Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dudes?

So you have your cool, stylish Hey Dude shoes. What next? Are you wondering if you need to wear socks with your Hey Dudes? The answer depends. In this article, we will give you all the answers.

But first, let’s start from the beginning.

do you wear socks with hey dudes

What are Hey Dudes? 

Hey Dudes are a company that sell their own unique brand of casual shoes. Hey Dudes was created in 2008 in Italy by Alessandro Romano, a design-enthusiast that was looking for some cool shoes.

After having a bunch of custom Hey Dude shoes made, Alessandro got a great response from family and friends and the shoes arrived to the States by 2010.

Hey Dudes have been popular ever since! In 2010 the first collection of Hey Dude shoes ever were launched on! The company now has been going strong for 12 years with customers as far as Japan, Canada but also as close as Australia.

What do I Need to Know About Wearing Socks with Hey Dude Shoes?

It goes without saying, you might ask, that it is important to be wearing the right kind of socks with your Hey Dude shoes.

If you are wondering what kind of socks are best for your Hey Dudes, this article will help set you up with all the knowledge you need!

Here are several reasons why wear socks with your Hey Dudes:

1. It’s probably chilly outside!   

If it’s cold where you live, then you need to keep your feet warm and you want to wear some socks.

2. If you are wearing pants, then socks are the norm.

If you’re not in prison, it’s standard protocol to be wearing socks when you’re also wearing trousers! It is important to cover your ankles when they are in full view of the public. Nobody wants to see that.

3. Show others that you are a decent person!

When people compliment your cool shoes , make sure you tell them how long it took for you to find matching socks.

Because if someone compliments your shoes and sees your feet, they will know immediately that there was no match between sock and shoe! So make sure you wear appropriate color socks whenever someone asks about your Hey Dude shoes !

4. Protect your feet. 

To keep your feet healthy and pain-free it is important that you wear the correct kind of socks. Make sure your shoes are breathable and don’t suffocate your feet with lots of fake fibers.

5. Easier to keep clean

We all know that no matter what type of shoes we wear, they will get dirty over time and need to be washed regularly so if you wear socks with them it makes this task a lot easier!

6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing socks!

Most people are afraid to admit that they are insecure about whether other people think it’s weird or not to wear socks, let’s face it… if you look like you care about your appearance, people will think it’s weird if you don’t wear socks with your shoes! There is nothing to be ashamed of!

So Do You Wear Socks with Hey Dudes or Not?

You can wear socks with Hey Dudes shoes, or you can choose to go without them. They have a soft-cushioned and flexible footbed that keeps your feet airy and firm whether you have socks on or not.

The canvas that is made of cotton material of Hey Dudes allows the shoes be quite breathable. So it’s up to you if you want to wear socks or not.

Hey Dudes shoes are comfortable and lightweight. Some people choose to have socks with their Hey Dudes to add more protection for their feet. Many recommend you wear socks but ultimately it’s up to you.

If you take care of your feet and don’t wear socks with Hey Dudes and your feet stay dry, your feet will be fine.

With warmer weather though, socks can make your feet stink if your feet sweat. However, if you are used to wearing socks and that’s what you prefer then breathable low-cut socks are the best option.

Are Hey Dudes Comfortable without Socks?

You can wear your Hey Dudes without socks too but are the shoes comfortable then? Yes, Hey Dudes are comfortable to wear without socks too.

Here are the reasons  Hey Dudes can be worn without socks:

Comfortable Upper

This type of shoe is designed for comfort and quality. People have praised the upper material, which is made of a classic textile called canvas. This makes the shoes flexible and comfortable.

The feet need freedom and flexibility, which this type of shoe provides. There are also features that make it suitable for either with or without socks.

Soft Cushioning

Dude shoes were invented primarily for comfort. The use of a memory foam insole, as well as a lining made of foam, helps to keep your feet comfortable.

The inner lining is made from soft material, which gives your feet a cool feeling.


The Hey Dude shoes are so light, making your feet feel like you are wearing socks only. In fact, they weigh about 150g- which is very light.

This makes them comfortable and ideal for wearing with or without socks. A combination of upper fabric, lightweight memory foam and EVA outsole, create the lightweight effect.


Hey Dude shoes do not have a tight fit, like most common shoes. They use elastic bands instead of laces to keep them on your feet.

Hey Dude shoes are also lightweight, meaning they are easy to move in and won’t make you tired.


The fabric on the shoes allows air to circulate, which is good for your feet. These shoes are not good for wet areas because the water will also go through the fabric. However, people who are used to wearing these shoes really like them.

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What Are the Benefits of Hey Dudes Shoes And Socks

There are several benefits of wearing Hey Dude shoes with socks. Here are some advantages that you should know about:

1. Prevents perspiration and bad order

Hey Dude shoes are good for preventing your feet from sweating since the fabric allows air to circulate around your feet. Therefore, you will not suffer from unpleasant smells or discomfort.   

2. It’s hygienic!   

It is hygienic to wear socks because they keep your feet warm and prevent sweat which could cause foot problems like bacterial growth on the skin due to moisture.

3. Prevents blisters   

In the process of buying new shoes, people often get blisters on their feet. They think that this is a normal part of wearing new shoes.

However, socks can help to reduce the number of blisters you will get because they prevent friction.

5 . Socks protect your feet from rough surfaces

Another problem that many people have had is that when they first start wearing new shoes it feels as though there is something touching their feet.

Furthermore, shoes are not completely ready when they are bought because the soles are usually rough on the inside. Socks can help to prevent problems like this from occurring by providing more comfort for your feet.

6 . Breathability

Hey Dude shoes have an upper that is made of fabric which makes them breathable- allowing air to circulate around your feet and keep them cool even if you wear socks with them on a hot day.  

7 . Supports your feet   

Shoes provide support for people who need it because it is difficult to walk without shoes or sneakers these days. Therefore, socks give necessary support to your feet so that you won’t hurt yourself while wearing Hey Dude Shoes .                      

8. Prevents injuries   

Hey Dude shoes allow you to move freely and easily, as they are lightweight and have a good fit. They also protect the feet from injuries, since they cushion your steps and absorb shock.

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Which Hey Dude Shoes are Best Without Socks

Men’s Wally Loafer

Wally Loafer is a great pair of shoes that are ultra-comfortable, high-quality, and perfect for any man.

They have soft fabric and you can wear them with socks or no socks. The removable insole and soft oxford lining make them very comfortable shoes to have.

You can also re-adjust the shoes easily with their dual lacing to fit perfectly. These shoes are very light, with woven textile fabric. You can remove the insoles easily and these shoes help lessen sweat, even if you wear the shoes for long periods of time. 

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Loafers are great with many different outfits. They are long-lasting, machine washable are lightweight (170 grams). Additionally, they are not that expensive.

Men’s Sox Loafer

The Sox Loafer is one of the best shoes for men. They are very light and comfortable. They are made with high-quality materials, like canvas and cotton.

And they’re flexible because of the latest technology, like Flexing and Folding system.

The shoes have comfortable memory foam insoles that will let your feet move around easily. The shoes are also very light, which makes them good for when you want to move around a lot.

They also have a dual lacing system that lets you adjust the fit of the shoe. This means that you can wear them without socks and with any outfit.

Women’s Wendy Funk

Wendy Funk shoes are a good choice for women who want lightweight, stylish shoes to wear with any outfit.

They have fabric and synthetic materials, which makes them light and flexible. They also have a nice look that is modern and will improve the appearance of your outfit.

The insoles are removable, which helps protect the shoe. They are also visually appealing and you can wear them daily. Wendy Funks are not meant for heavy-duty wear though. You can have them with socks or no socks and they will fit your feet well.

Women’s Wendy Chambray

Wendy Chambray is a canvas and cotton shoe that customers have given great feedback about. It has a stylish and appealing design.

They are also very light, only 5 oz. They have cushioning memory foam to make them more comfortable. The upper of the shoe is made of canvas and cotton, and it has great flex.

They are a good gift because of their many features, like their great comfort and stylish design. Size up if your shoe size is a half size. If you don’t want to wear socks with them, they will still feel good on your feet.

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What Socks to Wear with Hey Dude Shoes

If you’re looking for a good pair of socks that won’t slip off your feet, go with a non-slip and low-cut style. These socks will hold your feet in place and make sure your heel doesn’t slip.

Find socks that are made of soft cotton, which will be breathable and hold your feet cooler. Plus, they go well with other shoes.

If your feet get sweaty, you definitely want breathable socks. Cotton is a great breathable fabric for socks. You don’t want synthetic materials that make your feet sweat.

You can also get shoes that are about 80% cotton and then contain other materials like spandex etc. The higher the cotton percentage, the more breathable your socks are.

You may also want to find socks that are thin if you live in a warmer climate. These socks will still give you great comfort and prevent blisters.

Low-cut socks will be more stylish with Hey Dudes.

What to Wear with Hey Dude Shoes for Women

Hey Dude Shoes is a brand that meets very high standards: they are ultralight, comfortable, foldable for easy movement, machine-washable, and eco-friendly.

The key point about Hey Dude Shoes is the extremely soft Memory Foam insole. These are designed separately by Hey Dude and is easy to clean.

Each Hey Dude Shoes product embodies the Italian spirit: simplicity, elegance, and refinement. But what makes them really stand out is the attention to detail when it comes to comfort and ease of use, thanks to their soles that are light. 

Hey Dude shoes are very lightweight and have a forefoot that is wide which is great for different shapes of feet. They are also versatile and flexible, which is great for long trips.

Most models have Flex-Fold technology, which makes them collapsible so they can be easily packed away.

Women Outfits to Wear with Hey Dudes

  1. Sweater and Jeans 
  2. Shirtdress
  3. Hoodie and Flare Jeans 
  4. Denim Jacket and Wide Leg Pants
  5. Denim Jacket and Wool Dress 
  6. T-shirt and Ripped Jeans 
  7. Denim Bib Skirt
  8. T-shirt and Leggings 
  9. Printed Dress
  10. Long-Sleeved shirt and Straight-Leg Jeans 
  11. T-shirt and Straight-Leg Jeans 
  12. Faux Fur Coat
  13. Bride’s Outfits

What to Wear with Hey Dude Shoes for Men

Hey Dude is a shoe brand created by Alessandro Rosano. He wanted to make shoes that were ultralight, comfortable, and easy to fold for traveling. They also have Memory Foam insoles that are soft and clean easily.

You can wear your Hey Dudes with different outfits. You might know what you want to wear, but sometimes it’s hard to find the right style for you.

You don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes to a nice event. Below are examples of outfits you can wear with your favorite Hey Dude shoes to look great.

Men Outfits to Wear with Hey Dude Shoes

  1. Wear it with a Suit
  2. T-shirt and Chinos Pants 
  3. Tank Top and Shorts 
  4. Long Sleeve T-shirt and Jeans
  5. Wear it with a Long Trench Coat
  6. Wear it with a Shirt Jacket
  7. Wear it with a Denim Jacket
  8. Groom’s Outfit
  9. Romantic Outfits
  10. Shirt and Trouser 
  11. Wear it with a Khaki Jacket
  12. T-shirt and Jeans 
  13. Neutral Outfits
  14. Sweater and Jeans

Conclusion on Do you Wear Socks with Hey Dude Shoes

You can wear socks with Hey Dudes or not. It’s up to you. However, if you decide to wear socks with Hey dude shoes, you definitely want to wear socks that are breathable. You can wear thin or thick socks, you just want socks that are made of cotton or have a high percentage of cotton in the fabric. 

Low-cut socks will look better with the shoe than ankle-length socks, which is why it’s important to know your outfit before wearing these shoes. This way you’ll always be prepared for all occasions when you wear Hey Dude shoes.