Shoes That Start With A

Shoes are extremely vital pieces of footwear. Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they also protect them from any harsh elements that may be outside. Shoes vary in style and price depending on the brand you choose to buy.

There are so many brands out there prescribing shoes for different people with different styles and tastes, including those who like comfortable shoes vs high heels, etc. If you’re looking for a shoe that starts with “A”, here’s a list of popular shoe brands that start with A:

shoes that start with a

Shoes That Sart With A




Avia (shoes)

Alden Shoe Company


Ari Football


Atoms (shoes)



Allen Edmonds



Anta Sports


Anne Klein


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Details About Shoe Brands that Start with A


Asics is a Japanese company that makes sports equipment. The name of the company comes from an acronym Latin phrase which means “Sound mind in a sound body.” In recent years, many people have thought that their running shoes are among the best.

Ari Football

Ari Football is a company from Thailand that sells things for football equipment. They have over ten stores in Bangkok and more places. Ari began as a store, but later they also started making custom items.

Adidas AG 

Adidas AG ia a company that designs and manufactures shoes, clothes, and things that people wear. It is the largest company in Europe for making these things. This company ia second-largest all over the world.


Airness is a shoe company. They were started in 1999 and use an image of a black panther on their logo.

Alden Shoe Company 

Charles H. Alden started the Alden Shoe Company in 1884. The company makes dress shoes and boots for men, such as loafers, Oxfords, chukka boots and Blüchers.

Allen Edmonds 

Allen Edmonds is an American company that makes and sells shoes. The company is based in Wisconsin. It was founded in 1922.


Alpinestars produces clothes and protective gear for motorsports. It is located in the town of Asolo, Italy. They make products for NASCAR, WEC, MotoGP, motocross, and Formula One. They also make clothes that are not related to sports and they sell them at design centers in Italy and California.


AND1 is an American company that makes sneakers, clothing, and other sportswear. It was founded in 1993. The company specializes in basketball, and it sponsors AUU teams, high schools, and NBA athletes.

Ants Sports Products Limited

Anta Sports Products Limited is a Chinese company that makes sports equipment. It is the largest company in the world that only makes sports equipment. They make sportswear, footwear, apparel, and accessories. They also own Amer Sports, which is the third largest sportswear company in the world.

Ariat International 

Ariat International is a company that makes shoes and clothes for people who do sports. They also make shoes and clothes for people who love outdoors. Ariat started in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker. It made English and Western horseback riding shoes in the beginning, but now they make lots of other things, too.


Atletica is a Mexican company that makes sports equipment. It was the official sponsor in the year 2000-2012 for the Mexican Olympic team. It also sponsored several football clubs in the Mexican Primera División. In 2002 (in the FIFA World Cup), Atletica sponsored the Mexico national football team.


Atoms is a company that makes shoes in New York City. They have small sizes and you can buy two (different) sizes of the same shoe.


Aubercy is a company in France that makes shoes. The company was founded in 1935 and has been run by the company’s family since then. The Aubercy family owns the company and is still independent.


Avia is an American company that makes shoes and clothes. They make running clothes, yoga clothes, and other clothing too. Avia was founded in 1979 by Jerry Stubblefield.


For more than 30 years, Avalanche has been making high-quality outerwear and activewear for people who like to be outside. They make clothes that are perfect for lots of different activities and they’re known for their quality. 


Aerosoles have been in the business of making people feel good about their style since 1987. They believe that fashion can be both comfortable and stylish because trends come and go, but their commitment to quality has remained the same for more than three decades.

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Types of Shoes that Start with A

Ankle boots
Army boots
Athletic shoes

One of the Most Popular Shoe Styles that Start with the Letter A

Air Jordans

Do you remember your first pair of Jordans? There are people today who don’t even know what they are, but for others, it brings back memories. The history of the brand happens to start with an inspiration for a really good basketball player in the league.  

Michael Jordan was coming off his rookie year in 1985 when he came up with the idea to release some sneakers that were exclusive to him.

He approached Nike with the idea, and after receiving multiple suggestions by Nike employees, Jordan finally settled on his own brand name: Air Jordan.

The most popular shoe was manufactured in two different colors; black and red. This is why many people think that Michael made this decision because these were his college colors at UNC Chapel Hill (red) and his original high school colors at Wilmington (black).

As expected, the popularity of these shoes gave Nike a lot to think about. They wanted to use this idea for multiple NBA players in order to raise more money.

The next most popular shoe that Jordan Brand made is the Air Jordan III. It was released in 1988 after two years of development.

There are some marketing tricks involved with the design which includes the elephant print seen on many sports brands.

This brand also features extra padding around the ankle area and reflective laces so you can be seen in dark places when there is no light out.  

Another key component with this shoe is its color combination; they are red, white, and black with laser designs in between them.

This is why it became known as the “Fire Red” Jordan III’s.

One of the most popular versions of this shoe was released in 1999, which included a pair of matching pants with an estimated retail price of one hundred and fifty dollars.

Fans could relive what Michael wore when he won his fifth NBA championship against the Utah Jazz along with their team captain, John Stockton.  

This particular colorway has proven to be one of the more sought-after pairs by people all over the world because only thirteen thousand people were able to purchase them at their local Foot Locker store.

The Air Jordan V came out in 1990, featuring a full-length air sole, large perforations on its upper, a lace loop on the ankle area, and much more.

Michael Jordan has said in multiple interviews that he was inspired by World War II fighter planes when designing this shoe’s wings logo.  Another design aspect for this shoe comes from Tinker Hatfield, which is the lace strap across the mid-foot section.

The way it looks on the original shoes is very different compared to other colorways because the stitching outlines a hidden window on top of them, making them flash different colors under different lights.

You can see these shoes worn by MJ throughout his career, including during his iconic flu game against the Utah Jazz in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals.

He had an impressive 38 points while wearing these sneakers despite feeling really earlier that day. Just like Air Jordan III’s, there are many colorways for this shoe as well.

Some examples are the “Concord” colorway, which Michael wore during his tenth NBA Finals appearance in 1991 against Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics, which also has an estimated value of one hundred thirty dollars due to its rarity.

Another interesting piece of information about Air Jordan V’s is that they were popularized by Spike Lee who directed a commercial back in 1990 with MJ, Bugs Bunny, and Elmer Fudd wearing them.  

The latest shoe that was made under the Air Jordan line is called the Air Jordan XXX1, released in 2017.

It features technology from Nike’s sports brand, including React foam cushioning, insoles with different heights depending on how high or low the shoe is, and carbon fiber plates to provide more support.  

The most impressive thing about this shoe is its design because it does not have laces; instead, it uses two straps with magnetic buckles that can be easily adjusted. It also has hidden pockets for extra cushioning.

Final Words

Now you know all the shoe brands that start with a. Also, knowing different shoe brands is a good idea in case you want to buy yourself or someone else a pair of shoes or if you play trivia and need an answer about what shoes start with an a letter.