Are Birkenstocks Comfortable?

Are Birkenstocks comfortable? Yes, Birkenstocks are very comfortable shoes. If you love wearing Birkenstocks, it’s likely because they feel good under your feet. But you may not know that the comfort is a combination of a contoured footbed and adjustable straps.

The company was founded in Germany in 1774 as a cobbler shop. When his son inherited the workspace, he had an idea to incorporate molded insoles made of natural cork into their shoes which meant that no longer did you have to choose between style and comfort.

In 1968, Margot Fraser found herself on vacation with her husband whose back pain from regular flip-flop sandals stopped him from participating fully during excursions.

She took her husband’s classic Birkenstock sandal design and added two more straps to help secure the sandal onto her feet. The end result was a contoured footbed, which also served to support her husband’s back pain as well as hers.

In 1969, this prototyped version of the Birkenstock “Arizona Sandal” became their first product sold outside Germany under the name “Birkenstock Footprints” and has been one of their best-selling shoes ever since.

In addition to using natural cork and flexible rubber for its outsoles, Birkenstocks uses either suede and leather or synthetic materials for its uppers depending on what style you choose. 

are birkenstocks comfortable

Are Birkenstocks Comfortable?

Yes. The Birkenstock sandals are very comfortable when you get the right size, but when you purchase from a non-Birkenstock retailer or when your sandal is too tight or too loose, it will be uncomfortable.

In this case, the sandal will rub your skin in all the wrong places and cause blisters. If you want to know what sandals fit best based on your foot shape, go ahead and measure your feet correctly or go to the store to try them on.

If you have not tried a pair of Birkenstocks yet, I recommend going to a store where they sell them so that you may try several before deciding which one fits you best.

Try out different styles in order to find the perfect match for your feet! Also, if possible, purchase them from a retailer as they are less expensive than the actual website.

If you have been wearing Birkenstocks for a long time, now may be the perfect opportunity to try out something new. You’ll be surprised by how much there is available and might discover a whole new world of Birkenstocks!

Just remember that the more options you have, the harder it will be to choose one. If you can’t pick just one, then buy multiple types that go well together so that your look is cohesive and stylish.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Walking?

Yes! Birkenstock sandals are great for walking because they have the adjustable buckle on most of their shoes. Each shoe is designed to provide comfort so that you can walk more, which saves you time when shopping around town!

Also, they make great house shoes and if your feet get sweaty, then just take out the footbed and air it out for a bit and put it back in when dry.

Birkenstocks also make great fashion accessories. They come in many different colors and go well with any type of pants or shorts because they match both causal and dressy looks!

You can easily transition from summer walks to casual get-togethers by wearing Birkenstocks with jeans. After all, comfort comes first before style since we should always feel good about ourselves.

Birkenstocks shoes are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes you can buy. If you have a wide foot or a high instep these shoes will feel especially good on your feet, but even if you don’t they will still be more comfortable than wearing normal dress shoes every day. You definitely get what you pay for with Birkenstocks and that is comfort and quality.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet?

Yes. Birkenstocks are recommended for people who have flat feet or a high instep. Each shoe is designed with comfort in mind, especially the adjustable strap on most of their shoes which really makes a difference in your walking experience.

You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud for the rest of your life! They are especially helpful if you have a job where you walk around all day and need to make sure that your feet don’t hurt.

Plus, they come in many different styles that will match any outfit you choose to wear! If comfort is your number one priority then definitely go with Birkenstocks because no other shoe has ever given me this type of feeling before.

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Different Types of Birkenstocks

To give you an idea of just how many different styles there are to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of 15 of our favorite types of Birkenstocks.

1. Arizona Sandal 

This is the classic style that Margot Fraser pioneered, which you can see on this page . It’s distinguished by two straps over the toes with a buckle.

2. Madrid Sandal 

This Birkenstock has one toe strap.

3. Gizeh sandal 

Similar to the Madrid thong sandal but with 2 thin straps instead of 1 thicker one connecting to the toe like flip flops.

4. London 

Like the Boston sandal, but it is not open in the back. It is made out of thick leather.

5. Boston Shoe 

Distinguished by its open back, the Boston shoe has 1 adjustable strap.

6. Amsterdam style

Similar to the Boston style but with no adjustable strap. These are great house shoes.

7. Mayari Sandal 

The Mayari style has 2 straps in the front and extra cross on the toe and comes with adjustable straps.

8. Profi Birki 

These are designed for people who do a lot of walking. They look like sneakers and they have rubber soles, but it also has the contoured footbeds with cork filling in between the gaps in the bottom part of the shoe.

9. Super Birki 

These are similar to the Profi Birki but it is better for people who want to do more than just walk.

10. Yara 

This style is a great option for women who walk fast or have to run after kids. It has a bohemian style but it is secured with a loop around ankle strap. Both straps are adjustable.

11. Zermatt 

This is another slipper-type house shoe. It is made with wool felt and is cozy and comfortable. You can remove the footbed to wash the shoes easily.

12. Zurich 

It has two adjustable buckles and is made of suede.

13. Florida 

This sandal looks like the Arizona style but has 3 adjustable straps instead of two.

14. Milano 

This Birkenstock sandal looks like Arizona style, except it also has a strap behind the heel. It has two straps in front and one in the back and all straps are adjustable.

15. Granada 

It has oiled leather and two perforated straps that are adjustable with their metal pin buckle. This cozy shoe is made with a soft EVA foam and is even more comfortable than the cork. They are very lightweight and weigh pretty much nothing. 

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FAQs About Birkenstocks

1. It Takes Time to Break In

Birkenstocks shoes are known for taking a while to break in and people believe that they need to be broken in before wearing them. Most Birkenstocks come with an adjustable strap which makes it easier than ever to fit your feet into the perfect shoe. The wide toe box and high arch support give you extra comfort as well!

Some styles don’t have the adjustable straps but there is nothing wrong with those either, just try them on and decide what fits your feet the best. If possible, buy from a store so that you can try different styles and shapes before making any final decisions about which ones you want.

You might hear people complain about how uncomfortable they think Birkenstocks are because their feet hurt after walking around all day wearing them.

If you are that type of person then I would suggest looking into having custom orthotics put inside your shoes because that will make all the difference in the world for how well they fit your feet!

Birkenstocks are not meant to be tight-fitting but instead loose, meaning they aren’t squeezing your feet trying to make them uncomfortable. This is what makes them so comfortable and ergonomically designed.

You want to be able to keep moving around in them without being afraid that they are going to fall off or just hurt too much when you try walking around in them. It’s about being confident in your shoes when you wear them at work or school.

2. Even the White Ones Are Easy to Clean

You’ll notice that the majority of Birkenstocks are made out of leather, which means that they are easy to clean if they get dirty or dusty. You can use a wet paper towel to wipe them clean and then let them dry overnight so there won’t be any moisture inside when you wear them again the next day.

If your shoes do get wet, make sure you let them air dry overnight without putting them near a radiator or heater because this will ruin the leather material!

3. The Sizing May Be Confusing

The sizing can be a little confusing since it uses European sizing, but you can always measure your feet or go to and use their sizing chart to determine which size will fit you best!

4. Good for Foot Pain

If you’re suffering from any kind of foot pain then I would highly recommend getting a pair of Birkenstocks because they’ll help relieve the pressure on your arches and keep your feet feeling like new, no matter how much walking you do throughout the day!

It’s important that we take care of our bodies’ needs so we don’t have to suffer in silence. Birkenstocks are perfect for those who need some extra support throughout the day before heading home after work or school.

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5. High-Quality Leather

Depending on what style of Birkenstock you are looking for, they use either more natural tanned leather or a combination of natural tanned leather and suede.

The Natural Collection uses 100% vegetable tanned leather with an open pore so it’s breathable and still waterproof. This is great if you live in a place where it rains often and don’t want to ruin your shoes by wearing them out too much!

6. What is the difference between soft and regular Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are designed for your comfort, which means that the arch support is meant to be ergonomic and not too rigid. Regular Birkenstocks have the same comfort. The only difference is that the cushier nature of the soft-footbed allows your foot to expand a little bit more.

7. They Are Worth the Price Tag

They are high-quality shoes made with real leather and will last you many years. They are worth the price tag so I don’t think you should wait any longer before investing in a pair of Birkenstocks for yourself!

I promise they will be worth every single penny and you’ll be happy to have a comfortable pair of shoes that are also cute when they match your outfits perfectly!