10 Best Moccasins

Best Moccasins

When it comes to footwear, you will find several different types available today. Some shoes feature the latest technology and inventive designs to help wearers make the most of them. And then there are those that draw heavy influence from the footwear worn in the past, changing little in terms of design due to their evergreen presence in the world of fashion.

Moccasins are a type of footwear that falls into the latter shoe category.  These slip-on shoes are have remained popular and relevant through the ages. They are fantastic pieces that every man and woman should consider adding to their wardrobes.

Moccasins are versatile, practical, and capable of being dressed up and dressed down, depending on when and where you want to wear them. These shoes truly are the gift of fashion-forward ingenuity.

Are you looking to incorporate the old-school authenticity of moccasins into your life? If you want to buy a pair for yourself, you might have noticed that there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Picking the best moccasins is no simple task. In fact, there are experts who are dedicated to selecting moccasins appropriately.

Sure, you can get away with wearing mocs in casual settings, but you need to have the right pair on when formality comes into play. Besides how they look, there are a ton of factors you need to consider. Do they have the right arch support? Will you need waterproof moccasins? Are they durable? How do you tell the best from the rest?

If you are unaware of the factors you need to look out for when picking out moccasins to buy, you do not need to worry. We have created the most comprehensive guide, which will ensure that you are able to select the best pair of moccasins for your needs.

This guide includes all the information you will need to make a good purchasing decision. Additionally, we have included a list of reviews of the top moccasins you can buy right now. We are confident that after reading the guide and reviews, you will know exactly which pair you can invest in to make the most of it.

Guide for Buying the Best Moccasins

Before looking at your options, it is best to understand this type of footwear properly.

What Are Moccasins?

So, what exactly are moccasins? By now, we know that this is a classic among the different types of shoes on the market. The moccasin is essentially a kind of heelless shoe, which is made using soft leather. The sole of a moccasin can be very soft and flexible or hard. Mocs are extremely comfortable because of their loose-fitting nature.

The upper section of moccasins often features ornamental elements like embroidery or beading. Back in the day, moccasin leathers used to make the hard-sole version of these shoes, which were sourced from soft tanned hides of deer rawhide, buffalo or bison hide. Moccasins are also made using deerskin or moose hide nowadays.

Moccasins come in a variety of designs, but the primary structure and features of these shoes are quite similar. Here is a look at the different features you can find in moccasins:

  • The heel: Moccasins were originally designed to be heelless shoes. They were made using a single material for both the upper section and the sole. Most moccasins, nowadays, have either a rubber or leather sole that is different from the upper section leather. This helps offer better protection for the foot of the wearer.
  • The seam: Moccasins feature a U-shaped stitch seam on the upper section of the shoe. There are plenty of designs that ornament the seam with decorative laces, beading, or embroidery.
  • The sole: The sole of moccasins can be soft or hard. Soft-soled moccasins are best for indoor use. Keep in mind, they cannot provide proper protection for your feet outdoors.
  • The fitting: Loose fitting is actually a defining feature of moccasins. Thanks to their construction, they are very easy to slip in and out of. This also makes them very comfortable.

Now, if you are already aware of what loafers are, you will find the description of moccasins eerily similar to them. A lot of people actually think the terms moccasins and loafers are interchangeable for the same type of shoes. While these two types of shoes are similar, they are completely different from each other, as you will read below.

What is the Difference Between Moccasins and Loafers?

While most people refer to moccasins and loafers as the same type, these two types of shoes have some key differences, which set them apart from one another. Loafers do not feature laces, but moccasins do. Moccasins laces are only decorative as do not serve the purpose of tying the shoes.

Another major difference between these types of shoes is that moccasins are made from leather, but loafers can be made with a variety of materials, other than leather. Suede is actually a very popular material to make moccasins as well. Of course, with fashion-forward thinking, these “rules” no longer apply strictly. You can find plenty of shoes made using suede that does not feature any laces. The rules are more or less like guidelines to help you understand the differences.

The third difference between these two types of shoes is the heel. Moccasins have a more prominent sole, just like a lot of leather shoes. Loafers are flat and little more than slip-on shoes. Loafers mostly feature heels, while moccasins rarely ever have them.

Factors to Consider When Buying Moccasins

There are a number of factors you should consider when you are buying moccasins. While these are not hard and fast rules, understanding these factors will help you make a better decision when it comes to buying the most suitable pair.

Outer Sole

Depending on the type of moccasin you are searching for, you will want to make sure there are a couple of important features in the shoe. Know that not all mocs are made for the same purpose; their applications can be different. Manufacturers keep the possible applications and settings they can be used for in mind when they design specific models.

At first sight, the outer sole does not seem like a factor affecting the functionality of a pair of moccasins. We think that most people do not even know that the outer soles in different moccasins are actually designed based on their use.

For instance, if you look at a driving moccasin, the shoe will have a completely different sole from a plain moccasin. Driving mocs feature patterns on the outer sole, allowing your feet to get a good grip of the pedals. Mocs with smoother outer soles have a slight grip in their patterns, but they are more likely to slip on the pedals while you drive.

Outer sole patterns designed for better grip, on the other hand, guarantee the wearer a better overall contact with the pedals. The patterns need to be dense enough to provide good grasp on the pedals, but should not be too comprehensive that they stand out. Things are completely different when you consider mocs designed for indoor use.

For someone using mocs only to walk indoors, you need a shoe with a sole that is dense but soft. One of the defining qualities of an indoor moc is the comfort it offers the wearer, above everything else. If you need a moc for purely indoor use, look for something that is light yet substantial enough so you can walk around the home easily. The double bottom soles make a great choice for indoor use, especially if you have hardwood surfaces in your home.

Dress mocs usually do not feature patterns on the outsole. These shoes are meant purely for formal occasions. Their main purpose, other than being worn on the feet, is to look as elegant and classy as possible. That certain classy is because of their seemingly minimal design. Soles for the best dress mocs are typically made from leather and rubber. People who love wearing dress mocs polish the soles, especially if they are fine leather ones.

Regardless of what type of moccasins you wear, there is always a need for support while walking and flexibility to promote comfort. Its flexibility should not equal running shoe level, but should just be enough to allow the wearer to walk around comfortably.

Leather Quality and Materials

In order to get the best value for your investment, high-quality leather shoes go a long way as they are comfortable and can last a long time. Anybody who has owned a pair of leather shoes can instantly tell the difference between high-quality leather and mediocre quality. We are not insinuating that you should only wear elite Italian leather mocs. We are just saying that you should not wear inferior quality leather shoes that look like cheap imitations.

Top-of-the-line models use good quality and full-grain leather. This is arguably considered to be the best material possible for moccasins. If you do not know much about the different types of leather qualities, take it from us that you can instantly tell full-grain leather from something cheaper just by first glance.

There is a huge difference in premium quality material and non-authentic imitations. Suede, on the other hand, is a completely different material. Made from the interior split of leather hide, suede also looks and feels great on the feet.

Of course, none of this means that suede is a second-grade material, or that you cannot wear anything other than full-grain leather. You can find good quality suede as well as cheaply made suede. Suede is more suitable for casual use, but suede shoes can also be worn for formal settings.

Both leather and suede can vary in quality. When it comes to the use of leather, we briefly mentioned above that there are different types of leather used to make moccasins. Let us take a look at the most commonly used types of leather for making moccasins and what each material brings to these shoes.


There is no other material used more commonly to make mocs than cowhide. Cowhide is usually treated through several processes, which covers a variety of issues like stain resistance and waterproofing. Full-grain leather is the best cut from cowhide. It is exceptionally durable and mocs made using can stand the test of time.


Moosehide is a relatively new moccasin material. This material is more flexible and softer than other types of leather used to make mocs. Moosehide often features natural scarring patterns on it, giving the shoe a distinctly classy look, which other types of leather cannot achieve. Moosehide does not just provide a good natural aesthetic; people love the feel of moose hide in moccasins due to the comfort it offers them.


Speaking of comfort, arguably, the most comfortable type of leather used to make mocs is deerskin. There is one reason why deerskin is used to make mocs: the sheer softness of the leather sourced from deerskin. The feel your feet get when wearing such mocs is something else. Deerskin also features plenty of natural marks on the processed leather similar to moose hide but it is not as well-defined.


Sheepskin is a rare material when it comes to making moccasins. The wool fur is tough to beat in terms of comfort. The issue is, the leather derived from sheepskin is not able to provide a good structure to the shoe. This is why it is usually used in combination with other types of leather. The wool from sheep is used to make the trim around the collar of the moccasin, as well as the lining within the shoe.

At the end of the day, most people judge moccasins based on the quality of the leather used to make them. How much you take care of your mocs and aging can also affect the condition of the leather over time. Even when the shoes have aged, you can tell authentic leather apart from new shoes made with low-quality leather. If you maintain your authentic leather moccasins well enough, the difference between them and cheap imitations becomes even clearer.


Another important consideration for selecting mocs is how you intend to use them. As discussed earlier, not every moccasin can be suitable for every occasion and dress code. On some occasions, soft and comfortable mocs are preferred over the more elegant ones.  Similarly, the softer ones might not be the best for when you are driving around.

Formal mocs:

Formal moccasins typically feature stacked heels, but that is not a strict rule with them. Additionally, not all mocs with stacked heels might be suitable for a formal setting. The quality of leather, design, leather arrangement and style are all elements that can determine whether or not a moc is designed for formal wear.

Casual mocs:

Traditionally, casual mocs expose more of the skin than formal mocs do. Formal mocs go typically go all the way up to the ankle of the wearer while casual mocs cover the feet till just below the ankles. Casual wear mocs are more inclined to include ornamental elements in them. Again, it is not a hard and fast rule, and many elements can make a moc suitable for formal wear even with the presence of decorative elements.

Multipurpose mocs:

There are also variations of moccasins that can be used for several settings. The elements on these shoes are able to allow the wearer to adapt to the occasion, based on everything else that they are wearing (as long as the colors are right). Multipurpose mocs can go along well with dress pants just as well as they can with the right shorts.

The multipurpose nature of these moccasins depends on the overall dress code that the wearer follows rather than elements of the mocs themselves.


What is there to a pair of moccasins if it is not stylish? Running shoes and work boots are designed for certain purposes, such as to improve your performance in their respective applications. With moccasins, it is all about looking good.

For a moccasin, style is crucial. You have no performance to worry about, nor do you need to worry about safety with these on. Comfort is definitely a consideration a lot of people will make, but it is never the first priority.


We mentioned before that comfort is not necessarily the most important aspect of a moccasin. That does not mean you should just do away with all the comfort just so you can carry a good look. The best pair of moccasins will allow you to walk naturally without any issues.

To promote an adequate amount of comfort, your moccasins should feature some flexibility in the soles. With leather soles, flexibility is usually never a problem. Natural leather will flex as much as you need it to ensure a comfortable experience.

The hardness of the sole also has an impact on how well you can walk in the shoes. This is why the comfort level of your mocs should depend on the application you need it for. For instance, a soft-soled moccasin is great for use indoors, but it will be uncomfortable for driving or outdoor walking. The softer the sole, the less the protection it will provide to your foot.

The materials used for the soles have an impact on your walking and comfort levels. Moccasin soles generally are made using rubber, leather or a combination of both materials. Keep in mind that if you are wearing moccasins with leather soles, the material softens over time. They are generally stiff during the first few times you wear them, particularly if they are made using full-grain leather. As time passes, the leather softens up, adjusting to the shape of your foot’s shape.

Stitching and Construction

When we were reviewing the products we have featured in this guide to help you find the best moccasins, we paid special attention to the construction quality and stitching. Hand-stitched moccasins, made from rawhide, hold their shape together really well over long periods of use. The top-level machine-stitched mocs also able to stand the test of time.

When you are looking for moccasins, you need to check the quality of stitching. Binding is not just supposed to look cute; its purpose is to ensure that the shoe will hold its shape properly. Good stitching makes sure that the pressure while walking with the shoes on is spread out evenly to allow for good comfort and durability.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall Moccasins: Sperry Authentic 2 Eye Moccasins

Best Premium Quality Moccasins: UGG Dakota Moccasins

Best Value Moccasins: Sorel Manawan Moccasins

Best Moccasins 

And now, we will discuss the best shoes you can find for yourself in this section. After conducting hours of research, reading other people’s reviews, and through our experience of using several types of moccasins, we have compiled a detailed list of reviews of the best moccasins.

1. Sperry Authentic Original 2 Eye Moccasins

Sperry Men's Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe, New Navy, 7.5 M US

One of the pairs we believe exemplifies the impeccable style and feel of the timeless moccasins is the Sperry’s Authentic Original. This is the shoe we thought was best to start off the list of reviews because it is ideal in every way you look at it. The Sperry Authentic Original is a hand-made pair of shoes, made from the best materials available.

The closure and traction technologies used to make these shoes stand out from the rest. Full-grain leather is used in the upper with the Tru-Moccasin construction, which Sperry customers have come to love over the years. They offer a good amount of balance between stability and comfort. The 360- Skip lace closure allows you to easily adjust the fit of this shoe.

This product’s metallic eyelets are rust-proof, so you can wear these shoes around water without worrying about any unsightly rust forming. The outer sole of these shoes is made from Razor-Cut Wave-Siping; basically meaning that the sole is made using non-slip rubber. It also means that these shoes offer unmatched traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

The design of these mocs is quite close to classic moccasins. At the same time, this classic design integrates the latest technology to offer superior comfort.


  • Hand-stitched shoes
  • Tru-Moccasin construction for greater stability and comfort
  • 360 Skip lace system for easy adjustment, according to your feet
  • Sole is made with non-slip rubber


  • Has a tight fit in the beginning
  • Shoes take some time to break in

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2. UGG Dakota Moccasins

UGG Women's Dakota Moccasin, CHESTNUT, 8 B US

UGG is a brand name associated with two things: comfort and style. The UGG Dakota mocs are the perfect pair of shoes that show the high level of comfort and style this manufacturer is known for. A lot of people are fans of how these mocs look, while others not so much. Some people do not like them because of the use of UGG Pure Wool material in the shoe lining.

The shoes upper is made with soft suede leather, which feels as good as it looks. While the molded rubber outsole has a minimal design, it offers decent traction on a wide variety of surfaces. The stitching and look of this pair of shoes are quite impressive. UGG has spent considerable time and effort to make these water-resistant and soft mocs.

Needless to say, the company’s efforts have paid off because the Dakota is one of the most comfortable moc pairs we’ve tried on. If you take proper care of them, these are the kind of moccasins that can last you a long time. The sole of the shoes makes this pair even better. These mocs can provide you with the best traction, among all the products we’ve reviewed.

UGG has established a strong name for itself in the footwear market, primarily due to the moccasins they design. Naturally, with a big name and a reputation for using only the best materials, the shoes made by this company are expensive. If you want a pair for yourself, be prepared to dole out quite a bit of money. The unique design of these shoes allows you to wear them inside and out as well.


  • Fast break-in period
  • Very high level of comfort
  • Easy to wear with or without socks
  • Durable pair of shoes
  • Great variety in colors


  • Some customers have reported issues with the stitching
  • Sizing runs slightly small, so it can get confusing to find the right size

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3. Sorel Manawan Moccasins

Sorel Men's Manawan NM1466 Slipper,NM1466,Bark, 11 D - Medium

If you have already heard of Sorel, it is most likely due to the warm footwear they make for winters. With the Sorel Manawan, the manufacturer has brought its iconic design and warmth in footwear to moccasins. The Manawan is slightly different from most of the shoes we have reviewed so far because the upper on these mocs also cover the ankle.

You would be wrong to think that the shoe’s upper wrapping your ankle can hinder your mobility. The material used to make the collar allows forward flex due to the Sorel’s ingenious designers. There are several reasons to like the Manawan, other than the fact that the price tag of this pair is much more accessible than most of the models we’ve reviewed.

The upper of the Manawan is lined with a wool blend of faux fur, which wraps around your feet and ankles. The sensation you get is warmth in the most comforting way imaginable, especially if you are wearing these without socks. The leather keeps the temperature within the mocs warm, while providing breathability due to the faux fur.

The outer sole is attached to these shoes using whipstitching, which gives them a genuine moccasin aesthetic and preserves their structural integrity. The EVA inner sole is a feature typical to Sorel shoes and the Manawan also has this. You can rely on the EVA insole to provide you support, but if you prefer something else, you can easily remove and replace it.

The sturdy rubber soles provide the wearer a decent amount of traction. This can come in handy if you plan on walking outside in the cold for short periods of time.


  • Moccasin bootie design that covers the ankles as well
  • Rugged sole allows you to wear the shoes outdoors if necessary
  • Faux fur lining makes shoes breathable and warm
  • Leather upper helps keep the temperature within shoe cozy
  • Whipstitching gives shoes a good look as well as structural integrity


  • Some customers have faced issues with the durability of these shoes
  • Size runs a little small

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4. Chaco Pineland Moccasins

Chaco Women's Pineland MOC Moccasin, Black, 9.5 Medium US

The Pineland Moccasins by Chaco also come in as a bit of a unique entry on our list of moccasins. The silhouette of these shoes is not similar to other models. At the same time, there is definitely something about these shoes that says they carry the classic moccasin aesthetic. This is a timeless design, make no mistake about it.

The design and material choice of the Chaco Pineland Mocs is made keeping the weather between summers and winters in mind. They are ideal shoes for when it is not too hot or too cold. The upper is made from full-grain leather. This makes these shoes high quality and durable as well as comfortable. The use of waxed cotton laces also makes these shoes even sturdier.

The most distinctive moccasin-like quality of these shoes is the detailing on the toe area. The Pineland features a polyurethane footbed, which is typical for Chaco. You can remove the footbed to replace it with something you prefer, but the PU technology footbed is very comfortable.

The outer sole is made using 75% natural rubber. The rubber does not leave marks on the floor, so your hardwood floors will be safe, even if you wear these regularly indoors. These shoes perform equally well in the outdoors. Just remember not to treat them as trail shoes so they do not get damaged.


  • High-quality full-grain leather upper
  • Polyurethane footbed, which is supportive and durable
  • Waxed cotton laces that are stain-resistant
  • Great moccasins for outdoor use


  • Heel area is a little wider than some wearers would like
  • Size runs a little bigger than expected

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5. Ariat Spitfire Moccasins

Best Moccasins

Another pair of shoes that is ideal for the autumn season is the Ariat Spitfire. Effectively a bootie design, these are very distinctive looking moccasins. These are some of the few mocs available in multiple color options and a variety of cuter designs.

If you want something with a more subdued aesthetic, do not worry. The Ariat Spitfire comes in several color options that complement a more classic and minimal look. The upper of these shoes is made using full-grain leather that gives you a decent amount of comfort in a durable package. There is no lining inside the shoe so you can feel the leather without anything holding you back.

The laces are made with an elastic fiber that makes it very easy for you to slide into the shoes. An EVA midsole absorbs shock and provides an ample amount of cushioning. These qualities make the Spitfire a good option to consider for your autumn walks outside. The inner soles provide a decent amount of comfort so you can wear these shoes for hours without your feet feeling sore.

The outer sole is made from TPR, which ensures maximum flexibility and durability of this pair of mocs. The material provides good enough grip on a variety of surfaces. The versatility of the Spitfire is unmatchable and this is a pair of shoes you can wear with practically any kind of outfit.


  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole makes them ideal for outdoor use
  • Full-grain leather upper construction makes them more durable and comfortable
  • TPR outer sole is flexible and durable
  • Bootie design
  • Elastic laces that allow you to easily slip in and out of the boots when you want


  • These are not the most comfortable shoes that we have reviewed on the list

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6. L.B. Evans Atlin BOA Moccasins


Best Moccasins

Established in 1841, L. B. Evans is one of the oldest brands featured on this list. The company was launched with the aim of creating high-quality slippers using felt. Since its launch in 1841, the company has grown into a large business that manufactures some of the best quality leather and suede slippers, as well as moccasins.

The company’s footwear’s remarkable quality is exemplified by the Atlin BOA Moccasins. This pair of shoes has a rugged finish, which can last a very long time. The Atlin has an acrylic  BOA lining, which is hydrophobic. The material repels moisture and has the feel of real sheepskin. It means your feet will not just remain dry, they will also feel great. The upper of is made using genuine suede.

The suede leather accompanies a leather collar and rawhide laces to give this pair of shoes a sophisticated look. The material provides excellent insulation, keeping your feet warm in cold weather. The rubber sole at the base of the Atlin BOA also represents the feat of ingenuity achieved by L.B. Evans with their footwear.

The durable rubber material makes this pair ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The faux fur lining enhances the comfort you can experience with these shoes. There is a memory foam inner sole running through the length of the shoe to cushion your steps. Over time, the memory foam molds itself to the shape of your foot, giving you better comfort, the longer you wear it.


  • The design of these shoes makes them suitable for multiple applications
  • Outer rubber sole material makes them versatile
  • Faux fur lining for added comfort
  • Memory foam inner sole makes the shoes more comfortable the longer you wear them


  • Outsole is visibly thick

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7. Vionic Virginia Moccasins

Best Moccasins

Vionic is not the oldest brands out there, but the company makes up for their lack of experience in the industry through its focus on biomechanics for designing footwear. The company’s focus on biomechanics and how it could adapt to style resulted in the development of Vionic’s Virginia Moccasins.

The Virginia mocs are made using leather that features a specialized orthotic inner sole. The shoes are designed in a way to provide wearers with incredible comfort levels that they can expect from high-quality moccasins. The concealed orthotic is supported by an EVA sole, which makes the shoes even more comfortable to wear.

These mocs come in eight different colorways to choose from, so there is a color for everybody. The manufacturer also understands that the requirements for everybody’s feet can be different. This is the reason why the EVA sole is removable. If you want, you can fit in an orthotic of your choice to get a custom cushioning experience.

The EVA insole used is comfortable enough on its own. The material is typically used for the midsole in most modern footwear, but it has become increasingly popular for inner sole use as well. The insole is also covered with microfiber, which is resistant to piling and damage, giving your feet an amazing feel even if you do not wear socks.


  • EVA inner sole covered with microfibers for greater comfort and support
  • Wide sizes are available
  • Removable inner sole that you can replace with orthotics of your choice
  • Wide range of colorways to choose from


  • Sizing is known to be inconsistent with these shoes

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8. Minnetonka Thunderbird II Moccasins

Minnetonka Women's Thunderbird II Moccasin,Taupe,9 M US

Minnetonka has enjoyed a longstanding reputation when it comes to the world of moccasins. A lot of people will find the Thunderbird II to be a brilliant model. It is a highly decorative pair of mocs, complete with a good looking fringe. The soft sole allows wearers to have an almost barefoot feel while wearing these mocs. The ornately designed upper section has made it a very popular pair.

The construction quality of the Thunderbird II is one of the best we have seen. The addition of beading and a fringed tongue adds to the aesthetic appeal of these shoes. Everything about the aesthetics of these shoes screams authentic moccasins, while the high quality stitching and construction ensures durability.

The Thunderbird II is a pair that promotes the maximum amount of barefoot feel, something that makes these shoes very popular among moccasin lovers. While these shoes are better suited for use indoors, you can always use some suede protectant treatment to make sure these shoes can face external elements. The padded inner sole gives a little extra cushioning for your feet.


  • Beaded design and fringed tongue makes these shoes look good
  • Stitching and construction keeps integrity on point while making the shoes look good
  • Fringed detailing enhances the look of the shoes
  • Padded collar for added comfort around the ankles
  • The soft suede feels great on the feet


  • The shoes run a little narrow and small in size

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9. UGG Ansley Moccasins

UGG Women's Ansley Moccasin, Light Grey, 7 B US

UGG is a name that is associated with style and comfort. The company was started by a couple of surfers hailing from Australia who were looking to design great shoes. They ended up becoming one of the most successful moccasin manufacturers today. The UGG Dakota is a very nice pair, but there is another pair made by UGG that deserves to be on the list.

The UGG Ansley Moccasins feature the UGG PureWool lining, along with an upper section made with leather. The Ansley is slightly different from other shoes in the choice of materials. While the upper is indeed made with leather, the leather is actually sourced from pigs. Instead of using bovine leather, the use of pig leather allowed UGG to feature a wide variety of colors by dying the leather.

This is why you can find these shoes in basic tan and grey colors as well as soft pink and immaculate maroon colors. Comfort is the one thing UGG’s name is synonymous with, and you can find that important feature in the UGG Ansley. The lining makes their shoes super comfortable to wear and keep your feet warm at the same time. The wool also helps keep your feet dry by exhibiting some natural resistance to water.


  • PureWool interior keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable
  • Leather upper ensures shoe durability
  • The rubber outer sole allows you to get proper traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • There are no half sizes available for these shoes

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10. Minnetonka Pile Moccasins

Minnetonka Men's 3902, Brown Suede, 10 D - Medium

Minnetonka is the second manufacturer that we had to feature twice on the list. This list would not be complete without the Pile Moccasins made by Minnetonka. These shoes never fail to disappoint. A whipstitched design on the toes makes the classic look of these shoes stand out. The collar is surrounded by decorative lacing that gives these shoes a unique look.

The inner lining is made using faux fur, which makes them very comfortable, and gives you the feel of being barefoot at the same time. The fur is located around the neck of these shoes, making sure your entire foot stays warm while you wear them. The outer sole of these shoes is made using synthetic rubber. The sole guarantees a good grip on the surface, whether you are wearing these mocs indoors or outdoors.

This pair of shoes can give you the comfort of wearing slippers, while the outer sole offers the functionality of good quality moccasins. Of course, while this pair is suitable for outdoor wear, do not consider them made specifically for use outdoors. You can wear them indoors as well.


  • These shoes provide warmth to the feet of the wearer
  • Gives you a great barefoot experience
  • Warmth due to faux fur lining, along with comfort
  • Synthetic rubber sole provides good grip and support


  • Not ideal for warmer climates
  • Laces are too delicate for the liking of some customers

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The Best of the Best

We are confident that you will have an easier time picking out a pair of mocs that perfectly matches your needs after reading this guide and going through the reviews of all the products we have listed. If you are still not sure about which ones are the best, we have narrowed down your choices even further to our top three picks below.

Overall Top Pick Moccasin

The Sperry Authentic 2 Eye Moccasins is our overall top pick for the best moccasins you can buy. They have all the features you can expect from high quality moccasins. They also look great, feel amazing and come at a reasonable price.

Premium Quality Moccasin

If you have a good budget to spend on moccasins, we will recommend nothing other than the UGG Dakota Moccasins. They are the most premium quality moccasins that we have featured on the list, and they have a price tag that reflects that.

Best Value Moccasin

The Sorel Manawan Moccasins is our top pick for moccasins that can give you the best value for your money. With this pair, you get all the right features and that too at an unbelievably affordable price!