12 Best Nike Walking Shoes

Best Nike Walking Shoes

Although most people use joggers or any other athletic footwear they have lying around the house when they go out on a walk, many of them will often complain that their feet hurt, or their leg cramped up, or they couldn’t walk fast enough. This is simply because they’re wearing the wrong shoes. If you want to go on a walk, you need walking shoes!

However, not all shoes are the same, and while pretty much all walking shoes claim to be the best, many of them aren’t worth buying. Today, we’re going to walk you through some of the best Nike walking shoes that will make your evening walk in the park more comfortable than ever.

Why Do You Need Walking Shoes?

Whether you’re going out to run some errands, for work, or meeting someone at the other end of town, many people just go with any random shoes and don’t really see the benefit of wearing sneakers or joggers. While we may not even notice it at first, these shoes can cause a lot of foot pain over time.

Ideally, walking shoes should be light enough to minimize the stress on your feet but at the same time, provide enough support to help you walk comfortably.

Keep in mind that a walking shoe is certainly not the same as a tennis shoe or a football shoe. While these shoes may be great for support, they may not have the cushioning and softness you need when you’re going for a casual (or power) walk. This is because sports shoes are generally heavier and have a thicker sole to reduce the force of the impact when your feet press against the ground. Sports shoes also have a different type of cushioning to help stabilize you, even on uneven surfaces.

Depending on whether your use is mostly for daily walks in town, or power walks through the park trail, you need to choose the right pair of walking shoes to make each step comfortable.

Why Nike?

The Nike brand is famous the world over for its extensive range of sportswear. While it is generally Nike’s running and baseball shoes that are known for their great quality, you cannot deny that the brand understands how to make comfortable footwear.

Walking is an activity that people engage in every day, all the time. From casual walks in the park to power jogs to commuting around the city to exploring the town in the evening, walking shoes are a must. That is why we’ve prepared a list of the best Nike walking shoes for men and women to make your walks easier and more comfortable.

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Basic Features to Look for in Your Nike Walking Shoe

Before you look at the type of shoes available, you have to keep in mind the shape and the arch of your foot (flat-foot, semi-flat, etc.). Knowing this will help you understand your level of pronation, that is, the way the arch of your foot presses and rises against the floor as you run. Essentially, this will help you determine how much cushioning you need and whether or not the material should be shock-absorbent.

Regardless of the type of foot you have, there are some basic features you’ll have to look at:

  • Heel Collar – To provide support to the heel and ensure that the shoe has a snug fit
  • Insoles – It should ideally be cushioned and provide support to the sole of your foot
  • Cushioning – An inner padding (generally made of gel or foam) that absorbs shock and stress as you move
  • Upper – Ideally, should be a light, breathable material that fits well
  • Outsole – Should groves and treads for better grip
  • Toe box – It should have enough space to allow your foot to breathe and not place pressure on your forefoot and toes.

With all Nike shoes available for you to buy, it is advisable to buy half a size larger than your regular size to ensure that your toes don’t get compressed, and the shoe fits properly.

Understanding Nike Shoe Technology

If you’ve searched for Nike shoes at any point, you know that different shoe lines have different, scientific-sounding names. While these names may sound like a fancy marketing tactic, done to attract customers, the different shoe names actually represent the technology used to make the shoe. We’ll walk you through these so you’ll know what to look for in your preferred walking shoes.

Nike Fly

Nike Fly refers to the fly-wire technology used by the brand. Fly-wires are basically mini plastic cables that are integrated into the sides of the upper part of your shoe on both sides of the lace area. The laces of the shoes are looped through these cables, and the tension created by the pull of the wires pulls the material of the shoe closer to your foot, creating a snug fit.

The elasticity of these cables allows the material of the shoe to expand as you walk to adjust according to the way your feet are moving. This reduces pressure on the laces and keeps them from coming loose or getting damaged before time.

Nike Phylon Foam

You may have used or heard of Nike’s EVA line. Phylon is an advanced version of the same technology. Phylon is basically a light spring foam that is used in the midsole (and sometimes the outsole) of the shoes to provide some cushioning for your feet. The sheet is the right thickness and density for it not to be too soft either.

In fact, Phylon is basically EVA that has been compressed, heated, and then cooled. This process also strengthens the material and provides it with shock-absorbing properties. This means that when you walk, the constant movement of your feet won’t suddenly cause a cramp if it’s cushioned comfortably by the Phylon sole.

Nike Air

Nike Air technology has somewhat revolutionized the world of sports, and thanks to Nike’s powerful advertising strategies, even someone who has no interest in sports and exercise will have at least heard of Nike Air.

The science behind Nike Air is simple – fill a bag with air so that it compresses under pressure and springs back when the pressure is removed. This technology, when used in shoes, can improve the cushioning of the soles. This improved cushioning can enhance your overall performance.

The Nike Tailwind was the first Nike shoe to feature this new Air technology. Nike wanted its consumers to have the experience of “walking on air.” In fact, in later models, this airbag was made transparent and visible for the complete Air experience.

Nike later introduced the Air Max, which basically included a larger airbag. This was followed by the Air Max 2 that had a larger and more resilient airbag. Now, this Nike Air technology is indispensable to athletes all over the world and is also seen as the ideal technology for a runner’s shoe.

Nike ZoomX Air

Although Zoom foam has been in use for around 20 years, the ZoomX Air is a hybrid of the Zoom foam and Nike Air Technology. The Air pods are “split” with fibers – these fibers compress when squashed by your foot and spring back when the pressure is reduced.

While serious athletes are likely to notice the difference in the feel of the Nike Air and the Nike ZoomX Air, if you just use these shoes to walk or run, both are likely to feel the same.

Nike React

React is used to define the foam used in this particular line of shoes.

Most of us, whether we’re playing a sport, going for a run or just walking, want a shoe that feels light and cushions our feet sufficiently so that it reduces the shock to our body. We look for something that makes us feel more energetic and something that we can rely on for a few years without having to fret about replacements.

However, while it all sounds good on paper, to actually develop a shoe that is cushiony but not springy, soft, but still durable can be quite a challenge. This is where the Nike React Foam comes in. It is lightweight, provides adequate cushioning for your feet, and has a springy response. It is considered to be a better and more durable option than the Lunarlon (discussed in the next section).

Nike Lunarlon

Lunarlon is the newer and improved version of the Phylon technology. It combines EVA and Nitrile rubber to create a springier cushioning inside the shoe. The Lunarlon foam is used in tandem with regular foam to lend the shoe the stability and durability it needs to be part of a sports shoe.

(The name Lunarlon represents the fact that the springy cushioning was inspired by the way astronauts float in space).

Nike Flyknit

The Nike Flyknit technology is designed to fit like a sock and essentially acts like a hug for your feet. It involves knitting the fabric of the shoe in such a way that it is completely seamless, ultra-lightweight, and has an extremely form-fitting upper. It makes walkers (and runners) feel more in control and allows them to move with more speed and comfort (the idea is that the material will increase your agility by reducing the distance between your feet and the ground).

Choosing the Right Upper Material – Knit or Mesh?

Knit and mesh are the two main looks of Nike shoes. The Knit material is known to fit better and provide better stability to your feet, but the mesh has a more “sporty” feel to it.

Both knit and mesh shoes are flexible and are less likely to rub against your feet as you move. They do not provide the stability required for extreme sports such as cross-training but are a good, lightweight option if you just want to walk in them. Both materials are breathable and don’t make your feet feel hot and stuffy.

However, if you’re looking for footwear that will keep your foot adequately positioned and ensure that you walk straight, a leather upper is likely to provide more stability.

Our Top Three Choices

Best Overall Choice: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail

Best Premium Product: Nike Adapt

Best Value: Nike Tanjun Sneaker

The Best Nike Walking Shoes

We’ve put together a list of the best Nike walking shoes for both men and women. Most of these shoes also come in children’s sizes, so if your child is accompanying you on your walk, you can ensure maximum comfort for them as well.

Now that you know the different names and technology used by Nike for their shoes, you’ll be able to understand the differences between the shoes.

1. The Nike Air Force 1

Nike Men's Air Force 1 '07 Shoes 315122 White/White 10.5

The Nike Air Force One takes its name from the famous presidential airplane that was launched in the same year. It offers 3 distinct styles: low, medium, and high top. The shoe is available in a range of colors, with some of the popular options being all white, all black, and highlighter yellow. Apart from being a solid walker’s shoe, the Air Force One has been pretty hyped in the market and is considered to be somewhat of a collector’s item. The design also boasts an AF1 badge in the middle of the laces.

It was originally designed as a basketball shoe, but over time, it has become a daily wear choice by many. One of the reasons why this is such a great shoe is that, apart from maintaining its standard look, Nike has updated the shoe’s technology a number of times over the years to provide maximum comfort to the wearer.

The toe box is rounded to keep from squeezing your toes. Once the laces are tied, the tongue of the shoe is secured in the center and doesn’t slide to one side as you walk (this stops your laces from rubbing against your instep).

Now coming to the main aspect; the sole. The sole features one of Nike’s best technologies – it contains Nike Air cushioning that is sturdy, springy, and provides your sole with enough cushioning to absorb shock.

It has a springy, durable, and comfortable rubber outsole. This Nike shoe combines a reasonable price with solid, multi-purpose shoe design. Over time, it has become one of Nike’s most iconic shoes.

The shoe has a medium width and is suitable for most feet. The upper is made of a combination of leather and synthetic material, and is breathable. The base of the sole is made of rubber.

This is a solid shoe if you’re generally walking around or commuting, etc. However, for power walks and fitness training, you’ll need running shoes that offer greater flexibility (maybe something with a mesh upper). Having said that, the shoe has different variants with synthetic, leather, or suede uppers, depending on your preference when walking.

Pros of Nike Air Force One

  • Classic Nike design
  • Durable
  • Removable insoles
  • Suitable for walk and sport
  • Built-in support through Air technology
  • Very Comfortable

Cons of Nike Air Force One

  • Is generally a wide fit – not suitable for all types of feet
  • Might not always be available for purchase

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2. The Nike Revolution 4

Nike Men's Revolution 4 Running Shoe, Black/White-Anthracite, 8.5 Regular US

The Nike Revolution 4 is one of their newer designs and combines a mesh upper with a Phylon midsole. This light and springy Phylon provides a high level of cushioning while at the same time preventing the shoe from becoming too heavy.

The outer sole is made of durable rubber and provides plenty of traction. There are also embedded pods in the sole of the shoe that will add some spring to your step. The pods essentially compress as your foot presses against the ground and then spring back up when the pressure is released. Combine this response with the Phylon midsole, and you’ve got a comfy, shock-absorbent, well-cushioned shoe.

This shoe model also comes in a FlyEase variant with a zipper hidden under a Velcro strap. The zipper unzips to the side of the shoe, making it quick and easy for you to slide these shoes off. The mesh knit upper makes the shoe both light and breathable.

Even though it doesn’t feature Air technology, the Nike Revolution 4 makes you feel like you’re walking on air.

The Nike Revolution 4 is available in sizes 6-15 for men and 5-12 for women (including half sizes up to 11.5). Similar to the Air Force 1, it has a medium width.

Pros of Nike Revolution 4

  • Knit upper for maximum flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • High traction
  • Solid cushioning
  • Modern look
  • Separate variants for men and women
  • Affordable

Cons of Nike Revolution 4

  • Limited range of colors
  • Shoe not available in a wide fit

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3. Nike Air Monarch IV for Men

Nike Men's NIKE AIR MONARCH IV (4E) RUNNING SHOES -11; White / Metallic Silver-Midnight Navy

Like the Air Force 1, the Nike Air Monarch is considered to be a somewhat older and classical design. The shoe is not a favorite among millennials, with some going as far as calling it a “dad’s shoe.” In fact, the shoe is considered to be a go-to design for older generation Nike wearers.

This works in Nike’s favor since the shoe was initially designed for those who eventually transition from being hardcore athletes to those who prefer a less intense form of exercise. While the design appears to be a little chunky and old-fashioned, it is a very practical shoe for walking.

The upper is made of leather and is still considerably smart and modern. It is the sole of the shoe that lends it the older look. The midsole is made of foam and is further cushioned by the Nike Air sole.

The outsole is made of rubber and provides a good deal of traction, which makes this a great shoe for walking and daily use. It is strong enough to be used for power walks and strength training.

It is available in sizes 6.5-15, including half sizes up to 12.5. This shoe caters to people with a wider foot since it has medium to wide fit, and won’t make your feet feel cramped. The supportive insole makes this a solid choice as a walking shoe.

Pros of Nike Monarch IV

  • Spacious interior
  • Classic look
  • Multi-functional
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Ideal for exercise and casual walks
  • Offers wider width fittings

Cons of Nike Monarch IV

  • Outdated look
  • The design doesn’t support power walks
  • Few color options
  • Not available for women

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4. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

Best Nike Walking Shoes

One of the reasons why the Air Zoom Vomero is loved so much is that it uses React foam. As we discussed in the earlier section, React foam is extremely light, durable, and soft. This shoe is designed to provide maximum comfort to your feet with good cushioning and shock absorbent lining, all thanks to the React foam used.

The upper is made of a combination of mesh and synthetic material that makes the shoes breathable and also very light. Some have even compared the sensation of wearing these shoes to just wearing socks. The Nike Air Zoom Vomero is a comfortable shoe for walking, regardless of whether it is a casual stroll or a power walk.

You may have heard good things about Nike’s Lunaglide range – this is an upgraded version of that design. In fact, the React foam helps you retain 13% more energy than the Lunaglide technology.

The shoe also features a heel shelf that provides additional stability and support for your foot (however, not all people find a heel shelf comfortable, so make sure to try these shoes out before confirming your purchase). With this additional stability, the Vomero is considered to be a better shoe for power walking rather than a regular walk since the sole is also designed to make you move at a faster pace and has a more “sporty” appearance.

Pros of Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

  • Good cushioning
  • Excellent support (additional stability provided through the heel shelf)
  • Made for feet with high arches (not the top choice for people with flat or semi-flat feet)
  • Award-Winning shoe design
  • Complete support system

Cons of Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14

  • Limited range of colors
  • Collar design disliked by some
  • The price point is a little higher than some of the other models on this list (due to advanced technology of the shoe)

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5. Nike Air Max 270

Nike Mens Air Max 270 SE, Spirit Teal - 10.5

We already covered the function of Nike Air. Air Max refers to the design containing the Air system in the midsole throughout the length of the shoe. It is the latest in the Air Max series (after Air Max 90 and 97).

While the initial Nike Air models hid the Air bubbles within the midsole and didn’t even use them throughout the shoe, the new system extended the Air bubbles but still kept it hidden. Finally, Nike made a breakthrough in exposing the air bubbles for the ultimate Air experience. A window cut into the midsole allows you to see the Air technology so that you literally feel like you’re walking on air.

The sole of the Air Max 270 is also designed to provide good cushioning as you move. In fact, this dual-density foam sole and the insole cocoon the Air pod in the center, providing stability and comfort to your foot. It also acts as a shock-absorbent. For those who don’t have budget restrictions, the Nike Air Max 270 is an excellent shoe for walkers, both casual and power. The heel does rise a little bit in the back, which may rub against the Achilles for those with a flat foot.

The upper is made of a combination of mesh and synthetic material, which provides flexibility to the shoe and a snug fit, as well as a smart look overall. It also makes the shoes very breathable.

The lacing hoops of the shoe are asymmetrical to secure the shoe against your foot and prevent the tongue of the shoe from slipping to any one side.

The Nike Air Max 270 is ideal for both casual and power walking. It is available in sizes 6-15 (half sizes up to 12.5) for men and sizes 5-12 (half sizes up to 11.5) for women.

Pros of Nike Air Max 270

  • Distinctive, unique design
  • Visible Air design
  • Uppers are made of flexi-knit material
  • Highly shock absorbent
  • Provides great support for your feet
  • Lightweight
  • Well-cushioned

Cons of Nike Air Max 270

  • Quite expensive

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6. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail Men's Trail Running Shoe BEECHTREE/Off Noir-Cargo Khaki Size 10.5

If you’re bothered by the heel shelf feature in some of the previously discussed models, then you’ll like the Air Zoom Pegasus 36.

If the instep of your foot is pretty high, you will need to loosen the laces completely in order to wear or take off your shoes.

The upper of the shoe is made of flexible mesh, but the shoe itself is pretty shallow in the toe area, which can make it quite uncomfortable to wear for people with big toes. As with most Nike shoes, it is a better idea to go with ½ size bigger than your usual size to ensure that it is a snug fit without being too tight.

The underside of the sole contains two Zoom Air units that provide good cushioning, act as shock absorbents, and the stiff build of the shoe provides the stamina you need to walk comfortably.

Rather than having a heel shelf, the shoe has a beveled heel that makes for an enjoyable walking experience. The sole is made of rubber and provides a solid grip and traction.

The upper made of mesh and synthetic material and is designed with perforations to make the shoe look more appealing and also keep it breathable, ideal for long walks.

The laces incorporate the fly-wire cable (Nike Fly Technology) for an elastic fit. This also means that if your foot seems to swell up when you exercise, the laces will be able to accommodate for it without loosening or damaging the shoe.

The tongue of the shoe is made of a material similar to the React technology and is stitched in place so that it doesn’t slip to any of the sides. The laces also pass through ha hoop within the tongue to make sure it is secure.

Overall, the shoe is comfortable and breathable and ideal for any kind of walk, including walks on uneven surfaces such as trail walking. It is available in sizes 6-15 (half sizes up to 12.5) for men, and sizes 5-12 (half sizes up to 11.50) for women.

Pros of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

  • Well-cushioned and comfortable- double zoom air units
  • Shock absorbent
  • Provides a solid grip
  • Fly-wire lacing system- shoe fit adjusts according to your movements
  • Ideal for both casual and power walks

Cons of Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

  • The shape of the shoe caters to petite feet – it is better to order a larger size

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7. Nike EXP X14

Nike EXP-X14

The Nike EXP X14 is one good-looking shoe, and apart from looking sleek, this shoe is designed to help you move faster. It also comes in a range of colors so you can complete your sporty look.

The shoe has plush insoles and Nike’s React midsole for proper cushioning and extra comfort. It is also pretty lightweight and is great for people who are constantly on-the-go.

The lacing incorporates Nike’s Fly technology (fly-wire cables), and the shoe fits according to the curves of your feet, even if your feet expand as you run. The synthetic upper is breathable to keep your feet from getting stuffy while you move.

Despite offering some of Nike’s best technology, this shoe is pretty reasonably priced. The main factor that could keep you away from this shoe is that the middle part is quite narrow and doesn’t cater to people with wide feet.

The Nike EXP X14 is suitable for both casual and power walks. It is available in sizes 6-15 (with half sizes up to 12.5) for men, and sizes 5-12 (with half sizes up to 11) for women.

Pros of Nike EXP X14:

  • Range of colors
  • Sleek appearance
  • Flywire cables in the laces
  • React foam
  • Decent price

Cons of Nike EXP X14

  • Shoe fit is a bit narrow
  • The synthetic upper is not very durable

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8. Nike Free Runner Commuter

Nike Free RN Commuter 2017

The Nike Free Runner Commuter is a great, underrated shoe and is also one of the more affordable options available on this list. It is extremely lightweight, with some saying that it feels like wearing a sock. As such, there are no elements that can cause blisters or graze against your skin.

The jogger has a synthetic knit upper, and the laces incorporate the Nike Fly system to ensure a snug fit.

The toe box is quite small and tight, which can be quite uncomfortable for people with wide and large feet. Your toes may poke into the rubber upper. As with most Nike shoes, it is better to order half a size bigger than usual.

An important feature to note about these shoes is that they provide a minimum level of cushioning and are generally better-suited for those people who are petite and not too heavy. This minimalist design is ideal for daily use as long as it is restricted to flat surfaces such as commuting on the subway or going out at night. It is available in sizes 8-13 (half sizes up to 12.5) for men and sizes 5-12 (half sizes up to 11.5) for women. The cushioned insole provides comfort to your feet, even if you’re constantly moving all day.

Pros of Nike Free Run Commuter

  • Minimalist, sock-like comfortable design
  • Lightweight
  • Mimics the effect of walking barefoot
  • Suitable for daily use

Cons of Nike Free Run Commuter

  • Provides less cushioning
  • Not comfortable for long, extensive walks
  • May be a bit too basic for many people, especially power walkers

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9. Nike Tanjun Sneaker

NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers, Breathable Textile Uppers and Comfortable Lightweight Cushioning

Compared to some of the more high-tech discussed in this article, the Nike Tanjun sneaker is relatively simpler and more straightforward in design (in fact, the word Tanjun means simple in Japanese).

The midsole and outsole are made of foam that contributes to the lightness of the shoe. They also provide extra cushioning and a decent amount of shock-absorbency, which, all in all, makes these shoes suitable for daily use.

The shoe feels so light to wear; it’s almost like you’re wearing slippers. The shoe does somewhat mold itself to fit the curves of your feet, which makes it very comfortable, but the cushioning it provides is nowhere near as good as some of the Nike Air models (or even the Pegasus ones). It has a mesh upper which makes the shoe quite breathable.

It isn’t really ideal for exercising and power walking, but works better on flat surfaces and is perfectly fine to walk to work or stroll around town. In these cases, the moderate cushioning will be sufficient, but on uneven and rocky surfaces, you are likely to notice the difference.

Despite the shoe molding to accommodate your foot, it provides a decent amount of support and stability, making it a solid casual walking shoe at a great price point. It is available in sizes 7-15 (half sizes up to 12.5) for men, and sizes 6-11 (half sizes up to 10.5) for women.

Pros of Nike Tanjun Sneaker

  • Smart, minimalist look
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Lightweight
  • Decent cushioning provided by foam midsole
  • Flexible upper
  • Breathable
  • Moderately shock absorbing
  • Affordable

Cons of Nike Tanjun Sneaker

  • Not durable if used frequently
  • A bit too simple

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10. Nike Odyssey React

Nike Men's Odyssey React Running Shoe

The Nike Odyssey React is considered to be an excellent daily wear shoe for women. As the name indicates, it contains Nike’s React technology and has a sole that is both soft and comfortable. The shoe is designed to be ultra-soft but durable at the same time, and provides decent cushioning.

As with some of Nike’s other designs, this shoe also has a heel shelf for additional support as you move. It has a rubber outsole that gives traction and a neutral support sole that is ideal for walking.

The upper is made of jacquard, which isn’t as breathable as mesh, but is still comfortable.

These shoes are ideal for pretty much any kind of walks- from casual wear to 24/7 use if you have a job that requires you to be on the move constantly. The shoe is designed to keep your leg from cramping as you walk and is perfect for daily use. It is available in sizes 6-15 (with half sizes up to 12.5) for men, and sizes 5-12 (including half sizes) for women.

Pros of Nike Odyssey React

  • One of the more affordable options on this list
  • Breathable upper
  • Range of colors available
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Shock absorbent and prevents leg cramping
  • Uses Nike React foam

Cons of Nike Odyssey React

  • The front of the shoe is a bit narrow

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11. Nike Flex Contact

Nike Flex Contact Mens Running Shoes - Anthracite

The Nike Flex incorporates Nike’s Flyknit technology to provide you with the ultimate comfort shoe. It has a breathable upper with a soft lining to help your feet breath as you move around.

The shoe provides arch support for those who have high-arched feet and also gives traction so you can use it for both walking and running.

It is a lightweight shoe that is not only comfortable and functional, it also has a very decent price point. More than that, it has a sleek appearance and is suitable as part of an athleisure ensemble. It is available for men and women (though sizes are generally limited).

Pros of Nike Flex Contact

  • Super soft and breathable upper
  • Incorporates Flyknit technology
  • Hot-knife cut outsole
  • Shoe molds to fit the curves of your feet
  • Reinforced mid-foot

Cons of Nike Flex Contact

  • Not the most popular shoe in Nike’s Flex series
  • Thin material- not too durable
  • Availability is erratic

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12. Nike Adapt

Nike Adapt Bb 'Dark Grey' - Ao2582-004 - Size 9

The Nike Adapt shoe is significantly different from any of the other models we’ve already discussed and any other models you may find in-store. You know those old school futuristic movies you used to watch, with flying cars and flaming shoes? Well, it seems like Nike took its inspiration straight from there.

These shoes can be operated through your smartphone. How?

Nike has developed a smart shoe with laces that can be tightened or loosened through a command sent via your phone. We’ve already established that your feet are likely to expand somewhat as you move (especially if you are power walking). Now all you need to do is pull out your smartphone and adjust the laces without having to stop mid-jog or having to look for a tree or park bench to lean against.

This shoe combines the Nike Fly technology and a tiny motor in the sole to reel the laces in and out until you find the right level of comfort. The motor is synced to the Nike Adapt App. These shoes also need to be recharged once the battery is drained, but a plus point is that you can undo the laces manually so they won’t be stuck in place if the battery dies.

Apart from self-tying laces, the shoes also contain sensors that sense tension when you put your foot in them and adjust the fit of the shoe accordingly. If you’re one for appearances, you can even change the colors of the bubbles on the side of the shoe through the app.

While this shoe seems to be somewhat “extra” in its design, it seems to have niche appeal in the market. However, this may also be because of the significantly high price attached to the shoe.

You don’t really need such a high-tech design for your everyday walk, so we wouldn’t recommend this as the best Nike walking shoe, but it’s an interesting concept and certainly fascinating to try if you have that kind of room in your budget.

Buy Nike Adapt on Amazon.

The Best Overall Choice

For us, the best Nike walking shoe for men is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail. This design is not only an upgrade from the Pegasus 35, but it is also a very comfortable shoe for walkers and provides a decent amount of support. It has a protective sole that provides a solid grip and the double zoom air pods that provide excellent cushioning and shock absorbency.

The Best Premium Product

Our premium pick is the Nike Adapt sneaker. This shoe is clearly not designed to cater to the masses, but it takes care of those tiny things that can make your walk (or run) that much more comfortable. After all, who wouldn’t want to be able to tie their laces without having to physically tie their laces?

The Best Value

The best value buy is the Nike Tanjun Sneaker. It is an affordable, smart, daily wear shoe that is comfortable and has enough cushioning if you’re walking in the city. Within this budget, you’ll find small issues like reduced cushioning and the low durability of the shoe, but these are not deal breakers when you’re making your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nike Walking Shoes

If you have any queries about the brand itself, and also some questions about the durability of Nike’s shoes, here are some common queries answered for you:

Are Vietnamese Nike Shoes Fake?

Since the shoes manufactured in Vietnam are made in Nike’s own plant, they are not fake. However, there might be some fake versions, and it can be a bit difficult to tell the difference based on looks alone. Trying them on should give you a good idea though since Nike has its own, distinct technology.

Are Nike Shoes Long-Lasting?

Nike is one of the top brands for sportswear globally, and they use better materials than most other brands. It also puts in extensive time and money into developing the most high-tech shoes that will not only provide maximum comfort but will also last a long time. However, very frequent use will cause the inner technology of the shoes to deplete faster than the exterior

Keep in mind that while the shoes are of good quality and the brand maintains quality control worldwide, some discrepancies are possible- in hotter climates, the glues holding the shoe together are likely to deteriorate faster due to the extreme heat.


We’ve given you our picks for the best Nike walking shoes. The next step is for you to go through the specifications and choose a design that you like, and that also fits your budget. Most Nike shoes also have a vast range of colors, so you’ll be able to choose something that is not only super comfortable but also looks stylish and fits your aesthetic.