10 Best Insoles for Boots Too Big

Best Insoles for Boots Too Big

Insoles — who really cares about them? How many times have you ever thought about getting insoles for your shoes? Most of us do not think about getting insoles, but if you have boots that are too big for you, finding the best insoles should be on your mind.

Apart from wearing insoles for shoes that are too big or too wide for you, you also need them to treat your feet right. Insoles give your feet the royal treatment because they offer the following benefits:

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Offer shock absorption
  • Fix alignment
  • Aid athletic performance
  • Offer comfort
  • Provide you with relief from chronic foot pain

If you have a complicated relationship with shoes, causing fatigue and soreness, it is time to uncomplicate things. If you think you are the only one having a complicated relationship with shoes, you are wrong because, in the United States alone, over 70% of people experience the same issues as you.

Luckily, you won’t have to go too long without a remedy. You can get insoles for your big shoes and aching feet. The perfect insole is one that offers support and cushion that your feet require to not scream in pain and discomfort.

Do you know who else insoles are great for? They are a great choice for athletes, particularly professional runners, and people who spend most of their day on their feet. Can you just get an insole? Of course, not!

Not every type of insole is meant to suit your feet. You will come across a dozen insoles when you perform a quick search online, but you have to sift through them to find the best insole for your boots that are one size too big.

Why Did You Buy Boots that Are Too Big?

Why did you buy boots that are one size too big for you in the first place? You probably get asked this question several times, but you are not the only one who buys boots that are too big. Others do it too, so you are not alone.

It is perfectly normal and understandable to buy big boots, and only people who love boots will understand the logic behind this. Here are a few reasons why you may buy or may have bought boots that are not your size:

  • You saw boots that you liked, but they were not your size, but you could not let them go, so you ended up buying boots that are too big.
  • You purchased your boots online but found out that they are one size too big for you and you cannot return them.
  • Your go-to boots — the ones that you wear every day and cannot step out of the house without them — have finally stretched with continuous wear.
  • Your boots fit you like a glove in the summer, but they do not fit you in the winter. If your feet become swelled in the summer and the swelling goes away in the winter, which, in return, makes your boots bigger than your feet, an insole can be the fix to the problem that you need.

How Can You Tell Your Boots Are Too Big?

You can tell your boots are too big by tying up the laces. If the shoelace panel overlaps, your boots are too wide. If your feet are slipping and sliding in your boots, they are too big. Another way to check if your boots are too big is by pressing the top of your boots when you are standing.

You are pressing your big toe and if your big toe meets the sole, your boots are too big. Sometimes, you think you have bought the right size, but then it turns out to the wrong size. This often happens when you purchase shoes online.

Sometimes, different seasons influence the size of the boot. If you have bought boots that are too big on purpose, you do not have to check the size of your boots because you already know.

How Can Insoles Make Your Boots Smaller?

One of the easiest ways to make your boots smaller is to insert an insole in them. The insole will sit at the bottom of your boots, pushing your feet upward. The insole will fill in the gaps and make your boots fit you perfectly.

4 Different Uses of Insoles

The most common reasons people buy insoles are as follows:

  • Better Fit– You are used to buying a certain shoe size, but when you visit another store, the shoe size you normally wear does not fit you. You either have to go one size smaller or one size bigger. It is also hard to find a half size. The best option is to select a shoe that is one size bigger because you cannot buy one size smaller. You can add an insole to the shoes to make them fit you.
  • Increased Warmth– Besides making your shoes fit you, you can also make your feet feel warmer. You can add an extra layer to your shoes to insulate your feet and keep them warm in the winter.
  • Prevent Blisters– Insoles can prevent blisters. A shoe that fits you perfectly will not rub against your skin as much as and result in discomfort and irritation.
  • Improved Posture– Insoles can correct your posture. You can invest in insoles designed for this purpose. You can also opt for customized insoles to correct this issue.

How to Choose Insoles for Boots that Are Too Big?

You need to inspect the shape of the boot’s soles before you buy an insole. You want to buy an insole that will fit your boots perfectly and not cause further problems. You will find some insoles that will be the same size as your shoe size, whereas for others, you may need to trim them to fit them inside your boots.

To ensure that the insole is the right size, you need to place the insole on the floor and stand on it. The insole should cover your foot from your heel to your toe. It should also make you feel comfortable.

If you wear your boots to work or you are always on your feet, make sure you invest in a long-lasting insole, not one that you would need to replace often. You will find several inferior insoles at low prices, but there is no guarantee that they will last a long time.

However, that does not mean you have to exceed your budget. You can find economical insoles that do not compromise quality and offer good support and comfort. Since you are buying an insole that will help your feet fit into your boots perfectly, consider the thickness and amount of padding of the insole.

If your boots are just slightly bigger, do not go for insoles that are too thick. You only need to go with thicker insoles if you have boots that are half your size or bigger. Padded insoles also absorb the impact your feet experience when you walk or run. This helps relieve stress on your feet, as well as your ankles, knees, and back.

When you add an additional layer into your boots, it may cause you to sweat more. Most insoles offer anti-microbial properties, which can prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Your boots and feet will not smell.

Before inserting new insoles into your boots, you should remove the existing insoles from your boots. Since you want your boots to fit, you may want to leave your boots’ original insoles in, but only if needed. If you remove your original insole and replace it with a new insole, but you still feel your boots are a little loose, add your original insole and put your new insole in and then see if they fit you.

So, have you found the perfect pair of boots for yourself? If you have found your dream boots, but in a larger size, go ahead and buy them because there is an insole made just for it and your feet. Even though we have come with a list of the best insoles for boots too big because we want you to wear your boots right away, we have also come with a few things you need to consider before you buy an insole.

Things to Consider before Buying Insoles for Boots Too Big

When you are searching for the perfect insoles for boots that are too big, you need to consider a few factors that will influence your decision. Regardless of the reason you want an insole, you can consider these factors before buying it.

If you do not keep these factors in mind, you may make the wrong choice and end up regretting it forever with your feet reminding you of your bad choice by constantly aching. Consider the following factors when shopping for insoles:

1. Insole Size

The size of an insole should be the same as the size of your shoes. Few manufacturers may use a different sizing chart for insoles. One of the reasons they do this is because you are meant to trim the insoles before you insert them into your shoes.

They expect you to trim the insoles, according to your preference. You need to get an insole that will perfectly fit inside your boots. You need to know your shoe size and insole size.

2. Arch of Your Foot

Do you have a natural arch, flat arch, low arch, or high arch? The arch of your feet will determine the type of insole you choose to get. If you do not know your arch type, find out before you buy an insole. This will allow you to identify the type of insole that would suit your feet best. If you wear an insole that does not match the arch of your feet, you will experience discomfort and pain in your feet.

3. The Insoles’ Material

Most insoles are made from leather, cork, foam, and gel. Each material offers different advantages and disadvantages and knowing what they are can help you decide on the type of material you want your insole to be made from.

For instance, gel insoles are available in numerous shapes and sizes and are durable, but they are very heavy and not breathable. Rubber insoles are flexible, but they are very rigid and will make you feel uncomfortable over time.

You have to weigh the pros and cons of each type of material beforehand. Yes, there are bad and good insoles in each category of insoles. That is why, you cannot just base your choice on the type of material the insole is made from, but you should consider all the above-mentioned factors to decide.

10 Different Types of Insoles for Shoes

Here are several types of insoles that you can consider for your big boots:

1. Arch Support Insoles

Arch support insoles are recommended to people who have to walk and run long durations. These insoles offer comfort and deliver excellent arch support by adding backing in the arch area. However, you need to figure out what your arch type is before you buy an arch support insole.

2. Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles deliver heel and metatarsal support. These types of insoles improve your foot alignment, thereby allowing you to have good control over your range of motion while walking. You can buy thick or thin insoles.

Thicker insoles offer shock absorption. However, they are stiffer than gel insoles. You may feel awkward the first time you wear them, but over time, you will get used to them. You can use them if you have to stand or walk most of the day.

3. Gel Insoles

Gel insoles are made from gel and deliver increased comfort. The sole is soft and is a good option if you suffer from foot or joint pain. When you walk on hard surfaces, these soles prevent vibration from entering your bones and joints. Instead, they absorb the shock or vibration.

4. Trainer Insoles

Trainer insoles will help boost your athletic performance by offering you adequate foot support. These insoles feature a built-in toe, heel, and arch. These three features work together to enhance your movement during intensive and rigorous activities.

If you participate in several high-impact activities, you should opt for these insoles. If your regular schedule is packed with running, jumping, cycling, and other similar types of physical activities consider getting these insoles. Trainer insoles are made from several different types of materials, such as rubber, gel, and foam.

5. Heel Support Insoles

You can buy a partial heel cup or the whole insole. If you need additional heel support, you can get these insoles for your shoes. If the insole you use regularly does not provide you with the support you need, you can switch to this insole. These types of insoles are great for people who are overweight or obese because most of the pressure falls on their heels.

6. Diabetic Insoles

If you have diabetes, you can get diabetic insoles. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you can get these insoles for your boots. The insole supports insensitive or hypersensitive conditions. Additionally, it gives you an extra soft cushion layer, which relieves pressure, allowing you to walk or run comfortably.

7. Corrective Insoles

Corrective insoles fix foot alignment. They have a medium arch and heel support. If you have been diagnosed with a certain medical condition, invest in these insoles. They are available in multiple layers, including bacterial and microbial layers, which decrease odor and fungus.

8. Customized Insoles

Customized insoles are excellent for people who need an insole customized to the shape of their feet. Even though these insoles are costly, they are worth the investment for people who have trouble finding the right insole for their feet.

9. Foam Insoles

Foam insoles are similar to gel insoles. They are comfortable, offer excellent cushioning, relieve pressure, and offer support. If you have a medical condition, such as plantar fasciitis, opt for foam insoles.

10. Cork Insoles

Cork insoles absorb shock and offer support. They can absorb a lot of vibration that results from walking on hard surfaces.

3 Different Types of Support Insoles

Even though the primary reason you are buying an insole is so you can fit into your big boots, you should also consider support. When you are buying an insole, you might as well buy one that gives you excellent support and increased stability instead of direct cushioning. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, having a supportive insole in your big boots will be a plus:

  • Structural Alignment– Most people associate structural alignment with foot pain. You will require a support insole if you experience discomfort in your knees, ankles, neck, head, back, or hip as well.
  • Plantar Fasciitis– People with this painful condition should consider using a supportive insole and make it a part of their treatment. Plantar fasciitis occurs from tears in the plantar fascia, which is a band of connective tissue connecting your heel to your forefoot.
  • Supination or overpronation– If your feet tend to roll out or roll in excessively, support insoles will control that when you walk or run.

The Volume of the Insole

Insoles come in three different volumes, high, medium, and low. How much space an insole takes up in your shoes depends on the amount of volume it has.

  • Consider a high-volume insole for hiking boots, running shoes, or ski boots.
  • Consider a medium-volume insole for athletic footwear and casual shoes.
  • Consider a low-volume insole for cycling shoes, ski skate boots, and in-line skate boots.

3 Common Footwear Fit Issues

Here is a list of common footwear fit problems you may experience:

  1. Heel Slippage– Your shoe fits you well in the mid and forefoot, but it causes heel slippage. You can improve that by opting for a mid to high volume insole. It will provide you with increased support and reduce the extra volume in the rear of the shoe. It will stabilize the heel of your foot as well as reduce the heel slippage due to blisters and hot spots.
  2. Foot Elongation– If you have significant foot elongation in one foot or both of your feet, you can get an insole to correct this issue. The insole will reduce foot elongation when weight-bearing. It will create a good fit and reduce the need for you to buy a bigger size when shopping for shoes.
  3. Low or Collapsed Arches– If you have low or collapsed arches, you can buy an insole that eliminates that problem. Insoles made for people with low or collapsed arches can encourage your arch muscles to become active and engaged. An insole made for this purpose will stabilize your heel and distribute pressure across the bottom of your feet instead of focusing the pressure into your arch area.

How to Care for Your Insoles?

The lifespan of most insoles is around 12 months for regular or daily use. If you do not wear your shoes with the insoles every day, you can extend their lifespan. You can also take these steps to care for your insoles:

  • Air Your Insoles Out– You need to remove the insoles from your shoes after each use to allow the moisture trapped between your shoe and insole to dry out.
  • Wash Your Insoles– If you need to, you can handwash your insole using a mild detergent and let them dry before you use them again.
  • Inspect Your Insoles– You need to remove and inspect your insoles for deterioration and replace them.

Our Top Three Choices

Best Overall Choice: SuperfeetGreen Full-Length Insole

Premium Product: Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole

Best Value: Dr. Scholl’s Heavy-Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

Best Insoles for Boots too Big

1. Superfeet GREEN Full-Length Insole

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Orthotic Insert for Maximum Support, Unisex, Green

The Superfeet GREEN Full-Length Insole features a thick foam for added cushioning and firmness. It offers excellent shock absorption support, thus making it a great option for people who have a high heel and arch.

The thick foam allows you to perform your daily activities without feeling pain and discomfort. The durable and reliable insole offers you stability and alleviates pain. The manufacturer has added an odor-neutralizing technology, which prevents the formation of bacteria.

The insole features a stabilizer cap, which serves as the base of the insole. It supports the rearfoot and offers stability and structure. Its high profile design helps stabilize and support your foot, which, in return, reduces the stress on your ankles, feet, and knees. It has a high-density foam layer, which supports and cushions your foot to provide you with long-lasting comfort. You will need to trim the insoles to fit your boots.


  • Great shock absorption support
  • Latex and vegan-free
  • Odor control
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Good comfort
  • Made from durable material


  • Does not offer proper toe support
  • Slightly expensive
  • Little squeaky

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2. PowerStepArch Support Shoe Orthotic Insole

Powerstep Mens-Adult Pinnacle Shoe Inserts, BLUE, Men's 3-3.5, Women's 5-5.5

The PowerStepArch Support Shoe Orthotic Insole is made from polypropylene and comes highly recommended by podiatrists as per the manufacturer. The insoles can prevent and relieve foot pain caused by overpronation, calluses, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and foot, ankle, knee, heel, and arch pain.

The insoles offer the perfect combination of foot support, cushioning, and control. Its encapsulated design offers a flexible shell, arch support, plush top layer, and deep heel cradle for better control over a range of motion.

It’s dual-layer cushioning, combined with a long-lasting EVA foam base, maximizes comfort. The addition of the Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) and PORON cushioning offers controlled and targeted cushioning for increased comfort.

The manufacturer wants users to feel comfortable while using the insoles. Therefore, they have created the insole using anti-microbial polyester fabric to prevent sweat and keep feet healthy and dry by decreasing friction and heat during strenuous activity.

Regardless of the type of shoes, you are wearing, the insoles will help you maintain stability and support while reducing foot pain. You can add the insoles to your boots, casual, and athletic shoes and still get the great comfort promised by the manufacturer.


  • Suitable for all types of arch
  • Offers medical support
  • Offers a semi-rigid arch support
  • Features a deep heel cap
  • Has a top anti-microbial insole layer to keep feet dry and healthy
  • EVA foam, VCT, and Poron cushioning for added comfort
  • Alleviates a variety of foot ailments


  • Expensive
  • Not durable

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3. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole

Timberland PRO Men's Anti Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole,Orange,X-Small/NA M US

The Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole has been meticulously and specially designed to heighten your performance and improve comfort. The manufacturer’s anti-fatigue technology has an inverted cone foam, manufactured for shock absorption and delivering energy to your feet as you walk and run.

If you have a pair of Timberland’s soft-toe boots or shoes or their steel-toe boots or shoes, these insoles are the perfect fit for boots that are too big, especially if they are designed by Timberland. Wearing Timberland shoes and insoles will help boost your performance at work. You do not just have to wear them to work, but you can wear them whenever you go out.

If you work in a demanding work environment and suffer from pain and discomfort, these insoles will ensure that you receive the comfort and support that you require to stay on your feet without feeling pain and fatigue. They are made from premium quality material and will last you several years.


  • Thicker insoles (can take a room in boots that are too big)
  • High shock absorption
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Flexible heel and arch support
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Reduces heat
  • Prevents bacterial growth


  • Wide insoles require cutting to fit into most boots

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4. Dr. Scholl’s Heavy-Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

Dr. Scholl's HEAVY DUTY SUPPORT Pain Relief Orthotics // Designed for Men over 200lbs with Technology to Distribute Weight and Absorb Shock with Every Step (for Men's 8-14)

Dr. Scholl’s Heavy-Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics is designed for people who weigh more than 200 pounds. If you suffer from lower back pain and foot and leg fatigue due to being on your feet all day long, you should get these insoles.

These insoles offer arch guard and Shock Guard technology, which reduce impact and distribute weight. You can add these insoles to a large variety of shoes, ranging from sneakers, casual, to work boots. You can trim them to fit inside your shoe.

You can choose from several different sizes. They are available in sizes through 8 to 14. Even though the insoles are marketed towards men, even women can wear them in their boots. They are thick enough to take up space in boots that are one size too big.

They feature a deep cup heel to reduce fatigue in feet and legs and reduce lower back pain. However, you will need to replace your insoles every six months. The manufacturer also offers a money-back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied with them.


  • Thick enough to make your boots snug without crowding your toes
  • Heavy-duty insoles
  • Designed for people who weigh more than 200 pounds
  • Suitable for all types of shoes
  • Alleviates lower back pain and leg and foot fatigue
  • Arch Guard and Shock Guard technology reduce impact and distributes weight
  • Available in several sizes, ranging from 8 to 14
  • Affordable


  • Needs to be replaced frequently
  • Some users report a squeaky noise when they walk

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5. SuperFeetBlue Full-Length Shoe Insole

Superfeet BLUE Insoles, Professional-Grade Orthotic Insert for Medium Thickness and Arch, Unisex, Blue

The SuperFeetBlue Full-Length Shoe Insole features a high-density foam. Its closed-cell foam cushions and supports your feet to offer long-lasting comfort. You can select from several different sizes. They are available for men, women, and kids.

It has a stabilizer cap, which reinforces the narrow cap to offer support and structure. Its heel cup positions your heel to absorb impact when walking on hard surfaces. Its medium-profile design places support right where you require it.

However, it does not take up a lot of space in your shoe. The insoles have received an organic and odor control coating that eliminates bacteria that causes odor. You can use the insoles with both low and medium volume shoes.


  • Made from long-lasting and durable material
  • Odor-free coating
  • Made from synthetic material
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Offers medium arch support
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • High-density foam layer supports and cushions your foot
  • Heel cup absorbs impact
  • Stabilizer cap offers support and structure


  • Takes time to adapt to the size of your feet

Buy on Amazon

6. Samurai Insoles Sumos

Samurai Insoles Sumos- Super-Padded Orthotics for Flat Feet- Perfect for Work Boots, Roomy Sneakers or Shoes (Mens 10-10 1/2 | Womens 12-12 1/2)

The Samurai Insoles Sumos are designed for people with flat feet and fallen arches. If you experience foot pain while walking, they are a great option for you too. According to the manufacturer, most insoles require trimming to fit into the shoes or they have an extremely hard arch support that allows pain to travel up your legs.

After noticing common issues with most insoles, the manufacturer brought on a team of biochemical engineers to optimize the function of both the legs and feet. They have combined the optimal benefits of an arch support shoe insole and customized insoles to bring you this product.

Whether you want to add an insole or remove an insole of an existing shoe to replace it with this one, you can do that. If you suffer from a foot condition that limits your mobility, these insoles can correct your overpronation related to fallen or low arches. They also offer excellent support for people with flat feet.

If you suffer from heel pain and plantar fasciitis, you can insert these insoles in your boots to find quick relief from your foot condition. Unlike other insoles, you do not have to cut or trim them at all to fit inside your shoes.

These insoles are lightweight and slim. Choose an insole, based on your shoe size. You can wear them in your boots, sneakers, clogs, flats, and even slippers. These insoles promise to provide users with adequate support and bounce back. These insoles will mold to your feet as you walk or run.

You can perform physical activities, such as water skiing, jogging, running, bicycling, and jumping up and down on the trampoline, wearing these in your shoes. Your pain will go away quickly. The manufacturer has designed these insoles in a state-of-the-art orthotic laboratory.

The insoles are available in several different sizes. The manufacturer is so confident about the quality and function of the product that they offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.


  • Two thickness, depending on the size of your boots
  • Available in different sizes to fit different shoes
  • No trimming and cutting needed
  • 60-day money-back guarantee with a paid return shipping
  • Suitable for all types of shoes
  • Can correct several foot conditions
  • Offers instant pain relief


  • Red color may bleed into your socks
  • May not be as durable as other insoles

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7. Sof Sole Insoles

Sof Sole Insoles Men's Athlete Performance Full-Length Gel Shoe Insert, Men's 11-12.5 Blue

The Sof Sole Insoles are available in different sizes. The insoles are made from 100% Implus foam. Its neutral arch design can fit several types of foot. If required, you can trim and cut the insoles to the shape of your shoe.

The size of your heel determines if the insoles will fit you or not. Even though you can trim the insoles, the manufacturer advises against doing that because it may change the position of the heel cup. The manufacturer has added gel pads in the insole’s heel and forefoot to provide you with additional cushioning.

They have treated the insole with hydrologix moisture to keep your feet dry and cool. The insoles offer energy return and can help boost your performance. They have embedded microban, a type of anti-bacterial, into the foam of the Airr. The anti-bacterial feature will keep all odor-causing bacteria at bay.

You can wear them in several types of shoes. You can place them in your boots, casual shoes, and athletic shoes. They are perfect for running, cross-training, walking, and other types of physical activities. The manufacturer also gives you a one-year warranty in the event there is a defect in the design.


  • Available in five sizes
  • Gel pads offer additional cushioning
  • The insole has anti-bacterial treatment to prevent odor-causing bacteria from forming
  • Offers one-year warranty on defects
  • Delivers cushioning, support and comfort
  • Suitable for all types of shoes
  • Designed for physical activities
  • Hydrologix moisture keeps your feet dry and cool


  • Not for feet with overpronation

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8. Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support full-Length Shoe Insoles

Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles, Women's 9-10.5/Men's 8-9.5

The Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support full-Length Shoe Insoles are available for both men and women. The insoles are available in a variety of sizes as well. These full-length insoles offer heel to toe support and comfort.

Their cushioning layer absorbs impact and shock while walking on hard surfaces while providing you with added comfort. The insole molds to your arch and helps control and support your feet. These insoles offer seven sizes to allow users to find the correct arch position, fit, performance, and comfort. Moreover, the four-way stretch fabric, combined with silpure anti-microbial, prevents blisters and eliminates odor.


  • Suitable for athletes
  • Maintains motion control
  • Reduces overpronation
  • Offers high-tech support to both your arch and feet
  • Anti-microbial property prevents blisters and controls odor
  • Offers heel to toe comfort
  • Exclusive Spenco material with layers absorbs shock and offers comfort
  • Available in several sizes


  • Some users complained about the sizes being incorrect
  • No exchange or return policy

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9. SuperfeetMemory Foam Comfort Insoles

Superfeet COPPER, Memory Foam Comfort plus Support Anti-fatigue Replacement Insoles, Unisex, Copper

The Superfeet Memory Foam Comfort Insoles is available in several different sizes. It is made from 100% memory foam. This synthetic insole has a high volume and low profile. Volume is the amount of space the insole will take up in your shoes while profile is how much shape you can feel under your feet.

The copper-colored insole features a reinforced stabilizer cap, which is the base of the insole. It supports the rearfoot and offers stability and structure to the foam layer. Its deep heel cup has a deep and narrow heel cup that supports the foot during intensive and rigorous physical activities.

Its low-profile shape reduces stress on your knees, ankles, and feet and sterilizes and supports your foot. Its memory foam is a pressure-sensitive material that molds to your foot for customized comfort and support.


  • Reduces friction and heat
  • For high-impact physical activities
  • 100% memory foam molds to the shape of your foot
  • Lightweight insoles
  • Double-layered insole for added cushion
  • Flexible boot insoles
  • Medical-grade insole support
  • High volume and low profile


  • May not last for long

Buy from Amazon

10. FeetPeople Technical Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles

FeetPeople Technical Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles 1 Pair, Men's 7-7.5 / Women's 9-9.5

The FeetPeople Technical Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles is for people with flat feet. If you have a boot that is too big for you and you have flat feet, get these insoles. The manufacturer designed these insoles keeping performance in mind as they offer protection from shock absorption while walking.

The insole features a state-of-the-art anti-fatigue technology to help you stabilize, control, and balance your feet. It features a heat-moldable for a customized fit and an anti-microbial top-cloth to prevent odor. The insole is available in different sizes, for both men and women.

The manufacturer recommends this insole for people with arch pain, plantar fasciitis, supination, and pronation. The moldable insoles will take the shape of your feet with time to provide you with a good fit. You can also heat these insoles in the oven and insert them in your boots to get that perfect fit instantly.

Once they are heated, they will mold to your feet quickly. The insole features a soft foam layer in the middle for added comfort and you will feel as if you are walking on air. Other than heating the insoles in the oven, you can let your body heat warm them and allow them to mold to your feet after a few days of continuous wear. Its anti-microbial properties will keep your feet dry and cool.

It will eliminate micro-organisms that can cause odor and foot fungus. These insoles will not slide around in your boot because they have a solid rigid base to maintain balance.


  • Energy return and revitalizing foam layer
  • Heat moldable for a customized fit
  • Anti-microbial topcloth
  • Can heat in an oven for it to mold to your feet immediately
  • Suitable for various foot conditions
  • Soft foam middle layer offers additional comfort
  • Anti-microbial top cloth keeps your feet dry and cool and prevents foot fungus and odor
  • Solid rigid base enhances balance and prevents insoles from moving out of place
  • Available in several different sizes
  • For both men and women


  • Lack dual-density material

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Final Thoughts

If you have bought boots that are too big for your feet, you do not have to give them away or stare at them, hoping your feet miraculously grow overnight. You also do not have to wear more than one socks to fit into your boots. Instead, you can get an insole to ensure a comfortable fit.

However, the insoles will do more than help make the boots the correct size for your feet. They will also provide you with ankle, heel, and foot support. If you have bought boots for every day wear or you wear them to work where you have to stay on your feet the entire day, your feet will take a beating for sure.

By inserting insoles in your boots, you can keep the pain at bay. Insoles have other incredible qualities that make them a great addition to your daily footwear. They can eliminate odor, absorb shock, correct your balance, and more. You can select an insole from the list. Go find your boots’ best match from the insoles mentioned here.

Best Overall Choice

The Superfeet GREEN Full-Length Insole is a good choice for people who want a thick foam to fill up space in their oversized boots. Its thick foam offers firmness and cushioning, making it a comfortable fit. If you have a high heel arch, you will like its shock absorption quality. The insole will protect your feet from vibration caused by walking or running on hard surfaces.

If you feel pain when performing regular activities, its thick foam will minimize it, making it easier to go about your day. Made from durable material, you can expect this insole to last you a very long time. You also do not have to worry about foul foot odor because the insole features an odor-neutralizing technology, which eliminates bacteria.

If you are searching for more stability and structure, give this insole a chance. You will see a difference in the level of pain you usually feel on your knees, feet, and ankles when walking in shoes without a proper insole.

Best Premium Product

The Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole is designed by a renowned and popular manufacturer known for designing boots. Just as the company pays special attention to creating its boots, they do the same with their insoles.

Their insoles will provide you with the ultimate comfort while increasing your performance. The company has taken measures to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort and pain while walking and performing work that requires you to stay on your feet for most of the day.

Their anti-fatigue technology sets them apart from others. The inverted cone foam will absorb shock. If you own a pair of their boots, it only makes sense to go with these insoles. The company has made their insoles from durable material, guaranteeing to last you a long time.

Best Value

The Dr. Scholl’s Heavy-Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics are from a brand that most people are familiar with as they are famous for designing insoles for people with foot pain. Their products are both effective and affordable, thus making them a good buy.

For anyone who weighs more than 200 pounds, they are likely to suffer from foot pain due to the pressure their weight places on their heels, which results in foot pain. If you experience lower back pain and foot and leg fatigue, these insoles can provide you with the relief you need.

The company has added arch guard and Shock Guard technology to reduce impact and distribute weight to lessen foot pain. You can insert them in your boots as well as casual shoes. These insoles are available in several sizes.