10 Best Track Shoes

Best Track Shoes

As more and more time passes, people are becoming increasingly aware of the psychological and physical benefits of exercise.  Gyms are filled with people trying to achieve peak physical fitness, and you can find more people going for morning jogs. Running is one of the most effective ways to relax your mind and boost your overall fitness.

For those who want to get the most out of their running sessions, there is no better place to start than a running track. In fact, track racing is great for both beginner and experienced runners. However, you need to be prepared for it and ensure you are wearing the right footwear.

As surprising as it may seem, running in the wrong type of shoes can cause a lot of damage to your body. A lot of people rarely pay attention to the footwear they have on while running. Some people even think that simple canvas shoes can double as casual wear and running shoes. Sports equipment manufacturers make products keeping particular sports activities in mind.

Whether you are taking on track running as a means to stay fit, or you are looking to compete with other athletes, every aspect of your preparation counts. The right pair of shoes that matches your running style and skill level can make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals.

As important as it is to buy the right track shoes, the actual task can be overwhelming. There are a large number of manufacturers out there producing hundreds of models every year. Each model boasts its own features, and not all of them can cater to your specific fitness needs and goals. If you are in search of the best track shoes, you should know it takes a sound amount of knowledge to find the pair that can work best for you.

To that end, we have created a guide that will equip you with all the information you need to buy the best track shoes. In this guide, we will talk about track running shoes in general, why you should use them, when you need to change them and all the factors you need to consider before you decide on a pair.

Additionally, we have included a list of reviews of the 10 best track shoes on the market right now. The list will help narrow down your choices to the top picks in this product category so you can have an easier time selecting a pair that aligns with your skill level, running style, and goals.

Buying Guide for the Best Track Shoes

Before we look at the top track shoes you can get, it is crucial to understand everything there is to know about track shoes and why you need to wear them while running on the track.

What Are Track Shoes?

Track shoes are form-fitting shoes with minimal design. The aerodynamic and lightweight upper conforms to the shape of the runner’s foot. These shoes are made using technology, which helps the wearer move at faster speeds on the track in a safe manner.

These shoes typically feature five to eight spikes on the underside to help grip the ground surface. Since they are designed specifically for use on racing tracks, their design, padding and cushioning differ from regular running shoes. You can also expect a low ankle profile, minimal padding and cushioning suitable to prevent irritation while running on the track.

Why Should You Wear Good Track Running Shoes?

If you are hitting the running track every morning to get the best running experience, investing in a pair of good quality track running shoes will be the best investment you can make. The best track running shoes can provide you with maximum comfort while maximizing your running efficiency and performance.

Compared to regular shoes, track shoes make sure that every stride from landing to launch has a smooth transition. They allow you to get the best grip on the surface so you can propel yourself forward without losing stability or balance.

What Happens if You Don’t Use Good Track Running Shoes?

If you use your regular shoes for track running on a regular basis, there are a number of issues you can face. You will not just hinder your performance while running, but you could be at risk for serious health concerns.


The most common problem you may face is sore feet. When it comes to running, wearing the wrong shoes can cause a lot of pain, resulting in severe issues.

Your will heels rub against the inner surface of the shoes while running at high speed on the track. This can cause sores due to excessive friction. If you continue using the wrong pair of shoes, those sores can turn into awful blisters that can permanently damage your feet.

Running Injuries

Track shoes have a specific design to help absorb the force of impact properly while running. These shoes distribute the force of the impact in a way that it becomes easier for the runner to use their energy to launch into the next stride, one after the other. Regular shoes are not designed to absorb and redistribute the force of each stride like that.

Improper distribution of force can cause undue stress on your feet, legs, lower back, and most of your body, which can, in turn, lead to several running injuries. Running shoes go through a lot of strain to provide you with an efficient running experience. Over time and with regular use, they wear out and lose their effectiveness to absorb shock, and provide stability and cushioning as well.

You can also be at risk of getting injuries if you use worn-out shoes.

How do You Know When it’s Time to Change Track Shoes?

Now that you understand the importance of wearing proper track shoes and what happens when you do not use them, let us take a look at when you should consider changing the track shoes you already have. You cannot use the same track shoes all your life. Understanding when you need to change them to get a new pair can be critical.

The amount of time a pair of track shoes can last depends on their material and how often you use them. Here are some factors that can help you determine the right time to make the switch to a new pair.

Distance covered

Typically, track shoes can stay effective after running 400 miles. Once you have run that distance, you should consider changing your shoes. Of course, your running style, body weight, and the surface of the track can make a difference here.

The heavier you are, the rougher the surface, and the harder you strike the ground, the faster they will wear out. A light runner can expect to use their shoes easily for around 400 miles. Heavier runners should consider making the switch after around 300 miles.

Shoes start to become uncomfortable

Sometimes, you might not need to wait for the typical mileage to be reached before your shoes start to give out. If you ever start to feel unnecessary joint pain, shin splints, and muscle fatigue, it might be a sign that your shoes have gone through their fair share of wear and tear. If your shoes start causing you discomfort, replace them with a new pair.

Twist the shoes to test them

Another way to test your running shoes is to hold them from the two ends and twist them in opposite directions. If your shoes are firm and maintain their shape, using them is still an option. If your shoes twist too easily, you should change them.

Treads become worn out

When you run on a rough track surface, the treads on your track shoes will wear out faster. If the treads are completely worn out, you should stop using the shoes and buy new ones. Running with track shoes that have worn out soles can drastically increase your chances of slipping or tripping. Falling down while running at high speeds can cause life-threatening injuries.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Track Shoes

Now that you understand when to invest in a new pair of track shoes, it is time to take a look at the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing track shoes. There are a number of things you should focus on while checking out prospective shoes.

Do not rely solely on recommendations

It is only natural to ask people you know for their recommendations when you want to buy something for the first time. You ask one friend who used to sprint some time ago in high school, they will give you one suggestion, and someone else might give you a completely different suggestion. Their suggestions are based on their experience. You might have a different body type, running style or goals for track running.

Quality always comes as a top priority

High-quality footwear is always the way to go. Before you even start looking at options, you need to keep in mind that no matter how much they cost, good quality shoes are worth the investment. Trying to save money by purchasing sub-par products can result in serious injuries.

In our list, we have reviewed a variety of different products, and some of them are definitely more affordable than others. If you must choose a more affordable option, it should at least be a high-quality pair. We’ll talk more about that later.

Fitting should be just right

You can never disregard the importance of perfect fitting when it comes to any kind of footwear, especially track shoes. The best fitting for track shoes can be described as snug. They should not be too tight that they restrict your blood flow or cause cramps. Similarly, they should not be loose enough that your heels slip out at high speeds.

You do not want your toes to feel cramped or pinched in any way. The stress created by running at high speeds can result in greater fatigue and cause serious injuries. It is important to try out several sizes so you can get a better feel of the shoes.

There are shoes with padded tongues and collars, as well as lace closure systems with added Velcro straps. These features can affect the fitting of your shoes. Some models even feature midfoot straps to help the shoe fit more securely on your feet.

We have discussed several models that feature overlays, which support the shoes and ensure that the mesh and knitting lock your feet securely enough so that they do not move forward within the shoes. The perfect fit will not just prevent injuries, but it will also affect the performance of the shoes.

Several shoe manufacturers have started to develop printed overlays. This is an innovative solution to add the needed support without increasing the bulkiness of the shoe or making the shoes heavier.

The material used

Always go for shoes made with high-quality materials. Breathability, effectiveness and overall ease of use all come into play based on the materials used for making track shoes, along with their durability.

Support and cushioning balance

Before you even look at your options, you should know that super-soft and cushioned shoes are not ideal for track running. If you see any track shoes which offer “unmatched cushioning” and “soft inner soles”, you should steer clear of them.

The softer the pair of shoes, the more compression it will face. This causes your joints to move more than they should, resulting in undue stress on your joints, especially while running at high speeds.


Track shoe options may seem vast to you, but the differences in their construction are subtle. A lot of brands create footwear with every running skill level in mind. There are entry-level track shoes, elite-level track shoes and everything in between to ensure every runner has what they need. Manufacturers spend a lot of time on research and development, working with runners to make sure they are able to create products that can match the needs of different runners.

No matter what your skill level is, there is a pair of shoes waiting for you. As you improve and wear out your track shoes, your increasing skill level will see you become better trained for more elite-level track shoes.

When it comes down to performance on a running track, the shoes’ comfort, materials, spikes, and weight all matter in how effective they are for you. Spikes are a key feature of track shoes for different types. Entry-level spikes are well-suited for short sprints, mid-level spikes cater to medium distance runners, and long-distance for longer runs.

The footwear meant for shorter sprints will feel different from shoes designed for longer distances. There are a number of different considerations, depending on the running style as well. For instance, runners with a forefoot strike, as track runners typically run while sprinting over shorter distances, feature padding on that area of the shoe to absorb the shock of the impact without putting your shoe through too much.

Likewise, many long-distance runners prefer heel-first strikes as they run. Track shoes designed for longer distances feature a midsole padding that makes it easier for the foot to roll from the heel strike to launch off the toe, while featuring shock absorption to reduce the force of impact on the joints.


Since track shoes are designed for different skill levels and lengths, they have various features. Track shoes for shorter sprints are harder, have a firm sole along the entire length of the shoe at the bottom and generate a maximum amount of momentum and power possible.

Shoes designed for longer distances differ in their features. Hard shoes will cause too much stress over longer distances, that is why those shoes need more flexibility. Manufacturers make soles with more rubber components and rely on a midsole material that provides the bounce back.

The number of spikes on the spike plates in track shoes varies. The maximum number of spikes a track shoe can have is five, while shoes made for medium or short distance running have five to seven spikes on the spike plates.


The right amount of ventilation is critical if you are running for more than a couple of hundred meters. Track shoes for sprinting do not need ventilation that much, since the amount of time the runner spends on the track is minimal. For mid- and long-distance runners, breathability is essential. Manufacturers use perforations and mesh constructions on the upper to ensure good airflow, decreasing the overall discomfort and friction.

A breathable environment for the foot within the shoes can prevent other ailments as well.


Support is crucial for track shoes. The pairs that we have reviewed are for the needs of neutral runners and that means they do not provide a lot of support for underpronators or overpronators. If you are not a neutral runner, but your heart is set on a pair of track shoes on this list, you should make sure that the insole is removable so you can replace it with an orthotic insole, suitable for your gait style.

Proper support for your gait style will reduce the aches and pain associated with running hard on the track, or daily training regimens. The right support will not just reduce the chances of injuries, but improve your performance over time.

Many beginner runners might not notice the damage caused by wearing non-supportive shoes, but the effects do start to spring up as the years pass. Issues can arise in the hips, feet, and ankles if you use shoes that do not suit your pronation style on a consistent basis.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall Track Shoes: Saucony Endorphin 2

Best Premium Quality Track Shoes: New Balance Vazee Sigma Shoes

Best Value Track Shoes: Saucony Spitfire 5

Best Track Shoes

With all of the information provided in the guide above, we feel that you are ready to go through the list of the top track shoes. After conducting hours of research, reading reviews from owners of track shoes, and examining the products ourselves; we have put together this comprehensive list of reviews.

You can tally the reviews against the guide to purchase a pair of track shoes that best suits your needs.

1. Saucony Endorphin 2

Saucony Women's Endorphin 2 Track and Field Shoe, Green/Blue, 8 Medium US

Starting off the list of the best track shoes is one of the lightest pairs you can get your hands on!  At 4 ounces of shipping weight, the lightweight is not the only good thing about the Saucony Endorphin 2. This pair also has a number of high-performance features, which easily makes it one of the top shoes for track running right now.

This is a versatile pair of shoes, thanks to the removable spikes. You can use them to run on a variety of surfaces, other than the track itself. The upper is made of a snug and breathable material to ensure that your shoes are locked in and comfortable. All you need to do is focus on the race, and not the fitting of the shoes.

The breathable mesh creates a stable environment for your foot within the shoe. The lower moisture also reduces the chances of blisters and chafing. The Flexfilm is melded to the upper section of the shoe. The material supports the structure of the shoe while keeping the weight low.

Expect a durable pair of shoes that can help you run at your full capacity on a variety of surfaces. It also offers the amount of comfort and safety needed for optimizing your track running experience.


  • Strategically placed EVA midsole for adequate shock absorption where needed
  • Flexfilm overlays melded into the upper section for structural support and better durability
  • Removable spikes for versatility
  • Supportive spike plate to help reduce the force of impact
  • Breathable upper section made from high-quality mesh


  • Getting used to these can take a little time
  • The shoes run narrow and might not suit wide-footed runners

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2. New Balance Vazee Sigma Shoes

New Balance Men's Sigma Harmony Vazee Track Shoe, neon Emerald/Black, 8.5 D US

One of our favorites, and arguably the best track shoes you can get on the market right now, the New Balance Vazee Sigma shoes are in a class of their own. Their construction and design resemble booties more than sneakers. The Vazee Sigma is a powerful shoe, boasting a BOA Fit System developed by New Balance.

The design of these shoes will make them fit like a glove on your feet. Eight spikes on a supportive spike plate make the shoes ideal for high-speed races and short sprints. The BOA Fit System ensures that your feet are secure inside the shoes, while the bootie design delivers a customized fitting for any wearer.

Overlays are strategically positioned on the shoe to provide resistance to wear at just the right places and wear and tear. The mesh parts of the upper allow plenty of air to circulate through the shoes so your feet remain cool and dry throughout the time you use them. This is a highly durable pair of shoes, providing optimal features for 400m running spells.

The Vazee Sigma is not the ideal pair for long-distance running, but there are few shoes we have seen that can match its performance in short- to medium-distance running. The flexibility, lockdown, and fit of these shoes are currently unmatchable.


  • Bootie construction for a customized fit
  • BOA Fit System to ensure the foot stays locked down and comfortable within the shoe
  • Reinforced overlay areas on the upper provide structural strength and better durability
  • Breathable parts in mesh encourage substantial airflow within the shoe
  • Ideal for short- to medium-distance running


  • Price is way too high
  • Not good for long-distance running

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3. Saucony Spitfire 5

Saucony Men's Spitfire 5 Track Shoe, Black, 9.5 Medium US

Runners who like spending all their time on the tracks will find the Saucony Spitfire 5 to be an excellent pair. The fifth edition of a very successful series of track shoes by Saucony, the Spitfire model exhibits Saucony’s ability to continuously improve on its products one after the other. A popular choice for athletes all over, this is a lightweight shoe built to last.

The welded quarter lends more support to the track running shoes. The upper section is made using synthetic material, which allows the runner’s feet to stay cool and dry even on the hottest of days on the track. A perforated design in the synthetic upper section does not just make it more breathable, it also complements the striped design on the shoes.

An EVA footbed can keep your feet reasonably comfortable during sprints. The seven spike design makes sure you get an ample amount of grip on the track while running. The rubber outer sole combines well with the spikes on the spike plate to give you better traction.

The Saucony Spitfire 5 is surprisingly affordable, considering the high-performance features that the shoe boasts. The adequate amount of support, comfort, grip, durability, and traction makes this a solid pick for runners looking to make a strong run of performance on the track. The durability also makes sure that this pair of track shoes gives you a very good mileage before the time comes to replace them with a fresh pair.


  • 7 pink Pebax spike plate for superior traction
  • Molded quarter cage helps keep your feet firmly locked into the shoe even at high speeds
  • The durable rubber sole improves grip and stability
  • Synthetic upper section with perforations make this a breathable pair of track shoes
  • Priced quite reasonably for all the features that the shoe offers


  • Size runs a little small

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4. ASICS Cosmoracer MD

ASICS Unisex Cosmoracer Md Track & Field Shoes, 8.5W, Night Shade/White

We said earlier that there are running shoes out there for every type of runner. If you are a runner who does not prefer short sprints at very high speeds or long-distance running at sustained speeds, we have a pair that will suit you just fine. Designed for medium-distance runners, the ASICS Cosmoracer MD is a gem of a shoe.

The upper is a mixture of mesh fabric with synthetic material. The mesh is located on the upper in strategic locations to provide an ideal amount of air flow to the feet of the runner. The Pebax spike plate contains five spikes for providing an adequate level of grip, which is required to run medium distances on the track. A specialized Solyte midsole developed by ASICS provides runners with the right balance of support and comfort.

The synthetic part of the shoe’s upper section works well with the breathable mesh to provide support for your feet where it is needed. The Solyte midsole offers runners the appropriate level of comfort and support on the underside of the foot like EVA foam, but with a much lighter weight. Solyte also boasts longer durability than standard EVA foam.

Another winning feature, which makes the ASICS Cosmoracer a favorite among medium-distance runners, is the use of pyramid spikes on the bottom. This allows the shoe to get a proper grip on a variety of track types. No matter how fast you go while you run on the track, you will find that the sleek Cosmoracer MD is great for maintaining balance.


  • Synthetic and mesh combination in the upper for breathability and support
  • Ideal track shoes for medium-distance runners
  • Solyte midsole for lighter weight performance than EVA foam
  • Reasonably priced for features that the shoe offers


  • Size is a little odd
  • Shoe has a narrow fit, making it unsuitable for runners with wide feet

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5. Saucony Ballista 2

Best Track Shoes

The Ballista 2 is the second edition of a successful track running shoe designed by Saucony. This version of the shoe is an improvement from the first design and it includes a woven upper, which fits the feet of the wearer like a sock. The spike plate contains aggressively positioned spikes with the aim of providing the runner an immense boost with the launch of every stride.

The design is designed, keeping short distance sprints in mind. If you are a runner that likes to go for medium or long distances, you should consider other options because this shoe is built for short bursts of enormous speeds. The spike plate is well balanced with the 6 spikes protruding out of it. You can remove the spikes if you feel inclined to run on the pavement.

Moisture-wicking materials allow these shoes to make sure your feet remain cool and dry throughout the sprint. A Flexfim melded onto the upper section gives this pair of shoes a solid structure that features the ideal amount of flexibility for short-distance running. The EVA midsole is designed to provide impact absorption in just the right amounts for the runner.

These shoes are designed to last a very long time. You can use these shoes for mile-long medium-distance runs, but you can get the best out of them for shorter sprints. The removable spikes make this shoe a versatile option if you need to run on asphalt or mud.


  • Flexfilm upper provides strength, structure and adequate flexibility to the shoe
  • Exceptionally breathable shoes for the best air flow to your feet
  • Removable spikes make the shoe versatile and ready for various surfaces
  • Ideal for short to medium-distance running
  • Seamless and adaptive fit for all kinds of feet


  • These shoes are not water-resistant
  • The sizing can be a little difficult to figure out

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6. Under Armor SpeedForm Sprint 2

Under Armour unisex-adult Speedform Sprint 2 Running Shoe, White/Steel, 9.5 M US

If there is a pair of shoes that it is built for short sprints, it is the Under Armor SpeedForm Sprint 2. Manufactured by a renowned sports equipment company, the SpeedForm Sprint 2 is designed for hardcore sprinters operating at the highest levels of the sport.

The specialized SpeedForm construction developed by Under Armor gives these shoes an edge over other manufacturers. The heel cup keeps your heels locked into place even at the highest of speeds. The SpeedForm system employs a bunch of the latest running shoe technologies to guarantee the perfect fit for most runners.

Everything about the SpeedForm Sprint 2 is about providing the best fit for someone running at their maximum capacity. Other than the technologies used to ensure a perfect fit, the eight pyramid spikes on the Pebax spike plate ensure a strong grip and launch you into the next stride effortlessly.

Do not expect these shoes to be comfortable for your feet if you plan on running medium or long distances. These are shoes built for speed and you should wear them only for that purpose.


  • SpeedForm construction ensures a perfect fit
  • Compression and security in all the right places on your feet
  • Firm lockdown, ensuring your feet stay in place even at high speeds
  • Anatomical heel cup for added support at the back of your foot
  • Eight pyramid spikes for optimal grip on the track surface


  • Not the most flexible shoes you will see
  • Durability is questionable, based on customer reviews

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7. Saucony Vendetta 2

Best Track Shoes

If you are aware of the success that Saucony has enjoyed over the years, it will not be surprising for you to see another one of their shoes on this list. The Saucony Vendetta 2 is the second edition of lightweight track shoes that come with all the features you can expect from great track shoes.

This pair goes above and beyond entry-level shoes. The Vendetta 2 is a medium-distance running shoe for use on the track. Expect a durable pair that can facilitate high speeds for sustained periods. If you are at a track meet, you can wear the same pair on multiple events without the need to change your shoes.

The Pebax plate has six spikes, ideally located for medium-distance running, a carbon rubber outer sole and a sleek profile with an aerodynamic design. The shoes are easy to clean, but the sleek design comes at a cost. There are no perforations on these shoes, which means that they can become warm on the inside if you run at higher speeds.

This can contribute to foot fatigue if you keep the shoes on for a long time. The EVA midsole delivers padding where it is appropriate. The lace system might not be too adjustable, but the elastic laces in the closure allow a decent fit and will keep your feet firmly locked into place while you run.


  • Great price for the features the shoe offers
  • Carbon rubber outer sole for better durability
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic design for faster speeds
  • Easy to clean shoes
  • 6 spikes on a Pebax spike plate


  • Size runs a little small so it can be tricky to find the right size
  • Breathability can be an issue

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8. ASICS Cross Freak 2

ASICS Men's Cross Freak 2 Cross Country Spike, Black/Fiery Red/Grey, 12 M US

You might have been wondering about all the long distance track shoes. Runners who like cross country running will find the ASICS Cross Freak 2 a remarkable pair to have on as they run for miles on end. These shoes feature a Trusstic System plate developed by ASICS.

The Trusstic system combines with the rubber outer sole to enhance the stability of a runner, regardless of the type of terrain they encounter. The spike plate on these shoes features five spikes, which can provide you with the ideal amount of grip and traction over a variety of surfaces.

The Cross Freak 2 has an upper section made of flexible mesh, supported by TPU overlays, for structural integrity. The Trusstic technology, essentially, makes the Cross Freak 2’s sole very light yet durable and sturdy to last you a long time. The outer sole consists of an abrasion-resistant rubber that works with the spikes to give you a good grip over a variety of surfaces.

A lot of runners who do not like to stick to the track and prefer running cross country miles will love these track shoes. The technologically-advanced features of the shoes, coupled with an ample amount of EVA foam, offer shoes that will see you through your cross country adventures without facing any problems.


  • Trusstic System Technology integrated to make lightweight yet durable shoes
  • EVA-cushioned midsole designed for long-distance running
  • Ideal for cross country running even off track
  • Mesh and synthetic upper make a breathable pair of shoes


  • Shoe size runs a little small so you might find it hard to get the right size

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9. Saucony Velocity

Saucony Women's Velocity Track Shoe,Purple/Pink/Light-blue,10 M US

The last time that a Saucony product will be featured on the list of the best track shoes, the Saucony Velocity is designed for those with a yearning to hit the fastest time over short distances. The aerodynamic design, coupled with seven spikes on the bottom, allows runners to go very fast over short distances.

These shoes are considered to be entry-level track shoes, but make no mistake of it; they are as good as any high quality running shoes we have reviewed. The shoes provide an easy and secure fit for your feet while you run at top speeds. The upper section is made using a combination of synthetic fabric and textile mesh. The materials combine to make a breathable yet strong pair of shoes.

The design of the Saucony Velocity is a lot simpler than the other Saucony shoes we have reviewed in this guide, but they are still able to compete with the best when it comes to their performance on the track. The welded quarter makes them lightweight, but they will give you the right amount of support to move at fast speeds.

The trainers have an EVA foam insole that provides just enough cushioning from the force of the impact to reduce stress on your joints. These shoes were made keeping a variety of distances in mind, but they still are entry-level shoes. If you are used to running at very high speeds, the cushioning might make your running experience a little unstable for your liking.


  • Ideal for entry-level runners
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Textile mesh and synthetic material make the shoes strong yet breathable
  • EVA insole provides an ample amount of cushioning


  • The shoes come with a little too tight of a fit for the liking of some runners

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10. ASICS Throw Pro

ASICS Men's Throw PRO-M, Black/Flash Coral, 10 M US

We thought we would keep the oddest looking entry on the list for the last. The ASICS Throw Pro does not look like anything else on this list of reviews. These do not feature any spikes and they have a bulkier design. The sole is thicker and broader than the other shoes we have featured here.

The ASICS athletic footwear technology is used to create a shoe that stands out. The Rhyno skin leather used to make these shoes is abrasion-resistant and it does not tear easily. Rhyno skin is a synthetic leather developed by ASICS for performance in rough conditions.

Needless to say, this makes a very durable pair of running shoes. The Spevafoam midsole gives you high energy returns as you launch into each stride and the midsole takes a lot longer to break down. These shoes feature a lace closure system with Velcro straps for additional support. These shoes are easily able to fit different feet sizes.

The Rhyno skin technology is an innovative technology used in the Throw Pro with a patent pending. The rubber material used provides a grip unlike anything we have seen before. While you will not miss a step when you run with these shoes on, you will find the experience different from wearing any of the other track shoes we have featured.


  • Rhyno Skin technology provides remarkable grip and durability
  • Spevafoam midsole lasts a lot longer
  • Velcro strap and lace closure for a more secure fit
  • Leather upper material lasts long


  • Size of these shoes runs very small

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The Best of the Best

We are confident that after reading the guide and going through the reviews, you will be able to narrow down your options and decide on the pair of shoes that will be perfect for you on the track. If you are still having a difficult time choosing a pair, looking at our top three picks might help you pick out a pair suitable for you.

Best Overall Track Shoes

Our best overall pick has to be the Saucony Endorphin 2. One of the lightest pairs that we have reviewed in this guide, this high-performance shoe is capable of catering to the needs of top tier athletes running on the track. The removable spikes make them versatile so that anybody in the mood to try running their paces on asphalt or pavement surfaces can also enjoy a good run.

Best Premium Quality Track Shoes

The New Balance Vazee Sigma Shoes clearly stand out as the top in terms of features and capabilities. If it was not for the exorbitant price they entail, we would peg them to be our best overall pick. This is a pair of shoes for runners that do not mind investing a good amount of money in the right footwear.

Best Value Track Shoes

A reasonably priced pair, the Saucony Spitfire 5 is an excellent option to consider. They do not lack the features you can expect from the top track shoes. The fair price tag of these shoes makes them suitable for any runner and makes the sport of running on the track more accessible.