10 Best Insoles for High Arches

Best Insoles for High Arches

While the kind of footwear you wear can have an impact on your feet, one of the major reasons you experience foot pain is caused by something else i.e. the shape of your feet. Sometimes, the shape of your feet can cause several issues for you to deal with. People who have high foot arches … Read more

13 Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Long

Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Long

Does your job require you to stand on your feet all day? Deflating your bank account and buying a pair of new kicks is not always a feasible option. Why spend a bulk of money on new shoes when you can simply replace the insole of your old pair with one of the best shoe … Read more

10 Best Insoles for Boots Too Big

Best Insoles for Boots Too Big

Insoles — who really cares about them? How many times have you ever thought about getting insoles for your shoes? Most of us do not think about getting insoles, but if you have boots that are too big for you, finding the best insoles should be on your mind. Apart from wearing insoles for shoes … Read more

10 Best Magnetic Shoe Inserts

Best Magnetic Shoe Inserts

If you paid attention during science class, you’d know that the earth is surrounded by a powerful magnetic field. Birds to navigate while migrating from one place to another and bacteria orient themselves based on the magnetic pull. This invisible magnetic field also protects us from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, deflecting it before … Read more

14 Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

Historically, cowboy boots have been pretty famous, and not just because of how good they look, but also because they allowed horseback riders in the olden days to ride their horses without slipping. You have to admit; cowboy boots look pretty chic with their leather exterior and slight heel. They look even better if you … Read more

7 Different Types of Insoles

Types of Insoles

Finding the perfect fit when shoe shopping can be a near-impossible task. Most shoes are made with little built-in support, which can take a toll on your feet, ankles, and even your back. Adding insoles to your shoes can help to make them more comfortable and give you the support that you need as you … Read more