Different Types of UGGs

Uggs are a type of shoe that have been in the world for many, many years and in modern times, they have become a popular trend in footwear. They are a sheepskin boot with a sole made from rubber or foam. When wearing ugg boots, your feet don’t touch any hard surfaces which means there is no pressure placed on them when walking around. This makes it easier to walk around in all day long without feeling discomfort or pain caused by ill-fitting shoes or high heels.

Ugg boots come in many different designs and styles so there’s something suitable to every preference and occasion. Some types of uggs can be worn as slippers while others can be used as rainboots or winter boots depending on what you choose.

There are different types of uggs for men, women and children so everyone in the family can enjoy the comfort that they bring. Here is a list of some of the most common types to help you find your perfect pair:

types of uggs

Types of UGGs

Bootie Uggs

Bootie uggs are ugg boots made with plush fleece on the inside which makes them look like furry slippers rather than boots. They’re comfy enough to wear around the house as pajamas but stylish enough to go out in during winter if paired with jeans or leggings.

Classic Ugg Boots

This type of ugg is ideal for cold weather conditions because it has a thick sole and shaft for maximum warmth. The classic ugg boot comes both in tall and short styles. They’re perfect for pairing with leggings or jeans and can be worn to work as well as out for drinks because they look good with any outfit.

Roxy Short Ugg Boots

The roxy short uggs are made from sheepskin, so you know they’ll keep your feet nice and toasty through the winter months. The lining is made from shearling, which means it’s soft and comfortable on the inside too. Roxy boots come in a range of colors but black is one of the most popular choices because it goes with everything.

Short Crochet Ugg Boots

These boots have been around a long time which makes them truly authentic as far as uggs go. They have a short shaft and are wider at the top so you can wear thick socks underneath with ease. The crochet design on the upper part of the boot makes them suitable for casual or formal occasions so they really are a versatile choice.

Tall Ugg Boots

These boots are perfect for cold weather because they keep your feet warm while maintaining the lightweight feel that’s offered by most other types of ugg boots. There is an adjustable strap around the backside which means you won’t need to unfasten buckles every time you want to wear them, simply slip in on, tighten up if it’s loose and go about your day in absolute comfort.

Mini Bailey Button Uggs

Just like the original Bailey Button uggs, these are made from twin-faced sheepskin and have a suede upper. However, that’s where the similarities end because they are shorter in height. They are ideal for wearing during autumn or spring when you still need to keep your toes warm but it’s not as cold outside as during winter.

Bailey Bow Uggs

This type of ugg is made from twin faced sheepskin which means it’s ultra soft on the inside. The bow across the backside can be tied up or left down depending on what look you’re going for. This style is perfect for women who love flirty footwear because they allow your feet to stay nice and warm looking good at the same time.

Maddy Uggs

These boots are similar to the short ugg but have a four-button design on the thigh area which gives them a different look. The shaft is shorter than other types of uggs but they still provide protection from the cold and can be worn with or without socks depending on your preference. You’ll find them perfect for wearing during autumn, winter and spring while you wait for summer to arrive so you can start showing off your bare legs again.

Ugg High Boots

As you might have guessed from their name, these boots are extra high so they cover up more of your leg. You can wear ugg high boots casually with skinny jeans, leggings or even tights and tunics if you’re feeling frisky. They’re comfortable on your legs but look just as good on feet, which makes them perfect for any situation.

Reggie Uggs

This type is very similar to the Bailey Button, but it doesn’t have a button on the shaft. This means they are easier to slip into if you’re in a hurry or just don’t feel like fussing around with clasps. They are made from authentic twin-faced sheepskin which makes them super comfortable and warm on your feet, perfect for kicking back at home after a long day out and about.

Jenna Shearling Uggs

These boots are slightly narrower than other types of uggs so many people find them more comfortable when worn over socks. The shearling lining is extra plush so you won’t need to wear several layers underneath, just one pair of thinens will do. They can be worn cuffed or straight down but make sure you wear them with pride because there are few things cuter than tiny ugg boots.

Drizlita Uggs

These are waterproof Uggs which means you don’t have to worry about the weather. They also come with an insole lining with sheepskin so they are extra warm and comfortable on your feet, making them suitable for wearing during cooler months.

Ugg Slippers

If you’re looking for something to wear in the house, look no further than this slipper style. They are made from genuine twin-faced sheepskin which means they are incredibly soft and warm on your feet. The rubber soles make them slip-resistant so you won’t need to worry about them not staying put when you’re walking around the house.

Ugg Sandals

This type of ugg boot can be worn during spring and summer because they offer the same level of warmth as other types, but don’t have a thick sole so you won’t overheat. They are nice and fuzzy on your feet. They are soft and comfortable.

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Why are Uggs So Popular?

Uggs are popular because they make it possible to look stylish and remain cosy at the same time. Some types come with a higher shaft which makes them perfect for wearing during winter and fall when it’s cold outside. They also give you another way of wearing your favourite outfits without sacrificing comfort, meaning there’s almost no reason not to own a pair or two.

Ways to Wear Ugg Boots

You can wear uggs as fashion items (for example as part of an outfit), as well as for practical purposes (for example if you’re going somewhere that is cold) and they can be made from different materials (for example shearling, suede or sheepskin) and in a variety of styles (for example tall, short or with fur).

Are Ugg Boots Comfortable?

Ugg boots are comfortable because they’re made from natural materials such as sheepskin and suede. They can be worn with or without socks, depending on your preference and the type of ugg boot that you buy (for example Jenna Shearling Uggs come with a lining so you don’t have to wear lots of layers inside).

Are Uggs Good for Walking?

Uggs are good for walking because they’re not made from excessively thick soles, but the rubber ones will grip the floor firmly to prevent you from slipping. This also makes them appropriate for wearing outside during wet weather, as well as inside.

Are Uggs Good for Winter?

Uggs are good for winter as they’re lined with shearling (shorn from the belly of a sheep) or other natural materials such as cotton and wool, which keep warm air close to your skin. This means you can wear them during cold months without needing to combine them with lots of layers underneath.

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Are Uggs good for Rain?

Uggs make special waterproof rain boots that keep your feet dry. This means you can wear them during wet weather without worrying about ruining them or feeling uncomfortable because of damp footwear.

Do Ugg Boots Go Out of Fashion?

Ugg boots don’t go out of fashion because their simple look makes them versatile and easy to pair with a variety of different outfits. Some types have been made famous by celebrities, but there are several classic styles that will never lose their appeal.