Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Shoes

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Sarah Burton worked with Alexander McQueen for 15 years and the shoes in this collection not only display Sarah’s amazing talent but also her connection with the late designer. This season I’ve noticed many different forms and interpretations of Baroque, from Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte, Prada and now McQueen. The detail in this shoe collection is meticulous and the hand carved Monarch butterfly heel is magical!


Alexander McQueen embossed leather boot | 5 1/2″ heel | available online at Matches


Alexander McQueen studded lace-up ankle bootie | 5.8″ heel | available online at Matches
Lady Gaga was featured in Harper’s Bazaar wearing similar McQueen booties.

Alexander McQueen corset lace-up bootie

Alexander McQueen corset college baseball lace-up peep-toe booties | 5″ heel | available online at Matches
Beyonce was recently spotted in similar McQueen heels.

Alexander McQueen Black Orchid lace peep-toe pump with tear drop heel | 5″ heel | available online atZappos

Alexander McQueen platform sandal with samuri chain

Alexander McQueen platform sandal with samuri chain | 5 1/2″ heel with 1 1/2″ platform | available online at Zappos
Leann Rimes was recently spotted in similar McQueen platform sandals.

Alexander McQueen floral stiletto peep-toe pump

Alexander Mcqueen peep-toe pump with floral stiletto | 5″ heel | available online at Zappos
These remind me of Prada’s floral stilettos from their Fall 2008 collection.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Shoes

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Shoes

The Monarch heels are absolutely stunning & I started looking into what the Monarch butterfly symbolizes. I found that it varies within each culture. The Chinese believe that the butterfly is good luck and in Greek mythology the butterfly links to the human soul. In Mexico there is a town where the Monarch butterflies migrate through each year and they celebrate the Day of the Dead where the butterflies symbolize the returning souls of the deceased.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Shoes

images via; collage by me

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  2. Ineta says:

    LOVE them! Art on your feet!

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  4. Cherry says:

    That’s crazy but really original ! I love them but can we seriously wear them ? ^^

  5. Ryan says:

    Actually the butterfly is also a symobl for rebirth. Which I didnt even think of until I said it now but rebirth=McQueen gone/Sarah Burton? Maybe Im thinking too much in to this.

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