Are Doc Martens Comfortable? The Ultimate Review

Are you tired of wearing shoes that break after a few months or cause awful foot pain? Consider buying some Doc Martens as your next pair. The shoes can provide excellent support and comfort as you go about your day.

Read on to learn about the process of breaking in Doc Martens and how they can be comfortable after that initial period.

Are Doc Martens Good for Your Feet?

Dr. Martens shoes have become very popular and well known for their durability and sleek design. They can be worn through many different situations: work, casual events, concerts, and even skateboarding. But do they give you good support? Are they actually good for your feet?

Yes, once broken in which takes time, they are good for your feet. The support they provide helps keep your feet in correct posture and helps prevent foot disorders such as plantar fasciitis, aching arches, and corns/calluses.

Dr. Martens shoes will require time to be broken in so they do not hurt your feet while you wear them. Uncomfortable pain can stop someone from wearing their new favorite pair of shoes just because they have not been broken into yet, but once they get worn in it does not take long before they become very comfortable to wear all day long.

Dr. Martens shoes are good for your feet! But remember, any shoe will require a break-in period, and once broken into they can be very beneficial to your feet. It takes time to go through the break-in process but it is well worth it when you finally get past that stage and things start to feel much better. If you’re looking to buy a pair I recommend going half a size bigger than what you normally wear as they run small.

Dr. Martens have an air-cushioned sole which makes them comfortable but be prepared to break them in around 4-6 weeks.

are doc martens comfortable

Breaking in Doc Martens

A big thing that can make people question if Doc Martens are comfortable is the break-in period after buying a pair. Like any new pair of shoes, you may feel like your new Doc Martens are painful for a while.

It can take time to break in the shoes so that they’re as comfortable as possible. Luckily, you can break in your Doc Martens so that you get to enjoy how comfortable they can be.

However, you need to know how to break in boots. That way, you can break them in without damaging them or wasting a ton of your time.

Consider the following strategies to help make new Doc Martens feel better to wear.

Wear Some Socks

An easy way to break in your new Doc Martens is to wear them but put on a few pairs of socks first. Consider wearing two or three pairs to help stretch out the shoes, so they aren’t too tight.

Wearing multiple socks can also help cushion your feet if the shoes are a bit too big. That way, you can keep from getting blisters as your feet move around in the shoes.

Make sure the socks you wear are soft and comfortable for your feet. You can also consider other factors, like the weather, to decide if you want to use thicker socks or socks that are more breathable.

Stuff Them With Socks

Another option is to stuff the shoes with plenty of socks. This is a great method if you don’t need to wear the Doc Martens for a day or two. You can stick a few pairs of socks in each shoe and fill up the shoes as much as you can.

Then, tie up the shoes as you would if they were on your feet. Let the shoes sit like that for a couple of days, and then try them on to see if they feel a bit more comfortable.

This method is the best for people whose Doc Martens are a bit on the small side. If that’s the case, you can save your feet by wearing shoes that you’ve worn for a while. You can always try other methods along with stuffing the shoes.

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Insert a Boot Stretcher

If you like the idea of stretching out your new Doc Martens, consider using a boot stretcher. This is a more traditional option than stuffing the shoes with socks. You should be able to adjust the boot stretcher to help make the boots the right size.

Like with socks, you can leave the boot stretcher inside the boot for a while. Then, you can take it out and put the boot on your foot to see if it fits correctly.

Using a boot stretcher is convenient if you have one already. However, you don’t need to buy one if you don’t have the tool yet. Instead, focus on some other methods to help prepare your Doc Martens for when you want to wear them.

Use a Hammer

If you find the leather is pretty tough and doesn’t move much, you can use a hammer. This can be an option for the harder parts of the leather. However, you shouldn’t do it on all parts of the shoe, and you should be careful if you decide to try this option.

Start with a little bit of hammering and check the feeling of the leather after each tap. That way, you can keep from ruining the shoes.

You may want to avoid this option if you’ve never used a hammer on leather. But if you do have experience and can use the hammer safely, it may be a good way to loosen the shoes. Then, you can start to wear them and feel comfortable.

Try Wonder Balsam

Doc Martens sells a special wax called Wonder Balsam that you can use for many things. For new boots, the wax can help hydrate the leather and soften and stretch it. This is a much safer alternative to using a hammer.

You can rub a bit of the wax over the leather to help provide some moisture. After a while, you may notice the leather isn’t as tight on your feet.

Be sure to keep the Wonder Balsam on hand in case you need to treat the leather later. It’s a great way to keep your Doc Martens in good shape. That way, you won’t have to buy and break in a new pair as often.

Wear Them Often

If you can’t wait to wear your Doc Martens, you can wear them now to help break them in. You can wear the shoes as much or as little as you want to help make them cozy. Of course, be sure to think about your comfort level and what you need to do when wearing the shoes.

Pay attention to your feet and notice when they start to hurt. Then, you can take them off for a while to let your feet breathe.

After a bit of a break, you can put the shoes back on to help break them in a bit more. Repeat that process until you get the shoes to be comfortable enough to wear all of the time. That way, you can keep your feet in good shape.

Start at Home

If you want to wear the shoes to break them in, start by wearing them around your home. You can wear them when relaxing and watching a movie or reading a book. Wear them when you’re cooking or doing chores.

Being at home the first few times you wear the boots means you can take them off whenever they start to cause pain or discomfort. You don’t have to worry about getting home quickly or bringing an extra pair of shoes.

Consider scheduling time each day to wear the boots around your home. Maybe you wear them as you prepare your dinner, but you take them off after you eat. Do whatever you need to so that you can stay comfortable.

Try an Errand or Two

Once you can wear the Doc Martens around the house, you can venture out for an hour or so to do your errands. You won’t be able to take the shoes off at any time, but you also won’t have to wear them all day with no breaks.

As you run your errands, you can see how long the shoes feel good and when they start to hurt. After a few days of wearing the shoes for your errands, they may feel just fine.

But this stage can give you more flexibility than wearing Doc Martens all day at work. You won’t have to bring a second pair of boots or have to suffer in pain for the second half of the day.

Be Patient

It can take a bit of time to break in your new Doc Martens fully. They may start to be a bit more comfortable within a week or two, but you might still have problems.

Listen to your feet and give yourself a break whenever you need one. Try not to force yourself to break in the shoes as soon as possible if it means you have to deal with pain.

It’s better to be patient and wait an extra week or two before you wear the shoes all of the time. You can always wear the shoes once you’ve broken them in.

Choose the Right Size

When you’re looking to buy some Doc Martens, consider going down a half size from what you usually wear. Their classic boots can be a bit bigger than other shoes of the same size, so sizing down will compensate.

However, you may want to go with your true size for other styles. Doc Martens aren’t usually bigger or smaller than the size on the label.

If possible, try the shoes before you buy them. That way, you can get an idea of how they’ll fit after you break them in, and you can get the correct size.

How Long Does It Take to Break in Doc Martens?

The amount of time it takes to break in Doc Martens can depend on a few factors. Overall, you can expect to spend about four to six weeks breaking in the shoes.

Some boots may take more or less time, depending on how much you wear them during that initial period. The timeline might also vary based on whether you use a boot stretcher or stuff the shoes with socks.

Fortunately, the time you spend breaking the shoes in is short compared to how long a good pair of Doc Martens can last. You may be able to wear the shoes for years and feel comfortable for that whole time.

Are Doc Martens Comfortable?

Yes, once broken in, these shoes are comfortable and last you a long time. It has great arch support which prevent foot pain of you walk long distance every day.

Why Are Doc Martens Comfortable?

A few things help make Doc Martens as comfortable as they are. Whether you’re looking to buy your first pair or add to your collection, you should consider some of these factors.

That way, you can understand why other shoes may not be as cozy. And you can decide if you’re ready to break in a new pair of Doc Martens boots.


Leather can be stiff at first, but you can manipulate the material. That way, you can get the shoe to fit your foot precisely. Even if you buy a pair in the same size as your friend, the two pairs may feel slightly different based on your unique feet.

Whether you use Wonder Balsam, a hammer, or time to loosen the leather, it can stretch out. After that, you’ll be able to tighten or loosen the top of the shoe to meet your needs. You can’t do that as easily with other shoe materials, like synthetic materials.

If you find the tops of your feet are uncomfortable in other shoes, Doc Martens may be worth it for you. Then, you won’t have to feel like your feet can’t move around.

Foam Insoles

The bottoms of your feet also can benefit from the foam insoles. Foam can help conform to the shape of your feet, which can make the boots feel really good. Like leather, it can take a while for the foam to “learn” the shape of your feet.

Once it does learn that, you may be able to put the shoes on and feel like you aren’t wearing any shoes. They can feel natural, which can help them feel more comfortable as you wear the boots.

And if your shoes are a bit too tight, you can take the insoles out for a while. That way, you can wear the shoes and still stretch out the leather. When the shoes start to get loose, you can add the insoles back in to give your feet the support they need.

Bouncing Sole

Doc Martens has a patent on its bouncing sole, which is the outer part of the shoe. The soles feature air pockets that offer a bouncy feel, making walking feel better. A lot of shoes have soles that are more solid.

You can still walk in them, and they may feel okay. However, the AirWair technology is unique to Doc Martens. If you like how the bouncing soles feel, you should try a pair and give them time to break in.

Other shoes may have soles with a similar design, so you could experience almost the same feeling. But the bouncing sole combines with the leather and the foam insole to provide a ton of comfort. Of course, you’ll need to break the shoes in first to get the most enjoyment out of the sole.

Arch and Heel Support

Supporting your arches and heels can make a massive difference in the comfort of your shoes, regardless of the brand and style. The AirWair technology in Doc Martens helps support your arches, which is crucial if you have high arches.

If you wear shoes without that kind of support, your feet can hurt a lot. You may feel like you can’t wear any pair of shoes or stand for long periods. Fortunately, you might find that Doc Martens offer the support you need.

Now, you need to try the shoes yourself, and you should wait the whole break-in period. The shoes may not feel much better than other shoes at first. If you’re patient, though, you might luck out and be able to wear the shoes as much as you want without being in pain.

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Are Vegan Doc Martens Comfortable?

While many Doc Martens use genuine leather, you can buy boots with vegan leather. If anything, vegan leather is easier to break in than regular leather. So you may find that you can start to wear your Doc Martens sooner if you go with a vegan style.

It’s possible to break in the vegan Doc Martens within a week. Even if you aren’t vegan, if you don’t want to wait a month or longer, you should consider the vegan options. That way, you can get the Doc Martens to be comfortable in a much shorter period.

Are Doc Martens Sandals Comfortable?

If you don’t want boots or a similar shoe, you can get Doc Marten sandals. Like the vegan leather, you may find the leather on the sandals softens pretty quickly. That makes them a suitable option if you want some comfortable shoes to wear around soon.

Now, they are heavier than sandals from other brands. Be sure to tighten the straps as much as possible so that the sandals don’t fall off as you walk.

But you’ll get the same sole and arch support as Doc Marten boots. Plus, the sandals can allow your feet to breathe more than the boots.

Are Dr. Martens Comfortable for Walking?

Doc Martens have a bouncy sole which makes them comfortable to walk in. Their air-cushioned sole is a patented design by Dr. Martens. This design makes walking in the boots a dream. The smooth and soft leather will mold to your arches, toes, and heels which will give comfort to your feet once the shoes are broken in.

Are Dr. Martens Comfortable for Wide Feet?

Doc Martens are very comfortable for people with wide feet. They are oversized, so you can wear two pairs of socks, even if you have wide feet. When they are broken in they fit your foot better and get more comfortable.

Are Dr. Martens Good for Hiking?

Doc Martens are good hiking boots because they have a good tread, are supportive, and have bouncy air-cushioned soles. They are best for easy hikes for about 1-3 hours. However, they may not be the most breathable boots though. 

Do Dr. Martens Have Good Arch Support?

Doc Martens boots have good arch support because of the special soles that are springy and comfortable to walk in. If you need more arch support, you can put in an insole that is designed for arch support. The roomy style of the boots will have enough space for inserts.

Are Doc Martens Good for Standing All Day?

Dr. Martens are quite comfortable for standing all day. Just remember the boots need to be broken in first and that takes about a month. Also, you need to make sure you have the proper sized boot. It’s best to go to the store and try on different sizes or have your feet measured before you buy your boots online.

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Are Dr. Martens Comfortable for Work?

Doc Martens are comfortable for work because they are designed to be comfortable. The soles are very soft, which makes them easy to wear all day. The soles also have a lot of grip, making these shoes the perfect work boots.

What to Do When Doc Martens are Tight on Top of Foot

If your Dr. Martens are too tight on the top of your foot, here’s what you can do to make them more comfortable:

Stretch out the instep of the boots with a boot stretcher or by stuffing the boots with old clothes.

Then lace up your Martens as tightly as you can..

Leave them like that for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can remove the shoe stretcher and clothes. If your boots still feel tight, repeat the steps and leave the boots for another 24 hours.

Here Are Some of the Most Comfortable Dr. Martens Boots

Check out some these Dr. Marten boots that are comfortable and fashionable.


Ways to Wear Doc Martens

Once you break in a new pair of Doc Martens, you may want to wear them no matter what you’re doing. While the shoes are great in a lot of situations, they aren’t perfect.

Consider a few of the best ways to wear your boots.

For Walking

You can wear Doc Martens to walk in, either at work, school, or around town. They may look big and clunky, but they don’t feel that way. The bouncy sole helps make them feel nice and light so that you can get a lot of daily use out of the boots.

They’re perfect if you need to walk a lot in a day. Whether you walk to work or need to walk and stand during your shift, you may find the Doc Martens offer a lot of support.

Docs are ideal for walking around in a city where you can walk on concrete and similar ground. You may find you don’t want to wear any other pair of shoes.

For Short Hikes

While Doc Martens are the best to wear in the city, you may be able to use them for a short hike. Think about the terrain on your hiking route and how long you’ll be gone. If you want to hike all day, you should probably choose a hiking shoe.

The same is true if your hike involves a lot of rough spots or hills. You may be able to hike well wearing Doc Martens, but they aren’t specific to hiking. Instead, swap out your shoes for specific hiking boots if you want to do a more advanced hike.

But if you’ll be hiking for an hour or two and have a good trail, you may find your Docs are just fine. You won’t need to bring extra shoes or worry about damaging your boots.

For a Day of Work

If you work on your feet a lot, you may find that Doc Martens are a good work shoe. You can walk around the office or workplace and enjoy the bounce that the sole provides. Now, you should consider waiting until you break in the shoes.

Before you can break in the Doc Martens, they may start to hurt before your shift ends. In that case, you should bring another pair of work shoes with you. That way, you’ll be able to wear your new boots for a while, but you can swap them out when they start to hurt.

Of course, Doc Martens can also be good if you sit and stand throughout the day. The shoes look good when you’re sitting at your desk, and they can support you if you need to walk down the hall.

When You Have Wide Feet

Many Doc Martens are suitable for wide feet, so you may want to try them out. Perhaps you have trouble finding a good pair of boots or something similar because your feet are wide. You can give some Doc Martens a try to see if they fit your needs.

If they’re a bit narrow, you can, of course, stretch out the leather. Then, you may find you have plenty of room for your feet without having to size up and make the shoes too long,

You shouldn’t have to settle for shoes that aren’t perfect. It may be hard to find shoes in wide sizes, so consider if you can find a good Doc Marten for your next pair.

Will You Wear Dr. Martens?

Before buying a pair of shoes, you want to know if they’ll be comfortable, and Doc Martens are no exception. Be sure to consider the boots, sandals, and other styles. Give yourself plenty of time to break in the pair, and do so slowly.

Soon enough, you’ll be able to wear your Docs as much as you want without the shoes causing a ton of pain. Then, you can enjoy anything from hanging out at home to working.