10 Best Aerobic Shoes

Best Aerobic Shoes

With an increasing awareness of the health benefits of regular exercise, a large number of people are signing up for aerobics. It is not only fitness experts or overweight people engaging in aerobics, but even ordinary folks understand the benefits they stand to benefit from it.

If you are looking to get fitter, healthier and happier, then aerobics is one of the best workouts for you. It is something that was quite popular during the 80s and is now making a comeback almost 20 years into the new millennium.

Aerobics is the general name given to this type of high-intensity exercise that covers a wide range of workouts. It is highly customizable and easy for anybody to do. In fact, you can do aerobic exercises anywhere, anytime.

This form of workout usually involves callisthenic exercises, dance, the use of free weights, and even forms of martial arts. Needless to say, aerobic exercises are a lot of fun. They never get boring since you can always change things up to get a break from a monotonous routine.

If you are taking up aerobic workouts, you need to look for the best shoes that will protect your feet, knees and lower back. As fun as aerobic exercises are, they can take a toll on your body – any kind of high-intensity workout can.

With the best aerobic shoes on your feet, you can make your workouts safer, more efficient and productive. If you have tried looking for the best aerobic workout shoes, you might have noticed that there are a lot of options to choose from. Choosing the best one from the lot can get overwhelming.

Getting the right pair of aerobic shoes takes a fair bit of knowledge and understanding. Lucky for you, this guide has everything you need.

Best Aerobic Shoes’ Buying Guide

In this guide, we talk about the importance of wearing aerobic shoes for your workouts as opposed to wearing regular shoes. After that, we have covered all the things you need to look for when buying aerobic shoes. This will help you differentiate between the good shoes and the bad ones.

Additionally in this guide, we have included a list of detailed reviews of the top 10 aerobic shoes you can get on the market right now. As you read the reviews, you will be able to tally the qualities of each model against the qualities we have mentioned in the guide. This way, you can decide which pair will be the best for you.

Why is it Important to Wear Specific Aerobic Shoes?

In any kind of exercise, the way you use your feet is crucial to successfully meet your fitness goals. Whether it is weightlifting, running, dancing, or just walking, sports equipment manufacturers design shoes specifically to help people meet those needs. Every type of exercise has different needs, and the shoes meant for one type of activity might not necessarily suit another.

If you work out wearing the wrong type of shoes, you are depriving your feet of the best possible protection, comfort and support they need for that particular exercise. Similarly, men and women cannot wear shoes designed for the opposite sex. The feet of both sexes are anatomically different. This is not just in terms of size, but also in terms of the ratios regarding foot size to height, and a different walking gait altogether.

By wearing the right shoes for your aerobic workouts, your feet will get the maximum support and comfort to ensure the most effective workout results.

Tips on How to Choose Best Aerobic Shoes

On that note, we are going to take a look at different factors that come into play when you are looking for the best aerobic shoes.

One of the top considerations is the type of exercise you intend to use the shoes for. Beyond that, the following are the most important factors to consider when you are choosing the best shoes for aerobics:


Shoe comfort is of paramount importance when you are looking for shoes that you can wear for your workout sessions.  Whether you are participating in high-impact and high-energy aerobics, or low-impact workouts, your feet need to remain comfortable throughout the entire workout. The amount of cushioning needed depends on the shape of your feet, your preferences and the workouts you will be doing.

Your foot type also influences the comfort you require. People with high arches, for instance, need thicker padding around the collar and the tongue of the shoes. Some people prefer more padding around the ankle area. When it comes to aerobics, there are a few vital aspects of shoe comfort to look at:

EVA foam (or similar) midsole: While not a lot of people think about the midsole, it is a very important part of your shoe. This area lies right between the inner sole and the outer sole. The midsole absorbs the force of impact during workouts. EVA foam is a specialized material that is firm, but it can dampen the force of the impact of your weight as you apply pressure on it.

Most aerobic shoes feature EVA midsoles, while some feature Gel materials that do the same job. The midsole does not just absorb the force of impact, it also provides the pushback you need to get a more efficient workout.

Cushioned inner sole: The inner sole of the shoe is very important. This is the part of the shoe that your feet rest on and makes contact with. The bottom of the foot takes a real pounding during aerobic workouts.

The cushioned inner sole has two very significant jobs. The first one is that it works with the midsole to absorb the force of the impact and provide pushback. The second is that it keeps your feet securely in place within the shoes. A well-fitted inner sole can help reduce the amount of stress your feet go through during a workout. This helps you to keep on going for longer before your feet start to feel tired.

Heel Cushioning: The natural design of the heel is to absorb impact. Over time, our feet have evolved to have some shock absorption of their own, but that does not mean they would not mind some help. If you are engaging in high-intensity workouts, your shoes should provide your feet with all the help they can get, even in the heel area. The extra cushioning in the heel can further reduce foot fatigue.


You know you had a great workout if you are feeling exhausted and sweating like crazy. Naturally, if you are breathing hard and sweating so much, your feet will be too. Staying in hot and humid conditions for an extended period of time is not ideal for your feet.

This is where breathability comes in. A breathable shoe is important because it helps keep your feet feeling comfortable by regulating the temperature within the shoes. As a result, it keeps your feet dry. The best aerobic shoes will allow an ample amount of air to circulate within the shoes. When there is fresh air going in, the warmer and humid air will exit the shoes.

Shoe breathability is particularly important if your feet are prone to a lot of sweating or if you suffer from skin conditions like athlete’s foot. It helps ensure your comfort and safety throughout your workouts.

There are a number of ways in which manufacturers achieve great breathability in shoes. Mesh or canvas material for the upper section provides a fair bit of breathability. Canvas is not ideal for aerobic exercises because it is not as flexible as mesh.

Port holes are small holes on the sides of the shoe that allow fresh air to come in. These are used primarily in shoes with leather or synthetic leather upper sections.

Cut ventilation is added ventilation within the soles that works particularly well for exercises done in wet conditions like water aerobics.

Mesh provides ideal ventilation for shoes and your foot. It makes sure that the shoe fits your entire foot properly, keeping it stable and supporting it.

Poor ventilation can cause your feet to become uncomfortable. It can ruin the effectiveness of your workout. If your shoes are able to retain moisture for a long time and they become hot, it makes for ideal conditions for bacteria and fungus to thrive. Your feet will start to smell as well.


To perform aerobic exercises, you need a pair of flexible shoes. The more flexible the shoes, the easier it is to move around smoothly. It also ensures your safety as the shape of the shoes adjusts, based on your feet’s natural movements. At the same time, your shoes need to offer some support to your feet as well.

You need to get a pair of shoes that can move to keep pace with the rest of your body. When it comes to the flexibility of your shoes, there are a few things you need to look out for:

  • The sole should be made using a pliable material. Rubber is the best choice since it has the ability to flex, based on the pressure applied and it retains its shape when the force is no longer applied.
  • The upper section should not be stiff but flexible. It has to move with your feet so that you can get a more natural range of movement without too much resistance from the shoes.
  • If you have flatter feet, the shoes should be slightly more on the supportive side than flexible.
  • Similarly, if your feet have higher arches, the shoes can be more flexible rather than supportive.

There are some things you need to avoid when you are looking at the shoes’ flexibility:

  • Rigid soles are a strict no. Chemically hardened rubbers should be avoided because they do not flex, based on the movement of the feet.
  • Soles that are too thin or too flexible are also very bad for your feet. If the sole is too flexible, it will not provide enough stability for your shoes during high-intensity movements.
  • Rubber that is too thick will not be able to fold in on itself. If the rubber is thick, it should have cut grooves that allow it to fold on itself to adjust to the movement of your feet.

Another important aspect is the shoe’s ability to pivot. Most aerobic exercises include pivoting as a crucial part of the workout. A good aerobic shoe will provide ample traction in just the right places so that you do not slip while pivoting.

Traction is vital in the forefoot because you use the ball of your foot while pivoting. As you pivot, the entire weight of your body and the pressure from the momentum of your movement is on the ball. You should look for a shoe that offers great traction in the forefoot, and most importantly, under the ball of the foot.


A lot of exercises can come under the category of aerobics, which is why not many companies design shoes for the specific purpose of aerobics. Such a varied exercise means a person can wear footwear for cross-training, running, cross-fit, or water shoes. But, what people don’t realize is that different shoes serve different purposes. The type of shoes you need is based on the type of aerobic exercises you will be participating in.

Dance Aerobics: If you are planning on taking up dance aerobics, you should look for a shoe that is excellent for pivoting, offers a great all-around grip, adequate shock absorption, and is extra flexible.

Low-impact Aerobics: If you are interested in low-impact aerobics, traction and cushioning are two important factors you need to look for in your shoes. Your shoes also need to offer ample midfoot support and a supportive inner sole. A lighter weight will make the shoes even better for low-impact and modified aerobics.

High-impact Aerobics: For high-impact aerobics, you need a shoe that offers plenty of traction, and extra shock absorption. If they are lightweight, that makes them better but the primary focus needs to be on traction and cushioning. Something like cross-training shoes, for instance, will work well for high-impact aerobics.

The best thing about getting a versatile pair of shoes is that it will not just suit the type of exercise you want to do. The shoes will also allow you to participate in a range of other sports and physical activities.

A pair of trail running shoes can be excellent for high-impact aerobics. You can go for high-impact, cross-training exercises one day and head on a trail run another day. Versatility goes a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals.


The fitting of your aerobic shoes matters a lot. A good pair of aerobic shoes will wrap around your foot with a snug fit. It can have lace closures, Velcro straps, or even both, to ensure a firm and secure fit that is not too tight.

The construction material will also need to be of high quality. If the fit is snug but the material is poor, it can cause a lot of irritation, sore sports, or general discomfort to your feet. When you are considering buying aerobic shoes, look for a pair that fits just right on your feet. It has to give a tight hug to your feet, but it should not interrupt your blood circulation. The shoes have to be slightly loose, but not too loose that they slip out of your feet when you are exercising.

As you exercise, your feet start to swell. This is why the shoes need to be adjustable. If you require extra support in the ankles, look for a pair of shoes with high tops. A high top shoe will also wrap around your ankle, keeping it more secure by offering more support to the joint.

If you have high arches, you need a shoe that has high arch support in the inner sole. This will make sure that the shoe fits the bottom of your foot well enough. You can even wear a custom orthotic (if the shoe accommodates it) to get the arch support you need. You should also make sure your toes are not bunched up against the front of the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use cross-trainers for aerobics?

  1. Cross-training sneakers are actually some of the best shoes for aerobic exercises. These are versatile shoes designed for a variety of high-intensity athletic activities. You can use cross-trainers for running, playing basketball, the gym, and of course, high-intensity interval training.

Most cross-trainers have adequate high arch support, mesh uppers for breathability, and rubber outer soles for shock absorption and stability. The shoes also provide excellent pushback, which makes them ideal for efficient workouts.

Q. What are the best shoes for aerobic exercises?

  1. Aerobic exercises can include a wide variety of exercises. From calisthenics to dance, and even HIIT, the exercises can be high-impact, or low-impact. As a result, there are several different types of shoes that you can use for aerobic exercises.

The best shoes for aerobic exercises depend on the kind of activity a person is planning to take on, more than anything else. You should look for shoes designed for the workout you want to do.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall Aerobic Shoes: Under Armour Micro G Assert 7

Best Premium Quality Aerobic Shoes: ASICS Gel Quantum 180 TR

Best Value Aerobic Shoes: Ryka Hydro Sport

Best Aerobic Shoes

After conducting hours of research, we have compiled this list of reviews of some of the top shoes in this category. These reviews will give you the information required to compare and purchase the best pair of aerobic shoes for your specific needs:

1. Under Armour Micro G Assert 7

Under Armour Men's Micro G Assert 7 Sneaker

A lot of people describe wearing the Under Armour Micro G Assert 7 as no less than a heavenly experience when working out. That makes sense since these shoes are made of lightweight materials.

The upper section consists of a highly breathable mesh, which ensures the shoes’ breathability. Leather overlays on the mesh provide a good structure to the shoes so they can support your feet wherever necessary without compromising on airflow. The inner lining is constructed using EVA foam and Micro G Foam to help with shock absorption and keep your feet comfortable.

The Micro G Foam also runs along the length of the bottom of the shoe under your foot. This helps improve the overall shock absorption and energy return to make your exercise more efficient. There are higher traction points in the shoe where you will need them the most during aerobic workouts. This makes the shoes lighter.

The shoes are made for people with arches that are not too high and not too flat. The mesh material does more than provide breathability. It also allows the shoes to give your feet a more sock-like fit. The mesh material changes shape along with the natural movement of your feet.

While it might not matter to some people, these shoes also come in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. You can easily choose a pair that matches well with your favorite aerobic outfits.


  • Breathable shoes
  • EVA inner sole
  • Micro G Foam cushioning for extra comfort and pushback
  • Zoned traction to reduce overall weight
  • Non-marking rubber suitable for indoor use


  • Fitting is a little narrow
  • No options for wider sizes

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2. ASICS Gel Quantum 180 TR

ASICS Men's Gel-Quantum 180 TR Cross-Trainer Shoe

ASICS shoes are an absolute favorite among fitness enthusiasts. Whether you like to hit the gym for weight training exercises or for aerobic workouts, there is an ASICS model out there for you. The ASICS Gel Quantum 180 TR is as fancy as the name sounds. This is a model you can use for both cross-training exercises and running, making it ideal for aerobic exercises.

The upper section of these shoes is made using a combination of synthetic material, along with mesh. The synthetic underlays on the mesh upper of these shoes work with the rest of the materials to make a breathable pair. The material is flexible enough for a great fit and supports your feet in all the right places.

These shoes also offer a high level of comfort for the wearer, thanks to a padded mesh tongue. The tongue does not just provide your feet with an adequate barrier against the lace closure system, but it also enhances the overall fit and breathability. The padded collar in the back of the shoe also protects the heel and ankle area from chafing while providing extra support to your feet.

The real hero of the ASICS is the Gel cushion in the rear foot and forefoot sections of the shoes. The proprietary gel material developed by ASICS is encased in a Solyte frame. The Solyte and Gel work together to provide better shock absorption against a strong impact, and the energy return you need to make sure you can transition into the next stride with ease.

The high abrasion rubber does a great job on any surface to provide you with traction while ensuring durability.  These shoes used to be a lot pricier than they are now, but they still carry a hefty price tag.


  • Solyte midsole
  • Gel cushioning in rear foot and forefoot areas
  • High abrasion resistant outer sole
  • Suitable for a wide range of exercises
  • Mesh and synthetic leather upper


  • Shoes run a little narrow
  • Pricey

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3. Ryka Hydro Sport

RYKA Women's Hydro Sport Water Shoe Cross-Training Shoe

The Ryka Hydro Sport is a hybrid shoe designed to allow the wearer to perform both water aerobics as well as regular aerobic exercises. This versatile pair of shoes is equipped with a range of materials that can deal with diverse conditions. You can expect plenty of amazing features that make these shoes stand out from the rest of the list.

The removable perforated nitracel footbed is a particularly helpful feature. The perforated footbed allows for better breathability, offering a decent amount of air flow within the shoes so your feet remain cool during the workout sessions. The drainage ports on the soles make sure that any moisture from the exercises removes itself from the shoes as fast as possible. The sticky rubber outer sole maximizes traction, even on wet surfaces.

There is a lace closure on the shoes, but it is designed in a way that you can slip them on and easily slide your feet out of them when you need to. This means you get a secure fit with these shoes and they are also easy to wear. The combination of water-resistant mesh and fabrics makes for an overall quick-drying shoe. The material is also chlorine-resistant, which is ideal for use in water aerobics.

The webbing along the midfoot cage provides excellent lateral and medial support to the shoes. That makes them perfect for both regular aerobics and high-intensity water aerobics. These are the best quick-drying shoes for the price tag they come with.


  • Perforated footbed
  • Drainage ports
  • Versatile shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Fast-drying shoes


  • Size runs a little small
  • It takes a little time to break in

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4. Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0

Best Aerobic Shoes

The Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 comes from a big-name manufacturer that assures you high-quality construction and durability of these shoes. As the name suggests, these shoes are designed for use in CrossFit. This means that the shoes can cater to your needs for a wide variety of exercises that come under CrossFit.

The eight versions of the Nano series by Reebok is one of the most popular shoes by the brand right now. There are a lot of reasons why people love to wear these shoes. One of the biggest reasons why these shoes are popular is their updated design. Reebok introduced the FlexWeave material for its mesh upper, which offers greater flexibility and support for the wearer.

The shoe material is highly breathable so you do not need to worry about foul odors or sweat buildup in the shoes. They will keep your feet cool and dry within the shoes without a problem. The Nano 8 also features a low heel to toe drop, which makes them suitable for a wide range of exercises. The classic lacing system and internal heel counter do a fantastic job of securing your feet within the shoes even through the most intense workouts.

The high abrasion resistant outer rubber sole wraps around the arch to give better support and overall durability to the shoes. The ToeTection part at the forefoot reinforces the toe box to protect your toes while performing high-intensity maneuvers during aerobic exercises. An ortholite inner liner maximizes comfort within the shoe.


  • FlexWeave upper
  • ToeTection technology to protect toes
  • Abrasion Resistant Outer Sole
  • Dual Density Midsole
  • Lightweight construction


  • Heel area does not offer high traction
  • Sizing is a little irregular

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5. Adidas Alphabounce Instinct

Best Aerobic Shoes

Adidas is another big name that could not be left out of the list of the best aerobic shoes. The Adidas Alphabounce Instinct is the most obvious choice from their expansive line of products for a list like this. While the Alphabounce Instinct looks little more than a running shoe at first glance, there are plenty of qualities in these shoes that make them a worthy entry on this list.

The Forged Mesh upper construction is breathable and fits around your foot like a sock. The upper section is highly breathable, allowing adequate air flow to your feet. It keeps your feet cool and dry through the most intense workouts. The mesh stretches and can adjust to the shape of your foot, so you can enjoy a natural range of movement.

The upper section also offers targeted support for linear and lateral movements. The lace closure system works with the snug fit to ensure a secure lockdown of your feet in the shoes. Reaching all the way to your arches, the laces also enhance the overall support that these shoes can offer to your feet, from the midsole right up to the ankles.

The midsole construction is made from Adidas’ Alphabounce technology. This is the same technology often found in Adidas’ basketball shoes. This is a great material for shock absorption and energy return. The bouncy feeling in your underfoot makes the shoes great for a range of aerobic exercises.

The continental rubber outer sole provides unmatchable traction on a wide variety of surfaces. It can work just as well on both dry and wet surfaces. The continental rubber is highly abrasion-resistant as well, so you shouldn’t feel shy in taking these shoes out for a jog outside.


  • Forged Mesh upper section construction
  • Torsion system in midsole
  • Bounce midsole
  • Continental rubber outer sole
  • Non-marking outer sole


  • Some users found the fit a little too snug for their liking
  • Shoes are heavier than most others on the list

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6. New Balance 608v5

Best Aerobic Shoes

New Balance is a respectable brand name when it comes to athletic footwear. It is no surprise that a model manufactured by them finds its way on the list of the best aerobic shoes. The New Balance 608v5 is the fifth iteration of their 608 shoes. With each version, New Balance has made updates to ensure that the premium quality series becomes better and better.

The 608v5 is a pair of shoes that does not just work well for regular exercises, but it can be suitable for everyday wear as well. There are plenty of color options for you to choose from, so you can easily pick out something that matches your casual wardrobe. As far as the reasons why these shoes are on the list, there are plenty.

The leather construction of these shoes makes them stand out from the rest of the entries on this list. The shoe material is perforated in a way that the leather does not compromise the overall breathability, but it is still not as breathable as mesh material. The leather does, however, offer great lateral and linear support for your feet. The shoes might take a little time to break in, but they will guarantee a long period of comfortable use.

The AZORB shock absorption system in the heel makes sure that the shoes dampen the force of impact and provide great energy return. This means that your workouts are not just safer for your joints, but more efficient as well. The abrasion-resistant rubber outer sole is designed in a way that the wearer’s weight is kept to a minimum without compromising on traction and slip resistance.


  • Durable upper section construction
  • Mesh lining within the shoes
  • Abrasion and slip-resistant outer sole
  • AZORB cushioning
  • Dual-density foam collar


  • Shoes might get a little hot
  • Has a long break in period

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7. K-Swiss ST329 CMF

K-Swiss Men's ST329 CMF Training Shoe (10 M US, White Navy-red)

K-Swiss originally designed the ST239 CMF as tennis shoes. The manufacturer wanted to create signature athletic shoes that could improve the performance of tennis players, but they ended up making something more than that. The overall design of these shoes makes them capable of performing well on the court. But if you are someone looking to get a pair of good looking shoes or your aerobics class, these will do just fine.

The high-quality leather used in the shoe upper is durable, ensuring a long period of use through the most strenuous exercises without any worry of damage. The thick rubber sole offers maximum shock absorption. The outer soles also feature deep treads that can provide grip in multiple directions. This quality makes them perfect for tennis, but just as good for you to perform a wide range of aerobic exercises.

The non-slip design of the shoes helps you stay stable through the most intense turns and quick maneuvers on your feet, preventing injury scares. These shoes use dual-density foam to secure the area around the heel cup, so you get extra stability in the heel along with great energy return. The sleek and streamlined look means you can also wear them on your way to the gym from home without a second thought.

The shoes are designed to promote a high level of comfort. You can wear these shoes for hours on end. The inner sole is so comfortable that you will not even feel like you are using custom orthotics. The memory foam footbed conforms to the shape of your feet (after a few wears) to give you the custom fit you are looking for. These shoes have a lot going for them and are great ideal aerobic shoes. However, they lack adequate breathability.


  • Leather upper
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Dual-density heel cup support
  • High grip outer sole
  • Multi-directional tread


  • Breathability is an issue
  • Wide sizes are not available

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8. Nike Metcon 4

Nike Metcon 4 Mens Cross Training Shoes

If you are aware of different athletic shoes, you must have been wondering when the latest Nike Metcon model would be featured on the list. Not to be left behind at all, these amazing shoes by one of the best sports equipment manufacturers has a place on the list of the best aerobic shoes. A pair that fitness enthusiasts cannot get enough of, the Nike Metcon 4 is one of the highest-rated cross-trainer models out there.

Like many of Nike’s running shoes, the latest Metcon also features a mesh construction in the upper with increased durability compared to regular mesh. The Flywire cables allow the mesh to provide a flexible fit but ensure support for multidirectional movements wherever it is needed. The Flywire cables span from the bottom of the shoe in order to provide support from the bottom to the midfoot, running all the way to the top.

You can enjoy a wide range of rapid movement without worrying about stability wearing these. These shoes are great because you can use them for a wide range of activities. From lateral movement to linear movement, jumping, to dance moves – these shoes can do it all.  The stabilizing heel cup makes sure that your entire foot is stable through your workout so there is little to no chance of slipping.

If these shoes were not as expensive as they are, the Metcon 4 probably would have been right up there at the top. The kind of investment you need to make could be better spent on other pairs that offer you benefits that are more focused on aerobics.


  • Sticky rubber outer sole
  • Flywire support cables
  • Durable upper
  • Breathable mesh
  • Cushioned tongue for enhanced support and fit
  • Mesh ankle and heel collar


  • Laces are a little too long for the liking of some users
  • Shoes are more expensive than most

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9. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 v2

Inov-8 Men's F-Lite 235 V2 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Whether you are looking for a good workout session involving weight training or you want to engage in different aerobic workouts, these versatile cross-trainers can do it all. The Inov-8 F-Lite 235’s latest iteration has a 0mm heel to toe drop that places your feet in a completely neutral position, not applying any pressure on your toes. The shoes come in just two color options, but what makes them a good entry on the list is what they offer in terms of performance rather than looks.

These shoes are extremely lightweight, and they feature a high grip sticky rubber outer sole. The outer sole offers great traction on any kind of indoor surface, whether it is dry or wet. The material offers a good grip, no matter which direction your feet are moving. The traction lugs are 3mm thick, enhancing the grip. The meta flex technology allows you to move your feet without any restrictions, yet you get a decent amount of support from the shoes.

These shoes hit the sweet spot when it comes to giving you a fit that is neither too loose nor too tight. These Inov-8 cross-trainers are made with a breathable upper that is supported with welded overlays for added support. These shoes are a little pricier than what you would expect from a brand that is not as big as the likes of Adidas and Nike, making it too much for some people. If you are in need of a good pair of versatile trainers, these shoes can be worth making the investment.

Their durability also adds to their overall value since you can use them daily for several months before you feel the need to replace them.


  • Sticky rubber outer sole
  • 0mm heel to toe drop
  • Welded upper overlays
  • Secure lacing system
  • Meta flex technology


  • Laces are a little short for the liking of some users

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10. Ryka Tenacity

RYKA Women's Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

Another pair by Ryka to feature on the list of the best aerobic shoes, the Tenacity is a cross-trainer that looks quite odd. Other than the futuristic-looking design that you rarely see in any shoes, the ankles also are a little higher than most of the other shoes we have featured in this guide. These shoes provide greater support around the ankle joint because they wrap your foot around the area in a secure fit.

You can find these shoes very useful for high-intensity dance classes where you are worried about overrotating the ankle and possibly twisting it. Enhanced ankle support also makes them great for a variety of high-stress workouts like weight lifting. The shoes are not as light as most of the other Ryka shoes, but the extra weight also means better padding, more secure upper construction and enhanced grip.

These are the only high top shoes featured on the list with its 4-inch shaft. The adjustable hook and loop strap allows you to customize the fit, based on your preference. The upper construction is made using a mixture of synthetic and mesh materials, giving you an ideal balance between flexibility and support. The mesh makes these shoes breathable.

A versatile pair of shoes, they require no time to break in, provide excellent underfoot support, and keeps your feet cool and dry at the same time.


  • High-quality construction
  • High-top design
  • Versatile trainers
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Padded forefoot area


  • Poor cushioning

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The Best of the Best

With that, you have all the information you need to pick out the top pair of shoes for your aerobic exercises. We understand that you may still have a difficult time picking out a pair. Even with a list narrowed down to ten of the best, there are still a lot of variables to consider. In order to make things easier for you, we have three top picks based on different preferences.

The Best Overall Aerobic Shoes

In terms of providing the perfect balance between performance, capabilities, comfort, and price, nothing beats the Under Armour Micro G Assert 7. This pair of shoes offers you all the necessary features without carrying an exorbitant price tag.

The Best Premium Quality Aerobic Shoes

If you are willing to pay a little more to enjoy only premium quality features, the ASICS Gel Quantum 180 TR might be an ideal choice for you. These shoes offer some of the latest technologies developed by the manufacturer, ideal for aerobics and a range of other exercises.

The Best Value Aerobic Shoes

If you are looking for an entry-level pair of shoes that will allow you to get the best experience from aerobic exercises without costing too much, the Ryka Hydro Sport is the best pair to go for. The lower price tag does not take anything away from these highly versatile trainers.