12 Best Flip Flops for Women

Best Flip Flops for Women

For many women, shoes make the outfit, no matter what you’re wearing. But you don’t always want the highest heels or the bulkiest sneakers for everyday wear. Plus, a slip-on style is often quick for getting out the door. The good news is, whether you’re casually running errands or dressing up for a spring or summer event, there’s a best flip flops for Women style to meet your needs.

While they all maintain the same strap style that creates their signature flip and flop, flip flops don’t all look the same. You can find ones with extra straps, pairs with beading, sequins, and more, and even high-heeled or wedge options.

In short, you can find a flip flop to go with any outfit, and the number of choices can be almost overwhelming. Especially when shopping online, it can be a challenge to find the right shoes that are comfortable and flattering. Fortunately, we have recommendations for everything from the dressiest to the most casual flip flop.

Our Top Picks

For more details, including what makes these our top choices, read on.

How to Choose Flip Flops for Women

Choosing the right pair of flip flops can be a challenge if you’re planning on doing more than running errands in them. Here’s what to consider.


A pair of flip flops for beachwear will look very different from the pair you don for a friend’s baby shower or lunch at an upscale café. Consider the occasion and choose the right sandal to suit. Flip flops for casual wear can be rubber or another lightweight, inexpensive material.

For dressier occasions, flip flops with more decorations, higher-quality materials, and an element of fashion are ideal.

Style and Color

Matching your flip flops to your bikini isn’t as crucial as choosing the right style to suit a dressier outfit or evening wear. But it is possible to choose a flip flop style that suits even the most elegant dress. The key is in the details.

First, you don’t want to contrast your footwear from your outfit too much—but exactly matching isn’t always ideal, either. Choose a similar shade or a neutral color for your flip flops if you want your outfit to draw the most attention. For a dressier style, choose a higher-heel flip flop, one with embellishments, or more intricate details.

For casual occasions, bright and fun flip flops are often popular. If you’re wearing a summery dress or casual shorts, flip flops in any style or color can complete the outfit.

Arch Height

Your foot’s arch can affect whether flip flops are comfortable to wear for long periods. Mayo Clinic explains that there are three main arch heights: normal, flat, and high. They recommend stepping on a surface with a wet foot, then checking the footprint to determine the type of arch you have.

People with normal arches will see a mostly filled arch area in their print. Flat arches show up as a complete foot outline since your arch touches the floor. High arches result in a narrow footprint—or very little of a ‘foot’ shape at all.

Women with high arches tend to have the most complications when selecting flip flops. If you struggle with high arches or foot pain, you’ll need to be careful about the amount of support in all your shoes, including flip flops.

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What Critics Say About Flip Flops for Women

There are two chief complaints about women wearing flip flops. One comes from podiatrists who feel that flip flops are unhealthy and potentially dangerous. The other unpopular opinion is that flip flops are far too casual for many situations that women wear them in.

Are Flip Flops Harmful to Feet?

Although flip flops are the ultimate in convenience, you don’t want to take chances with issues like foot pain and tendinitis. According to WebMD, flip flops can cause foot pain for some people, especially if they lack arch support and shock absorption.

Ideally, your flip flops should have some cushioning and support for your feet. They shouldn’t rub or chafe in any place, and there should be some amount of arch support. But for many women, wearing even the thinnest, least supportive flip flops doesn’t cause problems.

In most cases, it’s up to your foot structure and size whether you experience pain or other issues with wearing these sandals.

Flip Flops Not Appropriate for Certain Environments?

Most people don’t have a problem with ladies wearing flip flops while running errands or visiting the beach.

But according to CBS News, experts from Glamour magazine maintain that flip flops are beachy, casual wear only. They say that you shouldn’t wear flip flops in many settings, particularly at work, and that you should tread carefully when dressing for the office.

Of course, that’s opinion only, and as long as women stick to their company’s dress code, there’s no reason why a variety of flip flops are unsuitable for everyday wear.

What to Look for in Women’s Flip Flops

One of the highlights of slip-on flip flops is their affordability. At the same time, a cheap pair of flip flops from your local retail store probably won’t give good results. Such shoes are low-quality, come in vague sizing models (Small to Medium instead of specific number sizing), and tend to break easily.

Here’s what to look for to avoid breakage, pain, and other problems with your flip flops.

Quality Materials

The type of material affects how long your shoes last, plus how your feet feel in them. Flip flops can come in plastic, rubber, woven, fabric, and other materials. Look for materials that will last a long time and have reinforced seams and cushioning for comfort.

Specific Sizing

While dime store flip flops might be convenient for a beach day, they probably won’t fit well. Ideally, your flip flops should come in whole sizes, while half sizing is even better. Skip those “Medium” flip flops and pick the right size.

Quality Guarantees

It’s always nice when a manufacturer offers a quality guarantee on their shoes. Not all do, however, so keep an eye out for this perk when shopping for flip flops.

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Best Flip Flops for Women Reviews

Now that you know what to look for, here are our top choices for the best flip flops for women.

1. Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-Flop

Clarks Women's Breeze Sea Flip Flop, New Black Synthetic, 7 B(M) US

A ton of color options in a sporty style makes these Clarks Breeze Sea Flip-Flop an appealing choice for women. Whether you enjoy walking long distances without the restrictive feel of trainers or want a dressier, sportier style of flip flop for everyday jaunts, Clarks might be the perfect fit.

While many flip flops offer no adjustability, Clarks have a hook-and-loop (Velcro) closure across the toe strap. This means that the single-width sizing still allows for flexibility for each wearer. It also means you won’t have any “flopping,” despite the name of these sandals.

Synthetic materials create a durable shoe that can handle a range of sporty applications—like long walks and shopping trips. The construction also means these can handle water exposure with no risk of shrinkage or color loss. So, you can wear your Clarks to the beach, or anywhere else, in comfort.

The footbed also has substantial cushioning and mild arch support, which means they’re ideal for ladies with plantar fasciitis and other foot pain. You can tell from the profile that there’s plenty of material between your foot and the ground, which helps avoid discomfort due to heat or rough surfaces.

Instead of a plain black (or colored) footbed, the Breeze Sea flip flops include a floral print footbed. Plus, the color options are practically endless, with options like Black, Aqua, Bright Rose, Navy, Pewter, Red, Silver, White, Purple, Taupe, Patent, and Nude.


  • Sporty style with comfort features
  • Tons of color options
  • Width adjustable via hook-and-loop closure


  • Whole sizes only, which limits your ability to customize the fit
  • The footbed design can rub off over time
  • Older styles are leather, but the newer ones are synthetic, so reading the fine print is necessary before purchase

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2. Skechers Women’s Meditation-Studio Kicks

Skechers Cali Women's Meditation Studio Slingback Yoga Flip-Flop,Black,9 M US

Skechers has a reputation for making both stylish and comfortable shoes, and their Meditation-Studio Kicks are no exception.

These relaxed flip flops feature heathered, stretchable jersey material for the toe post and strap. Wraparound fabric straps mean no rubbing or chafing, no matter how much you move or how far you walk. The toe post is fabric, not a plastic piece, so it slides between your toes easily.

Plus, the strap style means no flopping or flipping since your foot stays close to the footbed. You can walk soundlessly without the sole material slapping your heel. Soundlessness is a perk when you want comfort without sacrificing on style.

Lightweight foam bottoms make for a light-as-air experience—per Skechers’ reputation—and protect against sidewalk hazards. A slight heel also ensures you feel dressier in Skechers’ flip flops. It also adds a bit of arch support, helpful for women with low arches that don’t want super-high sandals.

On that same note, the Meditation-Studio Kicks are not unwieldy for beach days or casual excursions since the foam is not heavy or bulky.

If you’re hoping to match your flip flops to your outfit, Skechers has you in mind. In addition to standard Black and Grey colors, they also have fun styles like Black Rhinestone, Navy Bandana, Taupe, Raspberry Floral, and Blue Tie Dye to choose from.

In short, you’ll be both trendy and comfy with these flexible Kicks, especially with a few different styles on hand to suit your wardrobe.


  • Soft jersey strap material
  • Tons of color and style options
  • The padded toe post avoids rubbing and blisters
  • A slight heel contributes a bit of arch support


  • Whole sizes only, which can make fit challenging
  • The straps are not adjustable
  • Only one width option, so sizing might not be perfect

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3. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip-Flop

Sanuk Yoga Mat Ebony 9 B (M)

Sanuk’s Yoga Mat Flip-Flops are just as cozy as they sound. A rubber sole imitates the squishy feel of your yoga mat, surrounding your feet with lightweight plush. In fact, the shoes’ material is yoga mats, which makes it easy to imagine how amazing they’ll feel on your feet.

While the shoes are trim, they offer nearly half an inch of protection under your soles. The heel is also .75 inches high, providing sturdy heel support and shock absorption as you walk. Even if you have high arches, you’ll likely find the right amount of support with these shoes.

All-synthetic materials mean these flip flops are durable and weather resistant—though, like yoga mats, they can get slippery when wet. Breathability is another highlight, as warm weather can often create muggy conditions for feet. Your Yoga Mat flip flops let your feet air out, avoiding slick and sweaty footbeds.

Though the look of the Ebony Yoga Mat Flip-Flops is utilitarian, there is something to be said for the level of comfort they offer. In all honesty, if you said these aren’t the flashiest sandals, you wouldn’t hear any argument from us. However, there are color options for nearly any event or style, too, so you don’t always have to fly under the radar with your footwear.

Colors like Aqua, Watermelon, Navy, Coral, Evergreen, Lime, and Pink are fun and vibrant for summer or any season. Many color options pair with a solid black footbed, but others have a colored stripe throughout.


  • Lightweight and trim
  • Made from real yoga mats
  • Mild arch support with a cushioned heel
  • Tons of color options


  • Only whole sizes, no half sizing (though there are width options)
  • Not ideal in the rain/wet conditions as they become quite slippery
  • Some colors are not very stylish—more utilitarian

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4. Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Flip-Flop Sandals

Skechers Women's-Reggae Rasta Thong Sandal, black, 5 M US

If you enjoy being active outdoors but don’t want to wear tennis shoes for your adventures, Skechers has the answer. Their Reggae-Rasta Flip-Flop Sandals are rugged, durable, and exceptionally comfortable for all your hiking, walking, and climbing exploits.

First, the perforated footbed enhances breathability. That means no sweaty feet on the trail—no matter how demanding the conditions. Plus, you can get these wet—in waterfalls, lakes, ponds, and more—since the natural materials dry out satisfactorily.

Next, the Lug sole promotes grip, keeping you from slipping on rocks or in the mud. With an approximately .5-inch platform sole, Skechers’ flip flops are sturdy and dependable.

The footbed also offers contouring to fit your foot, plus support your arch, which helps make longer trips more bearable, even if you deal with foot pain from plantar fasciitis or similar conditions.

And while these are truly a flip flop—with a thong-strap between your toes—the additional webbing helps keep them in place. A hook-and-eye strap lets you adjust the fit to keep the shoes on your feet even in wet or slippery environments.

The toe strap materials are 100 percent Nubuck and webbing, so if you prefer natural materials, these Skechers might be perfect for you. The color options are similarly nature-inspired, with colors like Black, Chocolate, Grey, Brown, and “Desert Crazyhorse,” a tan/light brown combination.

But if looks aren’t a priority—such as matching your sandals to a dress or bathing suit—then these flip flops could be the perfect addition to your hiking pack or beach-combing gear.


  • Adjustable thong strap
  • Thick sole and supportive footbed
  • Durable materials
  • Tennis shoe/hiking boot style with the flexibility of a flip flop


  • “Natural” color schemes/styles only
  • Utilitarian, rugged look
  • Thick soles and heavy-duty materials mean a heavier shoe

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5. Gumbies—Islander Canvas Flip Flops Unisex

Gumbies - Islander Canvas Flip-Flops - Women's - Deck Chair

While many women are looking for flip flops that are fashion-forward or suitable for casual environments, others prefer a barely-there shoe that’s practical and comfortable. Gumbies has the answer to that dilemma, and their Islander Canvas Flip-Flops are especially suitable for ladies who want a casual look that’s non-slip.

Gumbies feature a fabric footbed that’s barely there. As the name might indicate, the focus is on grip and traction. The soles of each pair feature a tire-like construction, which extends to the sides of the footbed, too.

There is a small amount of padding to create a barrier between your foot and ground surfaces. So instead of walking on a half an inch or more of rubber, you’ll be able to feel the ground beneath your feet—which is a priority on some ladies’ lists.

If you like minimalist shoes with very little heel-to-toe drop, Gumbies are an excellent option. The woven bottoms and reinforced rubber traction elements mean you can walk on the beach, climb on slippery rocks, and navigate trails naturally.

A narrow toe post plus ample canvas straps across the top of your foot means a simple, straightforward fit. There are no size adjustments or straps to mess with—just slip them on and go.

A few color options—such as Black, Blue Pool, Dark Denim, Navy Coast, Palm, Deck Chair, Black Signature, Coast Red, and Rope—give you some style compatibility, too.


  • Flat construction ideal for women with flat feet or low arches
  • Super grippy sole for maneuvering in slippery conditions
  • Washable and quick to dry


  • Sizing runs a bit large, likely because these are a unisex style
  • Size profile is a bit wide, so may not be ideal for narrower feet
  • Larger sizes available (up to women’s 16)

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6. Yellow Box Women’s Belmac Flip Flop

Yellow Box Women's Belmac Flip Flop, Clear, 9.5 M US

While many flip flops focus on casual and beach-ready looks, sometimes, we want a glam sandal that’s both comfy and eye-catching. Yellow Box delivers a glamorous flip-flop—complete with a high heel (or, rather, a wedge)—in the Belmac Flip Flop.

With an approximately 2.5-inch heel, these flip flops are suitably dressy, whether you’re putting on a smart pair of trousers or a dress for a beachside dinner. The platform measures about one inch, which means you have more stability than you would with a traditional heeled sandals.

While the soles are synthetic, the toe thong and top straps are 100 percent leather, which only adds to the style. The soft footbed and natural straps surround your feet with cushioning, and the sparkling rhinestones help dress up the plain soles.

You can choose either black or navy sandals, and each comes with matching gemstones across the toe post and straps. And although the stones are flashy, they don’t rub against your feet or create uncomfortable bumps in the straps. High-quality materials mean they won’t fall off, either.

In situations where traditional high heels are too constricting or uncomfortable, Yellow Box’s flip flops are dressed up enough to take their place.

If your focus is on complementing more formal clothing or vacationing away from the sand and water, the Belmac flip flops are perfect for showing off your style without compromising comfort.


  • Synthetic gemstones add to the style, dressing up the flip flops
  • A high wedge and heel make these dressier than flats
  • A softer and more forgiving alternative to high heels


  • Very little grip on the soles
  • Synthetic soles aren’t as durable as a sturdier material
  • Smooth footbeds can cause slippage before the shoes mold to your feet

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7. OOFOS Unisex OOriginal Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Thong Sandal

OOFOS Unisex Original Thong flip flop , Periwinkle, 7 M US Women / 5 M US Men's

As the name suggests, OOFOS’ post-exercise thong sandals aim to help your feet relax and recover after a long day of exercising or being on your feet. Whether it’s relief from high heels or just a non-restrictive trainer alternative, you can slip on these OOFOS flip flops and enjoy restorative comfort.

The material is synthetic, and OOFOS calls it “Oofoam,” and the single-piece construction means lower odds of breakage. Per the manufacturer, Oofoam is 37 percent more impact absorbent than regular foam. It can help reduce stress on your feet (and your knees and back), help maintain natural motion due to its flexibility, and cradle your arches.

Speaking of arches, arch support is one of the OOFOS sandals’ top features. Since the heel is high, you can tell they’ll offer support for even the highest arches, which can help relieve plantar fasciitis and other pain.

The closed-cell foam is nonpermeable and bacteria resistant. Translation? Your flip flops won’t start to smell, and they’re easy to wash off. Lose one in the water? No worries—it’ll float.

You can also wear them in wet or muddy conditions without worrying about stains or damage. OOFOS notes that their flip flops are also machine washable, which means you can clean them up in a snap.

And sure, you can choose from standard colors like Black or Slate. But OOFOS also has colors like Navy, Periwinkle, Fuschia, and even two-toned sandals with, for example, Pink on the straps and black on the footbed and sole.


  • Nonporous foam resists bacteria and stains
  • Exceptional arch support and recovery
  • Fun color options
  • Machine washable


  • Though the color options are fun, the overall look is still athletic rather than casual
  • Sizing may not be as expected (though sizes run up to a 16 in women’s)
  • Foam material can sustain damage, especially at bend points

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8. Crocs Women’s Capri V Flip Flop

Crocs Capri V Flip Flop, 8 M US

If you love Crocs but don’t love the enclosed toe and bulky fit, these Capri V Flip Flops might be the ideal solution. Even if you’ve never tried Crocs, you may find that these sandals provide the support and comfort you’re after in a flip flop.

A .75-inch platform provides the support you need for aching feet, along with sturdy arch support. With a deep heel cradle, these flip flops won’t flop but instead will cushion your heel against shock. The Croslite foam outsole gives extra cushioning, too.

While traditional closed-toe Crocs are bulky despite being lightweight, you won’t find that problem with the Capri Vs. They’re suitable for regular and narrow feet, without the wide footprint that’s typical of Crocs. Their ability to float is still a highlight, however.

At the same time, the shoes are still lightweight and offer ample protection and slip-resistance no matter where you’re walking. It might even feel like you’re walking on a cloud in these sandals.

The soles are synthetic, while the toe straps are leather, providing a casual and fashionable design that’s low-profile. If you don’t want to draw attention to your feet, these Crocs will fit the bill.

With mostly earthy color options, you can choose to fly under the radar if you want. There are colors like Teal (with a gray footbed) and Navy/Ocean (a navy strap with bright blue footbed) if you’re feeling a bit more daring.


  • Exceptional arch support
  • Highly cushioned footbed
  • Neutral color options suitable for casual wear
  • Trim and streamlined profile


  • No half sizes available, and limited sizing range (up to 11)
  • The straps are not ideal for water use—the glue can wear out
  • Will warp if they remain in the sun/extreme heat for too long

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9. FitFlop Rokkit in Suede

FitFlop Womens's Rokkit Flip Flop,Silver Nova,7 M US

FitFlop’s Rokkit sandals don’t look like other flip flops—which is ideal if you’re hoping to add a fashionable flip flop to your wardrobe. With a 1.5-inch heel, the Rokkits are a classy alternative to super-flat flip flops. A one-inch platform provides stability and comfort, too.

With a rubber sole, you’ll have great traction even in wet conditions. Plus, the sole helps to diffuse pressure and absorb shock. FitFlop calls the sole a “bio-engineered” one, with “MICROWOBBLEBOARD.”

Per the manufacturer, MICROWOBBLEBOARD fuses together three pieces of multi-density EVA into a single platform. In short, the sole is squishy, shock absorbent, pressure-reducing, and specially fit for your feet.

With a narrow toe post and wide over-foot straps, these shoes stay on well, too. The straps also run all the way down to the sole, and the stitching throughout ensures that they will remain durable throughout daily wear.

The 100 percent leather straps also feature crystals all over, a fun addition to an otherwise toned-down sandal. You can either dress these sandals down with casual clothing or use them to complement a more fashionable evening look.

Of course, in addition to elegant color combinations like Nude (white straps and a tan footbed/sole), Silver Nova (gray all over), Black Diamond, Super Navy, Java Brown, Mink, and Bronze Ore (another variation of brown), you can also choose more vibrant looks.

For example, the Electric Indigo shoe is more of a purple color—in both the straps and footbed/sole—while the Devon Blue features a bright blue suede upper and navy footbed/sole.


  • A slight heel and rhinestones make these look elegant
  • Suitable for wide feet without being excessively bulky
  • Rhinestones come on every color/style
  • The dense footbed absorbs shock and provides excellent support


  • Full sizes only
  • Sizing runs a bit large, so it can be tough to select a size
  • A narrow size range—only sizes 5 to 11

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10. OluKai Women’s Ohana W

OLUKAI Women's Ohana Flip Flop,Bubbly/Black,US 12 M

A traditional-style flip flop with a bit of a twist, OluKai’s Ohana W flip flop offers tons of color choices, a molded footbed, and an attractive look that works for beaches and elegant events alike.

A molded EVA footbed and compression-molded midsole give the Ohana sandal its unique shape. The design hugs your feet using an “anatomically contoured Drop-In Comfort” design, OluKai notes, which you can see in the photos of the shoe. All this to say, the shoes cradle your feet and provide optimal shock absorption.

The toe post is nylon, and the straps are synthetic leather that’s water resistant. A jersey lining protects your feet from chafing, and a neoprene foam backing provides a bit of padding, too.

For stability, the outsole features gum rubber with a coral reef lug design. Your flip flops will grip almost any surface, keeping you stable no matter where you go exploring (or shopping, or dining, or anything else).

Despite the accolades they earn for comfort, the Ohana flip flops are also stylish. Color options range from black and gray to the more elegant Bubbly/Black (a champagne-colored strap and black sole), Petal Pink (shiny pink with black sole), and Pewter (a pearlescent gray with black sole).

But that’s not all—in their over 40 color options, you’ll also find fun and beachy looks like an all-black option with white floral print, a coral-colored floral and stripe print, two-toned green, pink, navy, blue, and orange selections, and more. Sole designs do vary across the color selections, but all offer grip and contouring.


  • Over 40 color and style options
  • Water resistant materials
  • Molded footbed supports high arches
  • Durable and grippy design


  • No half sizes available
  • Not ideal for supremely wide feet
  • Some styles only available in specific sizes

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11. Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor

Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor

When it comes to being both comfortable and environmentally friendly, Birkenstock sandals are an excellent choice. You’ll also skip the traditional slapping sound from rubber flip flops with these—they stay on your foot snugly and comfortably.

The Gizeh Birko-Flor has the traditional cork footbed, taking advantage of renewable and sustainable materials. The footbed is also anatomically correct, molding to your foot and providing arch support. On top of the natural cork lies a suede layer, which molds to your foot, creating a truly customized fit that you don’t always find in flip flops.

You’ll also notice a “grippy” toe area, which uses your natural foot motion for a snug and comfortable fit. And while they might look bulky, the cork keeps these flip flops lightweight. A pair weighs only 14 ounces.

The EVA outsole is flexible and delivers shock absorption, which can help make even walking long distances comfortable. Your heel rests neutrally, and the deep heel cup makes for a supportive wearing experience—and aids with distributing your body weight evenly.

With a flexible acrylic fiber toe thong—plus a dual-layer of jute for moisture wicking—and an adjustable buckle, they’re sure to stay on, too.

Birkenstock’s shoes come in full and half sizes, plus two widths, so you can select the perfect fit. And while the original Birkenstock style is casual, color options span everything from black to Pearl White and Metallic Silver.


  • Comes in half sizes and Narrow/Regular widths
  • Adjustable buckle for comfort in sizing
  • Renewable materials (cork)
  • You can often get repairs to your Birkenstocks in a local branded store


  • Heat exposure (from sunlight or a hot car) can cause the cork and EVA to become disfigured
  • The toe thong area is “leather-like” but uses acrylic and polyamide felt fibers—a plastic-feeling material
  • No sizing beyond 12

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12. Havaianas Top Flip Flops

Havaianas Top Flip Flops

If a basic flip flop for beach days and running errands is what you need, you can’t go wrong with the Havaianas Top Flip Flops. These streamlined and basic sandals come in a range of color options to match your bathing suit or sundress.

An ample width (not too skinny) makes the Havaianas great for average-width feet. Havaianas also offers a slim width in a different option, so you have some flexibility if your feet don’t fit these ones.

The thick bottoms offer protection against hot and rugged surfaces, plus deliver shock absorption that can handle miles of walking. The rubber construction also offers durability, meaning these may be your go-to flip flop staple for years. That’s thanks to a thick sole that can withstand water, heat, and more.

Havaianas promise long-lasting performance day in and day out, making them an excellent choice for your errand-running shoe. You can also dress them up (especially the brighter colors) with a fun summery outfit.

Plus, they’re lightweight—only ten ounces a pair—so easy to stow in your beach bag or purse. Of course, you might not want to wear these flip flops to dressier events or to work. Keep them by the front door for quick excursions or in your car for fast changes out of your high heels after work.

But for casual occasions, you’ll want a pair in every color. And there are plenty of choices like Hollywood Rose, Marine Blue, Navy Red, Ruby Red, White, and Black.


  • Cushioning in the footbed helps with shock absorption
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Lightweight at five ounces per shoe


  • No arch support
  • Rubber construction is too casual for most dressier occasions
  • The sizing is a bit vague, as sizes are 5/6, 7/8, etc. and based on non-US size charts

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The Verdict

With so many choices for flip flops for women, it’s tough to narrow down the options. But here are our top three favorites.

Best Overall

It’s not easy to designate one pair of flip flops as the best for women, given the variety of occasions we wear them for. But for most casual applications—such as daily wear and running errands—our top choice is the Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip-Flop.

These flip flops are flexible, forgiving, cushy, and easy to slip on no matter where you’re headed. They have a low profile and don’t draw attention—whether positive or negative—and you can have a few pairs on hand for different occasions.

Premium Product

While most flip flops won’t be your go-to shoe year-round, Birkenstocks are different. The Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor flip flop is our premium product choice because the investment will pay off through multiple seasons.

Birkenstocks are sustainable, ergonomic, and always comfortable no matter where you’re headed. Of course, the premium nature of Birkenstocks means you might only have one pair in your closet—but the Gizeh Birko-Flor should be it if you’re a flip flop fan.

Best Value

If you’re looking for a simple and durable flip flop for everyday wear—especially in summer—our best value pick is the Havaianas Top Flip Flops. These sandals come in a few basic colors and can round out your closet with their streamlined look.

While they’re not the dressiest option, they’ll carry you through summer (and likely other seasons, too) in comfort—and without breaking your budget.