Why Glue Pennies to Shoes?


why glue pennies on shoesWhy glue pennies to shoes? Why Who in their right mind would do such a foolish thing?

Everyone knows that this will cause someone to trip and fall. And yet, here we are with many people doing it. Aren’t you so curious about what is going through their head when they glue pennies to their shoes before walking around on the street.

I imagine it’s something like this:

“Hmmm…my shoes could really use some sweet bling. But I don’t have any bling, and a fast-food joint is too far away. Maybe if I just took a few coins from the desk drawer…”

“Hey, why did my mom glue pennies to my shoes? That’s not going to keep me from being late for school. Oh wells!”

Sometimes people glue pennies to the soles of their shoes. When you look at the soles of their shoes, you might not know why they are doing that.

People in different areas of the world glue pennies to their shoes for different reasons. We have found that there are many reasons, but they all have something to do with sticking the penny on your shoe. Here are possible explanations why people gue pennies to shoes:

So Why Glue Pennies to Shoes

The answer is simple. People who want to tap dance put pennies on their shoes. The reason is because they are inexpensive and sound the same as the metal on shoes.

Tap shoes are great for kids. You can make them into tap shoes by putting glue on some pennies and then sticking them onto the soles of your child’s shoes.

But you should only use shoes that they don’t wear all the time because it can be hard to get all of the glue off after.

You can use a shoe glue and simply glue the pennies on the top and on the bottom of the shoes. Wait for the glue to dry, and your child will be able to tap dance without spending a lot of money. You can also put pennies on your own shoe if you like tapping or making noise while walking or dancing.

You can put pennies on any type of shoe, even dress shoes. If you don’t want to dance, the pennies might be fun.

You can also show off your shoes to friends with the pennies or turn them into shiny shoes that are not so boring looking. You don’t need glue if you put them along the edges of your shoe for a different design.

The pennies will make a nice tapping sound when they are on the bottom of your shoes.

You should put them in the places that you want to feel them most. Make sure that you put one or two at the top and some in the middle and others along the base if you’re making tap shoes.

In this task, you will glue pennies to the bottom of your shoes so that you can hear a clicking sound.

When you wear them, it will make you feel like a fancy person with expensive shoes. To make the penny go well on the shoe, place them evenly apart, and use more if it’s for tap shoes.

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Other Reasons Why Parents Glue Pennies to their Children’s Shoes

Parents put coins in their kids’ shoes and make them walk around the home. The parents could hear the noise because the kids were playing so they know where the kids are. And it’s fun for the kids too to hear their shoes tapping while running around the house.

Note: If you have a child who is just learning to walk or a young toddler, you may want to skip gluing pennies to their shoes. It may be a slipping risk. Also, may ruin the floors of your house. Probably is best to use these shoes in the tap-dancing class instead.

Gluing Pennies on the Shoes Makes them Last Longer

Some people say gluing pennies to the bottom of your shoe can help it last for a long time. Pennies help make the shoe stronger and they also help with your weight. People used to believe that, and some research done by shoe companies also proved it’s true.

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Conclusion on the Pennies Glued to Shoes

So now you know why people glue pennies on their shoes. It’s an inexpensive way to make some noise on the floor without buying expensive tap shoes. Or track your toddler at home when they play or simply hope your shoes will last longer when you glue pennies on the soles.

I hope you try out this task and let me know how it goes. Remember that the pennies look best if they are evenly placed on the bottom of your shoes. And it’s a great way to save some money if you want to go tap dancing.