10 Best Pull On Work Boots

Best Pull On Work Boots

Are you tired of constantly lacing and then unlacing your work boots to get in and out of them? You have to admit; the process can become more than just a little tiring after a while. It can be especially tedious if the nature of your job requires you to wear tall boots.

Luckily, there is an excellent solution to rid you of this ordeal of getting in and out of your work boots. All you need to do is get yourself a pair of the best pull on work boots, and the lacing and unlacing problems will go away for good.

If you have ever browsed shops for pull on work boots, you must have found countless different models and brands. Picking out the best one is not an easy task for someone who is not familiar with these boots. If you do not feel that you are informed well enough to pick out the best pull on boots, it is time to get educated.

We have created a detailed guide to buying the best pull on work boots for work.

Buying Guide for Best Pull on Boots

In this guide, we have provided you with all the information you need to know so that you can pick the best pair of pull on work boots suitable for your needs. After the guide, we have also added a comprehensive list of detailed reviews of some of the top pull on work boots that you can buy, just to narrow down the choices you need to consider.

Why Choose Pull on Work Boots

Pull on work boots are one of the most popular choices among men and women working hard on industrial work floors or other jobs that require them to be in tough outdoor conditions. One of the best ways to describe pull on work boots is that they are incredibly resilient.

Pull ons are generally made using sturdy materials with impeccable construction quality that allows them to last long and endure the toughest of conditions. Add to that the fact that they feature some amazing features that you can expect from safety boots. These features include slip-resistant outer soles, steel toe reinforcements, superior grip, weatherproofing, electrical hazard protection and puncture protection, which makes them make an excellent option for your consideration.

Unlike most other boots built for tough conditions, pull ons usually come with interior linings that are easier on your feet. Pulling them on is significantly simpler. Pull ons are effectively much better for professionals working long shifts, which require a lot of standing or general legwork.

Pull ons are also very convenient to use. They are actually the best option if you find yourself rushing to work and clocking yourself in. When you are too beat up after a long shift at work that you do not want to bother with complicated laces, these boots will show you the true meaning of convenience. Taking them off is a breeze. In just a couple of motions, you can pull them off and let your feet relax.

Compared to boots with laces, here are some of the key advantages you have with pull on boots.

Saves Time

Boots with laces can be more than a little annoying to put on. Usually, you need to loosen up the laces, push your feet into the boots and then tighten the laces from the bottom all the way up the shaft. This process can take a little bit of time. Pull on boots require you to just slide your feet into the boots. Wearing them is as simple as that!

Easy to clean and treat

Unlike other work boots that have laces, pull ons have a relatively simpler outer surface. There are no protruding tongues or other structural obstacles in the design of the shoe. This makes it easier to clean and care for your work boots. You can also easily apply oils or waxes to the boots as compared to boots with laces.

They can double up as casual shoes

Pull ons do not have a lot of lacing, which makes them much more suitable for regular use as compared to laced boots. You can easily use your pull on boots as casual wear on any occasion.

Easy to waterproof

One of the most annoying things about regular work boots is the matter of making them waterproof. When you are trying to make them waterproof, the laces and the tongue area make it almost impossible to properly waterproof your boots. Pull on work boots make it easier for you to waterproof them if you need to.

There are no obstacles with pull on work boots. Treating the upper part of pull on work boots to make them waterproof is simple, which ensures diversified use on the job.

Of course, not everything about pull on boots is better than laced boots. Here are a few disadvantages that pull on boots have in comparison to the qualities of work boots with laces.

Not as supportive in the ankles

The laces in work boots serve more than one purpose. The first and the most obvious purpose of laces is that they secure the boots tightly to your feet, so they do not slip off. Another purpose that the laces serve is that they tighten the boot, which leads to a better fit around your ankles for more support.

Since pull on boots do not have laces, they cannot offer the same additional support around the ankles. This is not a deal-breaker, but you should keep this in mind about pull on work boots.

Not a very good level of breathability

The fact that they do not have any laces means that pull ons are pretty much closed off around your feet. There is no extra breathability like boots with laces have to offer. This is the reason why you will find some pull ons to be a little warmer to wear while you are at work.

Water can easily get in through the top of the boots

Pull on work boots are reputed for giving you plenty of extra space around the top of the boots, so it is easier to wear them. As there are no laces to tighten them close to your legs, it means there is a gap for air at the top.

The result of the extra gap around the top of the boots is that if they are submerged underwater, water can easily seep into the boots. Also, mud, snow or standing water can enter the boots if you stand deep in any of it.

Pull Ons vs. Slip On Work Boots

Pull on boots are also commonly referred to as slip on boots. You might even hear people use the two terms for the boots interchangeably, but you need to understand that they are two different boots. There are a few key differences between pull on and slip on boots that you should know.

Shaft size

Slip on boots reach an inch or two above your ankles, but pull on boots have a much taller shaft. Some pull on boot models even reach as far up as just below your knees to provide the entire leg adequate support.


You will find a major similarity in design when you compare slip on work boots to traditional and laced work boots. This makes them highly functional work boots that are used to replace lace up boots for large industrial floors. They usually lack a good aesthetics when it comes to their design.

With pull on boots, they resemble cowboy boots. They are great for casual wear because of the better looking design, They are also pretty good for yard work and indoor jobs.


Slip on boots are typically made of treated leather and synthetic fabric like traditional lace up boots are. Pull on boots, on the other hand, are mostly made using the kind of hide and leather used to make riding boots.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pull On Work Boots

Here is a final look at the factors you need to consider when you are selecting pull on work boots.

Construction quality

The best pull on boots are made with high-quality materials. No matter what kind of job you have, it is understood that wearing work boots means that the nature of work will put your work boots through their paces. This is why you need boots made from strong materials. You need them to last you a very long time.

The material can be anything from regular hide to synthetic material – as long as it is durable. The type of construction is also an important factor that affects their durability. Boot construction methods like the use of cement bonding or Goodyear Welt technology in the footwear can guarantee you quality construction. Double stitching and waterproofing are also substantial features to have in your boots.

Fit and comfort

With pull on work boots, comfort and fitting are two crucial features that go hand in hand. When your feet are comfortable, they will be less tired by the end of a long work day. The fitting of your boots is important because that has an impact on how effective all the other features of the boots are.

In order to make sure that all the other features of your pull on work boots are going to perform exactly as intended, you need the perfect fitting. A good fitting will also keep your feet from moving too much within the boots.

Features for comfort like cushioning and additional support are great for your feet as you wear the boots throughout the day at work. These features can include anything from arch support, gel footbeds, heel support cups, EVA foam inner soles, and even moisture-wicking linings.


The weight of your boots matters a lot. The heavier your pull on boots are, the faster your feet will get tired wearing them all day long. Therefore, the weight of boots is very important to make sure that you can easily move around at work.

Lighter boots are better for jobs that require you to move around a lot. Heavier boots offer better safety features, which you might need if you find yourself in exceptionally tough working conditions.

Boot Length

Some people prefer to wear tall work boots. Two primary reasons for choosing taller work boots is that it helps to keep the moisture at bay if you are walking through standing water, snow, and mud. Taller work boots are also better equipped to provide support for your lower legs and ankles.

Safety and protection

Safety features are not just a recommendation, but a necessary requirement for a lot of jobs that see workers in potentially hazardous conditions. Pull on work boots offer a host of safety features, which make them ideal for industrial jobs and other dangerous working environments. They can help prevent injury and accidents in the workplace.

Foot support

Ankle and foot support are two main concerns when you are getting pull on work boots. This can lead to slips and accidents, which can contribute to workplace injuries. You need to look for work boot features that offer the best support for your feet and ankles.

Orthotic insole designs, heel cups, arch support, and other such features are important. They will leave your feet feeling less sore, and even great by the end of a long workday. The same features will also prove to be very helpful during the workday by helping prevent accidents.

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When you are purchasing pull on work boots, you are actively investing your money for the safety and reliability that the manufacturer promises. It is important that the manufacturer backs up its promise by offering a substantial warranty period, which reflects your investment. A good warranty is one that covers your entire work boot for the longest duration possible.

Slip resistance

Pull on work boots are generally a good choice for people working in wet environments. If you find yourself dealing with water, oil, mud or slippery surfaces on the job, you need boots that offer superior slip resistance. The better the slip resistance offered by the boots, the less likely you are to slip and fall at work.

Ease of use

Perhaps, the biggest reason to buy pull on work boots is the ease of use. Pull on boots are supposed to be easier to get in and out of, and to make sure you are relieved from the hassles of tying and untying your laces several times during the day at work.

Easy to wear work boots come with two pull straps located on either side of the shaft collar. If the boot has a tongue, it will be quite high, so there is a smooth transition between the ramp and the shaft of the boot.


The shank is an integral part of work boots, which sits between the outer sole and the inner soles. This area is where the puncture protection also comes into play. The shank is typically quite narrow and adds support to the arch area. A wider shank in the boot gives it superior stability. The shank can be made from a variety of materials. The best material for a shank is metallic, so it can provide you better puncture protection and greater support for the arches of your feet.

How to Properly Fit a Pull On Work Boot

Now that you understand these vital factors about choosing work boots, here are some helpful tips you should know about the fitting of your pull on boots. Make sure that you are well aware of these features and look for proper fitting before you select boots.

  • When you are trying on boots, make sure you wear socks with the same thickness that you would while you are wearing them for work.
  • Try the shoes on both the feet at the same time to get a better idea of the feel while walking several steps with them on.
  • Your feet should not move around too much within the boot, especially your heels.
  • Your feet should not start to slip out when you start walking.
  • Your feet should not be able to roll from one side to the other without your boot moving along with it.
  • The toes should not touch the front of the boot. At least an inch of a difference between the tip of your toes and the front end of the boot is ideal.

Using these simple steps can improve your chances of getting a great fit for your pull on work boots. Now that you have an idea of all the information you need to pick the best boots, let us take a look at the reviews of top pull on work boots you should consider.

Our Top 3 Picks

Best Overall Pull On Work Boots: Ariat Men’s Workhog H20 Pull On Work Boot

Best Premium Pull On Work Boots: Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull On Steel Toe Work Boots

Best Value Pull On Work Boots: Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Pull On Work Boots

After conducting hours of research, using personal experience, and reviews from professionals using these and considering all the features, we have picked out the best pull on work boots. The reviews of these boots will give you a good idea of which pair is best suited for your needs.

Best Pull On Work Boots

1. Ariat Men’s Workhog H20 Pull On Work Boot

Ariat Men's Workhog Pull-on Waterproof Pro Work Boot, Oily Distressed Brown, 11 2E US

Ariat is a popular choice for pull on work boots for men. The Workhog H20 is one of the shining examples of this type of boot and makes it to the very top of our list of reviews. An outstanding pair of boots, it is our top pick for a number of reasons, the cowboy looks notwithstanding.

These boots are perfect for working and enjoying the outdoor environment. The classic roper toes and weatherproofing makes sure that your feet are protected from a number of harsh conditions. You will not have to worry about water, frostbite, snake bites or any sharp objects bothering your feet with these on.

The outer sole of the boots has aggressive treads, which provide you better traction through difficult terrain. You can perform the more challenging tasks outdoors with greater ease, knowing that you have a stable and steady grip on the surface. The oil and slip-resistant outer sole also prevents slipping on tricky surfaces.

The 10-inch long shaft, cowboy style design and slip-resistant outer sole make them a safe pair of boots. Getting in and out of these boots is effortless due to the pull on straps on either side of the shaft. The flexible gore panel at the back of the shaft makes it easier for you to slide your feet into the boots without any problem.

Comfortable for long hours of use, the moisture-wicking footbed keeps your feet dry and it is backed by additional gel cushion to provide extra comfort. The EVA foam midsole provides impact protection and more support while working for longer hours.

These boots have narrow arches with wide-open cuffs. Coupled with the gore paneling, you will get an adequate amount of support in both the arches and ankles. The extra-wide shank stabilizes your heel much better and provides you better protection for your feet from below.


  • Weatherproof leather construction
  • Excellent looking cowboy exterior design
  • EVA midsole for added support
  • Water and oil-resistant outer sole
  • Slip-resistant outer sole with aggressive lugs
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Lined interior to help keep your feet dry


  • No steel toe reinforcement

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2. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull On Steel Toe Work Boots

Caterpillar Men's Revolver Pull-On Steel Toe Boot,Dark Brown,11.5 M US

It is no surprise to see Caterpillar on the list of the best pull on work boots. The manufacturer has been the pinnacle for safety workwear for several years. In the category of the best pull on work boots, the Caterpillar Revolvers are more than just your average cowboy boot. They are one of the most well-defined examples of pull on work boots.

The design of these boots is pretty straightforward and functional. The boots are perfect for outdoor and industrial use. The 15-inch diameter on the shaft and the mid-cut height with double pull handles make the Revolver one of the easiest boots to put on and take off. These boots do not have gore paneling, so you will definitely need the pull handles.

The design with longer pull handles and higher shaft makes up for the lack of gore paneling and makes the boots easier to get into. The leather upper has a round toe box with plenty of space for your toes to move around. The steel reinforcement for the toe box provides extra protection for your feet.

The Revolvers have excellent outer soles designed with aggressive lugs with Goodyear Welt construction. The slip-resistant and electrical hazard proof boots are great for the most demanding job sites. The durable, full-grain leather does mean it takes time for you to break into the boots, but their overall comfort is remarkable.


  • Wider shaft and cuffs for easy wear
  • Slip-resistant and electrical hazard resistant outer sole
  • Double pull handles
  • Aggressively lugged outer soles
  • Safety steel toe reinforcement


  • Shaft and arch might be too wide for narrow feet
  • No gore paneling
  • Heavier pair of pull on work boots

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3. Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Pull On Work Boots

Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Pull-On Work Boot, Brown/Brown, 11 M US

Ariat is a manufacturer with a solid reputation for making pull on work boots and with good reason. They were bound to feature more than once on the list of the top pull on work boots. The Men’s Groundbreaker pull on work boots is another Ariat classic, but features a more rugged look and feel.

The design of these boots itself makes them look tough. The 11.5-inch shaft makes it a very easy pair to just slip into and be on the move. It does not have the flexible gore paneling as the Workhog, but do not let that put you off. The double handles on each side make it very easy to pull on. The foot rests on the Groundbreaker proprietary Four Layer Rebound footbed.

The boots give your feet additional metatarsal support between the leather upper and the footbed. The rubber outer sole has a block heel, which lets your arch and heel rest easily on the EVA midsole. The aggressive lugs give you better traction on uneven terrain. A mostly full-grain leather construction offers better durability, support and weather protection.

The moisture-wicking liner helps to keep your feet dry and ease up the break-in process. The high-quality construction of this pair’s footbed gives it better comfort with good functionality. The EVA layers within the inner sole provide a soft layer for your feet to rest on. The lightweight stabilizing shank ensures good support and protects the bottom of your feet.


  • Adequate ankle and lower leg support
  • Easy to get in and out of due to double pull handles
  • Stabilizing midsole and shank
  • Better fit for people with wider feet
  • Moisture-wicking inner lining helps keep your feet dry
  • Superior traction due to aggressive lugs


  • There is no steel toe reinforcement
  • Wider profile might not be good for someone using boots for riding
  • People with narrower feet might need to get a smaller size to avoid the extra room within the boot

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4. Dr. Martens Men’s Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boots

Dr. Martens Men's Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boot ,Black ,10 UK/11 M US

Dr. Martens is more commonly associated with fashionable footwear, but the brand has proven to be a capable manufacturer of work boots time and time again. The Icon Industrial Strength Steel Toe Boots by Dr. Martens clearly show us that the company is well-equipped to provide its customers with the kind of safety and security they need on the industrial floor.

The dual-pull handles on either side of the collar makes wearing the boots a breeze. The upper section of these boots is made using synthetic leather. Not as durable as genuine leather, but definitely a material that lasts long in tough conditions working on an industrial floor. A reinforced steel toe provides your feet with additional protection in harsh working environments.

The synthetic leather might be more prone to tears than genuine leather, but it is definitely more comfortable on your feet. One of the winning features of the Icon Industrials is the Air Wave midsole made by Dr. Martens. This provides additional support for your feet all day long while making it easier to wear the boots for long hours. The rubber outsole comes with standard protective measures.

The overall construction of this pair of boots is meant to make it more comfortable to wear than most other pull on work boots. The soft material spans from the footbed and up the shaft to give your feet and legs comfort. If you have narrow feet with high arches, you might not find a more comfortable fit than these.


  • Durable outer sole material
  • Comfortable synthetic leather construction
  • Cushioned inner sole and Air Wave midsole
  • Slip-resistant outer sole for better grip
  • Improved leg support
  • Electrical hazard protection


  • Not well suited for people with wider feet
  • Significantly heavier than most others in the list
  • Synthetic leather is less durable in comparison to genuine leather

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5. Georgia Boot Men’s Athens Work Boots

Best Pull On Work Boots

Georgia made a very promising pair of pull on work boots that are understandably a part of this list of reviews. Pull on work boots with excellent functionality and practicality, they are suited for almost any kind of working environment. The design aspect of these boots is based on functionality rather than aesthetics.

The leather construction provides a good structure to the boots with a rounded 15-inch cuff. Suede panels are used in tandem with the leather around the ankles to allow more natural movement in the ankle joint without compromising on durability. These boots are less prone to tears due to a full-length stitch.

The shaft reaches up to 10 inches on your calf, while the shaft is designed to make a more snug fit around your ankles. Constructed for lasting stability, the Athens is able to see you through almost all kinds of work environments. The waterproof layers on both the leather and suede make them comfortable in the most difficult places.

The rubber outsole provides decent traction, but the lugs are comparatively shallow. Cleaning the boots is very easy and the anchor disk is made of reinforced rubber that gives them a good grip on the trickiest of surfaces. These boots provide plenty of support and comfort for your feet. The memory footbed makes these shoes more comfortable the longer you use them.


  • Rubber composite outer sole for better grip
  • Wide-cut cuff and a mid-calf shaft for better leg and ankle support
  • Leather and suede construction on the upper section for better mobility
  • Oil and slip-resistant outer sole
  • Memory footbed for superior comfort
  • TPU shank for support, stability, and protection for your feet


  • Foot runs a little narrow
  • Shallower lugs but a satisfactory grip
  • No electrical hazard protection
  • No steel toe reinforcement

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6. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull On Soft Toe Boots

Best Pull On Work Boots

We have already reviewed the steel toe version of these boots. Another version of them had to feature on this list because the Caterpillar Revolver soft toe version is too good to not be included on the list of the top pull on work boots. Consider the Revolver soft toes to have all the best features of the steel-toed version other than the reinforcement for the toe box.

The 2-pound weight of these boots makes them significantly lighter than your average pull on work boots. They are less likely to cause fatigue to your feet, especially after wearing them throughout a long day at work. The trimmed-down toe box is the only bad news for workers who need the protection that steel toes offer.

Of course, the upper is constructed from full-grain leather. It is a durable and tough material that has a sturdy frame despite the lack of steel reinforcement. The outer sole is shock-proof, oil-resistant and slip-resistant. The lugs also provide high traction on tricky surfaces.

Despite the lighter weight, some users actually found the soft toe versions less comfortable than the steel toes. This is due to the lack of soft interior lining needed in steel toes. The narrow ankles also make them slightly more difficult to put on and keep on for a long time. Of course, thick socks make the narrow ankles worth it due to the additional support they can give you.


  • 2-pound weight, making them light
  • Tough and durable full-grain leather upper
  • Rugged construction suitable for rough use
  • Shock-proof, oil and slip-resistant outer sole
  • Water-resistant boots
  • Good traction on uneven surfaces


  • No soft interior lining
  • No steel reinforcement
  • No electrical hazard protection
  • Narrow ankle
  • Harder footbed

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7. Justin Original J-Max Pull On Work Boots

Justin Original Work Men's J-max Pull On, Rugged Tan Gaucho, 10.5 D US

Similar to the Revolver in many ways, the J-Max by Justin Original Designs is a significant entry on this list of reviews. The key difference with the J-Max is that they offer a stockier fit than the Revolvers.

A tough and full-grain upper leather section makes a strong boot that is weather-proof. The deeper leg opening makes it easier for you to slide your feet into the boots. The ankle is much wider than the Revolver to make it easier to get in and out of these boots, making them a more comfortable pair in comparison.

If you wear the right socks, breaking into the boots will be very comfortable, despite the lack of soft interior lining. The soft toe of the boots is rounded, making it slightly less safe than a lot of other pull on work boots. Perhaps, reconsider buying these if you need work boots for application on an industrial floor.

The pair’s lugs are adequate and give you a reasonable amount of traction, but we did not find their traction to be great. The oil and slip-resistant outer sole still make the J-Max a pretty good pair for work. The overall toughness and durability of the pair also work in its favor for its price range.

The lack of lining inside these boots might feel a little harsh on your feet, but if you wear the right socks, you will not feel a thing. The J-Max runs large but narrow, making their fitting a bit of a rarity among pull on boots. This pair of boots is also wider than a lot of others.


  • Full-grain leather construction for durability and toughness
  • Oil and slip-resistant outer sole
  • Reinforced ankles and heels for added stability and support
  • Sturdy rubber outer sole
  • Double comfort system


  • No interior lining
  • No electrical hazard protection
  • Comparatively lower grip traction
  • Sizing can be tricky to figure out
  • No steel toe reinforcement

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8. Chippewa Men’s Rugged Hand-Crafted Pull On Boots

Chippewa Men's 20075 10" Rugged Handcrafted Pull-On Boot,Chocolate Apache,11 D US

Chippewa made these rugged pull on boots, keeping the high standards of American heritage in mind. These handcrafted boots are made with a lot of care to ensure long-lasting performance as recreational and work-worthy footwear. This pair of boots has a 10-inch tall shaft with a spacious cuff that makes it very easy to slip in and out of via the double pull handles.

Just like the J-Max and the Caterpillar Revolvers, there is no interior lining in these boots, which do not make them ideal for colder climates. That same quality makes these boots work exceptionally well for warmer climates because they will not heat up your feet unreasonably. The boots have a very decent design with a low arch and reinforced heels.

There is no steel toe protection, which makes them unsuitable for some worksite safety standards. The outer sole has a very good tread, but it is not the thickest among the boots reviewed on this list. The leather upper material actually makes it look like it is leather, but it works very well for weather protection when you give it waterproof treatment.

The footbed is comfortable and it can accommodate orthotic inner soles for its own removable soles. The outer sole of the Chippewa boots is relatively less rugged and durable as compared to most of the other boots we have reviewed so far. The lower thickness and smoother treat also mean they are not the best on slippery surfaces or uneven ground.


  • Shaft is lower and the pull on tabs make them very easy to get in and out of
  • A comfortable upper material
  • Removable inner soles


  • No oil or slip resistance
  • No electrical hazard protection
  • No interior lining
  • Low durability synthetic outer sole
  • No steel toe reinforcement

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9. Timberland Pro Men’s Powerwelt Wellington Boot

Timberland PRO Men's 53522 Powerwelt Wellington Boot,Rancher Brown,10 M

Timberland is a brand associated with some of the best safety boots around. As it turns out, there is a pull on work boot manufactured by Timberland, which makes the cut for the best pull on work boots. The Timberland Pro Men’s Powerwelt Wellington Boots are ideal work boots.

The high shafts of these boots are designed for professionals who work in watery work sites. These boots are not very well insulated for arctic conditions; they do offer excellent protection against water and oil. The upper section of the boots is able to resist pretty much every type of fluid you can throw at them at work.

Timberland’s Powerwelt Wellingtons are comfortable, but not remarkably so. If you want to get a more comfortable sole, you can easily swap the inner soles with ones you like better. The traction for these boots is pretty good with the slip and oil-resistant outer soles. If you give it a good coating of wax, the shoes can last you much longer, especially in moist conditions.

The steel toe reinforcement is an important part of the host of safety features that these boots boast. The heat resistant and full-grain leather is Everguard leather, some of the best leather used to make boots. The Goodyear Welt Cast Bond construction makes sure that the boots are secure and an extended shank provides additional stability and support.


  • Slip-resistant outer sole
  • Water, heat and oil-resistant upper section
  • Steel toe reinforcement
  • High traction outer sole


  • Lack of pull up tabs make it difficult to get in and out of
  • Shaft is relatively slimmer
  • Has a heavy weight
  • There is no insulation

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10. Golden Retriever Men’s 9905 Pull On Wedge Boots

Golden Retriever Men's 9905-M, Butternut, 10.5 W US

This pair of pull on work boots by Golden Retriever is as practical in terms of design as it can get for pull on boots. The design is a strong balance between functionality, economy and utility. The boots are not made for heavy-duty outdoor usage, but they are still a respectable pair that deserves a place on the list of the best pull on work boots.

The Golden Retrievers are comfortable, convenient and they fit very well. The shaft ranges from 9 inches to 10.5 inches, depending on the size you get and a 15-inch diameter on the cuff. The pair can easily be pulled on even if you do not use the pull up tabs on the collar. A contoured heel and rounded toe box provide stability and support, ensuring a snug interior.

The outer rubber sole is wedged, so you cannot expect extraordinary traction from these boots, but they do provide good arch support for narrow feet. They are not the most suitable boots for rugged job sites. Think of them as being ideal for someone who likes to work in the yard and does not need heavy-duty work boots.

Do not think that the boots are not durable. The full-grain buffalo leather makes a very rugged material with considerable water resistance. Good oil treatment can make these much more capable of protecting your feet from moisture. The wider shaft allows for better airflow, but also lets water in, making them unsuitable for some work environments.


  • Odor-resistant interior lining
  • Excellent support for the heel and arch
  • Wider cuff and shaft for easy wear
  • Cushioned inner sole


  • No steel toe reinforcement
  • No electrical hazard protection
  • Narrow profile for boots
  • Sizing almost always runs small
  • Lightweight outer sole
  • Low traction on trickier surfaces

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The Best of the Best

We hope that the information we have provided makes it easier for you to pick the best pair of pull on work boots for your needs. Consider all of the factors listed at the start of the guide to compare and get the pair which will work out best for you.

We understand that even with the list narrowed down to 10, it might be a little overwhelming to make your final pick. To make it even easier for you to decide, here are our top three picks for the best pull on work boots based on different factors.

Best Overall Pull On Work Boots

Our best overall pick has to be the Ariat Men’s Workhog H20 Pull On Work Boot. These boots exhibit the perfect balance between functionality, style, features and durability that you can expect from work boots. Other than the fact that they do not feature steel toe reinforcement, everything seems to be perfect about the Workhogs.

Best Premium Pull On Work Boots

If you are willing to spend some extra money on your boots to get the best possible experience, the Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull On Steel Toe Work Boots is clearly the top premium pick among all the shoes we have reviewed. They combine all the best features you can expect from safety boots in one package, including steel toe reinforcement.

Best Value Pull On Work Boots

If you want all the best features of pull on work boots, but you are on a budget, the Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Pull On Work Boots is a pair that offers excellent value for money. Made by the same manufacturer that makes the top pick of this list, these boots provide you with an incredibly stable footing and are very easy to get in and out of.

While these three are our top picks, we would still urge you to go through all of the features properly for all of the boots mentioned before you make a decision. Each of the pairs reviewed carry features that make them more suitable for some people than for others. If you follow this guide, we are confident you will be able to pick out the pair that is perfect for you. Best of luck!