12 Best Flip Flops for Walking

Best Flip Flops for Walking

Flip-flops are sometimes called thongs or sandals. These popular summer shoes are usually worn poolside or at the beach. Many people wear flip-flops to walk on hot summer days, especially in the city.

Recent media accounts have focused on debates about whether you should walk in New York City. Bacteria, debris, and other problems that may cause infection or other foot problems.

You don’t need to give up summer flip-flops if you live in NYC – or anywhere. You do need to be careful about sizing and buying sturdy, high-quality flip-flops with adequate support.

Avoid buying cheap rubber flip-flops from the drug store or dollar store, even if you don’t plan to do much walking. Choose well-constructed flip-flops made with leather, rubber, and high-quality synthetic materials if you want to wear flip-flops for walking.

You’ll find the best flip flops for walking at a retail store or prominently featured on reputable online sites.

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How to Find Flip Flops for Everyday Walking

Walking in the right pair of shoes or flip-flops is important for your overall health. Shoes affect your ankles, hips, knees, and lower back. Poorly-made flip-flops are notorious for impeding range of motion, causing blisters, and hurting the rest of your body due to insufficient heel and arch support.

Even the best flip-flops aren’t meant to be worn when playing sports, doing intense yard work, or heavy work of any kind. You need a shoe that covers your entire foot to perform those activities.

However, well-made flip-flop sandals are excellent for everyday activities such as shopping, social events, and light to moderate walking outdoors. A few flip-flops are so well-constructed, some people may find it easy to walk long distances in them or even jog.

What to Look for in a Flip Flop

A flip-flop style sandal has to fit properly, just like more formal shoes. Finding the right size takes a bit of detective work because flip-flops are generally available in whole sizes only. If you wear a half-size, you’ll need to check the description to find out of you should order one size up or one size down from your usual half-size.

When you try on a pair of flip-flops, the area between your first and second toe will press against the toe post as your foot slides forward. How far your toes slide determines the sandal’s fit.

If your foot slides too much, the flip-flop will be uncomfortable when you walk short distances. You won’t be able to walk long distances with a flip-flop that slides too much.

Some flip-flops become more comfortable as you walk in them and “break them in,” but don’t count on a “break-in” period to solve a fit problem. Take the extra time to find flip-flops that fit right before you buy them.

The strap fit and location of the toe post determine how far up your foot slides. Loose straps will make your foot slide farther towards the front of the sandal. A particular flip-flop style may feel and look great when you’re standing still, but the fit may change when you walk, and your toes slide against the post.

Ensure that no part of your foot hangs off the sandal. If your toes or heel hang off the edge of the sandal, you need to find a pair with adjustable straps, a longer, wider toe box, or tighter straps.

The length and width of the toe box and a flip-flop’s toe-post placement and arch support vary from brand to brand. Try on as many pairs of flip-flips in person as you can to get a good idea of exactly what you need. Once you are sure of your size, and what features (arch supports, adjustable strap, etc.) suit your feet, you can buy online with confidence.

Check the arches and arch support when you try on a pair of flip-flops. Strong arch support will help you avoid plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of fibrous tissue that causes heel pain. Flip-flops brands have varying arch heights, and some brands have style specifically made for people prone to plantar fasciitis.

The Birkenstock Gizeh and some other brands are made with rounded heel cups to keep the heel in place as you walk. Make sure your heel rests comfortably in the center of the heel cup as you stand or walk.


If you buy a name-brand flip-flop sandal in the right size, you shouldn’t have any problem, even if you walk a long distance. The way the flip-flop is designed and the materials used make all the difference in how your feet feel.

Thin rubber flip-flops have no foot or ankle support. You may develop foot pressure or balance problems if you wear these sandals for more than lounging by the pool or taking a shower at the health club. The toe post that rests between your big and second toe can cause blisters or infections.

Choose flip-flops made with leather, suede, or supportive synthetic materials. You shouldn’t be able to bend your flip-flops in half.

Flip-flops will change the way you walk because you flex your toes to keep the sandals on your feet. Your walking stride will be shorter than when you walk in other shoes.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) cautions against wearing flip-flops for long-distance walks. (You can wear well-constructed leather or synthetic flip-flops to run errands or for moderate distance walks.) You shouldn’t wear any flip-flops for playing sports or gardening.

Discard flip-flops if they show signs of wear or hurt your feet.

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Flip Flop Brands

Most major shoe brands offer at least a few versions of flip-flops. Any flip-flop that’s described as an orthotic or ergonomic shoe is safe to wear for light to moderate walking.

Some brands, like Vionic, are made with foot comfort in mind, and fashion secondary. A few high-end brands are made strictly for style-conscious consumers and place comfort as a secondary concern. (Most high-end brands do have footbed cushioning and some arch support.)

If you want an attractive flip-flop for a summer party or social event, and don’t plan to do a lot of walking, a lesser-known brand without a lot of arch support will suffice. Meeshine and Tory Burch sandals look good and have a few foot-protecting features, but are designed as fashion statements more than walking sandals.

Anyone who wants to wear flip-flops for walking or summer exploring should check out podiatrist-approved brands like Vionic, Birkenstock, and Footminder. Many styles from these companies have deep heel cups for stability and arch support.

Cushioned foam footbeds, injection-molded midsoles, and breathable, polyurethane (PU) insoles are other features you should look for if you have plantar fasciitis or other foot problems

Strap fit is important, too. Straps affect more than the way a sandal looks. V-shaped straps may be too tight or too loose, depending on how they fit your foot. Flip-flops with V-shaped straps are fine for lounging on the patio or beach but may hurt your feet if you have to run errands or walk a moderate distance.

Straps that crisscross over the top of your foot will give some people a tight, but comfortable, fit, but be painful for some foot shapes. Birkenstocks and a few other brands have buckles on the straps so you can adjust the fit as needed. If you have a hard time finding straps that fit right, try a flip-flop with adjustable buckle straps.

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Top Flip-Flops for Walking

Do you plan to do a lot of walking on vacation or around town this spring or summer? You can buy excellent quality flip-flops with foot-friendly features like deep heel cups and EVA foam footbeds from most major footwear manufacturers.

The flip-flops on our list look come in two basic styles. Some flip-flops look like fashion sandals but have arch supports or other features that make them more comfortable for walking.

The second flip-flop type looks like a sturdier, bulkier beach flip flop. These sandals have wider straps, often made of leather, and comfortable padded and lined footbeds for comfort. The straps and/or the footbeds often come in fashion colors.

Here’s our list of the best flip flops for walking.

1. Columbia Kea II Women’s Flip Flop Sandal

Columbia Women's KEA II Sport Sandal, Ancient Fossil, Wet Sand, 11 Regular US

The lightweight Columbia Kea II flip-flop sandal is made with polyurethane-coated leather for a sleek, attractive look. This sandal has a stylish but conservative look, and you can wear it daily for light walking or errands.

The Omni-Grip outsole traction system is constructed with rubber that treads to outdoor environments, like beaches and dirt trails. The hydrophobic lining keeps feet dry, and the Techlite midsole provides ongoing comfort. These slightly curved sandals offer excellent arch support for flat feet.

This sandal is designed for active women. You can wear the Columbia Kea II on vacation, on a boat deck, or while shopping or running errands.  The straps are wider than most flip flop straps and feel more comfortable than skinnier straps. The tops of your feet will get more coverage with these straps.

Walk around streams and pools without worrying about damaging these sandals. These sandals aren’t entirely waterproof but will remain intact after an occasional dip in the pool.

If you’re looking for a tough flip-flop that looks more like a regular sandal than beach attire, the Kea II may work for you. The company has updated the design and material for the Kea II recently. If you’ve bought a Kea II in the past, be aware of this. The feel and durability of the sandals have changed.

These slip-on sandals stretch out after a few weeks or months, depending on how often you wear them. The stretching adheres to the shape of your foot and will make the sandals more comfortable for women with bunions or other foot problems.

If you have foot problems, you may find the toe pie is either too loose or too tight.

Choose from black and grey steel, wet sand/ancient fossil, black/ti grey steel, or red coral/cherry bomb. All flip-flops have The Columbia logo on the side for a bit of added style.


  • High-traction grip
  • Techlite, shock-absorbent midsole
  • Made with PU (polyurethane) coated leather
  • Leather and textile construction
  • Hydrophobic lining


  • Runs small
  • Toe grip is looser than previous models of this sandal.
  • These flip-flips may have a chemical smell.

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2. Skechers Pizazz Flip Flops for Women

Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Pizazz Flip Flop,Gray/Pink,11 M US

These 100 percent synthetic flip-flops offer Skechers GOga® technology on the midsole and outsole for more comfort during long walks. The midsole also has an injection-molded Resalyte® compound to absorb shock. This lightweight substance also helps the midsole retain its shape.

Skechers’ Goga Pillars® and GOimpulse sensors offer a flexible cushioning and high rebound. The sole grips outdoor and indoor surfaces with ease and the comfortable footbed has more support than most rubber flip-flips. These flip-flops become more comfortable the more you wear them.

These sandals have a moderate amount of arch support and mold to your feet. The “give” or flexibility is a plus if you have plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or other foot problems. The GOga® technology and molded foam footbed make walking on hard or uneven surfaces easier and absorb shock.

The cushy footbed makes it easy to walk all day without blisters, pain, or fatigue. You can even wear these flip-flops if you have rheumatoid arthritis, and your feet occasionally swell.

These flip-flops come in natural, light blue/white and black. There’s a side S logo on the strap for a bit of class. Like other Skechers, the Pizazz runs a little large, so buy a half size smaller than what you normally buy. These sandals have no burning or chemical smell and don’t make noise when you walk in them like off-brands.

Skechers Pizazz flip-flips are best for indoor wear, running errands, or short walks. These sandals can be worn around the pool or beach – they don’t soak up water and dry quickly.


  • GOga® technology for walking comfort
  • Impact-absorbing Resalyte® midsoles
  • Textured footbed
  • Rubber sole
  • Printed straps


  • Not true to size
  • Feels heavy on your feet
  • Not durable; has a short life span

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3. Reef Men’s Flip-Flop Sandals with Bottle Opener

Reef Men's Sandals | Fanning Low| Bottle Opener Flip Flops with Arch Support, Grey/Blue, 8

Reef Men’s Flip-Flop Sandals are made for summer fun outdoors, but they also have arch support and a molded footbed made of EVA foam. Although the flip-flops look like standard rubber beach sandals from a distance, the contoured compression footbed and anatomical arch support keep feet healthy as you walk.

These Fanning Low sandals get their name because they have a sleek modern look and thin profile. The strap is also thinner than the one on the regular Fanning flip-flop. The shoes are sturdy and don’t make noise – they aren’t “squishy” like some men’s beach flip-flops.

The 360-degree heel airbag is placed in soft polyurethane. There’s a padded jersey liner for additional comfort.A herringbone rubber outsole offers traction on most surfaces.

These durable sandals will last over many summers. Although this is a beach shoe poolside sandal, it’s fine for indoor wear, errands, or short walks.

The upper strap is made of water-resistant synthetic nubuck. These Reef sandals are soft on the foot, but suitable for daily wear indoors, on the beach, or for light to moderate walking.

These flip-flops are tough, but they are primarily made for vacation and leisure fun. There’s a church key bottle opener hidden in the rubber outsole. You’ll never need to search for a bottle opener when you wear Fanning Low Reef Flip flops. The bottle opener won’t impede your walking – you won’t feel it at all.

This flip-flop has minimal arch support compared to other Fanning sandals. The center toe strap may break over time.  For the most part, this men’s flip-flop will give you your money’s worth during the summer, or indoors year-round.


  • The footbed absorbs shock for pain-free walking
  • Water-resistant upper strap
  • Anatomical; arch support
  • Church-key bottle opener in the rubber outsole
  • Padded jersey liner


  • May cause blisters
  • Wears out quickly
  • Made from hard material

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4. FitFlop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop

FitFlop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop

If you’re an active person looking for a sturdy flip-flop you can wear all summer long, the FitFlop Iqushion may be right for you. Fitflops are excellent for indoor wear, as well.

This flip-flop features flexible, soft jelly uppers and an anti-slip outsole. There’s moderate arch support, so you can run errands or go shopping without strain on your feet. You can walk long distances in these flip-flops (provided you have the right size and fit), or even run short distances in them.

The FitFlop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop has a soft, biomechanically engineered footbed. This micro-bubble foam cushioned footbed absorbs shock as you walk. This flip-flop looks like a sturdier version of a conventional rubber thong. The comfortable toe post doesn’t require any break-in time.

This sandal has been recommended by podiatrists for people with plantar fasciitis or individuals who need strong arch support. There are a few minor complaints – the strap does stretch a bit if you wear these sandals often, and the coloring may rub off on your feet after extensive wear.

The Fitflop Iqushion sandal is available in black, black tortoiseshell, bronze, chocolate brown turtle, gold, and wild aubergine. Additional colors may be available from some sellers.


  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Micro-bubble foam cushioned footbed
  • Flexible jelly uppers
  • Biomechanically engineered midsole for more comfort
  • Comfortable toe post


  • Uppers may be loose on skinny feet
  • Coloring may rub off after extensive wear
  • Straps are too stretchy

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5. Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Gizeh EVA Sandals

Birkenstock Unisex Gizeh Essentials EVA Sandals, Black, 38 R EU, 7-7.5 Women/5-5.5 Men M US

This German-made unisex flip-flop has all the popular Birkenstock features people love. The Gizeh offers built-in arch support to keep your feet balanced and gait steady.  Deep heel cups also ensure your feet fit comfortably on the molded EVA footbed. There’s a toe grip to give your toes enough room to move and prevent blisters.

The heel mould on the Birkenstock footbed stabilizes the back of your foot and works the calf muscles. The longitudinal arch supports run along the footbed sides. These supports surround the tarsal bones and keep your foot stable as you walk.

The transverse arch support goes through the middle of the footbed to keep the metatarsal bone straight as you take each step. The footbed edge of this Birkenstock is placed high at the front of the sandal to protect your toes when your foot goes through a rolling motion during each step.

The Gizeh comes in many colors to match your outfits, including black, metallic silver, scuba blue, khaki, white, pink, silver, coral, red, and navy.

Flip-flops are normally reserved for light to moderate walking and beachwear, but you can wear the Gizeh for hiking dirt trails or walking long distances on smooth terrain.


  • Rubber sole
  • Anatomically shaped EVA footbed
  • Waterproof
  • Toe grip for extra support
  • Deep heel cups for balance


  • Makes noise when you walk
  • Your feet may stick to the sole
  • May irritate the second toe after a long walk

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6. Tory Burch Wedge Flip Flop

Tory Burch Wedge Flip Flop

This attractive, open-toe slip-on design looks a bit chunkier than your run-of-the-mill flip flops. There’s a rubber outsole and upper. The button-shaped logo gives a bit of sophistication where the shiny strips intersect with the toe post. The Tory Burch Wedge Flip Flop has a 1.59-inch rubber wedge heel and a 0.80-inch platform.

These flip-flops are made mostly of rubber, so they’re not fashion sandals, but they will complement many different outfits. The added height gives it a fashionable look so that you can pair these sandals with a long boho dress, jeans, or your favorite summer outfit.

This wedge flip flop comes in two versions – basic black and burgundy straps/ivory and floral patterned footbed. These sandals are great for pool parties, vacations, or even summer wedding receptions. The Tory Burch Wedge Flip-Flop, like other Tory Burch shoes, has a high-end, fashion appeal.

These flip-flops are well-constructed and have good arch support. You can walk indoors, go shopping, or run errands in these sandals. We don’t recommend heavy walking in Tory Burch sandals, as they are more of a fashion/casual shoe.

We have two minor complaints about this sandal. The toe post on this wedge flip-flop may be too hard against the skin, and the straps may be uncomfortable for some women.


  • Rubber upper and outsole
  • Fashionable platform wedge
  • Double T logo at vamp
  • Open-toe, slip-on design
  • Good for leisure and indoor wear, running errands


  • Toe post made of hard material
  • The band across the top of the foot may dig into the skin
  • Straps attach to base under your feet and may be uncomfortable

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7. Vionic Women’s Tide Aloe Toe-Post Sandal/Flip-Flop

Vionic Women's Tide Aloe Toe-Post Sandal - Ladies Flip- Flop with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support Black Leather 8 Medium US

The fashionable suede or leather uppers give these flip-flops a sophisticated look. The O-ring decoration adds a bit of class to make this sandal fashionable and foot-friendly.

The Aloe provides orthotic support like many other Vionic sandals, including excellent arch support.  The lightweight, medium-density EVA midsole reduces impact and absorbs shock on ankles, feet, and knees. The Aloe footbed was designed by a podiatrist to ensure stability when standing or walking.

The Vionic Women’s Tide Aloe Toe-Post Sandal/Flip-Flop has the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. These sandals are comfortable for women with plantar fasciitis.

The Aloe has rubber-like soles and insoles that can withstand a bit of moisture. The straps are leather or suede, and the flip-flop is lined with fabric, so you may want to avoid wearing it on the beach or poolside.

You may need to walk in the Vionic Aloes for a while to get used to them. These sandals may feel a bit long when you first get them but are comfortable once you wear them for a while.  The manufacturer recommends that you wear new Tide Aloes for a few hours each day for the first few days you have them.

The Aloe Toe Post Flip-Flop comes in 11 colors. These colors include black leather, black suede, cherry suede, lavender suede, rose gold, toffee suede, white, olive, and champagne.

Clean leather with a dry cotton cloth. Keep the sandal away from direct heat to avoid drying out the leather. Air-dry the sandals if they get wet; don’t put them in the dryer.


  • Suede/leather upper
  • Shock absorbent EVA midsole
  • O-Ring embellishment
  • Podiatrist-designed footbed
  • Tough rubber outsole


  • Toes may rub up against toe post and cause blisters
  • Sandals feel heavy when you walk in them.
  • The material stretches out after a few weeks

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8. Meeshine Women’s Bohemia Flip Flops

Meeshine Women's Bohemia Flip Flops

These shabby-chic flip flops feature a padded cork sole and breathable insole. The sandals are made with top-quality polyurethane and have an anti-skid TPR sole. A cushioned footbed and padded sole provide better walking comfort even during busy days.

The Meeshine Bohemia Flip-Flops come in fashionable pastel colors, with or without rhinestones on the straps. Either way, you’ll look stylish on vacation or at a casual gathering when you wear these flip-flops.

Meeshine Women’s Bohemia Flip Flops get high marks for style, good marks for comfort, and fair to average marks for durability. Although the sandals have a padded sole and cushioned footbed, they’re not as well-constructed as the brand name flip-flops on this list.

Wear these flip-flops to a summer party, lunch with friends, or an occasional short walk or errand.

The heel is 0.78 inches high, and the platform measures 0.19 inches high.

This flip-flop is available in pink, apricot, black, blue, medium blue with braided straps with rhinestones, ivory, and ivory with rhinestones on the straps.


  • Cushioned footbed
  • Padded, cork sole
  • Breathable, polyurethane insole
  • Some styles have rhinestone-decorated straps
  • Anti-skid TPR sole


  • Runs small
  • Straps may break
  • Toe post is too thick

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9. Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Flip-Flops

Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals (Pair) - Walking Comfort with Orthopedic Support (Men 8 - Women 9, Black)

The anatomically molded footbed supports your foot, even if you have low arches or flat feet. This sandal supports your foot arches even if you are moderately active all day.

The deep heel cups promote enhanced stability when you stand or walk. Baltra’s compression-molded EVA midsoles cushion impact and offer arch support. Footminders flip-flops are recommended by chiropractors and podiatrists for individuals with plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

The textured, non-slip outsole helps keep your gait stable on all types of surfaces.

Like most flip-flops, the Baltra Unisex sandal is available only in whole sizes. The manufacturer recommends women buy the next smaller size and men the next larger size for a better fit.

This flip-flop is available in black and cocoa brown. Footminders Baltra Unisex orthotic Arch Support flip-flops can be worn for errands, on vacation, and for casual events like parties or barbeques. The Footminders brand is similar to Vionic for its design and foot-protecting features.

The Baltra has plenty of room for you to stretch your toes if you have wide feet. The horizontal strap is placed higher on your foot. Since the strap isn’t as close to the toes as other styles, it keeps the sandal more secure on your foot to avoid slipping. The strap placement keeps the sandal firmly on your foot, even when the material gets wet.

We noticed a few minor issues with this sandal. The color on the heels of the Baltra may fade after heavy wear. The sandal may take a while  to adjust and mold to your feet.  Some individuals may be sensitive to the flapping noise the shoe makes when you walk.


  • Midsole made of compression-molded EVA
  • Enhances balance and walking motion
  • Anatomically molded to support your foot arches
  • Unisex design
  • Deep heel cup relieves pain due to plantar fasciitis and flat feet


  • Heavy material
  • Color may fade
  • Makes noise when you walk

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10. Crocs Women’s Capri V Flip-Flop

Crocs Women's Capri V Flip Flop, Navy/Pearl White, 11 M US

Crocs are well-known as a comfortable, casual shoe brand. The company’s flip-flops combine the functionality of their other shoes with the style of low-slung fashion sandals.

The leather Capri V Flip-Flop has a synthetic sole and soft foam footbed. There’s a deep heel cup to help you keep your balance, and a Croslite foam outsole to keep your feet comfortable wherever you walk. The edges of the sandals are rounded for a more comfortable fit, and there’s moderate arch support.

These Crocs are offered enough support and comfort for individuals with plantar fasciitis.

You can wear these Capri V flip-flops on the beach or by the pool. If you get them wet too often, the glue that holds the toe strap will loosen. Your sandals will last longer if you avoid getting them wet. You may shower in them or get a bit of water splashed on them poolside without issues, but avoid stepping directly into water while wearing these Crocs.

The platform is 0.75 inches high, and the shaft measures 1.5 inches from the arch. The straps aren’t stretchy, so you won’t need to worry about the sandals getting looser if you wear them a lot.

These crocs come in black/graphite, chai/walnut, khaki, espresso, teal, pearl white/navy blue, and navy/ocean. The colors go with most casual outfits and are great for indoor wear, summer vacations, and trips to the beach.


  • Massaging nubs underfoot
  • Croslite foam footbeds
  • Made of leather
  • Soft upper straps
  • Provides a comfortable cushioned walking experience


  • The sandals will degrade if you leave out in the sunlight
  • Water may soften the glue that holds the straps together
  • Your foot may hit the strip that goes through toes

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11. Volatile Frappachino Flip-Flop

Volatile Frappachino Flip-Flop

The Volatile Frappachino Flip-Flop may feel a bit heavy for flip-flops, but if you like walking moderate to long distances in sandals, this style may work for you. The extra heft helps these flip-flops last longer, especially if you walk on trails or uneven surfaces.

The moderate arch support is a plus for individuals who experience foot problems while wearing inexpensive flip-flops.

This flip-flop resembles a platform shoe at first glance. The heel measures two and three-quarters inches in height, but the sandal is still technically a flip-flop. Wear with jeans, capris, or summer dresses

There’s a soft EVA footbed to cushion your feet as you walk. These sandals are fine for summer adventures, and may even work for short walks in the city. The rubber outsole grips surfaces for better traction. These sandals are comfortable as well as fashionable.

The Frappuccino is available in black or brown. You should cut off the manufacturer tag on the shoe straps before wearing to prevent blisters.


  • EVA footbed
  • 100 percent leather
  • Keeps feet dry
  • Rubber outsole for better grip
  • Stylish one-inch platform and two and ¾ inch heel


  • Straps cut too low
  • Feels bulky and heavy
  • Runs small

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12. Aerothotic Comfort Flip-Flop for Women

AEROTHOTIC Women's Comfortable Orthotic Flip-Flops Sandal (US Women 10, Crystal Black)

The thick polyurethane midsole resists abrasions, and the thick PU outsole helps support your feet. These lightweight flip-flops absorb shock to make walking easier, even on trails and hard surfaces.

You can wear these sandals confidently because there’s only a small chance you’ll develop heel spurs or plantar fasciitis due to their safety features. The non-slip ergonomic outsoles have a U-shaped opening for better stability and traction.

These flip-flops have a polyurethane injected midsole that targets pressure points on your feet to reduce heel and back pain. The cushioned pad absorbs friction for smoother walks indoors and outdoors.

The heel cup protects heel spurs or metatarsal pain, even if you walk moderate to long distances. A deep heel cup helps align the hindfoot to aid posture and reduce back pain. Heel cups also ensure a better balance.

The platform is 0.75 inches high.

Aerothotic Comfort Flip-Flops have padded straps and a water-resistant U-shaped hollow insole for traction on rough surfaces. The moderate arch support improves your gait.

The Aerothotic flip-flop has leather straps and can be worn to parties, on shopping trips, errands, or poolside.

The toe post used on the  Aerothotic Flip-Flop for Women is made of soft material that connects to the inner part of the sandal. The cushioned footbed and moderate arch support make this flip-flop an excellent choice for most summer activities.

The flips are black, with 26 different colors and patterns available for straps. The strap choices include crystal purple, spiral pattern, pearly silver, Prisma black, Prisma fuchsia, spiral green, matt wine, pearly blue, mellow black, mellow blue and mellow green.


  • Straps come in 26 colors and patterns
  • Padded straps
  • Water-resistant
  • Moderate arch support
  • U-shaped hollow outsole to grip rough surfaces


  • Hard sole
  • Narrow in toe and heel
  • Made with cheap material

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If you wear flip-flops during the summer, or as substitute slippers around the house, you have many choices. From fashionable leather flip-flops to podiatrist-approved sandals with arch support and cushioned footbeds, there’s something for everyone.

Here are three choices for best flip flops for walking based on our reviews and research.

Best Overall Choice

The Crocs Capri V Flip-Flop for Women gets our vote for Best Overall Choice. The comfort and wearability of other Croc shoes translate well to flip-flops. The soft, cushioned footbed provides a smoother walking experience, and features such as the deep heel cup and Croslite foam outsole ensure a longer life.

The color choices, although not extensive, will go with most casual outfits.

Best Premium Product

Most unisex flip-flops made with orthotic comfort in mind tend to be slightly more expensive than others, and Footminders Baltra Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Flip-Flops are no exception. These flip-flops from Footminder offer deep heel cups for lateral stability, and anatomically mold to your feet.

These sandals are recommended for people with plantar fasciitis, and the arch support corrects overpronation.  This is the best choice to keep feet healthy if you walk a lot in flip-flops.

Best Value

The FitFlop Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop has the same cushioned footbed and skid-resistant outsole as more expensive sandals. This flip-flop has soft, flexible uppers and provides protection for individuals prone to plantar fasciitis or other foot problems.

It comes in six “goes with everything” colors.

Avoid blisters and other foot problems during the summer from wearing bargain-bin flip-flops. You can buy well-constructed sandals with the same basic flip-flop design, and enjoy running errands or walking moderate distances without changing into closed-toe shoes.

Look for flip-flops with deep heel cups, EVA foam footbeds, and other foot-protecting features for a more comfortable walking experience.