13 Best Running Sandals

Best Running Sandals

Sandals have been around for thousands of years, with everyone from Romans to Ancient Egyptians embracing the idea of covering their feet for style and comfort. Of course, the technology that goes into designing sandals – or “flip flops” as they are often known – has changed dramatically over the years. In recent years, many running enthusiasts have even touted the benefits of using sandals instead of shoes.

Knee-jerk reactions to the notion of running in anything by the latest cushioned cross-trainers are not uncommon among the running community. Still, as we’ll see, there is a wide range of benefits associated with running in sandals. There are also few – if any – adverse health effects for runners to worry about, providing they take proper precautions.

In the following article, we’ll discuss all of the ins and outs of running sandals, including what types there are on the market, their various benefits to training, and how to choose the right running sandals for your needs. Afterward, we’ll take a look at some of the best running sandals available right now while also highlighting the brands that offer the best value and the best overall performance.

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For more in-depth reviews and information about the benefits of running sandals, read on.

Benefits of Running Sandals

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not uncommon to assume that the most logical way to minimize wear and tear or your feet, ankles, and knees when running is to gird your feet in the most cushioned shoes possible. While this is not untrue in a lot of cases, some studies have revealed that these shoes can contribute to leg stiffness and a myriad of other problems.

While the running world has not entirely embraced sandals as a solution to this problem, some undeniable benefits go along with taking to the trail in more minimalist footwear. Below, we’ll outline just a few of these.

NOTE: Running in sandals is not for everyone. Still, there are many different designs available, all of which cater to different user needs.

Sandals Let Your Feet “Breathe”

There’s a lot to be said about giving your feet the ability to breathe when running. Not only does it simulate a barefoot experience without any of the associated risks, but it allows your feet to sweat without risking athlete’s foot or other conditions. No matter the case, for many runners, less sweat is an attractive proposal.

Sandals Can Make for a More Fun Experience

According to many people that have run in sandals, the experience is just much more fun than running in traditional shoes. Not only does it allow you to get a real feel for the trail, but running without wearing shoes can completely change the experience for some men and women. Proponents of the sport just say it’s something you have to feel to believe.

Sandals Give Toes Room to Spread Out

Traditional shoes tend to force your toes into a point, especially when running at high speeds or on uneven trails. When runners land on their heels and push off with the tips of their feet, they significantly increase the potential for discomfort, cramping, and injury. With sandals, toes have room to spread out, mimicking the sensation of running barefoot without the risks.

Sandals Encourage a More Even Foot Strike

Sandals often encourage runners to use a more low-impact, mid-foot strike. This change allows them to strengthen muscles that often get ignored when they’re wearing traditional shoes while also significantly improving their running form. In the case of uneven or rough trails, this type of foot strike can be essential to preventing slipping or injury.

How to Choose the Right Running Sandals For You

Sandals aren’t known for having a myriad of moving parts, so when looking at running sandals, it’s not uncommon for newcomers to assume they’re “all the same.” In reality, however, there are several things you need to take into account when choosing the best running sandals for your needs. These include:


If you’re new to the concept of running sandals, the first image that appeared in our mind likely was that of a sandal flying off at full speed. Ouch! While it’s true that the potential for this happening is much more significant than with tradition shoes, it’s incredibly uncommon when the runner takes the time to ensure their sandals fit correctly.

Ensuring that your sandals conform to the shape of your foot and are tight at all areas of contact turns them into a virtual extension of your body. Not only does proper fit almost eliminate slippage, but it can also provide that “naked” sensation that so many runners crave. As with any footwear, be sure you know your size and make allowances for the type of activities you’ll be doing.


The vast majority of running sandals utilize a simple, flat rubber sole, but there are brands out there that incorporate different elements in their designs. Knowing what type of material your sandal is made up will give you a good idea of its durability and how well it will stand up to the different conditions you’ll encounter where you run.

Of course, different materials also have different properties. Where some are comfortable and springy, others are hard and smooth. Similarly, some materials will provide a better grip on the ground than others, or will hold onto your foot tighter. Others will be waterproof while still others will take hours to properly dry if you get them wet. Knowing which is which is crucial to making a good choice.


Running sandals run the gamut from ultra-thin to thicker than the soles of your average shoes. Knowing what type of experience you would prefer, what sort of grip you want, and how much separation you need from the ground is essential to choosing the best running sandals for you.

In most cases, thicker running sandals are preferred by users who aren’t yet comfortable with the “barefoot experience.” They may just be looking for more breathability during their exercises, or they might just want to avoid any pain. Thin sandals are for the real hardcore running enthusiast who want to really feel every bump in the road.

Type of Lacing

One of the most-contested design elements when it comes to running sandals is the lacing. Where some minimalist designs incorporate a simple nylon cord, others have a more traditional fabric webbing. There are also running sandals that have an entire “shell” of fabric that almost perfectly mimics running shoes. All of these designs have their uses, benefits, pros, and cons. Still, in the end, it’s up to the wearer.

Types of Running Sandals

There are thousands of different kinds of running sandals out there, with almost every model embracing its own unique features and design elements. Taking all of this into account, we can define four overarching categories into which the majority of designs fall.

Huarache Style

One of the most popular running sandal designs is the Huarache Style, which mimics the flat, thin shoes worn in many parts of Mexico. In general, these running sandals are very thin with a simple cord or fabric lacing. In many cases, these sandals are so flat that they can be rolled up and stored in your pocket after use.

The main reason for the popularity of the Huarache Style is that they are so thin, they allow runners to simulate running barefoot without risking their safety. To some, however, their flimsy construction does not offer enough support or padding from the hazards of the trail. These designs also tend to be a bit pricy considering the amount of material they necessitate.

Standard Style

What most people would describe as “standard” running sandals are those models that look like many off-the-rack sandals you see in stores. Reasonably thick and usually featuring some level of contouring to angle the foot, these shoes are incredibly durable and often have enough padding to keep users comfortable on the trail.

These types of sandals are particularly popular among those runners who want to let their feet breathe and keep their toes from being smashed into place. Of course, aside from these two features, these sandals have little else separating them from traditional laced running shoes.

“Footie” Style

The jury is still out on whether or not “footie” style running shoes do more good or more harm to your feet, but that hasn’t kept companies from introducing footie running sandals as well. Like Huarache designs, these models are often incredibly thin and feature separate padded compartments for each toe.

While many users consider them the next best thing to being barefoot, others find them too thin, too uncomfortable, and too ill-fitting. These are also some of the rarest and most-poorly reviewed types of running sandals, with none of them making it onto our list.

Shoe Style

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t take the definition of “sandal” too seriously, there are many running sandal designs that are little more than sneakers with a little added airflow. Though praised for their support and durability on rough terrain, many feel that these “sandals” don’t actually provide the sort of experience that most sandal runners expect.

Running Sandal Reviews

Now that we know the world of running sandals inside and out, let’s take a look at some of the best running sandals on the market today.

1. Xero Shoes Genesis Barefoot Running Sandals

Xero Shoes Genesis - Men's Barefoot Tarahumara Huarache Style Minimalist Lightweight Running Sandals Royal Blue

As far as lightweight designs go, it would be nearly impossible to beat the Genesis from Xero Shoes. These affordable, durable, and portable running sandals are, in fact, little more than a thin layer of rubber and some wrapped nylon lacing. Considered the ultimate in “minimalist” design, these sandals are sure to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that’s as close to barefoot as it gets.

The Genesis Barefoot Running Sandals may seem pricey for what you get, but — for many people – that’s exactly the point. Weighing almost nothing and able to be rolled up and put into your pocket, you’re always ready to hit the trail with these. Best of all, they come with a 5,000-mile warranty, ensuring you’ll get your money’s worth no matter how rough your trails are.

According to the manufacturer, the Genesis Sandals combine the best of both worlds, “barefoot-friendly ground feel and protection” from the hazards of the trial. The toe loops are incredibly strong, and despite being ready to slip on without any adjustment, grip your foot firmly thanks to the patent-pe ding tension adjustment system.


  • Includes a 5,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cost much less than most running sandal brands
  • Patent-Pending tension adjustment system allows you to find the perfect fit quickly
  • Offers the sensation of running barefoot with the protection of a shoe
  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible


  • Somewhat expensive considering the amount of material used in the manufacturing process.
  • Some users find there isn’t enough sole to protect their feet from rocks and pebbles
  • Can cause some slipping once feet begin to sweat

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2. Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandals

Keen Men's Newport H2 Sandal,Black,7 M US

We mentioned before that a lot of sandal designs tend to mimic running shoes, only with much more airflow and lighter, simpler designs. These Keen Newport H2 Sandals are a perfect example of this type of approach and are barely distinguishable from sneakers except for how open they are in the heel, sides, and top.

It’s true that this type of construction barely qualifies these as sandals. However, it also goes a long way toward calming the minds of those who might otherwise be reluctant to run full speed with just a small patch of rubber strapped to their feet. In some ways, we might consider these the “gateway running sandals” for people just getting comfortable with the idea.

The Keen H2 Sandals are constructed of washable polyester webbing and feature an EVA footbed with a pattern that offers serious traction. Rather than traditional laces, the sandals are secured with a fit lace capture system to ensure an all-around snug fit. According to the manufacturer, the Newport H2s are ready to take on almost any conditions. From water to dirt to mud to snow, they provide excellent grip.


  • Much more support than most “minimalist” running sandals
  • Mimics the feel and snugness of running shoe with more airflow
  • Easy to clean – completely washable
  • EVA footbed features a multidirectional lug pattern for increased traction


  • Close-toed design can still lead to cramping and bunching
  • Some users have complained that the stitching is not strong enough
  • Can get quite expensive quite quickly depending on the size of your feet

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3. Luna Running and Hiking Sandals

LUNA Sandals OSO FLACO Winged Edition | Unisex Lightweight Athletic Sandals 7.2oz | 7mm (+4.5mm lugs) Vibram Sole | Ideal for Walking, Trail Running, Hiking, Camping, Traveling | Black Huarache Adj (Men's 4.5 / Women’s 6.5)

At first glance, there isn’t much about these Luna Running and Hiking Sandals that might indicate that they’re suitable for running. Regardless of their understated design, however, the Lunas are among the most popular brands on the market, boasting several innovative features that first-timers and experienced sandal runners will appreciate.

Boasting a deep-treaded EVA rubber sole, these sandals are well-suited to a variety of surfaces, providing excellent grip the entire time. The Luna Sandals also feature a continuous-strap design with Winged Performance Laces. These wings help contour the sandal to the foot, ensuring that they’ll stay in place no matter how energetic the exercise session is.

The Lunas are much thicker than many sandals on this list (at 11mm), but still not so thick that they ruin your sensation of the road. These sandals also grip mostly at the ankle to ensure stability when running. All Luna products are made in the USA with sustainable techniques and feature a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • Made in the USA
  • Come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee
  • EVA rubber sole with deep treads for a reliable grip
  • Easy to customize your fit thanks to the Winged Performance Laces and continuous-strap design
  • Grip mostly at the ankle for good rotation and control


  • Some may consider these to be a bit pricey, even for their high durability
  • Some users find them too loud and heavy for running
  • Some users find these sandals give them blisters around the strap

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4. Teva Hurricane 4 Sandals

Teva Hurricane 4 Sandals

The Hurricane 4 Sandals from Teva are made from 100% synthetic material, and boast a number of design features that many runners will love. These include a water-proof, heavy-duty polyester strap that has a hook-and-loop closure for quick and easy adjustments. For those that prefer the feel of shoes, the Hurricane 4 Sandals also feature a built-in shock pad and a slightly-arched design.

One particularly exciting feature of the Teva Hurricane 4 Sandals is their Nylon shank, which helps runners maintain control and support regardless of on what type of terrain they’re running. They also have a rugged rubber outsole to provide excellent traction as well as increasing the overall durability of the sandal.

While Teva is a well-known brand and has a reputation for being largely affordable, the Hurricane 4 Sandals can vary in price quite a bit depending on the shoe size of the wearer. Other criticisms include the material getting way too slippery when wet, which can lead to injury in some cases.


  • Heavy-duty polyester strap with a hook-and-loop closure
  • Simulate shoes more closely with their arched, contoured footbed
  • Built-in shock pad
  • Nylon shank for added stability when running on rough terrain


  • Some users will not appreciate having the contoured footbed
  • Can be extremely slippery once they get wet, which could lead to injury

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5. Teva Hurricane XLT Infinity

Teva Hurricane XLT Infinity

Another innovative design from Teva is the company’s Hurricane XLT Infinity. Rather than using a traditional strap, this design incorporates a single piece of thick nylon webbing. Not only does this webbing hold the foot at multiple positions, but it also dries more quickly than traditional straps, reducing the chance of slippage or chaffing when on the go.

Like many other Teva models, the Hurricane XLT Infinity features a contoured sole, which sandal runners will either love or hate. For those who want to mimic the experience of wearing sneakers more closely, the contouring should be a big hit. There is also some division about how well the nylon laces can grip the foot, especially when the wearer is moving at high speeds.

As with the Hurricane 4 Sandals, the XLT Infinities feature a nylon shank for additional stability from ankle to toe. The design also incorporates a Durabrasion rubber outsole and thick treading to increase durability and provide extra traction. If you want a sandal that can stand up to the punishments of the trail, these are an excellent choice.


  • One-piece of thick nylon webbing dries quickly and reduces chaffing
  • Simulate shoes more closely with their arched, contoured footbed
  • Nylon shank for added stability when running on rough terrain
  • Durabrasion outsole provides extra durability and traction


  • Some users will not appreciate having the contoured footbed
  • Some users will find that the sandals feel loose no matter how the wearer tightens them
  • Users with larger feet have found that the straps don’t loosen enough for them

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6. FitFlop Trailstar Sandals

FitFlop Trailstar Sandals

Comfort and simplicity are the two main operating principles behind the FitFlop Trailstar sandals. Still, the manufacturer has managed to incorporate plenty of features that sandal wearers are sure to appreciate regardless of whether they’re running or walking.

Chief among the innovations included in the Trailstar design is the biomechanically engineered FitFlop footbed, which cushions the foot and provides a reasonable amount of arch support. The straps of the sandal feature three points of adjustability, with hook-and-loop fasteners at the instep, heel, and toe. There is also a groove in the footbed to allow water and sweat to run off, resulting in faster drying.

Other popular features include the company’s ANATOMICUSH technology, which they claim includes “a single-density layer of anatomically curved cushioning” for additional comfort. All things considered, these sandals are among the best when it comes to keeping feet safe from the rigors of the trail. If keeping your feet in good condition is a must, so are the FitFlop Trailstar Sandals.


  • ANATOMICUSH technology provides extra comfort for the wearer’s feet
  • Less arch support than a shoe, but enough to make users take notice
  • Straps feature three different points of adjustability with hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Footbed groove allows for water runoff


  • Thicker design will keep users from getting the “feel” of the trail
  • Very large price range depending on foot size

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7. CAMELSPORTS Men’s Athletic Sandals

CAMELSPORTS Mens Adjustable Athletic Sandals Comfortable Summer Strap Open-Toe Sandals Lightweight Outdoor Beach Sport Sandals for Hiking Walking Blue

While it’s common for most athletic sandals to be on the expensive side, there are a few budget-friendly models out there. Though they might not have as many features or innovations, these designs usually still provide for a great user experience.

These Men’s Athletic Sandals from Camelsports feature a cushioned, anti-slip design and are breathable and comfortable. With three velcro hook-and-loop straps, users can ensure their fit is as snug or as loose as they want at the heel, toe, and ankle. For users who need to take to the trails, the shock-absorbing MD footbed protects feet from injury, while the rubber outsole provides an excellent grip on the ground.

Like many of the bulkier sandal designs on this list, these Camelsports Men’s Athletic Sandals feature a contoured design, much like that of a sneaker. Depending on the wearer, this can be considered a pro and a con. Lastly, despite their low price, these sandals are entirely water-proof and quick-drying for use at both land and sea.


  • A fraction of the cost of many other sandal designs
  • Three adjustable hook-and-loop Velcro straps for a quick and easy fit
  • Shock-absorbing MD footbed and rubber outsole
  • Breathable and quick-drying design is water friendly


  • Some users will not appreciate having the contoured footbed
  • Some users have reported that they slip when moving quickly

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8. Skechers On-The-Go Sports Sandals

Skechers Performance Women's on-the-Go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal, navy, 9 M US

Skechers is a brand known for both quality and comfort, and their On-The-Go Sports Sandals are one the most cushioned designs on the market today. They also come in a variety of styles and colors, which many will appreciate over more “run of the mill” jogging sandals.

In many ways, Skechers On-The-Go Sports Sandals are perfect for running. With their soft fabric design, adjustable straps that contour all parts of the foot, and responsive, ultra-light 5Gen cushioning, they are sure to provide a comfortable experience for the majority of users. Thanks to the manufacturer’s use of fabric instead of thick rubber, the sandals are lighter and much comfier.

Perhaps the most significant selling point of the On-The-Go Sports Sandals is Skechers patented Goga Max high rebound insole. This feature provides even more added support and cushioning when the wearer is moving quickly, and help protect both the soles and toes from injury. If comfort is your primary goal, these sandals are a reliable choice.


  • Extremely light and comfortable
  • Simulate shoes more closely with their arched, contoured footbed
  • Lightweight 5Gen cushioning
  • Goga Max high rebound insoles for additional comfort


  • Some users will not appreciate having the contoured footbed
  • Do not feature a particularly reliable tread design
  • Not enough adjustment points for some users

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9. Xero Shoes Z-Trek Sports Sandals

Xero Shoes Z-Trek Sports Sandals

The Z-Trek Sports Sandals from Xero Shoes are one of the most popular running sandals on the market – and for a good reason. Like most Xero products, these sandals offer an authentic “barefoot” experience, putting minimal material between your feet and the trail. They also feature a more reliable and durable lacing method than the Genesis model, which many users will greatly appreciate.

The manufacturer boasts that these sandals are up to 70% lighter than other sports sandals, with a textured rubber sole that measures only 5.5mm thick. Like other products that promise a barefoot experience, there is no elevation in the heel to maintain as much natural posture as possible. As with other Xero products, the z-Trek Sandals boast a 5,000-mile guarantee.

The most significant selling point of the Z-Trek Sports Sandals and shoes like them is their ability to keep your food in the most natural position possible. In most cases, people that wear the Z-Treks correctly and are careful to get the perfect fit will make more natural contact with the ground than those who wear thicker padded shoes or sandals.


  • Includes a 5,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty
  • Not the cheapest model available, but still affordable
  • Adjustable Z-Pattern lacing puts the right tension across your entire foot
  • Offers the sensation of running barefoot with the protection of a shoe
  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible


  • Somewhat expensive considering the amount of material used in the manufacturing process.
  • Some users find there isn’t enough sole to protect their feet from rocks and pebbles
  • Some users have reported breakage that renders the shoes useless

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10. Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

Crocs Men's Swiftwater Mesh Sandal, Black/Charcoal, 7 M US

While Crocs is predominantly known for their rubber sandals, these innovative sneaker-like running sandals are something completely different altogether. Lightweight, comfortable, and versatile, these Swiftwater Mesh Sandals are proving to be some pretty serious competition.

At first glance, you might think the Swiftwater Sandals are actually tennis shoes. In reality, however, these ultra-light sandals are designed to provide a tight fit and utilize a synthetic rubber sole for enhanced traction and slip-resistance. Best of all, these items are just as reliable on the trail as they are in the water, drying quickly and using a special channel to move from the footbed.

A chief complaint about these “sandals” is their close construction. Apparently, even with the mesh, those with larger feet and toes are going to experience some pinching. Despite this potential flaw, many users love how tightly the Swiftwaters hug their feet. If you want reliability from a trusted name in footwear, these are an excellent option.


  • Very light and comfortable mesh design
  • Slightly arched and contoured footbed with a thick, sneaker-like sole
  • Suitable for use in water as well as on land
  • Quick-drying design
  • Wide price range but still affordable


  • Some users will not appreciate having the contoured footbed
  • Only one tightening strap at the ankle
  • Some users might like their sandals to be more open
  • Not always a great fit for large or wide feet

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11. Xero Shoes Cloud Sports Sandals

Xero Shoes Cloud Sports Sandals

Here we have yet another ultra-minimalist product from Xero Shoes, the Cloud Sports Sandal. Like their other designs, the main focus of the Cloud’s design is to offer an authentic barefoot experience while being as light and portable as possible.

One of the main ways the Cloud differs from the other designs on this list is with the strap design. In this case, a Nylon Achilles strap with a silicon grip wraps around the heel and big toe of the wearer. Like other Xero Shoes products, this model also boasts the patent-pending tension adjustment system, which allows for a quick, snug fit.

Other features of note include the 5,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty, the Barefoam forefoot insert for just a little bit of added comfort, and a heel cup, which helps keep out debris. While it is undoubtedly one of the most innovative designs from this brand, many users have expressed regret over the way the strap fits.


  • Includes a 5,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty
  • Patent-Pending tension adjustment system allows you to find the perfect fit quickly
  • Offers the sensation of running barefoot with the protection of a shoe
  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible
  • Heel cup and forefoot insert for additional comfort


  • Somewhat expensive considering the amount of material used in the manufacturing process.
  • Some users find there isn’t enough sole to protect their feet
  • Many users are not a fan of this particular strap design

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12. Kunsto Men’s Sport Sandal Shoes

Kunsto Men's Sport Sandal Shoes

These Kunsto Men’s Sport Sandal Shoes are another discount brand that still provides plenty of performance for runners and joggers. Though lacking many of the “bells and whistles” of more expensive designs, these sandals still offer a reliable experience and will keep the majority of runners happy.

Overall, the manufacturer intended these sandals to be comfortable and lightweight, building them with an EVA foam midsole for extra cushioning and a contoured footbed, which ensures plenty of support not matter how the wearer’s foot lands. The outsole is made out of TPR, and features a non-slip design and off-road traction. There are three hook-and-loop velcro straps at the ankle, heel, and toe, respectively.

Though the Kunsto Sports Sandals are popular among many outdoor enthusiasts, some feel the design is not particularly suited to jogging or running. Still, with plenty of cushioning, reliable construction, and a deep sneaker-like tread, other users will find them an excellent low-cost option for their next trip to the hiking trails.


  • A fraction of the cost of many other sandal designs
  • Three hook-and-loop Velcro straps for a snug fit
  • No-slip tread pattern
  • EVA foam midsole for added comfort and support


  • Some users will not appreciate having the contoured footbed
  • Some users feel these are not suited to running at full-speed

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13. U.Buy Men’s Athletic Sandals

U.Buy Men's Athletic Sandals

At under $20, these U.Buy Men’s Athletic Sandals are among the lowest priced options that feature jogging in the manufacturer’s recommendations. With a low-profile design and a fair number of innovative features, many runners will find these discount sandals to be a fit for more than just their budget.

Though they only feature two adjustable hook-and-loop straps, the thickness of the material should be more than enough to keep your feet from slipping out of place. Furthermore, despite their relatively low cost, the U.Buy Athletic Sandals are made of EVA materials and provide superior cushioning no matter the activities. Lastly, their quick-dry “water release” sole will keep you from slipping in any conditions.

If you want to try sandal running and aren’t ready to make a huge financial commitment, these athletic sandals can be a great investment. With their lightweight construction and thick straps, they are built to last even though their priced to move.


  • Among the least expensive running sandals on the market
  • Two thick hook-and-loop velcro straps for a snug fit
  • Water-Release sole design helps promote fast drying
  • EVA foam materials make for a very lightweight design


  • Some users will not appreciate having the contoured footbed
  • Some users would like a better grip from the treads
  • Two straps might not provide a tight enough fit for some runners

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The Verdict

As you can see, there is a vast array of options out there, all attempting to re-define the relatively new concept of the running sandal. Where some manufacturers have designed their shoes for comfort, others are more focused on providing users with a barefoot-like experience. Of course, what makes the sandal right for you will depend greatly on your own unique needs.

With all of this in mind, we’ve selected the best running sandals in three different categories: Best Overall, Best Premium Product, and Best Value.

Best Overall

Our best overall pick are the Xero Shoes Z-Trek Sports Sandals. Not only do these provide the barefoot experience that so many sandal runners crave, but they back up their performance (and price) with a 5,000-mile manufacturer’s warranty. From the innovative Z-Pattern lacing to the extra-thin design and ultra-portability, these sandals will offer an experience that has to be felt to be believed.

Best Premium Product

If price is no object, we would recommend giving the Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandals a try. Though they are more like sneakers than actual sandals, they offer many features that users will find quite attractive, such as the Lug Sole, the secure fit lace capture system, and the TPU stability shank. If you’ve got big feet, however, expect to pay high prices for these premium sandals.

Best Value

When it comes to value, there’s no competing with the U.Buy Men’s Athletic Sandals, which have a price point of under $20. With their lightweight EVA design and flexible outsole, these sandals are in a class all their own when it comes to price vs. performance. If you want to try running in athletic sandals but aren’t ready to make a large investment yet, these are the sandals for you.