13 Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Long

Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Long

Does your job require you to stand on your feet all day? Deflating your bank account and buying a pair of new kicks is not always a feasible option. Why spend a bulk of money on new shoes when you can simply replace the insole of your old pair with one of the best shoe inserts available in the market?

While a new shoe insert is all it takes to make your footwear as good as new, there are a lot of important things you need to consider before you finally settle for one. You need to understand the purpose of the insole you are about to purchase. There are various shoe inserts available in the market; some can be used to address painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, some to have your arches hugged, and some can even be utilized to boost comfort. If you are looking for one that will help you comfortably stand on your feet, consider the list of our picks of the best shoe inserts for standing all day long.

No matter what your feet are going through, you are likely to find something that is effectively tailored to your liking. You should invest in a pair of shoe inserts that are capable of providing you with the utmost comfort, and that help you perform your job with great efficiency. With numerous models and designs available online, it might seem like a tall order. Therefore after conducting in-depth research and making the necessary comparisons, we’ve prepared an extensive guide to help you through the process.

Things to Consider When Buying Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day Long

Here is some valuable information on some important things to consider when purchasing shoe inserts that will allow you to stand all day with comfort and ease:


While the selection of material depends mainly on your personal preference, the 4 common types of shoe-insert materials you can choose from are gel, leather, cork, and foam. Each has its own perks. Foam provides relief from pressure, leathers give proper cushioning, the gel absorbs shock to a great extent, and cork works well to provide support.


Acupressure is a form of alternative therapy. It uses manual pressure to stimulate particular areas on the body along with what are known to be lines of energy. Standing or walking for multiple hours is likely to exhaust your feet. Acupressure shoe inserts can provide exceptional relief from the pain. The raised contours present in these insoles are used to target all the pressure points.

Footbed Type

There are 4 common footbed types; rigid orthotic arch support, cushioned arch support, semi-rigid orthotic arch support, and flat cushion. You can also opt for custom orthotics. The type of footbed that will suit you the best mainly depends on your particular needs.

Rigid Orthotic Support

These footbeds are made using a mold and manufactured using firm components such as carbon fiber or plastics. They are known for controlling motion in the major joints of the foot and improving or entirely eliminating pain in the thighs, arches, hips, legs, and even your lower back.

Cushioned Arch Support

These fluffy looking footbeds come with an elastic band that you need to pass your foot through. If you are a neuropathy patient, or suffer from poor blood circulation, wearing an elastic band around your foot isn’t recommended.

Semi-Rigid Arch Support

Footbeds with semi-rigid arch support provide considerable support to the feet of a standing individual.

Flat Cushion Footbeds

These footbeds don’t feature any kind of arch support. They work great as sock-liner replacements, but don’t do much good when it comes to using them as a substitute for comfortable insoles.

Custom Orthotics

This design helps in aligning your ankle and foot in the most anatomically correct position. They have an appearance similar to that of an insole but are actually biomechanical medical appliances, customized specially to better your specific foot imbalance.

Insole Size

Shoe inserts are manufactured to be used in a variety of footwear sizes. The size of your insole will be of the same size as that of your shoes. For a secure fit, make sure you learn the size of your footwear precisely before selecting an insole.

Metatarsal Lift

Individuals suffering from pain in their toes or at the ball of their feet are advised to use a shoe insert with a metatarsal lift. These inserts help in lifting your toes slightly while providing sufficient cushioning to the ball joint. As a result, you can stand easily on your feet for a long time without experiencing a lot of pain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shoe Inserts

Lack of adequate information can lead you towards making a decision that isn’t the best choice for you. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about shoe inserts to help you make an informed decision:

What is the expected lifespan of a shoe insert?

The lifespan of your shoe insert greatly depends on how frequently you wear it. Typically shoe inserts last for at least three months, but with regular maintenance and proper cleaning, you can give them a longer lifespan.

How do I monitor the improvement in my feet’s health?

While shoe inserts aren’t a cure for any type of pedal condition, they do help in providing pain relief in your back and legs. In order to monitor the health of your feet, the best practice is to seek assistance from a professional healthcare provider.

How do I keep my shoe inserts properly maintained?

  • Wash your shoe inserts with mild soap or detergent and warm water.
  • Do not keep them submerged in water for long.
  • Do not machine wash or dry your shoe inserts.
  • Depending on the condition of your inserts, replace them every four to eight months.

What size of shoe inserts should I buy?

Purchase inserts that match your shoe size.

What foot conditions can shoe inserts help with?

While shoe insoles are not a cure for any foot conditions, they can be used to address issues like hammertoes, underfoot calluses, bunions, and a few peripheral diabetic conditions. Custom orthotics inserts can be used for issues like plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, Mortion’s Neuroma and over-supination.

Check out all different types of insoles.

Top Shoe Inserts

Best Overall Choice: Superfeet Original Green Shoe Inserts

Premium Product: Birkenstock Blue Shoe Inserts

Best Value: Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work Shoe Inserts

 Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day

1. Superfeet Original Green Shoe Inserts

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Insert for Maximum Support, Unisex, Green, X-Large/F: 12.5+ Wmns/11.5-13 Mens

Whether you are playing, running, walking, or simply standing for a long period of time, you need ultra flexibility in order to have a comfortable experience. Superfeet Original Greenshoe inserts come with a fit profile, and in full-length, so that you can tailor them according to your personal preferences. These inserts come with a stabilizer cap that supports the rear-foot and helps provide stability and an optimized structure to the foam layer. They are specially designed to suit individuals with various foot conditions and to provide extreme relief from pressure.

Superfeet Original shoe insoles feature a deep heel cup that is not only wide and offers maximum support but it also helps promote natural shock absorption to a great extent. Walking on rough surfaces such as concrete floors and pebbles can cause an increase in the strain on your body. Not only do these inserts help in reducing stress on your feet but they also work effectively to reduce strain on your knees and ankles. The durable construction and the professional-grade manufacturing of these insoles make it the best overall choice among the other shoe inserts on our list.

Made with environment-friendly materials, the inserts feature a high-density foam layer that provides long-lasting comfort. The foam support is also closed-cell, and thus cushions your feet while you work all day long. Along with offering superior orthotic support and enhanced shock absorption elements, these premium-quality insoles are also quite pocket-friendly. A few customers have reported the size of the insoles to be much bigger than their shoe size. However, an easy solution to this problem is simply trimming the insoles to make them a secure fit for your particular footwear. As they say, no pain, no gain!

Pros of Superfeet Original Green Shoe Inserts

  • Full-length
  • Rear-foot support with stabilizer cap
  • Deep heel cup
  • Natural shock absorption
  • High-density, closed-cell foam layer
  • Durable construction
  • Long-lasting comfort

Cons of Superfeet Original Green Shoe Inserts

  • Trimming required

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2. Samurai Insoles

Samurai Insoles Instant Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet - Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief Guaranteed, Arch Support Shoe Insert Insoles for Foot and Heel Pain M13

Samurai Insoles were specially designed and manufactured by an expert podiatrist. If you’re one of those individuals who have to go through feet exhaustion from wearing uncomfortable footwear all day, you know how miserable the whole experience can be. Sometimes the discomfort and pain radiate through to your legs and even your back. Therefore, you need to find a solution that can eliminate this problem and excruciating foot pain altogether. This is where Samurai Insoles play an important role. The main purpose of these insoles is to address the root cause of flat feet that are tired and exhausted. Their springy molded inner core is an added feature that provides support in all the right places.

Unlike a lot of other shoe inserts, these do not need to be cut, trimmed, stuffed, or jammed into your footwear in any manner. They are crafted with orthotic laboratory precision to make them a secure fit for your specific shoe size. You deserve all-day comfort, and that’s exactly what these inserts give you with its low-profile and lightweight construction. This versatile, durable, and arch-supporting footgear is biomechanically designed to help your feet and legs function in the most optimal way possible.

Slip these shoe inserts into your footwear and perform athletic activities that require you to stay on your feet all day long without any worries. The radiant color of the inserts might be a problem for some. Excessive sweating on feet can cause the dye from the insoles to transfer to the user’s feet. However, with so many perks and such affordable pricing, a pair of Samurai Insoles might be worth a try!

Pros of Samurai Insoles

  • Extreme comfort and support
  • No cutting required
  • Provides ample support
  • Designed by a leading podiatrist
  • Springy molded inner core
  • Lightweight
  • Orthotic laboratory precision
  • Designed biomechanically

Cons of Samurai Insoles

  • Radiant color may release dye

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3. Sof Sole Athlete Gel Shoe Inserts

Sof Sole Insoles Men's Athlete Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert, Men's 9-10.5 Blue

Sof Sole was just a small insole business when it began in 1991 but today it has become a leading worldwide sports-specific insole line. Their Athlete Gel shoe inserts provide users with extreme foot comfort and allow them to enhance their performance for high-impact activities. These insoles are manufactured using technologically advanced materials and designs. They come with a one-year replacement warranty against defects which enables the customers to put their trust in the brand. Sof Sole inserts are ideal for cross-training, casual usage, walking, and even running.

These insoles feature a neutral arch design that allows this footgear to be compatible with almost all foot types. In order to make them a perfect fit, all you need to do is simply trim the toe area. While the fit of the insole depends on the width of your heel, trimming the heel area is not recommended as it could result in the inaccurate placement of the heel cup. The heel and the forefoot come with gel pads that provide cushioning and also offer comfort without making your footwear seem bulky. If you are one of those individuals who has an excessive-sweating problem, you can greatly benefit from the Hydrologic moisture management treatment that the insole has to offer. This feature helps in keeping your feet cool and dry.

Perfect for accompanying casual or athletic shoes, the Sof Sole Athlete Gel inserts has microban (an antibacterial agent) embedded in its foam. This antibacterial agent eliminates the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors in your feet. While for some customers, the thickness of this insole has caused issues, the majority of users are happy with all the amazing features that this product has to offer. Give this pair of shoe inserts a try to find out for yourself!

Pros of Sof Sole Athlete Gel Shoe Inserts

  • Neutral arch design
  • Gel pads in the heel
  • Forefoot cushioning
  • Hydrologic moisture management treatment
  • Ideal for athletic shoes
  • Microban antibacterial embedded in the foam
  • One-year replacement warranty

Cons of Sof Sole Athlete Gel Shoe Inserts

  • Thick insoles

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4. Timberland PRO Shoe Inserts

Timberland PRO Men's Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole,Orange,XX-Large/14-15 M US

Timberland PRO offers a carefully engineered design with optimized performance. Keep your feet comfortable and at ease with Timberland PRO shoe inserts. The insoles are designed especially with an inverted cone foam that uses anti-fatigue technology to absorb shock with every single step you take. The geometrical technology reenergizes your exhausted feet and allows you to stay comfortable on your feet all day long. This quality footwear addresses the needs of the most demanding jobs and workplaces. Along with reducing fatigue and providing maximum support, the contoured insole also relaxes impact zones and pressure points such as the ball of the foot and heels.

Timberland PRO is known to use recycled and sustainable material in the manufacturing of their products, which provide ultra-durability and protection to their customers. These insoles feature open-cell foam that is moisture-wicking and breathable. It absorbs all the extra moisture caused due to excessive sweating and keeps your feet cool and dry. The open-cell foam also provides antimicrobial protection which doesn’t only provide maximum resilience in high-impact activities, but it also actively eliminates unwanted odors caused by perspiration. Temperature regulation is also one of the added benefits of this product. Moreover, the anatomically contoured footbed cradles the foot, and the dynamic arch design allows the product to adapt to all types of feet, completing the package.

While these insoles provide exceptional arch support, they are not the optimal choice for individuals with flat feet. The thickness of this product, combined with the orthotics might make them feel a little tight and thus, it is best to avoid them if you are flat-footed.

Pros of Timberland PRO Shoe Inserts

  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Absorbs shock
  • Returns energy to your feet
  • Ultimate comfort and feet protection
  • High-quality
  • Synthetic sole

Cons of Timberland PRO Shoe Inserts

  • Not suitable for individuals with flat feet

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5. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work Shoe Inserts

Dr. Scholl's WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles (Men's 8-14) // All-Day Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Hard Surfaces (Packaging May Vary), 1 Count

If you are used to working all day on hard surfaces, consider Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work shoe inserts to be specially designed for you. They help eradicate fatigue and discomfort from legs and feet. The insoles are built with increased cushioning and massaging gel technology to provide you with enhanced shock absorption. They are also known to reenergize exhausted feet. With extraordinary arch support, the firm columns of the inserts provide contoured support to foot areas that are overworked. In case the insoles don’t fit perfectly into your footwear, you can simply trim them to fit your particular shoe size.

With Dr. Scholl’s insoles, you get a cost-effective product without compromising on the quality. The brand also offers a money-back guarantee to their customers if they are not satisfied with the shoe inserts. This great customer support increases loyal and lifetime customers. The more comfortable you feel, the more energized you will be during work or high-impact actions. The heel of the insoles features a ripple wave design. The responsive wave cushioning near the ball of the foot ensures maximum positive results. Moreover, it helps relieve muscle pain and prevents soreness and swelling.

These insoles come with high heels, which might be a problem for some individuals; however, this downside might be negligible if you take all the qualities of this product into close consideration. To use these insoles, all you need to do is remove your old shoe inserts first. Now test for size by placing Dr. Scholl’s insole into your shoe. If needed, trim near the toes and along the outline to ensure a secure fit. Insert the insole into your footwear with the gel side down and voila! You are good to go with shoes that feel completely new!

Pros of Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work Shoe Inserts

  • Reduces foot discomfort and fatigue
  • Massaging gel technology
  • Extra cushioning
  • Shock absorption
  • Keeps feet energized
  • Great arch support
  • Firm columns
  • Money-back guarantee

Cons of Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work Shoe Inserts

  • High heels

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6. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Shoe Inserts

Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles, Women's 9-10.5/Men's 8-9.5

Based in Waco, Texas, Spenco is a reputable manufacturer of slippers, sandals, shoes, and insoles. Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer shoe insert is the perfect combination for providing ultra cushioning along with enhanced support to help individuals improve their athletic performance. These insoles are ideal to be worn during all types of sports, walking, and running, as well as for training purposes. Due to the thick design of the inserts, it is best that you use them in shoes that come with removable insoles. The shock absorption and reenergizing properties of this product make for a powerful duo, which works to provide prevention from foot pain and injuries and also provide long-lasting comfort.

Some added benefits are reduced friction that helps in the prevention of painful blisters, heel strike protection, and additional cushioning in the heel and forefoot. While these insoles are the optimum choice for athletes, they can be a good choice for any individual whose job or hobbies require them to stand on their feet all day long. The nylon material with antimicrobial properties used in the production of these inserts reduces the unwanted stench caused due to perspiration and keeps your feet fresh and dry.

The four-way stretch design of the insole prevents your feet from getting exhausted and strained. While these insoles work great for individuals with low arches and flat feet, people with high arches might have some trouble adjusting to them. Lastly, you can easily trim the product to make it a perfect fit for your particular shoe-size and comfort needs!

Pros of Spenco Polysorb Cross-Trainer Shoe Inserts

  • Heel strike protection
  • Prevents blisters
  • Increased shock absorption
  • Reduced friction
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Higher energy return

Cons of Spenco Polysorb Cross-Trainer Shoe Inserts

  • Not suitable for feet with high arches

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7. ViveSole Plantar Plus Full Orthotics Shoe Inserts

ViveSole Orthotic Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis - Arch Support Insoles Shoe Inserts for Comfort and Relief from Flat Feet, High Arches, Back, Fascia, Foot and Heel Pain - Full Length

ViveSole Plantar Plus Full Orthotics shoe inserts provide maximum support to individuals with plantar fasciitis. They support the natural shape of your foot and they are manufactured with a firm composite and foam material to provide maximum shock absorption. These orthotic inserts aren’t only effective at eliminating painful pressure points, but they are great at stabilizing your feet to help relieve pain caused by overpronation and flat feet. The extra padding helps reduce metatarsal and heel pain, and the firmness of the insoles helps in relieving back and leg pain.

ViveSole shoe inserts are specially designed by expert podiatrists to provide you with a superior heel, arch, and overall foot support. They help reduce the impact of every step you take. These inserts come in full-length; therefore they can be easily trimmed for a customized fit. Once you’ve tailored them to your liking, they will not slide or slip all day long. The lightweight construction of the insoles makes them durable and provides extensive wearability by retaining their natural structure. Along with being extremely breathable and conveniently removable, these shoe inserts are also washable. ViveSole offers a 60-day unconditional guarantee for their Plantar Plus Full Orthotics shoe inserts, allowing you to purchase the product with full confidence.

These washable shoe inserts are also lined with a soft material that promotes the elimination of odors. If you are looking for inserts that are cushioned and extremely soft to touch, these insoles made up of firm composite materials might not be the right choice for you. However, if you need your insoles to maintain the natural shape of your feet through a biomechanical design, and you desire pain relief from standing all day long, these removable inserts with reinforced arches might be the perfect solution for you.

Pros of ViveSole Plantar Plus Full Orthotics Shoe Inserts

  • Full-length versatile fit
  • Reinforced arches
  • Designed by a leading podiatrist
  • Maximum support
  • Pain relief from plantar fasciitis
  • Comfortable padded
  • Lightweight construction
  • Breathable, removable and washable

Cons of ViveSole Plantar Plus Full Orthotics Shoe Inserts

  • Not extremely soft to touch

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8. Dycarfell Orthotics Shoe Inserts

Gel Outdoors Work Shoe Insoles - Providing Excellent Shock Absorption and Cushioning, Best Insoles for Men and Women for Everyday Use, Men's 11-12.5 / Women's 12-13.5

Working on a job that requires you to stand all day on your feet necessitates a pair of shoe insoles that can provide a cushioning effect, and ultra comfort, for a long period of time. Dycarfell Orthotics shoe inserts might be the perfect solution for this purpose. They are manufactured using a gel material that effectively absorbs pressure, impact, and shock. The gel material also helps in the alignment of your soft muscles and reduces as much strain as possible. Although these inserts are quite expensive, their long-lasting and high-quality construction makes them worth it.

Along with being ideal for the workplace, these insoles are also suitable to be worn during high-impact activities such as hiking, running, playing ball games, climbing, and even cycling. The heel-piece of these inserts is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane, and gel which doesn’t only provide ample support but also protects the heel and rectifies its posture. Moreover, the TPU and gel combination helps reduce pressure on your back and knees. Although this product comes in full-length and its flexible material allows it to fit any shoe size, with the markings provided on the inserts, you can easily cut them according to your preference to make it a perfect fit.

The deep heel cup, metatarsal support, and good cushioning effects are some features that complete the package. Dycarfell Orthotics insoles also come with ventilation contour, which helps get rid of unpleasant smells and the soft terry-cloth used provides exceptional comfort and support. With the high elasticity of these inserts, and maximum ankle and body support, one doesn’t need to worry before indulging in vigorous activities!

Pros of Dycarfell Orthotics Shoe Inserts

  • Manufactured with gel cushioning material
  • Reduces impact on muscles and joints
  • Effective arch support
  • Corrects posture

Cons of Dycarfell Orthotics Shoe Inserts

  • Costly
  • Trimming required

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9. New Balance 3030 Shoe Inserts

New Balance Insoles 3030 Pressure Relief Insole - With Metatarsal Pad Shoe

While the brand New Balance is mostly associated with footwear suitable for running purposes, it is also known to produce other kinds of high-quality footgear and accessories. New Balance 3030 shoe inserts with synthetic sole and plastazote top cover are suitable for diabetic individuals and mold perfectly to your feet to provide a customized, secure fit. They come in full-length, and also feature cushioned layers to provide you with maximum and superior comfort and pain relief while minimizing the effects of friction on your feet.

The Abzorb cushioning technology offers utmost shock absorption at the forefoot and heel. The unique design of the metatarsal support of these insoles prevents discomfort caused by various conditions, such as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s Neuroma. The heel cradle and the anatomical arch support combine perfectly to redistribute pressure around the foot and support it immensely. These inserts work and fit most casual, athletic, and hiking footwear, and boots that come with removable insoles.

The thickness of the product, along with its lack of breathability, is a concern for some customers. However, features like custom-made airflow channels that are integrated into the lower part of the insole, metatarsal support, and moldable memory foam do make this product one of the best shoe inserts for standing all day long. Lastly, the 3030 insoles also come with a pressure relief technology that actively reduces friction to keep blisters from forming.

Pros of New Balance 3030 Shoe Inserts

  • Synthetic sole
  • Plastazote top cover
  • Custom-fit
  • Approved for diabetic individuals
  • Shock absorption
  • Anatomical arch support
  • Heel cradle
  • Relives pain caused by metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis

Cons of New Balance 3030 Shoe Inserts

  • Quite thick
  • Lack of breathability

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10. Birkenstock Blue Shoe Inserts

Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual (Sport)

Birkenstock is a German brand, known for manufacturing quality footwear since 1774. It has made feet happy with its unique ideas and premium pedal products for over two centuries now. Birkenstock brings to you Blue Shoe inserts that come with a deep heel cup, high sides, and contoured arches. These features help in balancing foot pressure and reducing foot exhaustion and fatigue. The lightweight construction of these insoles is a bonus. These insoles are made up of 100% synthetic fabric, and come with a silk liner that effectively absorbs excessive moisture caused due to perspiration,  keeping your feet dry and cool.

The cork underside provides maximum shock absorption, and reduces impact with every step you take. These inserts are highly recommended for boots and footwear with heels that are up to two inches. They redistribute your body weight over your foot in an even manner and thus provide optimal support. While these comfortable and stylish inserts do conform to the shape of the user’s feet, they can be a little heavy on the pockets.

These insoles that we picked as the premium product from our list also provide medial, lateral, and metatarsal support. From dress shoes to athletic ones, these insoles can fit into almost all of them. They provide a relaxing and comfortable experience even after several hours of standing. Breaking into these insoles shouldn’t take too long. Moreover, they work actively to prevent the development of displeasing odors caused by bacteria, and keep your feet fresh all day long.

Pros of Birkenstock Blue Shoe Inserts

  • 100% synthetic and fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Deep heel cup
  • Optimal support
  • Cork sole
  • Contoured arches
  • Durability
  • Moisture absorption through silk liner

Cons of Birkenstock Blue Shoe Inserts

  • Costly

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11. Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support - Best Shock Absorption & Cushioning Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Running, Flat Feet, Heel Spurs & Foot Pain - for Men & Women

Get the Physix Gear Sport Orthotic shoe inserts to enjoy a care-free routine, and spend a relaxing and stress-free day knowing that the physical wellbeing of your feet is being taken care of. The arch support of these inserts is specially designed to help users retain the natural shape of their feet. This optimized arch support makes this product suitable for individuals with runner’s knee, Achilles tendinitis, and flat feet. This feature also helps relieve heel, metatarsal, and ball of foot pain, and helps in the correction of abnormal walking patterns.

These insoles are constructed and crafted using dual-base layered, high-quality, durable, high-performance, and medical-grade PU material and EVA foam. The deep heel cradle provides increased stability. These insoles are the ideal foot accessories to improve your performance during vigorous physical activities. Give your feet the care and love they deserve with the low profile ultra-thin design of these shoe inserts. They are ergonomically designed and are extremely lightweight. Not only do they provide long-lasting hours of ultra comfort and relaxation, but they also provide shock absorption, ensuring reduced muscle and foot fatigue.

While these insoles aren’t very suitable for wearers with wide feet, they do feature a semi-rigid arch support and heel cup that ensures proper foot posture. The non-slip heel of this product holds it securely in place for a long period of time. Not only do these inserts reduce strain and stress on the lower limbs, but they are also known to diminish the risks of lower back pain. Make walking enjoyable by using this product that places high emphasis on exceeding industry standards, and providing customers with the best possible foot care.

Pros of Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Shoe Inserts

  • Soothing solution for individuals with flat feet
  • Corrects abnormal walking patterns
  • High-quality and medical-grade material
  • Deep heel cradle
  • Lightweight construction
  • Shock absorption
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Non-slip, ergonomic design
  • High, semi-rigid arch support
  • Orthotic shoe inserts
  • Great customer support

Cons of Physix Gear Sport Orthotic Shoe Inserts

  • Not suitable for individuals with wide feet

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12. Envelop Full Gel Shoe Inserts

Envelop Gel Insoles - Shoe Inserts for Walking, Running, Hiking - Full Length Orthotics for Men, Women - Cushion Soles for Heels, Arch Support, Plantar Fasciitis, Massaging Flat Feet - Fits Work Boots

Envelop Full Gel shoe inserts provide forefoot and heel cushioning, and their special honeycomb design eliminates painful pressure points and allows you to indulge in high-impact activities. The unique honeycomb design also effectively absorbs the shock and impact of each step you take. Additional stability is provided with a firm contoured layer of gel and increased arch support. These insoles come in full-length, and they provide relief from plantar fasciitis, arch, and heel pain, and also reduce foot exhaustion and fatigue.

These ergonomically designed foot accessories come in full-length, providing a versatile fit. You can easily match them with almost all kinds of show styles and trim them according to your liking. The textured base of these insoles enhances its grip and makes them non-slipping. They come with massaging gel, making it an ideal choice for individuals who remain on their feet all day long. As these inserts contain a lightweight silicone gel, they offer extensive wearability and do not flatten out easily.

Envelop provides its customers with a 60-day unconditional guarantee, allowing them to invest their time and confidence in the product. These flexible insoles can easily be removed and washed, adding to the convenience factor. Lastly, the top layer of each Envelop Full Gel insert is made with a breathable and lightweight material, which helps in eliminating warm air and keeping your feet cool all day long.

Pros of Envelop Full Gel Shoe Inserts

  • Gel insoles
  • Unique honeycomb design
  • Absorbs the impact of each step
  • A contoured layer of firmer gel for additional stability
  • Full-length
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Lightweight silicone gel construction
  • 60-day unconditional guarantee

Cons of Envelop Full Gel Shoe Inserts

  • Trimming required

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13. DJMed Orthotic Shoe Inserts

DJMed Orthotic Shoe Insoles - Help Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Support, Heel Pain - Full Length Trim to Fit Insole (Womens 5-6.5)

DJMed Orthotics shoe inserts are made up of high-quality materials. They provide dynamic foot support and comfort with their therapeutic-grade orthotic arch support. The arch support doesn’t only increase the stability of your feet, but also helps in reducing pain and foot fatigue from standing on hard flooring for extended periods of time. These inserts offer a healthier foot environment with their breathable and lightweight base design that allows proper airflow in order to keep your feet dry, cool, and odor-free. It also keeps the bacteria away. These insoles come in full-length, and they can be trimmed as per your preference to make them a customized fit.

They are flexible to use and ideal accessories for casual, athletic, work, or sports footwear. They also minimize sideway-twisting, and provide leg and joint torsion control as well as properly balanced foot pressure. Individuals who suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, peripheral diabetic neuropathy, bursitis, Morton’s neuroma, flat feet and many more can benefit greatly from the exceptional features this product has to offer. As friction is highly minimized with these insoles, they reduce the possibility of the formation of painful foot blisters.

While these insoles might be a little too hard for some, for others the firmness is exactly what they require for enhanced foot support and stability. Lastly, their extraordinary anatomical design and extra padding in the heel and metatarsal regions effectively absorb the shock and impact of any intense activities.

Pros of DJMed Orthotic Shoe Inserts

  • Therapeutic-grade orthotic arch support
  • Protection against foot fatigue and pain
  • Lightweight
  • Increased breathability
  • Eliminates odors
  • Pressure relief
  • Minimizes sideways twisting
  • Increased stability

Cons of DJMed Orthotic Shoe Inserts

  • The material might be too stiff for some

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Final Thoughts

There you have it; a list of our picks of the best shoe inserts available online that can help you stand all day long on your feet without feeling any discomfort or foot fatigue. With all the options mentioned above and our detailed buying guide to selecting the best insoles, we hope you found something worth your while. However, if you still haven’t made up your mind and are feeling overwhelmed with the whole process of selecting a product that will fit all your needs, we’ll try to make this decision-making process easier for you.

We will now be elaborating on the top picks that we mentioned earlier in this extensive guide to help you understand exactly why we think that Superfeet Original Green Shoe Inserts are the best overall choice, what makes Birkenstock Blue Shoe Inserts the premium product, and lastly why we believe that Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work Shoe Inserts is the best value offering.

If you have already found shoe inserts that are suitable for your specific needs, you don’t need to continue reading the following section. However, if the opposite is true, then read further to let us help you in making a final informed decision.

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Best Overall Choice

When it comes to picking our best overall choice of shoe inserts from the aforementioned list, none can beat the Superfeet Original Green Shoe Inserts. They are specially designed to help relieve heel and foot pain and provide an ultra-comfortable experience to you. Manufactured using eco-friendly materials and a high-density closed-cell foam layer, these insoles provide the best support and help retain the natural shape of your feet. They also come with a deep heel cup and stabilizer cap ensuring rear-foot support. The durable construction and natural shock absorption feature complete the package.

Premium Product

With features like a deep heel cup, cork sole, contoured arches, and moisture-absorbing silk liner, Birkenstock Blue Shoe Inserts have a premium touch to them. They effectively eliminate moisture that is caused due to excessive sweating, keeping your feet bacteria and odor-free. These insoles are highly recommended to be paired with footwear with up to 2-inch heels. Lastly, this stylish and comfy product provides medial, metatarsal and lateral support which makes up for its high cost and makes it worth every penny.

Best Value

Finally wrapping up our extensive guide to shoe inserts, if you are looking for a pair of shoe insoles that will give you the best value for your money, we recommend going for Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Work Shoe Inserts. These insoles allow you to feel comfortable and energized all day long. Moreover, not only are these inserts a pocket-friendly option, but this brand also offers a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t entirely satisfied with your selection.

Now select a pair of shoe inserts from our detailed list and enjoy performing high-impact activities, or simply work your job without worrying about your feet getting tired and exhausted from continuous pressure. While you make your final decision, remember to consult from our buying guide to know exactly what you should be looking for in the best insoles.

We have provided extremely detailed information on shoe inserts, but if you are still finding it difficult to make a decision, or you have any relevant questions to ask, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding the right product that fulfills all your custom needs.