10 Best Farm Boots

Best Farm Boots

Life can be tough on a farm. Having the right footwear can take away a bit of the stress that goes into being on your feet all day. As a farmer, it’s safe to say that you are going to be on your feet a lot. This is the reason why farming or ranching holds many hazards which can lead to unnecessary injuries if you are not careful.

Perhaps the most common injuries at the farm are leg and feet injuries. This mainly occurs because a person is not careful while purchasing the right footwear for the job. When it comes to farming, buying just any footwear just won’t do. You are going to need specially designed farm boots that will ensure your feet stay protected and comfortable during long hours on the job. This is the reason why you have to choose from the best farm boots available, to make sure your feet stay protected.

Keeping that in mind, in the following lines we are going to take a look into what goes into making a good farm boot and the factors that you need to consider when choosing one. To make your search easier, we are also going to take a quick look at some of the top brands who design boots that can be used for carrying out heavy-duty tasks on the farm.

Factors to Consider When Buying Farm Boots

Since footwear that has to be used around a farm is going to be a lot different than regular footwear, you need to consider quite a few factors before you can invest in the right boots. Sadly, not all farm boots are created equal, which is why you need to do a thorough evaluation to ensure that you can get yourself the right boots for your needs. Keeping that in mind, the following are a few of the factors that you need to focus on the next time you plan on getting yourself heavy-duty farm boots.


Needless to say, if you plan on spending long hours on your feet then you are going to need footwear that’s going to keep your feet comfortable. Many times, people do not pay attention to the footwear they purchase. The result is that they get boots that are not only uncomfortable for their feet but more often than not, lead to blistering and injuries because they are too tight. On the other hand, getting boots that are too loose can lead to the boots slipping off and can also increase your chances of falling or tripping over, which can also result in injuries.

If you work on a farm and find yourself carrying heavy loads then you will want to invest in boots that offer your feet the right amount of cushioning. The amount of cushioning provided by a shoe is mostly determined by its insole and the amount of padding it has. Midsoles are usually made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is a material that is lightweight and flexible. This helps disperse the weight or impact through the underfoot so that any particular part of your feet does not bear the impact, which can result in injuries.

Weight plays another important role when it comes to the comfort of your farm boots. While a heavyweight boot often means it is well-made and sturdy, this is not always true. Heavy footwear can be inconvenient especially if you are going to be spending much of your time walking around. Light boots reduce fatigue and keep you feeling better for longer. When it comes to the best materials for the job, nylon is the most lightweight material used for boots compared to rubber and leather.  If you’re looking for light boots but, also, want the benefits of other materials, a combination of materials can be favorable.

When it comes to comfort, another crucial factor to consider is the shoe’s balance. Surprisingly, many people do not pay enough attention to how much balance a boot provides, which can be dangerous. An unevenly balanced shoe can go as far as to cause shin injuries. Also, boots that are not well-balanced can lead to fatigue, which is not good if you prefer working on the farm for long hours.

To make sure your feet are comfortable and protected, it is important to ensure that the farm boots you choose offer the right balance in comfort and protection. This can only be possible if you pay attention to these few factors while purchasing farm boots.


For farmers, the whole idea of wearing boots is because they provide your feet with the right amount of protection, keeping your feet safe from bangs and impacts from foreign objects. This is where toe protection of the boot comes in. Toe protection is critical since it keeps your feet safe while working on the farm. Since this is one of the most sought-after features of heavy-duty boots, most manufacturers of boots usually include this feature into the design of their boots.

Some steel toe boots may not be even made of steel, but rather rigid composite material such as dense plastic or Kevlar. As compared to the steel toe, these materials are a lot lighter and do not conduct electricity. Steel-toe boots can even offer great protection against chemical hazards and electric shock. In short, steel toe protection ensures that the front section of your boot has been properly reinforced so that your toes won’t get injured if something heavy falls on your boots.


Breathability is another key factor in making sure you have invested in the right pair of boots to use on a farm. This is a particularly important feature to have in boots especially if you are going to be out all day and do not want to sweat. Also, some people have a medical condition that makes their feet sweat all the time. Both these reasons for sweaty feet is not going to be good for the overall health of your feet, mainly because moisture makes your skin soft, which increases the chances of injuries, while wet feet can also result in the buildup of bacteria.

Keeping that in mind, if the temperature is always higher than normal (and it probably will be if you’re on a farm), then it’s a good idea to make sure the farm boots you invest in have been constructed with breathable fabrics.

Breathable boots are a type of footwear that has not only been designed to offer protection to your feet, but the materials that are used in its design encourage maximum airflow within the work boot, without compromising on its protective properties. What’s great about breathable footwear is that the circulation of air that is allowed to pass throughout the boot reduces the buildup of sweat and moisture that leads to blisters and injuries. Breathable footwear will keep your feet dry and comfortable while still providing you with the protection your feet needs.


A lot of the comfort, breathability, and protection that the boots offer are going to depend on the fabrics that have been used in its design. While the fabrics and materials that are used for boots will vary depending on the brand, it is important to choose those brands that are known for using the best quality and durable materials in the design of their boots, especially if you are working on a farm, the need for long-lasting and durable boots will be significantly higher. To give you an idea of what to expect, the following are just some of the different types of materials that are commonly found in heavy-duty boots.


One of the most used materials when it comes to heavy-duty boot design is leather. Leather is oftentimes used alongside some other material, but it is not unheard of for premium brands to offer full leather constructed boots. Those brands that design their boots out of premium leather usually include full-grain leather in the description as one of the main selling points of their boots. On the flip side, leather can also be heavy and provide minimal breathability, so it’s best to do your research to find out your best options before you choose boots. That being said, full-grain leather construction could be the best choice for you if you’re looking for superior durability and protection.


Nylon is considered to be lightweight and breathable compared to many other materials, especially, leather. Nylon is also waterproof and their softness offers extra comfort that’s great for farm use. Nylon also happens to be more flexible as compared to leather, which makes walking and moving around much easier and more comfortable. If you’re looking for something light and comfortable that prevents your feet from overheating, nylon is always a great choice.


Rubber is another popular material that is used in the construction of heavy-duty boots. Boots made of rubber are easy to clean and slip into while being sturdy and durable at the same time. That being said, if you find a pair of rubber boots that fits well, they can get serious protection against any kind of weather or terrain. Rubber boots are also often insulated so that they can retain the heat, which keeps your feet warm during cold or wet weather. There are quite a few premium boot options out there that boast of high-quality rubber construction.


Speaking of construction, the processes that the boot goes through during the construction phase also plays a crucial role in the level of comfort and protection the boot can provide. The first type of boot construction is the stitch down, which is known as the strongest type. This means the outsole is stitched to the upper part of the boot. This technique makes the boot more durable and allows the boot to be re-soled if necessary.

If you’re looking for a boot that you can keep on wearing for years, then this is your best option. On the other hand, cement construction is when the outsole of the boot is not stitched but rather, glued to the upper part of the boot. This method is not considered to be long-lasting and usually costs less. The third option when it comes to the boot’s construction is the method of molding the outsole to the boot. Similar to cemented boots, these boots are considered to be much more durable.

Water Resistance

A pair of waterproof boots can go a long way in ensuring that your feet are 100% dry, allowing you to spend long hours outside, focusing on the tasks at hand. These types of footwear come in various shaft lengths – from those that reach your ankles to those that even go over your knees. While the former can help you when you’re gardening, the latter will allow you to tackle even the worst floods.

Additionally, water-resistant boots can also prevent debris from entering your footwear and causing injuries while you walk. Premium quality boots that are waterproof often feature double- or sometimes triple- lining, water insulation, and moisture-wicking technologies that help keep your feet dry and moisture-free.

Features of a Farm Boot


There are quite a few parts that make up a farm boot, which means you have to be aware of all of them to ensure you make the right choice when choosing boots for farm use. Having proper balance and stability is crucial while working alongside farm animals and heavy machinery. Working on a farm also means having to walk through wet or slippery terrain, where regular shoes cannot go. A good pair of farm boots will have a high-performance outsole that was made to keep you steadily on your feet, regardless of the terrain you are working on.

You are going to need boots that have a well-designed outsole with deeper lugs that are going to grip the ground properly. Additionally, as farm work often includes fertilizers and even chemicals, you will want a pair of shoes that will not get damaged when they come in contact with such chemicals. Farm boots have been specially designed to ensure that they are resistant to chemicals as well as other substances. Furthermore, the outsoles of your boots also have to provide you with the right amount of traction and balance, especially while walking on slippery terrain.

Toe Style

The toe style of the boots should always meet your needs. There are two main types of toe styles when it comes to farmer boots that are available in the market today. Steel toes are a great option if you want to keep your feet safe from sudden impacts. That said, steel toes can also be uncomfortable if the boots you choose are too tight. Also, steel toes are good conductors of electricity and cold which means they are not a good option if you are going to be working in an environment that exposes you to cold and electrical components.

The second type of toe style is composite or Kevlar toe protection, which is lightweight and offers just as much protection as the steel toe options. A major benefit of using composite toe style boots is that they do not pose a hazard if you are going to be working in the cold or alongside electrical components. The toe style you choose is mainly going to depend on what type of work you plan on doing most of the time on your farm. It’s best to research the many options available to find one that suits your needs.

Boot Lining

It goes without saying that farmer boots should always be waterproof for obvious reasons. This is why premium quality boots always feature waterproof lining that insulates the boot, keeping your feet dry and safe from getting wet. For further protection, waterproof boots also feature moisture-wicking fabrics that wick away any moisture or dampness from the boot, ensuring that your feet remain dry even after prolonged hours of use.

Upper Construction

The upper of your farm boots is the top part of the boot that is visible. The upper of heavy-duty boots need to be constructed with sturdy materials for obvious reasons. Since the upper is going to be the first line of contact with foreign objects and external impact (apart from the heel), it needs to be sturdy. That being said, it doesn’t mean that the upper of your farm boots need to be heavy and uncomfortable.

There are many materials out there that are lightweight while providing your feet with the protection it needs on a farm. As a rule of thumb, it is always advised to go with upper materials that are durable, breathable and moldable. This means that the upper can take to the shape of your feet for better comfort. Leather is often used by premium brands because the material offers the right balance of comfort and protection, while also being great to look at.

Advantages of Using Farm Boots

If you are working on a farm, then it’s best to go with footwear that’s been specifically designed for farm work. When you invest in a high-quality farm boot you get unmatched comfort and protection for your feet, which should be your priority for obvious reasons.

Spending long hours working around the farm can take its toll on regular footwear, which is why it is not advised to wear footwear such as sneakers or joggers while working on a farm. On the other hand, Heavy-duty farm boots are just the thing you need if you are looking for footwear that gives you the right amount of comfort, balance, traction, and even more importantly, protection for your feet.

Using premium farm boots gives a farmer an edge by allowing them to walk freely without having to bother about getting their feet injured or having to deal with sweaty feet. Whether you purchase farm boots that have been constructed out of high-quality leather or some other sturdy and durable synthetic material, you can rest assured that you’re going to keep your feet protected at all times while you work on the farm.

Our Top Three Choices

Best Overall Choice: Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Six-Inch Soft Toe Farm Boots

Premium Product: Carhartt Men’s Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boot

Best Value: Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

Best Farm Boots

1. Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

Skechers Men's Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot

Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot is a great choice for farm footwear, especially if you are going to be spending long hours outside in the field. The boot offers just the right amount of comfort and protection which makes it easy to wear for long hours. One of the major advantages of wearing the Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka boot is that it has been constructed from high-quality materials that are sturdy, yet lightweight.

The Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot is also waterproof to keep your feet dry and safe during those long hours out in the field. The boot features a seam-sealed rubber outer sole that provides the boot with the needed shock absorption to keep your feet safe from impacts.

Additionally, the Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boot offers additional protection against impact with its composite toe design which keeps the front part of your feet protected. The composite material also means that the boots are lightweight which makes them comfortable for prolonged use. Another factor that goes in favor of these boots is that they are very comfortable with additional padding and cushioning to keep your feet warm and protected all day.

Pros and Cons:


  • 100% leather construction
  • Comfortable tongue design
  • Additional cushioning
  • Waterproof materials
  • A decent grip on snow and ice


  • Fit is a bit wide.

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2. Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Six-Inch Soft Toe Farm Boots

Wolverine Men's Floorhand 6 Inch Waterproof Soft Toe-M Work Boot, Dark Brown, 9.5 M US

Wolverine is a footwear brand that has been in the game since the 1800s. This means that the company knows just what it takes to create a sturdy boot that can be used on rugged terrain as well as heavy-duty occupations such as farming.

The Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Six-Inch Soft Toe Farm Boots is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a lightweight farm boot that they can use around the farm. Constructed from full-grain leather, these boots are sturdy and reliable when it comes to using for long hours. The boots have been designed to provide an excellent amount of protection and insulation for your feet.

The thick soles act as shock absorbers to keep your heels safe from injuries. The waterproof design means that you do not have to be bothered with your boots getting wet while on the job. Also, the thick outer soles make it easier for you to keep your feet dry as you walk through muddy surfaces or puddles of water while you are on the job. Patented technologies such as the Wolverine MultiShox and Wolverine Durashocks keep your entire feet safe from unwanted injuries.

Durability has always been one of the strongest qualities with Wolverine’s products over the years. It is also the main reason why they have been one of the most dominant brands within the work boot industry. Wolverine is one of those footwear brands that have stood the test of time by designing and manufacturing high-quality footwear that is ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

Pros and Cons:


  • 100% full leather construction
  • Features patented Wolverine MultiShox and Wolverine Durashocks
  • Slip-resistant outer soles provide better traction
  • A comfortable and removable full-cushion footbed


  • Some folks might find it heavy

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3. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-Inch Steel Toe Work Boot

Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" Moc Toe, MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Toe Boot

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-Inch Steel Toe Work Boots have been constructed keeping the user in mind. These farm boots have a lot going for it, from a premium quality design to cutting edge technologies that have been included to ensure the durability of these boots. With the American Heritage Steel Toe Work Boots, you are going to get the Poron 4000 insoles for added protection for your feet. The boots have also been designed to be breathable so that your feet do not sweat even after prolonged hours of use.

In terms of functionality, these farm boots have been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort for your heels and toes. There is also a composite shank that provides support for the arch on your feet. One of the features that make these boots stand out is the fact that the boots have been built with electric shock-resisting soles and heels capable of withstanding an application of 18,000 volts (root mean square (RMS) value) at 60 Hz for 1 minute with no current flow.

The polyurethane MaxWear wedge sole ensures maximum traction even on wet surfaces. You can expect to retain excellent footing no matter what kind of surface your work environment puts you in. The removable shock-absorbing footbed offers added protection for your feet.

Pros and Cons:


  • Constructed from 100% leather and premium quality materials
  • Features a steel toe design
  • Polyurethane MaxWear Wedge sole
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed
  • MaxWear Wedge slip-resistant outsole
  • Fiberglass shank


  • Finding the right size could be difficult
  • Break-in can be painful

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4. Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot,Brown,7 D US

The Irish Setter has always been the go-to choice for hunters and those who spend much of their time outdoors. The Irish Setter Men’s 6” 83505 Work Boot boasts of plenty of premium quality features which sets this brand apart from many others. The design of these work boots is sure to turn some heads when you wear them to work. These boots don’t just look great; they also feel incredibly comfortable to wear even for more than 10 hours and are made to last a long time.

The Irish Setter Men’s 6” 83505 Work Boot features Briar Turbo full-grain leather construction with triple-stitching insulation. The addition of a padded collar and pull loop adds to the comfort while making it easier to put on or take off. The boots also feature a removable polyurethane footbed, which can be easily replaced if you are using custom orthotics.

Another feature that makes the Irish Setter Men’s Work Boot stand out is that it offers an incredible amount of protection. These boots have been designed to meet the ASTM F2413-11 EH Safety standard. This means you are not going to get a jolt if you accidentally step on a live wire. The rubber outsoles of these work boots should offer protection against slips and falls.

The boots have also been tested to perform well on high heat surfaces, so the soles are not likely to wear and tear quickly. All these protective features coupled with the fact that the Trout Brook leather has been handcrafted by the S. B. Foot Tanning Company exclusively for the Irish Setter brand makes this a no-brainer.

Pros and Cons:


  • 100% leather construction
  • Premium quality rubber sole
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Heat resistant outsoles
  • Non-woven nylon lining.
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Removable footbeds
  • Lightweight design


  • Possible sizing issues

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5. Carhartt Men’s Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boot

Carhartt Men's 6 Work Soft Toe NWP Work Boot

The Carhartt Men’s Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boot offers assured stability and comfort for your feet even after wearing the boots for a prolonged period. The boot has plenty of features to ensure the utmost in comfort. From the premium quality leather upper to the padded insole which provides your feet with the comfort and stability it needs.

The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as FastDry tech lining ensures that all moisture is removed from the boot to keep your feet dry and moisture-free. With the Carhartt Men’s Work Safety Toe NWP Work Boot, you get a product that features a Bon Welt constructed upper and outsole, which makes it one of the most durable footwear options available.

Apart from the high level of shock absorption that the boots offer, you also get additional features such as a comfortable tongue and padded collar, which makes the boots comfortable to wear and also shortens the break-in period. The boots are also oil and slip-resistant which offers better traction and stability on wet surfaces.

Other features of the Carhartt Men’s Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boot includes the polyurethane Strobel pads featuring a PU cushion insole, and the fact that these boots have been certified to meet safety standards while on the job. For instance, the boots meet ASTM standards which means it offers an extra layer of protection from any electrical accidents. You also get a reinforced steel shank that provides excellent arch support for those who plan on wearing these boots for many hours.

Pros and Cons:


  • Features 100% leather construction
  • Oiled tanned leather upper
  • Steel-toe protection
  • Removable insole
  • Durable rubber outsole for better shock absorption
  • FastDry technology keeps your feet clean
  • Meets ASTM standards for protection against electrical accidents


  • Not waterproof

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6. Georgia Boot Men’s Muddog Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Georgia Boot Men's Muddog Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

This Georgia Muddog work boot has been made from a combination of tough yet soft brown leather and a molded TPU shell. The shell is phenomenal because it obstructs water from getting into these boots, allows you to slop across mud-covered terrain without having the leather-covered from top-to-bottom in it, plus it provides great protection against abrasions. The lace-up design is another great addition to the upper of these waterproof boots; it allows you to adjust the fit throughout the day and allows your feet to rest securely down inside of these boots.

When you are wearing these work boots your feet will be shielded from falling objects and will be protected against electrical exposures. The footwear has been assembled in such a manner that allows it to meet the rigorous criteria set by the ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 Protective Toe Classification and the ASTM F2413-05 Electrical Hazard Standard. The work boot’s steel toe can withstand up to 75 lbs. of impact and compression.

By combining a mesh lining (lightweight, soft and wicks away moisture) and the Georgia Waterproof System within the interior of these Muddog work boots, your feet will be given unbeatable dryness protection. Then you have the Comfort Core® insole; it supplies outstanding cushioning and its Air Flow System (pushes air up through the insole) ensures that your feet remain dry and cool.

On the bottom of this durable work boot, there is a Georgia Giant polyurethane outsole. In addition to the outsole being highly resistant to abrasions, slippage, chemicals, and oil, it supplies great cushioning and its flexibility will allow you to move with ease.

Looking for durable safety-toe footwear that will keep your feet dry and comfortable? Well, these Georgia Muddog waterproof steel toe boots are exactly what you have been seeking.

Pros and Cons:


  • Georgia waterproof system
  • Gusset leather tongue
  • ASTM F2413 protective toe classification
  • ASTM F2413 electrical hazard standard
  • CC5 Comfort Core removable PU insole
  • Georgia Giant polyurethane outsole
  • SPR full-grain leather


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7. Muck Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boots

Muck Chore Classic Men's Rubber Work Boots,Black,Men's 12 M US / Women's 13 M US

The Muck Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boots are the ideal choice for those who are going to be involved in outdoor work, especially on a farm. The flexible design and shock-absorbent materials that have been used in its construction make them the go-to choice for farmers, landscapers, and other heavy-duty professions.

Durable and rugged, the Muck Chore Classic Men’s Rubber Work Boot has been built to last and can take quite a beating while being used for rugged tasks. The boot features a quick-cleaning sole which makes it easy to remove stains after messy jobs. The 5mm bootie is made from high-quality neoprene which keeps your feet properly insulated during use in wet environments.

The breathable Airmesh lining ensures that your feet will remain moisture-free regardless of how many hours they are worn. Reinforced Achilles, toe, and heel areas provide your feet with the padding it needs to stay comfortable after prolonged use. These are just some of the reasons why the Muck Boot sets the standards when it comes to sturdy and durable work boots.

Pros and Cons:


  • Synthetic rubber construction
  • Waterproof design
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Wide-cut heel base
  • Steel shank
  • Reinforced Achilles, heel and toe area
  • Kick rim on the counter for easy removal
  • Added insulation
  • Unisex boot design


  • Inner sole might fall to wear and tear
  • Neoprene could make them hot

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8. Bog’s Men’s Classic Ultra Mid-Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boot

Bogs Men's Ultra Mid Insulated Waterproof Work Rain Boot, Black, 9 D(M) US

The Bog’s Men’s Classic Ultra Mid-Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boot has a lot going for it. This boot has got to be one of the best options available for those who continue to work on their farm during those cold winter months. The Bog brand has always delivered an exceptional level of quality with their boot designs and the Men’s Classic Ultra Mid-Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boot is no different.

Apart from the durable materials that have been used in its design and the premium build quality, these men’s boots boast of plenty of standout features which makes them a great choice for those who are in search of farm boots for winter.

One of the most beneficial features of these farm boots has got to be the non-slip outsole, which provides superior traction and stability while you’re working on a farm. Additionally, the boot also happens to be waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet while you’re out in the cold. Additionally, the upper of these farm boots features four-way stretchability, which offers enhanced comfort for the wearer, even after prolonged hours of use.

The outsole is constructed from pure 100% rubber so you can rest assured on its durability. Apart from that, these farm boots also feature Max-wick technology which wicks away any moisture from the boot, keeping your feet clean and dry. Also, the anti-microbial insoles make sure that your feet are kept safe from any harmful bacteria.

The extra padding of the internal midsole, the contoured EVA footbed, and the four-way stretchable upper easily make this one of the most comfortable farm boots for winter.

Pros and Cons:


  • Features a four-way stretch upper
  • Features anti-microbial insoles
  • Neoprene lining keeps your feet from getting wet
  • Internal midsole with rubber sponge delivers extra cushioning
  • A non-slip design that provides superior traction
  • Non-marking outsole
  • 100% waterproof
  • Ideal for winter use


  • Not the most durable

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9. Redback Boots USABK Outback Lace-Up Steel-Toe Boots

RedbacK Boots USABK Outback Lace Up Steel Toe - Black Leather (10 UK (11 US))

The Redback brand is another company that’s synonymous with high-quality design and durability for their boots and the Redback Boots USABK Outback Lace-Up Steel-Toe Boot is no exception. These boots have plenty of features that have been included to provide the user with style, comfort, and protection while on the job. This is also one of the reasons why these boots come highly rated.

Don’t let the minimal, all-black leather design of the Redback Boots USABK Outback Lace-Up Steel-Toe Boots fool you. Here, you will get a 100% pure leather construction. The boot’s design has been tweaked to fit the contours of your feet, which makes these boots fit like a glove. Featuring steel-toe protection, these boots provide you with the protection you need while working on a farm, or in any labor-intensive occupation for that matter.

The lace-up design and arch support make these work boots one of the more comfortable options that are available in the market today. Other standout features of the Redback Boots USABK Outback Lace-Up Steel-Toe Boots include ASTM certified steel toe protection along with ASTM F2413-11 certification for the boot’s electric shock resistance. This means that the boots will keep you safe if you accidentally stepped on an electric wire. These boots also boast of oil and slip-resistant TPU soles which provides your feet with a high level of traction and stability, especially when walking on wet surfaces.

Pros and Cons:


  • Features a lace-up design
  • Features an Anatomic Support system
  • ASTM certified Steel Toe protection
  • Outsoles designed for maximum traction
  • Meets ASTM F2413-11 standards for electric shock
  • Features Oil/Acid/Slip Resistant TPU soles


  • Long break-in time
  • Made for wider-than-normal feet

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10. Servus Comfort Technology 14” PVC Steel-Toe Men’s Work Boots

Servus Comfort Technology 14" PVC Soft Toe Men's Work Boots,Black - Steel Toe,8

Servus is a company that has always been known to deliver superior quality footwear that is a combination of durable materials and sturdy construction. The result has always been that the company has produced boots that are loved by many whose occupation requires added comfort and protection. Keeping that in mind, it’s easy to see how the Servus Comfort Technology 14” PVC Steel-Toe Men’s Work Boots made it to our list of top ten best farm boots to invest in.

The Servus Comfort Technology 14” PVC Steel-Toe Men’s Work Boot features a 14” long design that features high-quality PVC construction for added protection. Since the long shaft goes all the way to just below the knee, it ensures that the lower portion of your legs is safe and protected while carrying out heavy-duty tasks.

Apart from the sleek design of the boot, you also get some awesome features that keep your feet protected on the farm such as a sturdy and durable build quality along with added padding in the insole for your comfort.

These top of the line farm boots also boast of a scalloped design for added flexibility. The heel area of the boot has been cupped to fully grasp your feet, which provides better stability and grip. The highly padded and contoured design of the Servus Comfort Technology 14” PVC Steel-Toe Men’s Work Boots ensures that the boots remain secure on your feet while offering you the protection you need.

Pros and Cons:


  • PVC construction
  • Electrical hazard rated outsole
  • Steel-toe protection


  • Steel toe could be uncomfortable to walk in
  • Not enough cushioning

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Final Thoughts

Farm boots have been designed exclusively to withstand that wear and tear of being used on a farm. Since farmers normally spend long hours carrying out various tasks on their land, they need the right footwear that is going to offer their feet with the protection they need while on the job. By wearing high-quality farm boots, farmers have a way of keeping their feet comfortable and protected even after prolonged use. If you plan on buying sturdy and durable farm boots or wish to replace your existing boots, then you can rest assured that heavy-duty farm boots are your best bet to getting the stability, safety and comfort your feet deserve.

Best Overall Choice

The Wolverine Men’s Floorhand Six-Inch Soft Toe Farm Boot’s main selling point is the fact that this company has been in the business of designing high-quality footwear for the past 150 years. This alone ensures that you are going to get a superior level of quality when you purchase these farm boots. Some of the features that make these boots worth investing in are the cushioned insoles, thick outsoles for shock absorption, and patented technology such as the Wolverine MultiShox and Wolverine Durashocks that keeps your feet safe from impacts.

Premium Product

The Carhartt Men’s Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boot provides just the right balance of comfort and stability. The use of premium quality leather is evident right off the bat. The integration of multiple features such as padded insoles, FastDry tech lining, and Safety Toe protection makes this boot a good choice for working on a farm. Additionally, these boots also meet ASTM standards for protection against electrical accidents, which sets the Carhartt Men’s Work Safety-Toe NWP Work Boot apart from many other brands.

Best Value

Going for Skechers Men’s Relment Pelmo Chukka Waterproof Boots is an easy choice if you want to get a high level of comfort and protection for your feet. These farm boots have been designed to be wearable for long hours. The waterproof materials and lining of the boots ensure that your feet stay dry and protection even while working in wet environments. The lightweight construction means that you’re not going to get tired soon when wearing these boots. The additional cushioning keeps your feet comfy while the specially designed heels provide a good grip to function better on slippery surfaces.