits all, but people with a smaller foot size may find these slippers fit too big. However, if you wear a shoe size larger than 12, you will probably find these slippers a little too snug to be comfortable.

If corgis aren’t your thing, these slippers also come in Narwhal, Unicorn, Smores, and Grumpy Cat styles so you can pick the ones that best fit your personality.


  • Heat up fast
  • Come in a variety of fun styles
  • One size fits all
  • Available in both USB plugin and wireless options


  • Can feel heavy to walk around in
  • Not comfortable to wear if you wear a shoe size of less than 6 or greater than 12.
  • Indoor use only

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2. Meisito USB Electric Heated Slippers Cold Winter Warm Plush Slippers

Heated Slippers USB Electric Heated Slippers Cold Winter Warm Plush Slippers(Coffee)

The Meisito Cold Winter Warm Plush slippers are plush material with removable carbon-fiber heating pads. The slippers will heat up to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and come in a color choice of black, coffee, gray, or beige.

Each pair comes with removable heating pads that you can take out so you can wash the slippers. They work with a variety of devices, including laptops, USB adapter plugs for the wall, or a power bank.

These slippers are for indoor use only and come in one unisex size. They have a fair amount of padding to keep your feet comfortably cushioned, but not to the point where you feel like you’re walking on marshmallows.

Although these slippers are for stationary use, they feature non-slip soles. If you need to move around, you could still use these slippers if you don’t mind the wires, but you’ll have to probably stick a power bank in your pocket to keep them plugged in and radiating heat while on the move.

Although the need for a power bank is not necessarily a deal-breaker, it is something to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing these slippers.

The makers of these slippers also warn users not to leave them plugged in when not in use since it doesn’t have a safety shut off and can overheat if left on.

These slippers are supposed to come with a warranty but the company that makes them are somewhat elusive about the details of the warranty and tell you to contact the company directly for the specifics.


  • Washable
  • Heats up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Offered in neutral colors
  • Heats up in just a few minutes
  • Compatible with a variety of plugs for charging


  • Not mobile unless you use them with a power bank and keep the power bank in your pocket
  • Not for outdoor use
  • No safety shut off, so you have to remember to unplug them when not in use
  • Warranty details are vague

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3. BIAL USB Electric Heated Slipper Shoes

BIAL USB Electric Heated Slippers Shoes Suitable for Size 5-11 of Men's Feet and Size 4.5-13 of Women's Feet,Heated Cold Weather Time and Temperature Control Memory Foam Slippers to Keep Feet Warm

BIAL’s USB Electric Heated Slipper Shoes get high marks all around. They are styled like a shoe and built with soft wool weave cloth and heat-insulating cotton. BIAL also adds elastic material for a snugger fit than many other slippers, so you don’t need to worry about them sliding off your feet.

These slippers are unisex and will comfortably fit up to a woman’s size 13 shoe or a man’s size 11 shoe. They also have a waterproof rubber sole for both indoor and outdoor wear. They begin to heat up within 2 minutes once they are plugged in.

One of the great features of these slippers is that you can control their temperature. The maximum heat is 150 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can adjust them to suit your heat preferences. The heat will stay consistent the entire time the slippers are in use, unlike some other heated slippers that begin to lose heat after extended use.

These slippers also have a timer to make them work for a specific length of time before shutting off for added safety in case you fall asleep.

Although they need to stay plugged into a power source to continue to produce heat, they can still be used as relatively warm footwear outdoors, even without being plugged in. Another good thing about these slippers is they can get plugged into a wall outlet, a power bank, or even a car phone charger giving you a little more liberty with where you can wear them.

As a bonus, the heating material in these slippers is washable, and they come with a built-in anti-shock layer to protect your feet from pebbles or small objects you might step on. These slippers also come with a one-year warranty.


  • Start heating up in two minutes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with many different power sources
  • Built-in anti-shock layer
  • Feature temperature controls and timer control for both comfort and safety
  • Washable


  • No battery pack option slippers have to be plugged into a power source for heating
  • Not necessarily the most stylish option available

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4. Heated Slipper Heating Insole Unisex USB Shoe

Heated Slipper Heating Insole Unisex USB Shoe

This product by esbuy is a nice budget-friendly option that still offers excellent warmth. The highest temperature it will reach is 129 degrees Fahrenheit. The slippers are a plush material with carbon fiber heating pads and designed for indoor use. Esbuy includes a free replacement heating pad with the slippers as well.

These slippers are another offering that includes removable heating pads so you can safely put the slipper part in the wash. They are one size fits all, but they do run a little on the smaller side and comfortably fit up to about a man’s size 9. If you have a larger foot size, you might want to consider a different product.

While the slippers are compatible with different USB devices, the temperature level depends on the type of device you plug them in. They won’t get as warm when you connect them to a device like a computer or a notebook as they will if you connect to a phone charger adapter or a power bank because a computer and similar devices have a lower voltage.

This product is designed to help keep the heat in even after you unplug them from a power source. You can also use these as an ordinary slipper when not plugged in thanks to the inclusion of a non-slip sole.

There is no timer on these slippers, and they will continue to heat up for as long as they are plugged in, so make sure to unplug them when you are not using them.


  • Can warm up to 129 degrees F
  • Good value product
  • Comes with a free extra heating pad
  • Washable


  • Won’t get as warm when plugged into lower voltage power sources
  • No time shutoff so you need to remember to unplug them
  • Sized smaller than other slippers
  • Indoor use only

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5. Heated Warm Cold Weather Shoes

Heated Warm Cold Weather Shoes

This shoe also comes from the BIAL company and is a scaled-down version of the BIAL USB Electric Heated Slippers Shoes.

With these slippers, you will still get a good quality slipper, but thanks to the removal of some extra unnecessary features, they can be offered at a more budget-friendly price.

The outside of the slipper is felt, and the inside is cotton. This slipper is also compatible with a variety of different USB devices and will reach a temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

These are designed mainly for indoor use and feature a non-slip sole for safety. However, this product can be worn outside in dry environments. Once you remove the heating element from the slippers, they are also washable.

The shoes do not have a way for the user to control the temperature, so you can’t personalize the heat settings. They also don’t have a timer, so you have to make sure you manually unplug the slippers when you aren’t using them.

The shoes are designed to be one size fits all, and thanks to the elasticity of the material, they can accommodate a wide range of foot sizes.

They come with a Quality Assurance, and 100% Money Back Guarantee so you can enjoy peace of mind that the slippers will last and you can get a full refund if you find they aren’t what you want or need.


  • Good quality and affordable
  • Can heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Indoor/ outdoor (if the environment is dry) use
  • Washable
  • Elastic fabric stretches to accommodate more shoe sized comfortably
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • Cannot control the temperature
  • Does not have an automatic shut off timer
  • Needs to be connected to a power bank to continue to produce heat if you need mobility
  • Designed more for indoor use than outside

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6. True Glow by Conair Relaxing + Soothing Heated Booties

True Glow by Conair Relaxing + Soothing Heated Spa Booties

These Booties give you the ability to do a spa moisture treatment at home without having to pay for a day at the spa. This product is for cosmetic use. If your feet are dry and cracked, you put lotion on, and the heat from the slipper opens your pores so that your moisturizer works more effectively.

The power cord is permanently attached to the heated soles. If you need to wash the slipper shells, the heated soles can be accessed from a zippered compartment and slipped out of the booties. You can also wear the outside covers without the heating element as a regular slipper.

They do not feature a USB plug but get plugged into a standard wall outlet only. The slipper features three different temperature settings for your personal warmth preferences.

Conair’s design only allows you to use the heating element in these slippers when you are sitting down.

The company recommends only using this product for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. However, it has an automatic safety shut off feature that kicks in after an hour of continual use.

According to Conair, this product is not safe for users with diabetes or poor blood circulation. The slippers are a plush material and will fit sizes 6 to 10 in women’s shoes.

Conair provides a One-Year Limited Warranty for this product.


  • Easy to use
  • Washable shell
  • 3 Adjustable Temperature settings
  • Automatic 1-hour safety shutoff
  • One-year Limited warranty


  • Have to be near a wall outlet to use the heating element
  • Cannot walk around if the heating element is in use
  • Does not have a safety sole
  • Recommended use is a maximum of 20 minutes
  • Not safe for people with diabetes or poor blood circulation

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7. Lithium Battery Charging Warmer Heated Feet Warmer Shoe

rown Lithium battery charging Warmer Heated Feet warmer shoe 29cm woman 4 hours holding rown

These Warmer Shoes are a great option if you need something you can wear on the move. They combine the function of a boot with the comfort of a slipper.

The warmer shoe has a lightweight cloth construction. It features a soft fur-like lining and an indoor/outdoor sole.

When you remove the heated insoles, the shoes are washable. The shoes stand about 7 inches high and come in several widths so you can measure your foot to see what the best width is for you.

They work by plugging the removable insoles into battery packs that are charged up before use in a wall charger. The battery packs last about 4 hours before they need to be recharged and keep the shoe comfortably warm over an extended period.

These warmer shoes are well insulated, but they are not waterproof, so don’t wear them if it is raining or snowing out. However, for a dry cold day, this product is a fine choice for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Combines the function of a boot with the comfort of a slipper
  • Lightweight and easy to walk in
  • Indoor/Outdoor sole
  • Works on a four-hour lithium battery pack, so you don’t have to stay close to a charging station
  • Comes in multiple widths to comfortably accommodate different foot sizes


  • Not waterproof
  • Battery Pack is placed inside shoe to heat the inner soles

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8. Terra Warm Microwave Toes and Feet Warmers Cordless

Warming Slippers - Microwave Toes and Feet Warmers Cordless (Cozy Toasty Warming Socks- Relaxation, Natural Heat, Massaging, and Cold Foot Relief)

While Terra Warm advertises this product as a sock rather than a slipper, it features a soft sole on the bottom and is more substantial than your typical sock. Unlike the previous options discussed, these slippers do not get plugged in to warm.

The entire slipper gets placed in the microwave and heated for 60 to 90 seconds, depending on your microwave’s wattage and your heat preference. They stay warm from about a half-hour to 90 minutes, depending on how long you heat them and what the environmental temperature is.

These slippers may help relieve symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, but due to the elastic at the cuff, people with poor blood circulation should be careful when using these. A lot of other products only heat the soles of your feet; these slippers offer all-around heat.

These slippers also offer some aromatheraputic and massage benefits. They contain seeds as a natural heating element which act as a gentle massage for your feet when you walk around in the warmed slippers. They also feature natural lavender scent, which is used in aromatherapy to help induce relaxation. However, if you’ve never used lavender before, be careful, some people with sensitive skin may find that lavender oil irritates their skin.

These slippers fit adults with shoe sizes 6 to 10; if your feet are larger than that, these slippers will probably be too tight for you to wear.

If you place these slippers in the freezer for a while, they can also work as a cold pack.

As a bonus, the company advertises that they use ethically sourced materials and are committed to paying their employees a living wage.


  • Heats top and bottom of the foot
  • Don’t have to worry about plugging in for heat
  • Gently massages feet
  • Relaxing lavender scent
  • Made with natural ethically sourced materials
  • Company gives employees a living wage


  • Not as warm as USB type heated slippers
  • Soles are not non-slip
  • Elastic cuffs may be uncomfortable for some people

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9. Intelex Lavender Spa Therapy Slippers

Intelex Spa Therapy Boots, Lavender

These slippers are part of Intelex’s Lavender Spa Therapy collection, but you don’t need to buy everything to purchase the slippers. They come in both a plush shoe and boot style and have a non-slip sole. The boot style just covers the ankle so it won’t keep your calves warm. Both the shoe and boot style run a little big, so if you have small feet, they may be loose on you.

The Lavender Spa slippers also use a natural heating element consisting of a mixture of flaxseed and French lavender built into the top and sides of the slippers, but they do a good job heating your whole foot. This product is another microwavable option to consider if you’d rather not have to plug in your slippers.

These slippers feature a lavender scent for stress-reducing aromatherapy. Arthritis and Raynaud’s sufferers who have used this product say it has helped them.

They will stay warm for about 40 to 45 minutes after you heat them. These slippers can also be used as a cold pack if you place them in a sealed bag and leave them in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours.

Unfortunately, the slippers are not washable, which could be a problem, especially considering that they only come in light purple and pink and will show dirt after just a few uses. If you don’t mind that, then these are a good buying option. If you are concerned with the appearance, try for a brand with similar features, but that offers darker color choices or includes removable heating packs for washing.


  • Comes in both a boot and shoe style depending on your preference
  • Non-slip soles
  • Can use hot or cold
  • Lavender scent


  • Only come in light pink or purple color options
  • Not washable
  • Run big

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10. Herbal Concepts Comfort Booties

Herbal Concepts Comfort Booties, Olive

Herbal Concepts Comfort Booties are another microwavable slipper that offers aromatherapy benefits as well. The fabric is 100% polyester, and the booties feature a removable inner sole filled with flax and a blend of 12 aromatic herbs. You can also get an unscented version that only contains unscented flax seed. The inner sole will shape to your feet the more you wear them for a great personalized fit.

These slippers can be warmed in the microwave for a maximum of two minutes and will stay warm for 30 to 45 minutes. You can also wash these slippers on a gentle cycle using cold water once you remove the inner sole.

The booties feature a cuff that can unfold for extra skin coverage. When folded, they will be ankle length but unfolded; they will give you about six more inches of coverage above the ankle.

They can also be placed in a sealed bag in the freezer for 1 or 2 hours if you want to use them for cold therapy. These slippers are safe if you have poor circulation and will help reduce inflammation if you have arthritis.

If you prefer to buy products made in the USA, you’ll be happy to hear that Herbal Concepts is an entirely USA based company, and the flax used in these slippers is locally sourced from around where the company’s headquarters in Oregon.

The products are also durable and, when cared for properly, some users have found they can last as long as 15 years.

The one major drawback to these slippers is that they don’t have a non-skid sole, so it may not be safe to walk around in these, especially on tile or wood floors. However, if you are wearing them on the couch or in bed, this isn’t a problem.


  • Inner soles will mold to your feet as you wear them for a great fit
  • Come in a scented or unscented version
  • Washable
  • Option to unfold cuffs for extra warmth
  • Safe if you have poor circulation
  • Made in the USA


  • Does not feature a non-slip sole
  • Lacking in color options

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11. Snookiz Cozy Heated Booties Slippers for Women

Snookiz Cozy Heated Booties Slippers for Women with Microwaveable LavaTech Inside Non- Electric Heating Pad Inserts for Cold Feet, Size 6/7- Faux Fur (Light Grey)

If you would like the convenience of a microwave heated slipper but could do without the added scents, these booties are a great alternative. Instead of an herb-filled insert, Snookiz uses a unique scentless natural mineral blend.

The mineral blend is finely ground so that the filled insoles are comfortable on your feet. Another plus with the mineral blend is that you don’t have to worry about damaging this product by accidentally overheating it, the way you need to with plant-based fillings.

Also, unlike other microwavable slippers, you don’t need to put the whole slipper in just the removable insoles, allowing you to heat them with ease if you have a smaller microwave. The insoles are microwaved on high for 30 seconds and then inserted back in the slipper. The slippers stay warm for about 30 minutes before needing to be reheated.

Even though the insoles are for the slippers, they can also be inserted in your other footwear to keep your feet warm when you have to leave the house.

These slippers are machine washable and have a non-slip sole so that you can walk around the house with them. They come in three different women’s sizes 6/7, 8/9, 9.5/10, so it’s easier to figure out what size will fit you best rather than guessing and having to take your chances on one size fits all style slippers.

This product is safe for people with diabetes, and poor blood circulation and the slippers have helped people who suffer from plantar fasciitis.


  • Heated insoles contain a scentless mineral blend rather than an herbal blend
  • Insoles come out for easy microwave heating
  • Can use removable inserts in other footwear
  • Washable
  • Safe for people with diabetes and poor blood circulation


  • Stay warm for a shorter period than other microwavable slippers
  • Indoor use only

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12. Happy Heat Electric Foot Warmer

Happy Heat Electric Feet Warmers for Men, Cordless Heated Foot Warmer – Portable Heating Foot Warmer, Auto Shut-Off, Anti-Slip Sole- Grey

If you are someone who doesn’t like having their feet confined by a traditional shoe or boot type slipper than this electric foot warmer could be a good alternative for you. It’s shaped like one giant slipper and made with a warm knit slipper fabric. It even features a non-skid bottom so that it grips the floor.

The foot warmer works like a pocket for your feet. You slide your feet in and keep warm, but it’s large enough for you to wiggle your toes and move your feet freely around in. You should wear socks while using this product because it may get too hot for your bare skin.

It works using a rechargeable water bottle unit. The permanently sealed water bottle never needs to be emptied and refilled. To charge the unit, you slide it out of the cover and plug it into a wall charger for 12 to 15 minutes. The bottle has a red indicator light on it so you can tell when the bottle is ready for use. When the bottle finishes warming, you unplug it and slide it back into the cover.

The foot warmer can only get used while sitting. It will stay warm for up to 5 hours of use. In case you plug the unit in to charge and accidentally forget about it, the unit features automatic safety shut off if the bottle gets too hot.


  • Offers more freedom for your feet to move around in
  • Features a rechargeable water bottle that never needs refilling
  • Indicator light to show when it’s ready for use
  • Stays warm up to 5 hours
  • Automatic shutoff if the bottle gets too hot while charging


  • Can only be used while sitting
  • Have to wait for it to be fully charged before you can use it

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The Verdict

There are a lot of high quality options available, and you’re bound to have your personal favorite. Nevertheless, we have listed our top three picks here that we feel will best fit most people’s needs.

Best Overall

Our choice for the best overall product is Snookiz Cozy Heated Booties Slippers for Women with Microwaveable LavaTech Inside Non- Electric Heating Pad Inserts for Cold Feet.

This slipper combines convenience and comfort and is safe for people with diabetes and other health problems to use. The removable microwavable insole will easily fit even in small microwaves, and the fact that the insoles are compatible with a lot of other shoes besides the slippers is another bonus.

It’s also nice that the heating material is mineral-based rather than plant-based because while aromatherapy might be beneficial for some others can be very sensitive to smell or don’t want it.

Best Premium Product

BIAL USB Electric Heated Slipper Shoes wins our choice for the best premium product because of the awesome features this product has.

We like that you have so much control with these slippers. The precision temperature control caters to your personal heat preference. The timer lets you decide exactly how long you want the slippers to radiate heat. If you find yourself so comfortable you fall asleep wearing these slippers, it will shut off automatically after a specified amount of time.

The indoor-outdoor soles are very convenient, and the anti-shock layer is a plus because of inevitable pebbles and, if you’re a parent, small toys left on the carpet.

Of course, you get what you pay for and even though these features are fantastic they do cost a little more and may not be a practical option if you are on a tighter budget

Best Value

If you’re looking to get the most for your money, the Meisito USB Electric Heated Slippers Cold Winter Warm Plush Slippers are the go-to choice. It’s one of the less expensive products available on the market.

If you are looking for a warm slipper for indoor use, without a lot of extra features, this is a solid choice. It will reach as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit and is compatible with many USB chargers. Just remember to unplug them when you’re not using them, but otherwise, these are a great buy to keep your feet toasty in the cold weather.

All said, the variety of heated slippers available on the market today are as diverse as the consumers themselves, and we’re confident one of these options will suit your needs and personal taste.