11 Best Snowmobile Boots

Best Snowmobile Boots

If you’re a snowmobile enthusiast, nothing is better than a fresh snowfall. It’s the perfect excuse to bundle up in warm, comfortable gear and hit the trails for a day of fun.

Just like you’ll choose warm layers for your body, it’s critical to also wear the best snowmobile boots for your ride to keep your feet warm and dry. Fortunately, there are dozens of different boot options that provide lots of insulation, comfort, and waterproofing against the elements that will get the job done.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best boots for snowmobiling for both men and women. We’ll give you detailed reviews on our favorite models, and a short pros and cons list to call out features to note.

We’ll also give you some helpful tips on shoe specifications, and things to consider when you shop. There’s a detailed breakdown of insulation levels and temperature ratings so that you can make sure you’re picking a pair that matches your climate. This will help you narrow down the list to the option that’s perfect for your feet and riding style.

Our Top Picks

Snowmobile Boots Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for the best snowmobile boots might seem straightforward – you want a pair that keep your feet warm, dry, fit comfortably, and gives you good traction when you’re walking through snow.  But finding the perfect pair means you need to consider a variety of factors and features that will make them work for you.

Here we’ll give you a summary of common boot elements and how they work together to become the right choice for snowmobiling.  This will help you determine what features are important to you when you shop for your new shoes.

How Warm Are They?

One of the most important functions of high-quality snowmobile boots is keeping your feet warm in freezing temperatures.  Although you can tell if they’re warm and cozy by trying on a pair, most models will also come with a temperature rating to give you an idea of the climate conditions that are most appropriate for that model.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you’re not just shopping for the air temperature outside, but also for the combination of the elements and wind-chill factor you might experience when traveling at high speeds on the back of your snowmobile.  Warmer is sometimes better because it will keep you comfortable, which means you can enjoy the activity longer.

Boot insulation can be made from a variety of materials, and most often, manufacturers use a synthetic material that’s patented as “Thinsulate.”  It’s popular because it’s durable and lightweight, and also won’t lose its shape if it gets wet or starts to wear out.

It’s made from tiny microfibers that work on the simple principle of not letting the warm air around your foot escape.  By trapping that heat, Thinsulate provides excellent insulation without adding a lot of bulk to your shoe.

The second material often used is shearling.  Also called fleece, it’s snuggly and warm, and you’re probably familiar with it because it lines Ugg boots.  Unlike synthetic materials, it’s not a very durable material.  When it starts to wear out, it loses its ability to keep your feet warm and may also cause your boots not to fit as well because there is too much space.

Regardless of which type you prefer, insulation weight is what will most impact how warm they are on your feet.  In general, most snowmobiling boards weigh in at between 400 and 600 grams.

Here’s a quick breakdown of standard insulation weights and how they correspond with weather conditions and activity levels.

200 Grams of Insulation

Boots with 200 grams or less of insulation are generally lightweight and are more often used in cool temperatures than they are in below-freezing environments.  They’re a good choice if you want something to keep your feet warm when you’re not doing much in the way activity, or if you plan to be very active in a cold environment and want just a bit of added heat.

400 Grams of Insulation

This insulation level is ideal for cold temperatures if you’ll be moving a lot of keeping active to generate additional body heat.  Advanced snowmobilers who spend a lot of time standing during their ride may find this to be a sufficient level of insulation, but novices who spend most of the time sitting may find that their feet get cold.

600 Grams of Insulation

At the 600-gram level, your feet should be perfectly insulated in cold temps when you’re at a low activity level.  Most snowsport enthusiasts agree that this is a good insulation level to aim for when shopping for snowmobile shoes.

800 Grams of Insulation

If you plan to head out in very cold temps, you’ll want something a little heftier to keep you warm.  At 800 grams of insulation, your feet will stay toasty even with low activity levels.  This is also a good starting point if you’re someone who runs cold or who often experiences numbness in your toes during average temps to guarantee that you’ll be comfortable.

1000 Grams or More of Insulation

If you’re planning a trek across Antarctica or Alaska during the coldest months, then you’ll want the most insulated snowmobile boots you can find.  Anything over 1000 grams of insulation is designed for extremely cold weather conditions, but they’ll also be very rigid and difficult to walk in.  They are best for very low activity situations.

Is Removable Insulation Important?

Another feature that some of the best snowmobile boots might have is removable insulation.  Also, sometimes called modular insulation, this means that the plush inner boot can be separated from the tough waterproof exterior without losing its shape or support.

Some people love this feature because it makes it easy to get the inside of your boots to dry quicker.  When you’re able to separate the wet inner liner and let both the outsole and the insulation dry, you reduce bacteria build-up and the potential to develop mold.  This can make the shoe last longer (and smell better), and guarantee they’ll be dry again by morning for another run on the trails.

Is Breathability Important?

Breathability is a buzzword in footwear, but it gets tricky to find options when you’re shopping for shoes that you want to be impenetrable by snow and moisture.  Waterproofing and breathability don’t often go hand in hand, but manufacturers have made smart choices to give you some of the best of both worlds.

Often, boot liners will be made from antibacterial or antimicrobial fabrics that will eliminate odor and bacteria growth in your boots if they’re left a little damp.  They may also use quick-drying materials (sometimes also called moisture-wicking) to give them the best chance to stay stink-free.

You can also look for options made from high-tech materials like Gore-Tex that’s both waterproof and also breathable – though it’s more expensive than traditional waterproof leather or breathable (but not waterproof) nylon.

How Important is Waterproofing?

Speaking of waterproofing, how important it when it comes to a high-quality snowmobile shoe?  Most users would say very, but there are different shoe elements that manufacturers use that will keep your feet dry when you’re out in the snow.

Some shoes are made from waterproof materials, and all on this list have high-quality soles that are moisture-sealed to prevent slush from leaking in around the edges.  In addition to those components, you may also find options with water-resistant uppers, gusseted tongues, or cuffs that cup your calf or ankle and keep water from seeping in the top part of your boot.

The more features the shoe has to keep the snow and slush outside your boots, the better.  When it gets inside the lining, not only will it be challenging to keep your feet warm, but you may also experience chafing and irritation that could lead to hot spots or blisters on your feet.  These are uncomfortable and could end a fun day on the snowmobile prematurely if they get too painful.

Comfort is Key

It’s hard to say what the most important quality in a snowmobile boot is, but comfort is absolutely near the top of the list.  When you’re spending a long day outside, you’ll want a shoe that’s supportive and soft so that you aren’t uncomfortable before you’re done having fun.

Be sure to try on the shoes and look for one that allows you to stand with good posture while supporting the arch of your foot.  Make sure it’s not too tight in your toes and cups your heel gently to keep your foot in place.

If you need additional support or stability, you could also consider adding an orthopedic insole, which will keep your foot level and not put unwanted pressure on your knees, hips, or back.

You can also look for boots with high-tech lacing systems that will ensure a snug fit that eliminates shifting or chaffing without cutting off any blood flow or circulation to your foot or toes.

Boot Lacing Systems

Like we mentioned above, the right lacing system can make a big difference in getting your snowmobile boots to fit perfectly.  In the reviews below, we’ll call out which each of the shoes uses so that you know what to expect.

It’s worth mentioning that with cold-weather shoes, sometimes simpler is better.  When it dips to below freezing temps, you won’t want to remove your gloves to make adjustments to your shoes or laces.  Our favorites feature large options, simple systems, and convenient features like straps or quick-pulls to make them easy to navigate through bulky gloves.

Support Your Ankles

When you’re crunching through snow, you’ll want a sturdy shoe with great traction to keep you secure.  Unfortunately, that also means that snowmobile shoes are heavy and can put stress on your ankles if they don’t have the proper support.

Look for models that have padded sides and a lock system for the laces that will keep them cinched tight to your foot, ankle, and calf.  Boots with a firm structure will give you plenty of support to prevent any unpleasant injuries like a twist or sprain when you’re out on the trails.

How Much Do Your Boots Weigh?

Like we mentioned above, snow-friendly shoes are made to be durable, waterproof, insulated, and well-padded, which also means they are heavy compared to your average pair of sneakers.  That sturdiness is vital, but you’ll want to be sure that the weight of your shoes doesn’t hinder your ability to move around or enjoy your outdoor activities.

Thanks to advances in technology, there are new, lightweight materials that can provide lots of warmth and comfort without adding pounds to your shoes.  Look for options that won’t weigh you down when you’re riding through fresh powder.

How Important is Tread?

The sole of your boots will include a tread pattern that’s designed to give you traction in snowy or icy conditions.  It’s essential to have good traction when you’re snowmobiling to prevent injury and to make it easy to move around when you’re not riding.

Look for options that have prominent outer lugs – the rubber bits that stick out around the edge of your boot that dig into the snow and ice.  Some models may also come with metal studs or overlays that will burrow in deeper to give you more footing on slippery patches.

Built-In Protection

Another feature that can come in handy on high-quality snowboarding boots is built-in features that protect your vulnerable areas like toes, shins, and ankles.

Many models will have a kick plate that covers your toes and wraps down to the sole of your foot to minimize any impact if you accidentally tap the ice while making a turn on your snowmobile.

Some options also have internal ankle protector plates or impact plates that can guard against bruising or injury if you’re riding really technical courses or in competitive conditions. Elite snowmobilers should consider these features as they’re essential for safety, but they aren’t as crucial for recreational users.

Other Important Criteria for Choosing Snowmobile Boots

In addition to the features listed above, there are three additional factors you’ll want to take into account before making your final buying decision.  Look at the workmanship, temperature ratings, and your budget to narrow down your top picks to your eventual winner.

When you’re considering the workmanship of the boot, compare the quality of the product to the price point.  Not every expensive snowmobile boot is high-quality, and buying a designer name doesn’t mean you’ll get better performance.

Every boot in this guide boasts excellent workmanship, and you can tell by examining the stitching, insoles, outsoles, cushioning, and insulation in the product.  If you’re looking at options that aren’t on this list, check those same features to make sure they stack up with what you’re going to pay for the shoe.

You’ve already considered the outdoor temperatures when you thought about the insulation level you’ll need, but you can cross-check that with the temperature rating of the boots before you buy.

Most manufacturers will put a temperature rating on their boots to give you another way to check to make sure you’re buying a pair that will meet your needs.  These are typically based on third-party testing, and they can be certified for a range of temperatures.

Don’t be afraid of boots that are rated for far colder than your expected climate.  Many users report that options rated for -40 degrees Fahrenheit are perfect for snowy climates in the northern US, even if the average temps are in the teens and 20’s.

Finally, it’s essential to take your budget into account.  Know what you can afford on the front-end so that you can look for a snowmobile boot that checks all your boxes and fits in your price range.  If you know you want to splurge on this purchase, then you can choose a high-end option, but you can also limit yourself to your pre-set amount with one of our value picks that have all the features you need for a comfortable ride.

That way, there’s no chance of buyer’s remorse once you get your boots home.  If you match the quality you want with the budget you can afford, you’re almost guaranteed to be happy with your purchase.

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Best Snowmobile Boot Round-Up

Now that you’re well versed in all the different features, factors, and considerations of buying a new pair of snowmobile boots, it’s time to start shopping.  Here we have a roundup of our favorite picks and a breakdown of what we love about each option.

Let’s get started.

1. Divas SnowGear Avid Technical Boots with BOA

Divas SnowGear Women's Avid Technical Boots with Boa (Black, 6)

These snowmobile boots from Divas are our best overall pick for several different reasons.  This women’s specific boot boasts some high-end features while still maintaining an affordable price point.  Thanks to their sturdy construction and materials, they’re waterproof and windproof while still being breathable and wicking moisture away from your feet.

They come with their patented intuition liner that molds to your foot to provide excellent stability, warmth, and comfort for hours out in the snow.

The Avid includes several different reinforcements for safety, including a toe cap, sidewalls, and heel counter, so you can count on these to hold their shape and support your foot out in the elements.

The BOA lacing system works on an easy to use dial that makes it possible to precisely tighten your boots by merely turning the knob.  It’s easy to operate when you’re wearing gloves, and the cable-style laces are durable and stay in place no matter how much you flex and move.

The outsole has an aggressive lug design, which means you’ll always have excellent traction on slippery surfaces, and they’re rated for up to -40 degrees.


  • Reinforced toe cap, sidewalls, and heel counter for safety
  • BOA lacing system
  • Comfort rated for up to -40 degrees


  • Difficult to find inventory

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2. Castle X Barrier 2 Men’s Snowmobile Boots

Castle X Barrier 2 Snowmobile Boot Hi-Viz Size 11

Our winner for the best premium product category, the Barrier 2 by Castle X, is a men’s snowmobile boot that gives you superior durability and protection while also incorporating unique waterproofing technology.

The patented Castle Dry-X membrane is fully waterproof and will protect any moisture from creeping in from your soles or along the seams of the shoe.  They also treat the 1000D nylon, and Armstrong PU coated leather with a waterproofing formula to ensure nothing seeps through the shell.

Combined with Castle’s Coldshield technology, these shoes blocks the elements to keep your feet comfortable and dry in even the harshest conditions.

The insulation is a three-layer blend of moisture-wicking Merino wool covered with an air-mesh liner.  This all sits on top of foam that’s perforated to let air circulate inside the shoe to keep everything dry.

The high-rise snow shield gaiter circles your leg at the top of your calf to block out any slush and prevent it from sliding into your boot.  It has a bungee cord lock that you can cinch to your preferred tightness, and it will stay in place for long days in the elements.

These boots have one of the coldest comfort ratings on our list and come in at up to -60 degrees.


  • Up to a -60 degree comfort rating
  • Snow shield gaiter prevents snow from getting in your boots
  • Fully waterproof
  • Merino wool liner


  • Can be difficult to find in your size
  • Not many color options

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3. Klim Adrenaline GTX Snowmobile Boots

Klim Adrenaline GTX Snow Snowmobile Boots

Klim is a well-known manufacturer of cold-weather sports apparel, and their jackets have a devoted following because they can keep you warm and cozy in even the most bitter conditions.  The GTX Snowmobile Boots are made using the same technology in the shoe lining, which means your feet will be just as comfortable as the rest of you when you’re carving through backwoods trails.

The shoe features 600 grams of high-tech “Thinsulate” insulation that’s tucked inside a Gore-Tex layer to give you maximum breathability while also keeping you waterproof and dry.

They have traditional laces that are coated with a moisture-resistant, anti-slip sealant to make them stay in place once they’re tightened and tied.  They also have a built-in kicker toe piece to give your foot further protection.

The high rise of the shoe protects your ankles and cups your calf, which gives you the added benefit of keeping the snow and slush from creeping down into your boot.

The insoles are removable, making them easy to get dry between runs, and they have added shock protection to smooth out bumps and dips along the way.


  • Gore-Tex outer is breathable and waterproof
  • Kicker toe piece gives added protection
  • Superior insulation technology


  • Can be pricey
  • Difficult to find

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4. Baffin Wolf Snowmobile Boot

Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot,Black/Pewter,10 M US

This men’s specific model wins our pick for the best value because of the high-quality features and ultra-affordable price point.  Although they don’t have all of the bells and whistles of some of their pricer competitors, this boot delivers excellent comfort and performance that’s perfect for normal winter wear in snowy environments.

They’re made from synthetic recyclable leather, which makes them lightweight, and their insoles are flexible and provide excellent arch support.  They will protect you from ice, slush, and the elements while also keeping you comfortable while you’re out in the conditions.

The inner-boot system is made from seven insulated layers and is fully removable, which is a perk when it comes to keeping it dry and odor-free.  They’re rated for up to -40 Fahrenheit and they combine lightweight materials to give you a grippy outsole with lots of traction.

These weigh in at around two pounds each, which is considered extremely lightweight for snowmobile boots.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Outside clasp and pull system to tighten is easy to use with bulky gloves
  • Rating of up to -40 degrees


  • Some users report leaking
  • Sizing can run small

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5. Baffin Chloe Women’s Snowmobile Boots

Baffin Chloe Womens Snowmobile Boots Taupe/brown 7

Baffin also makes high-quality snowmobile boots for women, and their Chloe model is as comfortable as it is stylish.  Part of the Drift series, they combine their trademarked Arctic and Polar rubber to make the base with an attractive waterproof suede leather upper that results in a cozy winter boot that stands up to the elements.

Their inner liner is removable and made from multiple layers to add heat and insulation, and it’s rated for up to -40 degree temperatures.  They come with a faux-fur collar that circles your calf to that ensures a snug, supportive fit, and keeps any snow or slush from creeping in from the top.

The D-ring lace fastening system allows you to draw your laces tight and get a perfect fit, and then secure it with one quick squeeze and release.  This also makes it easy to make adjustments when you’re out on your snowmobile without needing to remove your gloves.

The metal-reinforced lace holes add an element of durability, and the Polar rubber outsoles are waterproof and long-lasting.


  • Attractive waterproof suede upper
  • Cozy fur collar and detail
  • Rated for up to -40 degrees


  • No half sizes

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6. FXR X-Cross Snowmobile Boot

FXR Women's X Cross Boot 18: Size 9/40

If you like the idea of a unisex boot, FXR makes its X-Cross model for both men and women.  The fur-lined, compact shoe has a fixed, non-removable liner made from moisture-wicking materials to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

Their lace lock system keeps your fit secure once you’ve cinched it in place, and the webbing pull strap makes it simple to get your adjustments right.

The patented FXR high-traction outsole is one of the best features of this shoe, and users love how it digs in and grips snow and ice, making it easy to get around when you’re not flying over the terrain on your snowmobile.

The built-in toe kick makes it simple to clean snow and ice while also protecting your digits from bumps and dings during your journey.


  • Webbing pull strap helps ensure a snug fit
  • Rated for moderate activity at up to -40 degrees
  • Easy to slip on and pull off


  • Very “loud” design – some users don’t like the neon colors
  • Can be challenging to find in your size
  • Liner isn’t very breathable or removable

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7. Kamik Men’s NationPlus Snowmobile Boots

Kamik Men's Nationplus Snow Boot,Dark Brown,11 M US

If you want a more rugged, leather look to your boots, then the men’s NationPlus model from Kamik might be the perfect fit for you.  Made from a waterproof leather upper and combined with 200B Thinsulate lining, these boots have a -40 degree rating and will keep your feet and toes toasty warm in freezing conditions.

Although the leather isn’t very breathable, Kamik combats this with a moisture-wicking lining that’s removable so you can get it completely dry overnight before hitting the trails again the next day.

The rustproof lacing system uses thick shoelaces with a high-grip coating so that they stay tied and in place once you get them perfectly cinched.

One of the most notable things to call out about this model is the plethora of colors available.  Not only do these come in your typical brown and black, but you can also choose from other wilderness-inspired options like olive, tan, navy, and charcoal.


  • Variety of color options
  • Rustproof lacing system
  • Rated for up to -40 degrees


  • Heavy
  • Some users report needing to size up a half size for a good fit

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8. Columbia Ice Maiden II

Columbia Ice Maiden II

If you’re looking for boots that you can wear snowmobiling and out and about for other winter activities, then you should consider ones that are both fashionable and functional, like the Ice Maiden II by Columbia.

This women’s boot is extremely affordable, and although it’s not rated for frigid temperatures, it could work if you plan to go out in a moderate winter climate.  The Ice Maiden II has 200 grams of insulation and is rated for -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a waterproof upper that’s made from a combination of suede leather and synthetic textile materials and then lined with a faux fur collar to make it both stylish and cozy. It’s sealed with a waterproof membrane to keep snow out and warmth in.

The sole is made from omni-grip traction rubber to make it easy to walk on slippery surfaces, and the patented Techlight insole gives you excellent cushioning and support.


  • Affordable
  • Fashionable leather and fur construction
  • Excellent traction


  • Only rated for -25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Only has 200 grams of insulation

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9. Sorel 1964 Pac T

SOREL 1964 Pac T

It’s not just women who might be searching for a cold weather appropriate boot that doesn’t have the clunky look of a traditional snowmobile boot.  The 1964 Pac T by Sorel is a promising option that looks like a regular outdoor boot, but that’s rated for up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made from a combination of 100% leather and synthetic materials in the upper, and a high-quality rubber sole, these are both warm and waterproof.  The leather is high-quality, full-grain, and handcrafted, and the foot shell boasts vulcanized technology for superior moisture-blocking.

All of the seams are sealed to ensure that the shoe is waterproof all the way around; these are suitable to wear out in the snow, sleet, or light rain.

The felt inner boot is form-fitting and removable, making it easy to launder or dry completely after a day in the elements.


  • Rated for up to -40 degrees
  • Removable inner boot
  • 100% full-grain leather upper


  • Pricey
  • Heavy

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10. Baffin Selkirk Boots

Baffin Men's Selkirk Snow Boot,Pewter,10 M US

If lace-up boots aren’t for you, the Selkirk model from Baffin might be your new favorite.  They come with a zip-up and Velcro strap fitting options that allow you to have a fully adjustable tightness without needing to pull on your laces.

This model sits at a high profile and extends up your calf to keep your feet, ankle, and lower leg protected from the cold.  Around the top is a cincher that you can adjust to make it easy to pull these on or off and to keep snow from getting inside the opening of your shoe.

The insulated removable liner cups your foot and keeps it warm.  It’s made from their well-known seven-layer system that incorporates Thermaplus technology, and these boots boast the best temperature rating of any on our list.  They’re rated for up to -70 degrees Celsius, or -94 degrees Fahrenheit.

They come in men’s sizes seven to 14, and users report that they fit true to size, which is a perk if you don’t like the uncertainty when you order online.


  • Extremely good temperature rating of -94 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Seven-layer removable liner
  • Top cincher to keep snow out of your shoe


  • On the expensive side
  • May be too heavily insulated for mild winter climates

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11. Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot,Black,7 M US

The last boot on our list, the Kamik Greenbay 4, is another that’s not built explicitly for snowmobiling, but it’s so highly rated that we would be remiss not discussing it in this review.  It’s rated for up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, and users who live in cold northern climates report that this is their go-to boot for snowmobiling no matter how bitter it gets outside.

Kamik uses a 600 denier nylon in the construction to protect against moisture and the elements and combines it with a synthetic rubber sole that keeps your feet safe from water and slush.  It’s also extremely slip-resistant when your navigating terrain on trails and in the backwoods.

The felt liner is removable and comes with an 8-millimeter thick thermal guard liner that keeps heat in and water out.  There’s also a handy internal hook and loop strap that will keep your foot in place and keep it from slipping and letting snow creep into the boot.


  • Lightweight nylon outer shell
  • Removable felt liner
  • Rated for up to -40 degrees


  • Users report nylon isn’t always waterproof
  • Sizing runs large

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Finding the Best Snowmobile Boots for You

There are many factors to consider when picking the right snowmobile boots for your needs.  Start by analyzing your climate.  This step is the most important so that you ensure that you buy boots that will be warm enough for spending time outdoors comfortably.

Examine the features and craftsmanship of the boots, and keep this list in mind when you’re looking for your perfect pair.  We’ve included options for both men and women, and our best overall winner, Divas SnowGear Avid Technical Boots with BOA, is an excellent choice for ladies who want a functional, versatile boot that will keep them warm in the great outdoors.

Men, if you’re looking to splurge on an option with high-end features, our premium product choice Castle X Barrier 2 Men’s Snowmobile Boots is sure to check all your boxes.  You also might find that our budget-friendly value product Baffin Wolf Snowmobile Boot, is from a brand name you trust and has all the features you need for your winter sports activities.

No matter what you choose, take the time to try on your boots to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit before heading out on your snowmobile. Warmth and comfort are the two most important factors, and it’s essential you don’t skimp on either for a great day on the trails.