10 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Soccer, known as the beautiful game, is immensely popular across the world. People of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds love this exciting sport. If you love playing soccer, it allows you to put your body through intense physical exercise and training, regardless of your skills.

Apart from helping you to reach and maintain your physical health and fitness goals, playing soccer also offers many mental health benefits, such as reduced anxiety and improved self-confidence. As remarkable as soccer is, you must also realize that the sport can take a toll on your body.

All that intense training can affect different areas of your body, especially your feet. After all, the sport demands you to engage in high-intensity training, putting your body and mind to the test. It is important that no matter what level you play, you must have the proper gear on at all times. Wearing the right gear can help you to get the most out of the experience.

For soccer, the most crucial piece of equipment that can help your performance is soccer cleats. Therefore, choosing the right pair of cleats is necessary for all soccer players. It is key to enhancing your performance. The best pair will ensure that you don’t just perform better but are safe on the soccer field.

Soccer cleats are designed to ensure proper distribution of your body weight upon every impact that you make. They make sure that you do not slip when running or making sudden turns on the field, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents and injury.

When it comes to cleats, there are hundreds of options available, but not all of them are made for everybody. Depending on your preferences, likes, and shoe size, you can choose a pair that best suits your requirements. While this sounds easier said than done, people with wide feet, in particular, may have the most difficult time finding the right soccer cleats that can help them perform well and keep their feet safe.

If you have searched the market for wide soccer cleats, there is no doubt that you must have come across a plethora of options online and at stores. For first-timers, it can be very challenging and overwhelming to pick out a pair from so many choices. Luckily for you, we have created this guide that will tell you everything you need to know about finding the perfect pair of soccer cleats that suits your needs.

In this guide, we will discuss all the information people with wide feet need to know about soccer cleats, how to determine if they have wide feet, how they can choose the best pair for themselves, and how to maintain their soccer cleats so that they last long.

Additionally, in the guide, we have included a list of reviews of the top ten soccer cleats for wide feet. This will help narrow your choices down and make it easier for you to select a pair that works out best for you.

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Buying Guide

Like other shoes, not every cleat is created for every soccer player. Players who have wider feet would know this better than those with narrow feet. Wearing the wrong type of cleats can make playing soccer uncomfortable, and even lead to long-term problems in your feet.

But just because you have wide feet doesn’t mean you have to give up on soccer. Those who love playing the game but have wide feet, the standard soccer cleat size won’t fit them. They need to get shoe models that are specifically created for their wide feet. This is the reason why we’ve created a guide, particularly for people with wide feet.

How to Check if You Have Wide Feet

If you are not sure whether or not you have wide feet, we will help you clear out all the confusion. It is important to determine if you have wide feet before you decide on the pair of soccer cleats you should get.

The fastest way to figure this out is to ask yourself a question – do you regularly have issues finding shoes that fit you well? We are talking about footwear in general – not just soccer cleats.

People with wide feet often face difficulties finding the right size because regular fitting shoes are not being able to accommodate their foot shape well. If you have ever had to specifically order shoes or buy them from a store, that means you probably do have wide feet.

The Widest point in the foot

One thing you should take into account is where the widest part of your foot is. A wide midfoot area is going to cause you problems when you are trying to fit into your shoes compared to someone who has wider heels.

A wide heel is not much of an issue unless you have excessively wide heels. Having a wide forefoot and midfoot areas, on the other hand, change the options you can consider for footwear of any kind.

Flat feet

Another thing to note is whether or not you have flat feet. Those with flat feet have wide feet. Semi-flat or just slightly flat feet might not be too wide and can typically fit into your regular shoes. Completely flat feet are more likely to be wider than feet with regular arches.

Once you have figured out whether you have wide feet or not, you can make the right decision about whether or not you should go with soccer cleats designed for people with wide feet. If your feet are not actually wide, you can stick to buying a pair of cleats with a regular fit to save time.

Soccer Cleats Designed for Wide Feet

Soccer cleats come in a few different styles. Each of these styles is designed based on different positions on the field. Keeping this in mind, you will be glad to know that there is definitely a type of soccer cleat designed to cater to the needs of people with wide feet. Soccer cleats are of three types: High top, low cut, or mid-cut designs.

High tops

High tops feature an extension on the ankle area. The shoes wrap around the person’s ankles, providing better support and stability for lateral movements. They are used primarily by strikers who need to make quick turns during holdup play and maneuver within the box after sprinting to reach the opponent’s 18yard box.

Mid cuts

Mid-cut designs are used by center backs, wingers, full-backs and wing-backs for the superior support and maneuverability that they offer to wearers.

Low cuts

Low cut soccer cleats are used by players in every area of the field, no matter which position they play in. They are highly sought-after by players who want to place less pressure on their feet. Low cut soccer cleats make it much easier to run across the field.

The soccer cleats also have different types of cleats on them, depending on the preferences and needs of the player on the pitch. They can either be molded or detached cleats.

Molded cleats

Molded cleats are becoming increasingly common soccer due to the fact that they offer high levels of traction, designed to help soccer player transition easily during linear movements while bolstering their grip for lateral movements.

Detachable cleats

Detachable cleats are a longstanding favorite and still widely used in soccer. They are interchangeable, meaning you can use them on different types of pitches. The studs of these cleats can be replaced, so you can modify the cleats based on the pitch you intend to use.

Features to Look for in Wide Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats for wide feet are now becoming more and more popular due to their increasing demand. As we understand more about our feet and our bodies, professional players who had no option but to make do with regular fit cleats, despite having wide feet, are now able to perform better because of wide soccer cleats.

Of course, like the fact that not all soccer cleats are going to suit everyone, not all cleats for wide feet will suit everybody. A large number of cleats are not even labeled or marketed as cleats for wide feet players. The compatibility of soccer cleats to the players with wide feet does not always need to depend on the label that the manufacturers have put on them. It can turn out to be the different features that soccer cleats have that can accommodate wide feet without developing issues after a few wears.

Here is a look at some of the features that you need to look out for in order to determine if a certain pair of cleats are suitable for your wide feet.


The material used in designing soccer cleats makes a huge difference in how effective they can be for you. When buying soccer cleats, one of the most important things to look out for is how well the shoes can adjust to the shape of your feet. The ability to mold and adapt your feet are the most critical considerations to look for when you have wide feet.

As an athlete with wide feet, you need something that can endure high levels of pressure without losing your effectiveness. One of the problems that soccer players with wide feet face is that their feet can put a lot of pressure on their shoes on the sides. A soccer cleat made for regular fitting will be quite narrow. It will also show signs of damage and wear out much faster because it isn’t designed to handle pressure from the sides as well.

This is the reason the elasticity of the material should be one of the key factors to consider when you are deciding on soccer cleats.

Leather is a very popular material when it comes to soccer cleats. There are several different kinds of leathers used for footwear, and they all come from different sources. The most renowned leather used for soccer cleats is sourced from either kangaroos or calves. Kangaroo leather is more common among soccer cleats.

This leather is actually the most suitable for players who have wide feet. The material offers a significant amount of elasticity without making your feet uncomfortable. Soccer cleats made from this leather type allow you to break into them much faster than cleats made from other leather.

The leather also molds to the shape of your feet well overuse. At the same time, the material does not become too loose as time passes, ensuring proper fit and support for a long time.

Other kinds of leather made from synthetic materials can also offer you firmness and support without losing their structural integrity. Authentic leather is quite expensive and it holds a lot of value in the market. The cost of leather production is not easy to come by. They are more suited to people who are serious about playing soccer professionally, or just for the long term.

The synthetic material in soccer cleats consists of a wide variety of materials combined to make the footwear. While a lot of people still prefer cleats made using 100% authentic leather, there has been plenty of innovation in synthetic materials that can emulate the feel of authentic leather. Some can even argue that the biggest names in sports equipment manufacturing are making footwear with a synthetic material that is much better than genuine leather.

When you go out to buy soccer cleats, you need to make sure that you get a pair made with a material that suits your needs when playing the game. They should be elastic and supportive for your feet, but should not lose their shape very fast.


If there is one rule you should never break while buying soccer cleats, it is that you should not buy oversized shoes. Buying oversized soccer cleats can completely ruin your experience. Buying the right size is still pretty easy considering the fact that soccer cleats do come in half sizes. No more compromising on the size because it is either too small or too large. You can and you should focus on finding a pair that fits you perfectly well.

Of course, getting half sizes does not immediately put away the troubles of people with half sizes. You see, the sizing for cleats made specifically for people with wide feet might not be the same as for standard soccer cleats. Just like how the cleat construction may differ, how the sizes are determined can also differ.

The best thing to do is to determine the equivalent dimensions of the shoes, based on size. In order to do this, you can refer to the people who have already bought these shoes or check the brand’s size chart.

You must have a snug fit to ensure your comfort and safety while playing soccer. You will know you have a snug fit when the cleats are tight enough to fit your feet without causing them discomfort. They will not allow your feet to move within the shoes unnecessarily, helping you keep your balance and stability while you play the game.


A lot of the time, people with wide feet see their shoes take on so much wear and tear in such a short time that they feel they did not get their money’s worth from the shoes.  They have to replace their worn out shoes.

Soccer cleats are designed to ensure that they can take the wear and tear from everyday use on the soccer field. But, not all of them are designed keeping in mind the extra pressure on the sides due to wide feet.

When you are buying soccer cleats, you need to look for shoes that will be able to stand the test of time and strain that high-intensity exercises can put them through for a long time. There always comes a time when you need to replace your shoes, but you should not have to replace them often, even if you play soccer every day.

Maintaining Your Wide Soccer Cleats

Speaking of durability, the maintenance of soccer cleats is a critical aspect of owning a pair. Your soccer cleats will exhibit signs of extreme wear and tear at some point. No matter how expensive your shoes are, they will get damaged. The only thing you can do to extend their lifespan is to take care of them and keep them in great shape.

Here are some of the most basic maintenance tips that can help you to keep these shoes in an optimal condition for a long time.

  1. Use cleats only on the surface they are intended for. Soft ground cleats are not suitable for hard turf. Using soft ground cleats on hard ground will not just make it almost impossible for you to play, but it will also damage your soccer cleats much faster.
  2. Loosening up laces at the second-last eyelet is good for your feet and cleats. It puts less stress on both your feet and on the shape of the cleats as they adjust to your feet.
  3. Make sure you get cleats that are anatomically designed to fit the shape of your feet. Leather cleats can mold to the shape of your feet. The shape of the cleats ensures that the material does not stretch a lot and is able to offer better comfort.
  4. Ideally, you should own more than one pair of cleats for soccer. This can reduce the chances of overuse.
  5. Stud replacement is also a necessary part of owning a pair of soccer cleats. Replacing worn-out studs will not just help you to maintain better balance while playing soccer, but also ensure that other components of the shoes do not get damaged.
  6. Do not use your cleats or high-intensity action immediately after getting them. Wear them and then exercise for a bit so that they do away with their original tightness and adjust to the shape of your feet. Just like how it is necessary to warm up before you start a game, it is important to let the cleats stretch a bit so they do not get damaged.
  7. Make sure you take the right measures to keep your shoes clean. Wash them as the manufacturer recommends, and allow them to dry out properly before you put them to use again. Typically, cleaning out soccer cleats involve taking out the inner sole and laces, washing them separately and letting them dry. You can wash the rest of the cleats separately.
  8. Wear cleats only when you get to the field. Wearing them and using them on hard surfaces for extended periods can speed up their wear and tear.
  9. Never use a dryer to dry out your cleats. Always air dry them.
  10. Do not use hot water to wash the upper. Use cool water mixed with mild detergent and a soft brush. Do not submerge the cleats in water because that can cause them to crack as they dry out.

Now that you understand soccer cleats for wide feet and what you need to keep in mind when you are buying a pair for yourself, it is time to take a look at some of the top options you can choose from.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall Wide Soccer Cleats: Puma Future 18.1 Netfit

Best Premium Quality Wide Soccer Cleats: Puma Men’s Evopower 1.3

Best Value Wide Soccer Cleats: New Balance Men’s Visaro 2.0

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

And now we bring you the best cleat options available on the market right now. In order to come up with this section, we conducted hours of research on soccer cleats that enjoy a great reputation among athletes with wide feet. We then selected and reviewed the best of the best, based on customer reviews and our experiences.

This list of reviews, along with the guide, gives you all the information you need to make the best possible buying decision without any difficulty or hassle.

1. Puma Future 18.1 Netfit

PUMA Future 18.1 Netfit Low FG/AG Soccer Cleats Men's Size 7-13 Yellow/Red/Black 104980-01 (US 10.5/EUR 44/cm 28.5)

Puma Future 18.1 Netfit is the perfect pair of soccer cleats to start off the list of reviews with. Puma may not be as big as the likes of Nike and Adidas in terms of popularity, but the company is by no means small. When it comes to soccer cleats, Puma is one of the very highly regarded brands that further exemplifies its leading position in the industry with shoes like the Future 18.1 Netfit.

Puma has stepped up its game with this amazing pair of soccer cleats. One of the best features of the latest version of the Netfit soccer cleats is the updated lacing system. The innovative lacing system allows you to create an individual fit, based on the shape of your foot. While the shoes are not marketed as being specifically designed for wide feet, they sure can fit people with wide feet like a charm.

The lacing system allows you to create the perfect fit, regardless of whether you have narrow feet with normal arches or wide feet with relatively flatter feet. The Netfit system allows you to create a better lockdown of the soccer cleats and increase the strike zone.

The initial break-in period for these shoes is short, and these cleats are very comfortable right out of the box. The Strike zone covered with Netfit is able to increase the surface area for the shoe, allowing the ball of your foot to make contact with the ground properly. There are high top and low cut versions of the Future 18.1 Netfit shoes.

Wide footed players should go for the low cut version. There is a separate tongue on the low cut version that enables you to completely open up the boot for the ideal fit, based on your feet shape.


  • Lacing technology offers custom fitting experience
  • Short break-in period
  • Feels comfortable on your feet right out of the box


  • Upper section material used is a little rigid
  • Limited spots to run lacing system through

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2. Puma Men’s Evopower 1.3

PUMA Evopower 1.3 Leather FG Boots - Adult - Yellow/Black/Blue - UK Shoe Size 9

Puma’s excellence in producing some of the best quality soccer cleats is highlighted by the fact that we have included multiple models by the manufacturer on the list. The Men’s Evopower 1.3 FG-M, for instance, is another outstanding pair of soccer shoes designed by Puma, which is perfect for soccer players with wide feet.

This model is known for providing a comfortable medium to wide fit to wearers. While the reputation does account for medium width feet, we found that the fit of the 1.3 soccer cleats is more naturally inclined to people with wide feet.

Don’t be deceived by the look of this product. The flatter and smaller appearance of these soccer shoes make them look like they cannot accommodate a wide foot, but you are so wrong. These soccer shoes have plenty of space to accommodate your feet, and you practically need zero time to break into these shoes.

This is the second generation model of Puma’s now-famous Evopower cleats. Evopower 1.3 takes its roots in the aspects of minimalism, design and enhanced performance, which the original Evopower created the hype of when it was launched. These shoes are considered to be hybrids in the sense that you can get both power and speed when playing soccer with these shoes on.

The sides of these cleats are better reinforced to ensure greater durability for soccer players with wide feet, but the rest of it is so lightweight that you can run around easily without them weighing you down.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Sleek and minimal design profile
  • Doesn’t need time to break-in
  • Microfiber construction


  • A bit costly
  • Some customers found that the arch support to be inadequate

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3. New Balance Men’s Visaro 2.0

New Balance Men's Visaro 2.0 Pro FG, Energy Lime/Dark Military Triumph, 11 2E US

New Balance is another surprise entry on the list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet. It is not as big a name as compared to several other brands on this list. Nonetheless, the Men’s Visaro 2.0 is that good and there are plenty of reasons to love these soccer cleats.

With the second version of the Visaro, New Balance gives you the chance to perform at your highest level during soccer matches. A lot of people shy away from properly pursuing the sport because they do not have the money to buy the kind of gear they need for top-level football, especially shoes that can fit their wide feet.

There are two reasons we love this product. First off, New Balance’s reputation speaks for itself. Secondly, Visaro 2.0 comes at an unbeatable price,  considering it is made by such a big brand. These shoes are marketed as being made for creative players. This means a technical player will love having the pair on their feet. The moccasin-like construction of these shoes makes them comfortable and stable.

The reason these shoes are so well-suited for soccer players with wide feet is in their shape itself. People with a medium to narrow feet shape will find that these soccer cleats are unusually wide. This is because they are just the right width to accommodate wide feet. The design of the shoes and the overall shape is unique.

Your foot will get more space on the instep from the inside while bending in places where you would expect it to be straight and curved in places where you might expect it to be straight. This is all to ensure a design more or less exclusively made for people with wide feet.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Made by a top manufacturer
  • Design is well-suited for wider feet


  • Some customers found the shape a little too odd
  • Some customers complained that the cleats are not wide enough

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4. Puma EvoPower Vigor 1

PUMA Men's Evopower Vigor 1 FG Soccer Shoe, Black Silver/Quiet Shade/Bright Plasma, 7 M US

The launch of the first Evopower soccer cleat was an exciting new development in the world of soccer. Since then, Puma has made many iterations of the shoe that have excelled in the market for their superior performance. The Evopower Vigor 1 is the fourth entry on the list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet. Due to its impressive features, it is no surprise that the shoe has been featured here.

These cleats, like the rest of the Evopower series, are a very spacious pair of shoes. The Vigor 1 is a bit more anatomically shaped than its predecessors. Thanks to the updated material, these shoes are able to accommodate much wider feet without fail. The synthetic material used is quite soft and spacious, but just enough to form a snug fit.

These soccer shoes give you that lightweight, barefoot feel due to their anatomical fit. Accufoam pads on the upper section help enhance your ball control, dampening the force acting on the ball and making it seem like the ball was magnetically attracted to your feet by how easily you can control it even at high speeds.


  • Accufoam material on the upper for superior ball control
  • Easy break-in
  • Extra-wide shape


  • Ankle collar is a little loose

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5. Adidas Copa Mundial

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Soccer boots do not get as close to classics as Adidas Copa Mundial. These are one of the favorite pairs of many athletes around the world. The upper section of the shoe has a black design with beautiful sticking across the forefoot area. The pair’s stitched seams do not just make the shoes look amazing, but they also help you to get better control of the ball on the first touch.

These soccer boots are made using soft and flexible kangaroo leather, making them ideal for people who have wide feet. Although we do not recommend this, you can even go a full size down with this pair and the cleats will still manage to fit your feet. There is no synthetic material, no blend, or any kind of knit used in this pair. These are no-nonsense leather cleats.

The elegant and sleek soccer cleats are very soft and comfortable for the wearer. The only reason they are not one of the top entries on the list is that they hold true to their classic design from when they first came out. The lack of modern design updates like soleplates, etc. means that these shoes do not offer the same level of stability that the latest soccer cleats can, but there are few shoes that can compare to how comfortable they are for wide feet.

The leather material also allows these cleats to give you a lot longer time of service than most of the pairs you can otherwise get.


  • Fits even the widest of feet
  • Accommodating kangaroo leather


  • Lacks modern features

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6. Nike Magista Obra II

Nike Kids Magista Obra II FG Total Crimson/Black/University Red Soccer Shoes - 4Y

And better late than never, Nike makes an entry on this list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet. Magista Obra II is one of two pairs of Nike’s soccer cleats to make it to the list and it happens to be the widest model made by the manufacturer. It should not come as a surprise that this is some extraordinary footwear for playing soccer games.

Nike is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to soccer cleats. A vast majority of soccer players wear shoes made by this company because the brand continues to excel in producing high-performing soccer products. The only issue is, Nike is not as accommodating to the needs of players who have wide feet.

The usual types of soccer cleats designed by Nike are sleek, lightweight, and narrow. The Obra II is a soccer boot made to improve the performance of a wide-footed player. The 3D structured Flyknit construction for the upper is state-of-the-art, as you can expect from the company. The company spared no expense in making a high-performance shoe fit for soccer players with wide feet.

There are little bumps on the upper section that can help you to get a much better with the first touch on the ball. The toe area of these cleats, in particular, is very accommodating. Coupled with the dynamic fit collar on the shoes, you can rest assured that your feet are not going to slide within the shoes no matter how wide they are.


  • Dynamic fit collar
  • Spacious toe box area
  • Flyknit upper that improves ball control


  • Difficult to air out after play

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7. Puma EvoTouch

PUMA Men's Evotouch 1 FG Soccer Shoe, Black Silver, 12.5 M US

Puma really seems to have carved out a niche for itself when it comes to catering to the needs of soccer players with wide feet. Another shoe made by the brand makes a good place for itself on the list of the best soccer cleats for wide feet. The Evotouch FG soccer cleats, like the Copa Mundial by Adidas, are made using kangaroo leather for the upper.

You get the advantages of the classic material in terms of flexibility and support, and at the same time, you get the benefits of more modern features with the Evotouch. Puma has even incorporated the Evo sock construction in the design of the Evotouch to give you that vital barefoot feel once you lace the shoes on.

These soccer cleats have perhaps the widest toe box that we have seen. For someone with a medium-width foot shape, the shape of these boots might even look strange. The soccer cleats are comfortable on the feet right out of the box. The leather kangaroo upper is thin and flexible, despite being durable. This allows you to get these shoes to adjust to the shape of your feet in a matter of minutes.

If there is a pair of shoes we feel you can never go wrong with, it is Evotouch thanks to its minimal profile. Even if all the other shoes we have reviewed so far do not manage to fit your feet because they are too wide, these are really an excellent pair to play your favorite game in.


  • Really wide toe box area
  • Fast break-in period
  • Evo sock construction


  • Customers have complained that the heel is uncomfortable

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8. Adidas X16 Pure Chaos

adidas X 16+ Purechaos FG Cleat - Men's Soccer 10.5 Solar Green/Black/Core Green


Adidas, like Nike, works with and manufactures quality shoes for soccer players at the very top level. If you follow the English Premier League, you might be familiar with the name of Paul Pogba from Manchester United. Adidas’ X16 Pure Chaos is his favorite model and it does not surprise us why.

The Pure Chaos cleats are built in a very interesting manner. The upper section has a two-piece system, which has a soft synthetic material on the top, and a knitted sock underneath. Together, the combination of these materials makes a fantastic soccer boot that is fit for wide foot players. The soft material used for the synthetic upper allows the shoes to mold to the feet of the wearer, no matter how wide it is.

The inner sock, like the upper section, gives a more secure fit and a better lockdown of the feet within the shoes when you tie the laces. The laces are also hidden underneath the lace cover seamlessly. This gives you a much better surface area to strike the ball with your foot without losing accuracy. The texture of the upper section improves ball control, as well.


  • Two-piece upper section
  • Covered laces
  • TechFit collar


  • Snug fit at the ankle and midfoot area

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9. Nike Men’s The Premier

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Where Adidas has the Copa Mundial as its classic soccer cleats, Nike exemplified its longstanding position as a soccer cleat manufacturer with the Premier. When it comes to the look of these soccer cleats, Nike’s The Premier has an overall black color with white detailing throughout the logo and a white outer sole with black studs – a very simple aesthetic but an impactful one.

While the Premier might look like a classic, this throwback pair of soccer shoes has modern features, which makes the shoe a hit even in this day and age. The construction is mostly kangaroo and goat leather. This means you can rely on these shoes for great flexibility and for an adequate amount of durability.

The shoes are definitely not marketed as being accommodating to soccer players with wide feet, but they surely can accommodate wide feet, thanks to their construction and materials. The leather upper is soft and flexible, ensuring it supports wide feet. The only reason why we have not included this higher up in the list is that the normal size of the shoes is not wide like the others.

If your feet are slightly or moderately wide, these can be an excellent pair of soccer cleats to allow you to play at the top level.


  • Kangaroo leather
  • Molded PE sock liner
  • Engineered performance inner sole


  • Not made for wide feet

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10. Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.2 Primemesh

adidas Performance Men's Ace 16.2 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Shoe

Adidas Performance is the name of a highly popular series of soccer cleats. If you are an avid soccer fan or play the game, this pair needs no introduction. The latest version of the much-hyped soccer cleats did not fail to disappoint and makes a fitting entry on the list of the best soccer cleats for wide footed soccer players.

These shoes are true to size if you consider them in the moderately wide fit category. This means you can find the size easily if your feet are a little wide, but not too wide. This is, however, one of the best-fitting wide soccer cleats.

Some people might be disappointed that Adidas did not use kangaroo leather for these shoes, but Adidas’ Primemesh construction should more than put your mind at ease. The material is synthetic and is capable of molding to the feet of the wearer without causing discomfort or pain. The material is also breathable as compared to anything you get made with leather.

The firm-looking soccer cleats give a sock-like fit and will mold to the shape of your feet, and just as you can expect from Adidas’ shoes, you will be able to perform at the highest level when you have these on your feet.


  • Primemesh construction
  • Sock-like fit
  • Improved ball control


  • Takes a little time to break-in

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The Best of the Best

After going over this guide and the list of comprehensive reviews, we are confident that you will be able to pick out a pair of soccer cleats that work perfectly for your wide feet. We understand that some people buying soccer cleats for the first time might still get overwhelmed by the number of choices. This is why we have mentioned three of our top picks to narrow down your choices even further and make your life simpler!

Best Overall Wide Soccer Cleats

Our overall top pick for the best soccer cleats for wide feet is Puma’s Future 18.1 Netfit . This innovative pair of shoes offers a decent fit for soccer players with wide feet. It also comes at a very decent price.

Best Premium Quality Wide Soccer Cleats

If you are willing to spend a little more money on soccer cleats, we feel that Puma Men’s Evopower 1.3 is the best premium quality pick. These shoes offer the best of all the features you could ask for in wide soccer cleats, but they come with a high price tag that might deter some people from getting them.

Best Value Wide Soccer Cleats

If you are looking for the ultimate soccer experience, despite having wide feet, New Balance Men’s Visaro 2.0 is the perfect entry-level pair of soccer cleats for this purpose. It offers the most important soccer cleat features that you can expect without costing you an arm and a leg.