10 Best Boot Laces

Best Boot Laces

A lot of people pay minimal attention to shoelaces when they are buying boots. However, boot laces are particularly important for the safety and security of your feet, particularly if you work in a potentially hazardous factory environment or are a tactical survivor.

Additionally, choosing custom-sized shoelaces is much better for the health of your feet as they do not pinch and can help reduce the pressure on the upper part of your feet. This can help you work, hike or participate in sports with maximum efficiency.

Aside from the health benefits, however, a lot of these boot laces come in a variety of colors and look super cool and stylish.

The standard shoelaces that come with your boots are meant to appeal to a wide range of buyers. However, if you prefer a more customized fit or look, replacing them with some other great boot laces can offer you more comfort and help you communicate your individual style.

How to Choose the Best Boot Laces for Yourself

Before we jump on to the reviews, it is necessary to have a set of criteria in your head about what things you require from your bootlaces.


The material of the boot laces determines how strong and effective your boot laces are going to be. Laces can be made from all sorts of materials like canvas, nylon, polyester, leather and even Kevlar, which is strong enough to stop bullets. Selecting the wrong type means a poor fit for your shoes, continuously retying loose laces, and horrible fashion sense.


Polyester is one of the most versatile synthetic materials which impacts everything from our fashion choices to our home décor. The material is made from PET and is extremely durable and resistant to a large variety of corrosive chemicals. Since it is plastic, it is no very environmental-friendly but a pair of shoelaces made from the material can last a long, long time, which means you don’t have to discard them in a hurry.

Some other benefits of polyester are that it is highly resilient but at the same time, very lightweight. It does not take in water or shrink, like many natural fabrics, and is moisture-wicking. It is also very easy to color so polyester boot laces are usually found in a huge variety of colors.

However, it is very flammable and will melt when exposed to heat. It is also prone to be slippery but that can be countered by weaving it in a pattern that creates friction or by other methods.


People who are wary of manmade synthetic products have a good alternative in leather. Leather is a super-strong natural material and comes from the hide of mostly cattle, though other exotic variants like snake and crocodile skin can also be used. However, these are quite expensive and bootlaces are not made from them.

Leather is also very versatile and durable. The material is quite heavy and can be a bit stiff; however, it does not affect the quality of the laces you decide to buy. These boot laces may also come waxed so that they can more easily slip through eyelets. Waxed leather boot laces also have a more refined and polished look and are great for stylish formal boots, like Oxford boots and chukka boots.

Since leather does not take on colors well, they typically do not come in a lot of variety. However, some manufacturers do produce vividly colored leather bootlaces.


Kevlar is a super-tough and heat resistant synthetic material that is spun into ropes and sheets. The material was created by DuPont and by virtue of its design, is five times stronger than steel.

Since Kevlar is plastic, it comes with all the properties of plastic. However, DuPont has all but diminished its bad point. Although all other types of plastic is highly flammable, Kevlar is very heat-resistant and does not melt or burn. It is also resistant to moisture and extremely cold temperatures, so your boot laces won’t freeze up during the winter seasons.

Because of these amazing properties, Kevlar is a material that is fit for work boot laces and outdoor boot laces.


Depending on the type of boot you are wearing, you can choose between round laces, flat laces or no tie boot laces.

Round Laces

Round laces are one of the most common types of boot laces and are recommended for use in a variety of conditions from tough work environments to elegant formal surroundings. These laces look especially stylish with dress boots.

Initially, round laces were not considered comfortable since they needed extra force to make a tight knot and placed pressure on the top of your feet. These days, however, round laces can be made of waxed, flexible, and stretchable material that can alleviate all the above concerns, while making a super-secure knot. Untying them is very easy too.

Round laces are also stronger than their flat counterparts.

Flat Laces

Flat laces are not as strong as round laces because of their design. However, they result in a very secure and tight knot and they remain tied for a long time. Flat laces are also known to provide more comfort to the top of your feet. However, they are more commonly worn with shoes rather than boots as they are a bit more difficult than round shoelaces to untie.

No Tie Boot Laces

No tie boot laces are a great option for children and adults who cannot easily make knots, due to any reasons. These boot laces come with a plastic clamp that just needs to be locked into place once the laces have been weaved through the eyelets and the boots are placed on your feet.

No tie boot laces come in elastic and non-elastic forms. The elastic variants are stretchable and hence offer more comfort to the metatarsals, which is why they are preferred by people who are prone to swollen feet or have other problems.


There is no exact science that can determine the perfect length for your boot laces. However, whichever size you choose, you need to make sure it is comfortable on your feet.

A general rule of thumb is to check the number of eyelets, the distance between the eyelets, how much lace you want to remain for tying, and your lacing style.

Also, remember that wide boots require longer laces while narrower boots require shorter laces. If your laces are too long, they will dangle on the ground and will become untied and ruined in a short while if you keep treading on them.

Fortunately, these days, boot laces are available in a wide range of sizes from 27 inches up to 160 inches — and even over that, depending on some manufacturers. A 27-inch lace works well for a 2-3 shoe size, a 63-inch lace works well for an 8 shoe size and a 160-inch lace is good for a 12 shoe size. Keep in mind though that the higher the number of eyelets and the wider your feet, the more length you will require.

If you are still concerned about the length of your shoelaces, you can measure the length of your current bootlace (provided it is the right size) and buy your new boot lace according to that length.

Some manufacturers also provide elastic boot laces that can be stretched to several inches if the lace falls short. There are also cut-to-fit laces available that are not trimmed into predetermined lengths. Instead, the user can use them to tie a knot and cut off the excess at whatever length they need.

The length of your boot lace determines your comfort level so make sure you select the proper size.


The primary purpose of your boot lace is to keep your boots securely tied. If it fails that, then it serves no purpose. No one wants to continuously trip on their loose boot laces or tie them again and again. That’s why it is so important that your boot laces have a tight and secure knot.

Polyester and other plastic-based material tend to be slippery. So make sure you buy laces that have a weave that offers enough friction for the lace to stick together. Some laces also come with a wax coating that ensures added security. If you are one of those people who have difficulty tying shoelaces, lace locks may be a good option for you as they never come undone.

Color Quality

Most boot laces come in neutral colors and earthy tones since they go well with everything. However, there are several manufacturers who provide multi-colored laces that look super cool.

When opting for colored laces, make sure they do not fade over time. Poor quality laces can start fading after just one month of use. Also, make sure they do not bleed color onto your boots. This can take away the beauty of your boots.

To create a fashion statement, you can use contrasting colors for your boot laces.

Fused Tips

A big issue with boot laces is that when the aglets become worn out or slip off, the ends of the laces start to become frayed. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you can look for boot laces with fused tips.

These ends of these laces are treated with heat so they merge. This prevents the tips from fraying, as well.

Weather/Chemical/Fire Resistant

Most manufacturers these days make boot laces that can tolerate the elements as well as chemical exposure, so they offer some protection to your feet.

Even plastic laces these days are becoming fire-retardant, thanks to the application of wax. Others also protect laces from corrosive chemicals. Some boot laces come with protections like sealants and spray that prevent them from being ruined by outdoor use or working in extreme temperatures.

Benefits the Best Boot Laces Offer

Good-quality boot laces can offer you a lot of advantages:


Boot laces hold your shoe firmly and snugly to your feet and do not cause extra pressure on your upper foot. A good pair of boot laces is not an option if you are looking for comfort.


If you use substandard boot laces, you will notice they become unraveled frequently and also become worn out from regular use. The best boot laces have a secure knot that can only be untied with your fingers. Some manufacturers also offer a lifetime guarantee for boot laces that are sturdy and durable. Such boot laces prevent you from tripping on your own feet and reduce the need to buy replacement laces.


Like all high-quality things, the best boot laces not just provide optimal function, they also enhance the aesthetics of your boots. Today, boot laces come in a variety of patterns, styles, and colors to showcase your unique style and create a fashion statement.

Check out different types of shoelaces on the market today.

Best Way To Wear Boot Laces

Laces are made to be quite durable. Still, a lot of people have complaints about loose or snapped boot laces. It is probable that this may be due to incorrect handling of your boot laces. So how can you make sure your bootlaces last a long time?


The first thing you can do is to see what kind of material your shoelace is made of and whether it is appropriate for the environment you live, work, or play in. If you work in a heavy-duty environment, then reinforced polyester and Kevlar laces are best for this purpose. If you want boot laces for formal social settings, leather is a good choice.


Proper handling of boot laces is also very important to ensure their longevity. Take a look at when you pull on your laces, do you exert undue extra pressure on them. Laces that are regularly jerked around can rub against the eyelets and the friction can cause the threads to break. So don’t tug on your laces needlessly. Pull them gently and steadily through the holes.

If you are handling your boot laces gently but they are still fraying, it may have something to do with your boot eyelets. Metal eyelets can be jagged or rough inside but you can easily remedy this by coating them in clear nail polish or glue or rubbing them with sandpaper. If your eyelets are cheap, you can also get them replaced and save your boot laces from breaking.

Lacing Style

If your boot laces are hurting your feet or getting untied easily, it may be because you have not been tying them correctly. The key to a secure knot is the knotting style and strength.

If your knot sits on top of your boot in a wonky vertical way, you are tying a Granny knot, which is weak. This knot is one of the primary reasons why your boot laces come undone. A well-balanced knot, on the contrary, can stay secure all day long.

Here are some of the best ways you can tie a knot that is comfortable for your feet and suit your style:

Window Lacing

Window lacing can work well for people who have wide feet and a high instep. This type of lacing can help ease the pressure from the top of your foot. To make a window lacing, pull your boot lace form the first set of eyelets from the bottom. Cross them over and then slip them through the second pair of eyelets. Don’t cross these over and simply go in a vertical line to the third set of eyelets. Cross the lace now and then go through the fourth eyelet pair. Do these steps alternatively until you run out of eyelets.

Criss-crossing Lacing

This is the most commonly used method of lacing up your boots as it is the easiest. Criss-crossing style goes all the way up your boot and requires only medium length lace. Make sure both sides of your laces are even before you start crossing them over each other. This lacing style is good for work boots as it offers more strength and tension.

Toe-Relief Lacing

As the name suggests, this a good lacing option or people who have swollen or painful toes. All it requires is to leave the first set of eyelets from the bottom and empty and start lacing from the second set. This offers your toes some space.

Straight Easy Lacing

This method eliminates all diagonal runs of the lace. Instead, the lace is weaved in straight horizontal lines all the way to the top of the boot.

To make this knot, keep the left end of the lace fairly short and the right end much longer. The left end of the lace is slipped through the first left eyelet and then runs vertically up the inside of the shoe to the very top left eyelet. The right end of the lace is slipped through the first right eyelet and then straight up the inside to the second eyelet. It is then run straight from the outside to the eyelet opposite to it. Keep weaving the right end of the lace in the same way until you end up at the top and tie it with your favorite bow.

Shoe Shop Lacing

Named this way because previously shoes came laced like this from the shop, shoe shop lacing involves one end of the lace running diagonally from the bottom first eyelet to the topmost eyelet in the opposite direction. The other end of the lace forms a zigzag pattern through the remaining eyelets.

Army Lacing

This type of lacing is for army boots or boots which have thick leather sides that do not offer a lot of flexibility. With army lacing, your boots can bend out more easily at the ankle and become more flexible. This is due to all the crossovers running inside while all the verticals running outside.

To make this lacing, thread the lace straight across and out through the bottom eyelets. Run each side straight up from the outside into the eyelet above it. Cross the ends and then run them through the eyelet above them. Repeat this pattern until you get to the top of the shoe and then tie the boot laces off securely.

There are dozens of different ways to tie your boot laces. What you should use is entirely based on your shoe style, comfort, and liking.

Our Top 3 Choices

Best Overall: Mercury + Maia Honey Badger Heavy Duty Kevlar Boot Shoelaces

Premium Product: Ironlace Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces

Best Value: OrthoStep Thin Round Athletic Nylon Shoelaces

Best Boot Laces Reviews

1. OrthoStep Thin Round Athletic Nylon Shoelaces

OrthoStep Thin Round Athletic Nylon Camo 45 inch Shoelaces - Fused Tips - Work Boot Laces 2 Pair Pack

OrthoStep prides itself on offering comfortable footwear, particularly for orthopedic and diabetic patients and it claims its thin round nylon shoelaces are no exception.

The laces are made in the United States with tough textured nylon yarn and come in 2 pairs. They are about one-eighth of an inch thick and are rounded. This makes it easy for them to slide in through small round or hexagonal eyelets.

The nylon laces are very heavy duty and durable. Because of this, they may be able to withstand tough working and hiking environments.

The laces also come with a non-fraying feature to ensure durability. The tips of the laces are fused with heat so they do not require any plastic or metal aglet to prevent the ends from fraying. This also makes the tip very smooth and resistant to cracks.

OrthoStep round laces are also treated with wax which prevents them from becoming untied throughout the day. They may feel a little stiff and tacky at first, but they tie your work boots safely and securely.

The laces also come in a variety of sizes from 32 inches to 120 inches so you can choose one that best fits your boot size. They are also available in eight different neutral colors so you have plenty of options to find one that matches your boots. Keep in mind, though, that the length of the lace may differ from color to color, so choose the correct ones for yourself.

The best part about OrthoStep thin round athletic nylon shoelaces is that they also come at an extremely reasonable price.


  • Very strong and durable
  • Crack- and fraying-resistant
  • Fit as expected
  • Come in multiple neutral colors
  • Good value at affordable price


  • May feel slightly stiff
  • The tip may bend slightly after regular use

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2. Miscly Heavy Duty Durable Round Shoelaces for Boots

Miscly Round Boot Laces [3 Pairs] Heavy Duty and Durable Shoelaces for Boots, Work Boots & Hiking Shoes (45", Gold - Tan Combo)

Miscly heavy-duty round shoelaces are designed to last you for a long time. Made with heavy-duty workers and athletes in mind, Miscly round shoelaces are made with a double nylon and polyester blend. As such, these laces can be good options for not just workers, but also hikers, skiers, ice climbers, tennis players, and other athletes.

At 3/16 of an inch thick, these laces may be toot hick for some kind of boots. However, their thickness also gives them greater strength. The laces are made from a double nylon cord interior. These cords are so strong, they were first used to make parachutes. The nylon cords are then aesthetically with polyester outer for added durability and sturdiness.

The best part of the deal is that the manufacturer offers you a lifetime warranty. If the laces ever break, Miscly will replace them with a new pair for free. That’s quite a bold statement and we hope the company delivers on their promise.

The woven polyester outer of the lace is not just for show; the pattern also offers high friction that helps the laces stick once you have tied them and prevent them from coming undone.

Miscly round laces come with a plastic aglet wrapped around the tips. This feature prevents the tip from becoming bent or frayed.

The laces also come in four different lengths and color so you have a few options to find the one that’s right for you.


  • Each pack contains three pairs of laces
  • Highly durable due to polyester and double nylon cord blend
  • Have a very tight and secure knot
  • Good for work boots, hiking boots, and athletic shoes.
  • Come in four different colors and sizes
  • Lifetime warranty by the manufacturers


  • The 3/16-inch thickness may be too thick for some boots.

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3. TOFL Cut-to-Fit Leather Boot Laces

TOFL Leather Boot Laces-1 Pair Tan 72 Inches Long-Easy Sizing Cut to Fit (Tan)

For those of you who don’t like synthetic material, TOFL cut-to-fit leather boot laces offer a good alternative Made with natural cowhide leather, TOFL shoelaces are sturdy and versatile enough for all sorts of environments, including heavy-duty work as well as formal dinners or weddings. So you can use them with work boots, boat shoes, chukka shoes, dress shoes, hiking shoes, and moccasins.

The strength of the leather and its design is such that these shoelaces also make a fierce knot. In case you are not sure how to properly lace up your boots, the shoelaces come with a useful instruction manual.

A unique feature that these shoelaces offer is that they are resistant to heat and sparks and do not melt. This means you can wear them around campfire or welding machines with no fear of them melting or catching fire.

Another convenient feature is that these laces do not come with a pre-cut size from the factory. Instead, TOFL offers you 72 inches of a leather shoestring. To ensure they fit you perfectly, weave the lace into your boots, put the boots on and tie the knot securely. Now cut off the excess shoelace.

Surprisingly, the leather shoelaces come in 19 vivid colors which is an added benefit since leather is not known to take color well. However, the wide variety of beautiful colors makes them even more suitable to wear in all sorts of occasions. In fact, the company says they can be used in arts and crafts projects as well.

The bonus point is that TOFL will replace the shoelace with a new one if they ever break so we know that the company cares too.


  • Made of natural leather
  • Leather does not fray
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Resistant to heat
  • Can be cut to fit your shoe size
  • Fits a wide variety of boot and shoe styles
  • 19 gorgeous color options
  • You can use the excess in art projects
  • Manufacturer’s replacement warranty


  • Leather can become brittle
  • The maximum length is 72 inches which may be too short for some shoe sizes

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4. Mercury + Maia Honey Badger Heavy Duty Kevlar Boot Shoelaces

Honey Badger Work Boot Laces Heavy Duty W/Kevlar - USA Made Round Shoelaces for Boots - Red Blk, 72 in (1p)

We have heard of Kevlar armor but have you heard of Kevlar shoelaces? The Mercury +Maia Honey Badger heavy-duty Kevlar boot shoelace is, as its name indicates, made of Kevlar, so they are extremely strong and durable.

The company gets its name from the extremely resilient honey badger which can defend itself from predators like snakes and lions due to its thick skin.

In honor of this force of nature, Mercury + Maia came up with their Kevlar shoelace that is just as strong, durable and resilient as the honey badger. The shoelaces are extremely strong and can withstand 350 pounds of force. They are also resistant to heat, flames, and chemicals, knots very tight and fast and hold up under harsh conditions. Hence, they are ideal for boots that require heavyweight support.

The shoelaces are made from the rigid, stacked threads of plastic which gives Kevlar its super-strength and makes it even bullet-proof. This means these laces are ideal for heavy-duty boots worn by construction works, factory laborers, miners, firefighters, hikers, mountain bikers, and athletes.


  • Made with Kevlar
  • Can withstand 350 pounds of pressure
  • Shoelaces are flame retardant and chemical resistant
  • The knots are slip-free and remain tied throughout the day
  • These laces are for boots that require heavyweight support
  • Stylish
  • Available in a wide variety of beautiful colors and sizes
  • Affordable


  • Shoelaces may be a bit thick for some boots

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5. Ironlace Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces

Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces Shoelaces 63"

Ironlace has made some very bold claims with their Unbreakable Extra Heavy Duty Round Boot Laces. The laces are made from Para-Aramid fiber structure which is 20 times stronger than Kevlar. To put things into perspective, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel, so these laces seem virtually indestructible. In fact, Ironlace claims the one-eighth-inch-shoelace can withstand a force of 15,000 pounds.

Another great feature about Ironlace extra heavy-duty laces is that they are resistant to fire and heat, and can withstand a temperature of 630 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them ideal for firefighters, welders, or industrial factory workers. Other than the heat, these laces are also purported to be resistant to ultraviolet radiation, chemicals, and abrasions.

Ironlace has designed these shoelaces for the harshest conditions. The laces come with a subtle wax coating so they do not absorb water and hence, do not freeze in winters. So if you are an ice climber or live in areas where it snows in winter, you won’t have any trouble tying or untying frozen laces. They are also ideal for hikers and mountain bikers.

However, to ensure they knot securely, you have to make sure you pull them extra tight. Once the knot is secured, the laces will not be able to slip free and even with regular use, they will never stretch.

With just two colors, brown and black, your color options are a bit limited. However, the laces are available in a number of predetermined sizes so you can select one that best fits you.

An added benefit is that Ironlace boasts a lifetime warranty for these laces and claim they last forever.


  • Para-Aramid fiber construction
  • Unbreakable and stretch-free
  • 15,000 pounds breaking point
  • Chemical and UV-resistant
  • Heat and fire-resistant
  • Quite thick
  • Does not slip free
  • Affordable price


  • Available in only two colors
  • Takes some effort to tie the knot securely

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6. Lock Laces Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces

LOCK LACES for Boots (3 Pair) Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces for Boots and Shoes (Camo)

Lock Laces have a claim to fame of being the original; elastic no-tie shoelaces in the United States. These laces deliver something quite different and unique from the laces that require tying them into bunny ears. Instead, they ensure consistent tightness throughout the day.

The shoelaces are 1/10th inches wide and installing them is a simple process. Start weaving your shoelaces form the bottom of your boot to all the way up. Once they are properly laced, pass the ends through the locking device until it rests on the tongue and then press down the clamp. Now you don’t have to worry about your lace slipping free or becoming loose.

An added feature of the shoelace is that it is stretchable so although the size is 72 inches, it can be stretched to 108 inches.

This elastic feature also allows maximum comfort for your feet. The no-tie boot laces reduce the pressure exerted on pressure points on your feet so you remain comfortable while you are working, hiking, or hunting.

As a bonus, Lock Laces claims these shoelaces are ideal for people with back and feet problems. For example, if your feet are prone to swelling, the elastic shoelace will stretch to accommodate your feet more comfortable. If you have trouble bending down to tie your boots, the locking feature offers you the convenience of transforming your boots into slip-ons.

Overall, Lock Laces are sturdy, durable, waterproof and versatile shoelaces that are designed for heavy-duty use. Plus, they look super stylish as well.


  • No-tie system turns boots into slip-ons
  • Stretchable elastic that can stretch to 108 inches.
  • Allows you to cut to fit any shoe size
  • Simple installation
  • Adjustable tension guarantees extra comfort
  • Ideal for people with feet and back conditions
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Water-resistant


  • The shoelace is too short for some kind of boots, like military boots.

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7. GREATLACES ProTOUGH ™ Reinforced Heavy Duty Boot Laces

GREATLACES 2 Pair Pack - proTOUGH Black Reinforced with Black Kevlar Strands Thick Round 6mm 3/16 Inch Heavy Duty Boot Laces Shoelaces Work Shoestrings

The GREATLACES ProTOUGH Reinforced Heavy Duty Boot Laces were inspired by smokejumpers and hence they are sturdy, durable and heat-resistant.

The strength of these laces comes from a very sturdy and well-built inner core that is covered by a super-strong weaving of polyester and Kevlar threads. The double fortification is what makes the laces ideal for all types of tough boots like work boots and hiking boots. You can also wear them with your casual shoes or formal shoes; however, it won’t justify the reinforced heavy-duty build of the laces.

The laces are 3/16th inch thick and the larger diameter of the laces results in a tight knot; however, this tight fit does not pinch feet while at the same time prevent your boots from slipping. Additionally, these laces are not difficult to undo either and the manufacturers say you can untie them with the pull of two fingers.

An added benefit is that they come in a wide range of colors so you can mix and match them with your boots. The dye used is also of very high quality so the colors will not bleed into your footwear or bleach out from the sun. However, we do not recommend washing the laces with your boots.


  • Made of Kevlar and polyester fibers
  • Very strong and durable
  • Resistant to heat
  • Unbreakable
  • Speed lace
  • Result in a tight knot that can be untied with two fingers
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Wide range of sizes from 36 inches to 160 inches
  • Come with aglets which prevent fraying


  • The 3/16th-inch size is a bit thick for some boots’ eyelets.
  • Aglets are plastic so they can easily break if you step on them.

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8. Shoeslulu Premium Flat Canvas Shoelaces

Shoeslulu 59" Premium Round Waxed Canvas Shoelaces Bootlaces (59 in. (150 cm), Firebird Red)

Shoeslulu premium flat canvas shoelaces can be used for both formal and informal looks. However, they work much better on ankle boots and casual shoes rather than working boots as they are not as tough as the previous boot laces.

The laces are 1/10 inch thick and are built to last. They are made with a high-quality and durable canvas that is woven intricately together to ensure durability and security. As such, Shoeslulu claims they are an excellent replacement for three eyelet chukka boots, 2 eyelet desert boots, 6 eyelet Wingtip Oxford boots.

The canvas laces come in an environmentally-friendly package as Shoeslulu attempts to reduce its impact on the environment. The laces also come in all the colors of the rainbow and have also been dyed via a green nominal-chemical process, so you won’t harm the environment if you decide to discard them.

However, some colors seem off when you compare their pictures to real life. But this may be due to the difference in light and the camera brightness settings. Additionally, for a shoelace that is made up of canvas, the Shoeslulu Premium Flat Canvas Shoelaces are a bit on the pricey side. However, if you are not picky about the slight differences in color and price, Shoelulu can be an eco-friendly option for you.


  • Long-lasting material due to the intricate weaving
  • Made of canvas
  • Eco-friendly package
  • Dyed with minimal chemical use
  • 1/10th thickness
  • Plenty of beautiful colors available
  • Comes in a variety of sizes


  • May not work well for rough and tough boots
  • Colors seem a bit different from the pictures
  • There may be some issues with the cotton material
  • Are a bit pricey for canvas shoelaces

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9. Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME Kevlar Heavy Duty Boot Laces

Kg's X-TREME 84" Kevlar Lace Shoe Care

The strength of Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME Kevlar heavy duty boot laces lies in their durability. In fact, they were initially created as combat boot laces but later made it into the heavy-duty boot industry.

The Boot Guard shoelaces feature 100 percent Kevlar and high-quality fortified nylon that are braided together for added sturdiness and longevity. They are also coated with a layer of wax and are fire-resistant, hence they can work well for heavy-duty operations.

The laces are good options for hiking boots, everyday work boots, hiking boots, snake boots, and even skier boots, as they can withstand extreme temperatures and do not stiffen or snap. However, their plastic aglet may show signs of wear and tear and the tips may begin to fray. Although this will not affect the overall strength and quality of the boot laces, it is still not ideal.

The Kg’s Boot Guard Kg-Xtreme Kevlar heavy duty boot laces come in 45 inches, 54 inches, 63 inches, 72 inches, and 84 inches. The company says the 54-inch laces are good for 6-inch work boots while the 72-inch lace is good for 8-inch work boots.

One of the drawbacks of these laces is that they do not come in any other color than black. It also is a bit pricy for the amount of lace purchased. But for people who need Kevlar-fortified shoelaces that can withstand tough conditions and harsh weather and don’t mind paying a little bit extra, the Kg’s Boot Guard Kg-Xtreme Kevlar heavy duty boot laces are not a bad choice.


  • 100 percent Kevlar and nylon
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Coated with wax
  • Fire-resistant
  • Braided material for extra strength
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures


  • Aglets may wear down after a few months
  • Is a bit pricey
  • Comes in only black color

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10. Sport28 ProBoot Heavy Duty Boot Lace

Sport28 2 Pair Pack - 54 Inch Chestnut Brown-Black Professional proBOOT Heavy Duty Round 1/8 Thick Rugged Wear Boot Laces Long Lasting Shoelaces

Sport28 ProBoot laces are a rugged alternative for people who do heavy-duty work or are like to spend time in the outdoors.

The laces are constructed of 100 percent polyester material which is braided over a strong inner core, providing the laces with added durability and strength. This means they can endure a high number of tugs without unraveling. Since the material is polyester, it can easily be machine washed and will not take on water, shrink, or fade.

As for comfort, these laces offer an added degree of stretchiness. This means they can expand to relieve pressure on the upper part of your foot, something that is limited with rigid laces.

Although the shoelaces are quite sturdy and solid, the plastic aglets are not so ideally designed. With rough and tough outdoor use, these aglets are prone to breakage, particularly when the laces are not tied down securely and the dangling aglets are continuously stepped on. So make sure you tie the knot securely when you use these laces.

The color choices are limited to solid black, chestnut brown, and brown-black, but the dark shoelaces are a good option for anyone who doesn’t want anything too bright or cheerful on their boots. The color is also good for hunters who want to add another measure of concealment during hunting.

Therefore, theSport28 ProBoot heavy-duty boot lace is a good option for people who need to use them for practical or rugged work and who don’t require a lot of color on their shoes.


  • A strong inner core and braided outer sleeve
  • Very durable
  • Offers just the right amount of stretch
  • Can be machine washed
  • Does not shrink and color does not fade.


  • Available in only a few dark colors
  • Plastic aglet may break, especially if it comes underfoot

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Bottom Line

There are hundreds of different styles of boot laces available these days so you have a lot of variety to choose form. However, with so many styles, it can get confusing for a person to get the right boot lace for his needs.

The thing you should keep in mind is that not every boot lace is right for boots or your feet’s specific needs. You may also experience less-than-satisfactory feelings even if you buy the perfect boot lace but don’t know how to tie it correctly.

Therefore, it is important to determine what things you value in your shoelaces and take them into account when you go boot lace shopping. Additionally, learning how to tie your boots properly can go a long way in offering you maximum functionality, comfort, and aesthetics.

If you are still not sure what boot laces to get, here is a quick review of our top three bootlaces.

Best Overall

Mercury + Maia Honey Badger Heavy Duty Kevlar boot shoelaces have been given the place at the top because they are super durable, strong, fire-resistant, and chemical-resistant — and all of this for an affordable price.

The boot laces are made of Kevlar and can withstand 350 pounds of stress. Since the laces are treated, the knot they from is tight, secure and slip-free. One of the best attributes they offer that not many other manufacturers offer is that they come in a wide variety of colors.

Therefore, these boot laces work well for all sorts of boots, whether you use them during harsh factory conditions or in a formal event.

Best Premium

Ironlace unbreakable extra heavy-duty round boot laces are made from Para-Aramid fiber which is 20 times as strong as Kevlar, so the premium price is justified. Because of the unique material, the boot laces are virtually indestructible and can withstand astonishingly high temperature. They are also resistant to chemicals, UV radiation, and abrasions.

These boot laces may be a bit expensive but the huge number of attributes they offer more than makes up for it.

Best Value

OrthoStep thin round athletic nylon shoelaces are exceptionally comfortable, so much so that they are recommended for people with bone conditions and diabetes. Besides being supremely comfortable, the nylon bootlaces are super strong, non-fraying, and come in a wide range of lengths for every shoe size. They also make a super-tight knot.

However, the best part about them is that these boot laces are the most affordable ones in the market.