What to Wear With Rose Gold Shoes

What to Wear With Rose Gold Shoes

Ah, rose gold. Both classy and bougie. Both casual and elegant. Rose gold recently came into the public consciousness as a beautiful color to wear when Apple unveiled a rose gold option for the iPhone, and people have been in love ever since.

If you have rose gold shoes you’re dying to wear but don’t know what to wear them with, keep reading.


Black Jeans and a White Shirt

As you can see in this photo, black jeans and a white shirt work excellent with rose gold shoes. Rose gold is a subtle yet striking pop of color so that it will stand out as the star of the show against the neutral black jeans and white shirt.

Black, in general, goes with everything. It goes with rose-colored shoes, gold color shoes, and so they’ll look great with your rose gold shoes as well.

White is another classic. Not only does it pair well with the black bottoms, but it will look crisp and clean against the rose gold shoes you’re sporting on your feet.

If you want a put-together look you can throw on in minutes, use the black jeans and white shirt you probably already have in your jacket to wear with your rose gold shoes. You’ll not only look smart and fashionable, but you’ll give your beautiful shoes a chance to shine.

Blue Jeans, Pastel Pink Hoodie, and a White Hat

This outfit is another great look to go with your rose gold shoes. Finding a rose gold or only pastel pink hoodie looks gentle and soft, matching the shoes you’re wearing. Blue complements pink well. Blue doesn’t clash with pink unless you’re wearing navy or some other off-brand blue color. So it would be best to keep to lighter shades of blue to pair well with rose gold.

And, of course, a white hat is a must with this outfit if it’s cold outside. You have to keep your noggin warm while keeping this outfit from clashing. If it’s not too cold where you are, you could forgo a hat altogether and wear a pink hoodie, blue jeans, and rose gold shoes.

You could swap out the pullover hoodie for a zip-up hoodie or cardigan. For a grungier look, you could opt for jeans with holes in them. For a sportier look, keep the jeans hole-free and more form-fitting. The main concern is keeping both the garments on your torso and legs from clashing with your shoes, which neither do.

To add some light color back into fall or spring, bust out that pastel pink hoodie you’ve meant to wear with your well-loved pair of blue jeans. Throw on those new rose gold shoes, and you’ll look sweet, chic, and incredibly good.

Leather Jacket, Pink Top, and Black Jeans

Look at how cute the model in this photo looks. A form-fitting leather jacket is enough to make anyone look like a badass, but pairing the punk leather jacket with pastel pink and rose gold shoes softens the look. Not only does she look charming, but she gives off a confident vibe that screams, “I know I look good, now don’t mess with me.”

If you have a baggier leather jacket, all the better. Pair it with tight pants to offset the bagginess and not throw off your proportions too much. Black skinny jeans work well (and extra points if they have holes in them). If you don’t have skinny black jeans, black leggings will do.

There’s still some debate as to whether or not leggings are pants, but we think they are, so throw them on!

If you want, you could also wear a leather jacket and a pink shirt with a skirt or shorts. It gets hot during the day but cool at night. It’s best to layer your look to help you stay cool throughout the day if you catch our drift.

White Sweater and White Sweatpants

Take inspiration from this photo, but hopefully, pull your shirt down if when you head out in public (or don’t — wear body positivity with pride!)

As mentioned previously, white is a universal accompaniment to any color. You can wear some clean, well-laundered white sweats with rose gold heels, pumps, or sneakers to add a dash of classiness to an otherwise casual outfit.

The sweats are comfortable and keep you warm, but the shoes are snazzy. They elevate the look and make you look like you prepped all day to wear this outfit when, in reality, you probably didn’t want to change out of your home clothes.

If it’s too hot out, you could wear a white long-sleeve tee with sweatpants for a cooler look that still gets the point across. Printed tees with your favorite band’s logo or whatever else the thrift shop had will also suffice. In all, keep the look loose and comfy — the rose gold shoes will do the rest of the work to heighten the look.

Dark Capris, Green Jacket, and a Pink Hat

This outfit will get you ready for winter. The dark capris — whether leggings, denim, linen, or whatever other material — can be of a variety of colors. However, the colors should range from the black, gray, navy, and perhaps purple. Green and any other dark color would look weird against rose gold.

If you’re wearing leggings, feel free to choose from a variety of patterns. The model in the photo is wearing black leggings with what looks to be silvery flowers printed on it. You could find your favorite pair of leggings to pair with the outfit — but be sure to think of how they would look with your rose gold shoes.

The gray top is a puffy jacket that not only keeps you warm but keeps you looking good. It’s a neutral color that leans on the dark side, so it pairs well with the rose gold. Feel free to wear a variety of winter jackets, such as fleece, down, or parkas with a hood.

Of course, top off your outfit with a matching pink hat. All the better if you can find a rose gold hat. If you can’t, a pastel pink hat will do. Don’t go for any other shade of pink, such as hot pink or magenta. Salmon or coral will do.

If you are wearing this outfit outside, it shouldn’t really matter what shirt you wear underneath your coat, as it will most likely be zipped up anyway. However, you could wear pink, soft yellow, or white shirts underneath if you plan on taking your jacket off at some point.

Layers are essential to maintaining the right temperature, so you should make sure those layers look good together.

Business Casual

Gray Cardigan, White Blouse and Black Leggings

Look at how cute this outfit is. It’s simple and easy to put together, but it has such a mature, upscale vibe to it.

The gray cardigan is one of the staple colors to wear with rose gold, and it’s cozy and warm as well. It gives you an educated look as if you should be reading in a library instead of working on the case report due tomorrow.

The white blouse is another classic combination with rose gold shoes. You could wear a different shirt than the one pictured in the photo, such as a button-down or even a v-neck.

The tight pants are a great look as well, as they’re form-fitting and add a tighter appearance to your overall outline. Black leggings should be in any girl’s closet, as they’re just so comfortable and go with everything.

Of course, the type of rose gold shoes in this photo is what makes this outfit so stunning. They’re, like, leather rose gold shoes! How cool is that?

If you manage to find a pair of rose gold leather shoes or any other type of Oxford-style dress shoe, snatch them up; they’ll look great in a more androgynous, toned down outfit like this one but still look hip and professional. If you work in an office but still want to show your personality, this outfit — with dress-up rose gold shoes in particular — is the way to do it.

If you don’t have Oxford-style rose gold shoes, though, you can wear “fancier” looking tennis shoes, such as Vans slip-on or Dr. Martens. They’re a bit less formal than Oxford-style shoes, so your outfit will err more on the “casual” part of “business casual,” but you can still pull it off with the right cardigan.

Jeans, Rose Gold Blazer, White Shirt, and a Matching Purse

Take a gander at this classy ensemble. It’s professional in a cool way — as if you’re a super successful CEO who’s about to talk to a class of high school kids. You want to look put together without intimidating folks with the power of your rose gold.

The blazer is what takes this outfit to the next level. It’s one step up from the cardigan, which is why you can complement the blazer with blue jeans and still have it look snazzy. Granted, if you want more “business” than “casual,” wear jeans without holes with them or, better yet, non-denim capris. That’ll show that you mean business.

Otherwise, the heels are another factor of this outfit’s success. They’re powerful yet polished, making your calves and but look amazing in those jeans. You can wear pumps if you don’t have heels. You could even wear the rose gold Oxford shoes depicted in the last outfit. Whatever you decide to choose, wear your blazer — and wear it confidently.

Long Jacket, Jeans, a Brimmed Hat, and a Matching Purse

If you can’t get enough of one pink purse you own, you can pair the purse with your rose gold shoes. This ensemble is an excellent example of that.

The long jacket with square shoulders is a power move. It’s upscale and highbrow. It signals strength and control to the viewer, which is exacerbated with the complementary matching hat. The brimmed hat not only blocks the haters out but the sun as well, protecting your eyes in the process: Two birds, one stone.

The jeans in the photo are a bit out of place for such a strong outfit. They should be gray or black as opposed to blue, but we’ll let it slide. The rose gold loafers not only look super comfy, but they match the overall outfit well. Loafers aren’t too formal or too casual — they’re just right for a business casual look.

Of course, the outfit isn’t complete without the pink purse. It matches the metallic rose gold shoes but isn’t too ostentatious to hog all the attention. The eye naturally glances at the purse, then the shoes, then the rest of the outfit. The attention eventually lands on you (after the viewer has seen your wicked cool shoes and purse), which is what you want.

Black Flowy Dress

If you want to forgo wearing pants (which who doesn’t want to at some point?), you can wear a flowy yet still form-fitting black dress, such as the one seen here.

A black dress is a go-to for many reasons: you can wear it to nearly any event and look good. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, going out on a date, or getting interviewed for a job, a black dress makes you look put together while staying comfortable.

Not only are black dresses super comfortable and ubiquitous to wear, but they also pair extremely well with rose gold shoes. You don’t have to wear the ones pictured in the photo (heels). You could wear flats, pumps, sandals, wedges, sneakers, or Oxford-style dress shoes.

The great thing about a dress is that the shoes are really what determines the formality of the ensemble. If you wear sneakers, it’s more casual. If you wear Oxfords or heels, it’s more put together.

Whatever rose gold shoes you just bought will look perfect with a black dress, so stop thinking too hard about it and throw the dress on. You’ll look good no matter what.


Cocktail Dress and a Clutch

Cocktail dresses are a must if you have lots of business dinners to go to. Clutches allow you to keep your money and other necessary cards without having a huge purse to lug around.

A cocktail dress is more form-fitting and shorter, allowing you to be comfortable while still looking professional. You should match your dress with rose gold pumps, heels, or flats. Save the wedges, sandals, and sneakers for more casual events.

Gray Pantsuit

If you want to tell the world that you’re a badass boss who means business, wear a pantsuit. Pantsuits are excellent. Depending on your personality, they’re often more comfortable to wear than a dress. They also give you the options of layers, so you can take your blazer off and stay cool with the shirt underneath without having to strip down to your underclothes.

A light-gray pantsuit is ideal for work, meetings, or any other formal event. It’s one of the best colors to match with rose gold, so you can look plenty professional up top and have some fun on your feet.

Look good. Look authoritative. And look stylish by matching your gray pantsuit with rose gold shoes — either pumps, heels, or flats.

Quick Guide on What to Wear with Rose Gold

If you’re here for the quick and dirty tips on what to wear with rose gold, below are the essentials.



Light gray or silver is preferred. Don’t roll up with anything darker than the true gray depicted in this Wikipedia article, as the rose gold’s brightness will look odd against a dark color.


White is another go-to for rose gold. It is, of course, lighter than gray, but it’s also one of the universal colors you can wear. Wearing a lot of white on your upper or lower body gives your rose gold shoes a clean canvas to stand out against.


If you need ideas on what to wear on your torso, match your rose gold shoes with soft shades of pink. Don’t go crazy and throw on your hot pink sweater from high school, but use your discretion to match the two pinks together. Rose gold is an eclectic yet bold color. It could use a buddy up top.

Bonus points if you match a hat or purse with your rose gold shoes. Not only does the outfit look more put together and thought out, but pastel or softer shades of pink look excellent. You’re blessing anyone who sees you with the gentle power of rose gold and other shades of pinks.

You’ve wanted to wear those rose gold shoes with the perfect outfit for some time now. We know it, you know it, and now you know the ideal outfit to wear with them. Whether it’s a casual, business casual, or formal event, there’s always the perfect ensemble to don with your rose gold shoes.