What Color Shoes to Wear with a Gold Dress

What Color Shoes with a Gold Dress

When it comes to style, some of us like to stay a bit more conservative while others have a flair for the dramatic. After all, why go out unnoticed when you could easily make your mark and steal the show with the perfect outfit?

Gold dresses are rarely meant to be casual. If you’re rocking a gold dress, you’re likely going to some fancy event. These shiny dresses display the color of riches and are meant to be seen. Gold dresses are fabulous for high-class events like New Year’s Eve celebrations, rooftop parties in Manhattan, cocktail parties, proms, and weddings.

Most gold dresses are so elaborate and eye-catching than the dress alone does the trick. However, the best way to amp up your style game is to pair that dress with the perfect pair of shoes.

Today, we’re going to talk about what color shoes go with a gold dress and how you can use your footwear to take your outfit up a notch.

What Color Shoes with a Yellow Gold Dress

The hardest part about matching shoes with a gold dress is determining which colors go best with which tone of gold. Most golds have a yellow undertone, hence our phrase “yellow gold.” However, others can have a more orange undertone, while still more are cooler and have a beige-silvery tint to them.

There is also the classic rose gold look, which is gold with a touch of pink in the mix.

All this to say, the color shoe you need will depend highly on the tone of your gold dress, which is why we are going to split this discussion up a bit. Let’s start with the classic yellow gold dress.

Black Shoes

There’s a reason why almost every woman has at least one great pair of black pumps in her closet. Black is completely classic and goes with nearly anything. It’s a definite staple in a wardrobe due to its versatility and simplicity.

One of the most natural pairings you can make is a black shoe with a gold dress. Not only is it a classic look with a primary color, but the black also delivers a fantastic contract to the bright, shimmery gold. At the same time, the black doesn’t draw attention away from the dress.

If you want your dress to be the center of attention, then wearing a black shoe is the perfect technique to make a statement without pulling focus from your fabulous dress.

As an extra tip, if you are wearing a very sparkly, glittery, or sequin gold dress, go for a simple, matte black heel. Anything extra or sparkly on your shoe might steel attention, and it could also be a bit much for your already radiant outfit.

Gold Shoes

Nothing says bold and beautiful, quite like a shiny gold dress paired with an equally brilliant gold pair of shoes. Many people stray away from matching their shoes to the color of their dress simply because if you can’t find the perfect match, it could end up being a disaster.

What I mean by this is that mismatching shades can look really, really bad. Imagine wearing a navy dress with a teal pair of heels. Sure, they’re both blue, but somehow they don’t go together.

That being said, the rule of thumb here is to match your gold shoes precisely to your dress or to the lightest or darkest tone found in your dress. As long as your shoes hit the mark on one of the tones in the design of your clothing, you’ll be good to go.

Don’t be afraid to go all out, either. If you’re going for gold on gold, we already know that you’re a bold, statement-making fashionista who loves the attention. Don’t just get a gold shoe to match your gold dress; get an overly sparkly high heeled shoe to really capture the gold and shiny image all over.

White and Nude

White and nude are such clean, classic colors that you really can’t go wrong in choosing one of them. While gold has a yellow undertone to it, it also pairs excellently with white. White is simple, and we all know that literally, anything can go with white.

White is also great for pairing against a tanned or darker skin tone as it pops against a darker backdrop. Combine that effect with a shimmery gold dress, and you’ve got yourself an outfit suited for the red carpet.

Nude acts in the same way as white but gives a softer look. Nude is the perfect way to say that you know what you’re doing in terms of style, without trying too hard to stand out. Like white, nude is a color shoe that you can pair with most colors.

The great thing about nude is that you can find it in tons of different shades. Because gold can also be found in many tones, it’s important that even your nude heel looks good with the tone of your dress.

Red Shoes

The only thing bolder than a sparkly gold dress is a bright red pair of platform heels. The color red must have been designed for the bold because even just wearing the color can make a girl feel like she owns the world – or at least the office.

Red and gold look absolutely stunning together. The combination adds a touch of excitement and unexpectedness that makes onlookers do a doubletake. As if your gold dress wasn’t enough to capture the eye of those around you – your red shoes will either hold their stare or have them coming back for more.

Bright red pumps pair very well with gold dresses that have very bold and obvious yellow undertones. On the flip side, a paler, more subdued gold with looks fantastic with a darker red shoe. Even shades of maroon or burgundy can complete a gold dress to the nines.

Are you feeling even bolder? Rock a shade of bright red lipstick that matches your bright red shoes. No one will even know what hit them when you walk into the room.

What Color Shoes with a Silver Gold Dress

Silver gold dresses are those gold dresses that do not necessarily pop out at you with a bright yellow undertone. While a yellow gold dress may remind you of the sun, a silver-gold dress remains in the moonlight.

While still eye-catching, shiny, and shimmering, a silver-gold dress has a more subdued tone with fewer bright areas and more sleek, silvery flashes.

A silver gold dress can also mean that the dress is two-toned. It takes a brilliant designer to make a dress like this work, but many gold dresses have accent points of silver that give a look a unique aspect to it.

Silver Shoes

The most obvious answer to the gold dress with silver undertones is a silver pair of shoes. Silver shoes are tricky in this situation because while they have the potential to look chic and fabulous, they can also look plain wrong.

And this is exactly why gold tones matter.

For example, if you wear a pair of silver heels with a very yellow gold dress, it probably won’t look too cute. But if your gold dress has a cooler tone with hints of silver or some silver accents, than your silver shoes will make you look like a rock star.

It’s all about the dress, ladies. It’s super important that you don’t just take this heading at face value and think that you can pair any silver heel with any gold dress. Remember your tones and go from there, and your silver shoe look will be the talk of the party.

The Classics

Like with a yellow gold dress, a gold dress with a silver undertone will match well with any of the classic shoe colors. Reach for black, white, or nude for your silver-gold dress, and you’ll be, well – golden!

Luckily for us gals, we can usually count on a back, white, or nude heel for just about anything. Though the tones of your silver-gold dress may widely differ from that of a yellow gold dress, these colors will work just as well – so no worries!

What Color Shoes with a Rose Gold Dress

Finally, if you want to step a little bit out of the box and go for a rose gold dress, you might find that some shoe colors look better than others, while some are just no-go’s altogether.

Rose gold is definitely a color that has risen to popularity over recent years. You can find everything in rose gold, from the color of your phone and its matching charger cord to jewelry, watches, and dresses.

Rose gold is elegant, fun, flirty, and modern. If you’re tired of the same old sparkly gold or silver dresses, it’s a reliable alternative that will deliver the same jaw-dropping, eye-catching look that you desire.

Rose Gold Shoes

If you’re lucky enough to even a pair of rose gold shoes to wear with your rose gold dress, you should absolutely do it. Rose gold is such a unique color that while it may be challenging to find shoes in this shade, it will most certainly be worth the effort.

Rose gold is one of those colors that you can match across your whole outfit without it being too much. When you wear a red dress, it can be overwhelming to also wear red shoes, red jewelry, a red hat, and carry a red purse.

When you wear a rose gold dress, go all in and match all of your accessories – especially your shoes.

This color is bold enough to grab attention and make you look like the “it” girl you are, but it’s also soft and subtle enough that it will never be overwhelming.

That being said, if you can find yourself a pretty pair of rose gold heels to match your dress, go for it.

Nude Shoes

Because rose gold tends to have a more blush tone to it, nude is a fabulous match for this shade of a gold dress. In the same way that you might find rose gold in various shades, you can also get nude shoes in different shades.

You can then try to match the blush undertones perfectly, or you can take your nude to a dark shade to compliment the rose gold of your dress. This look is more subtle, yet still very modern and fashion-forward.

Pale Pink

If you can’t find yourself a pair of rose gold heels, the next best thing you can do is wear pale pink. As we have already mentioned – and as the name of the color suggests – rose gold is a gold with a pink tone to it.

Therefore, pale pink shoes would look absolutely fabulous when pair with a rose gold dress.

There are so many shades of gold that you could choose for whatever event you’re attending. If you’re going to go with rose gold, you have to bring it to its full potential.

Wearing a pale pink shoe is an excellent way to do this — the pale pink in the shoe with match and compliment the pink tones in your dress. You will look elegant, classy, and stunning in an all-pink getup without looking too much like Malibu Barbie.


In some cases, even a plain gold heel looks good with a rose gold dress. Much of this depends on the exact shades of both the gold shoe and the rose gold dress, but when paired with a gold clutch and some gold jewelry, you could really make a statement outfit by mixing your shades of golds.

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Other Outfit Tips

An outfit can be a dress and a pair of shoes, but many of us in the fashion world know that a true outfit comes together when you add in some accessories to really tie it all together.

Black Tights

When wearing a gold dress – whether it’s yellow gold, silver, or rose gold – you can always add an interesting and classy element by pairing it with black tights.

Black tight work best when you’re wearing a cocktail dress or a fitted mini dress. With black tights underneath, not only do you add another layer to the outfit, but you can also protect yourself a little bit from the elements.

Black tights can automatically turn what would have been an inappropriate summer dress into a perfectly reasonable and fashionable winter party dress.

The best part about black tights is that you can typically still wear them with any shoe that you would wear with the dress sans tight. The tights also maintain the form and figure of your legs and muscle tone while covering up any imperfections you may have like cuts or bruises.

Best Accessories for a Gold Dress

Like we said before, accessories really work to tie an outfit together. Accessories are fun because there are so many options to choose from. It’s an all-inclusive category that basically refers to anything that’s not the dress or the shoes.

My rule of thumb for accessories is, in most cases, to match them to your shoes. For example, we talked a lot about the classic look of a black heel with a gold dress. In this case, a black clutch or handbag would look phenomenal because it would mirror the black elegance of the heels.

In the same way, if you’re wearing nude shoes, you can’t go wrong by pairing them with a nude-colored purse.

This rule also works well for jackets, should you be attending an event on a cold evening. Many people think that jackets ruin a look because they cover it up, but you can always match a fabulous jacket to your outfit to really look like you have it all together.

Try wearing a nude or blush-toned floor-length jacket to you with your gold dress and nude heels look. You can even add a hat if appropriate.

And of course, you can’t talk about accessories without mentioning jewelry. Contrary to what you might assume, gold jewelry on a gold dress is actually not your best option here. It can all be a bit much – unless you’re dealing with rose gold.

At the same time, you should also avoid silver jewelry with a yellow gold dress. If you’re wearing a gold dress with a silver undertone along with a bold pair of silver heels, you may be able to get away with small amounts of silver jewelry like a dainty necklace or bracelet.

You can never go wrong with diamonds. Diamonds are timeless and go with just about anything. Opt for anything sparkly on your ears or around your neck. Black jewelry also pairs well when you’re wearing black shoes, but be careful not to overdo it as black can quickly overwhelm an outfit.

And finally, pearls are your friends. Though pearls may have you reminiscing about your grandmother who always used to wear them, they are definitely in style and would nicely complement any gold dress.

A gold dress can be short and flirty or long, elegant, and sexy, but with the right pair of shoes, it can make you feel like you’re invincible. Try some of these tips and color options for your next night out or fancy party and see what you think!