10 Best Salsa Dance Shoes

Best Salsa Dance Shoes

Whether you are taking up salsa classes to impress someone, or if you are in it for the pure joy and fun that this amazing activity gives you, making the best of it requires you to get the very best apparel and accessories. When it comes to the best gear for dancing, one of the most important things to consider is what you wear on your feet. Every salsa dancer knows that putting on the right pair of shoes is the key to achieving the perfect balance when you sway to the sound of the music with your partner.

There are plenty of styles when it comes to salsa dancing. Whether you prefer Casino, Cali, New York Style, Miami Style, LA style, or Afro-Latino style salsa, your whole body will have to do a lot of work. You can choose the right style based on your specific requirements. Your arms and your legs will get an intensive work out through the fast body movements, spins, shines, and the various acrobatic lifts that are part of salsa.

You cannot achieve any of the salsa styles and the hard work required to execute them without having the right pair of shoes on.

If you are getting yourself a pair of salsa shoes for the first time or if you are out to buy a new pair for yourself or a loved one, knowing what you need to get is absolutely important. If you have scoured the market for a decent pair of salsa shoes, you might have found a lot of different options out there. Each of these options might be different from the other or too similar to other pairs of dancing shoes.

Since there are so many options out there, it can be really challenging and overwhelming to try out different pairs just to find the right one. The good news is that we have got you covered. In order to make the task of finding the best pair of salsa dance shoes for you simpler, we have researched thoroughly to create a guide.

In this guide, we will talk about all of the important things that you should know about salsa shoes, and what you should expect from a pair of the very best in the market. Understanding salsa shoes will allow you to easily figure out which pair works out for you and which doesn’t.

Additionally, in the guide, we have included detailed reviews of the top ten salsa dance shoes in the market. After reading the buying guide and the list of reviews, you will be able to find the perfect fit to wear while you dance the night away with your dance partner.

Best Salsa Dance Shoes Buying Guide

Picking out the best salsa dance shoes is not a very easy task if you do not know about them because they have a lot of subtle qualities that differentiate them from one another. Salsa shoes also come in a few different types, based on different factors, such as if you need them for practice, to dance casually, or even use them professionally.

We will talk about what goes into designing a good pair of salsa shoes, the importance of wearing the right shoes while dancing, what can happen if you don’t wear the right shoes, and even discuss all the different types of salsa shoes.

After knowing salsa shoes for what they are and what you can expect from them, choosing from the list of narrowed down options further in the guide (or even other options) will become crystal clear to you.

What Makes a Good Pair of Salsa Dance Shoes?

Salsa dancing is an art form, which sees you use your whole body. When you’re dancing, your overall weight moves along with your feet, starting from the ball of the foot as you shift to the heel and then back again. Professionals actually wear heeled shoes to get the correct stance so that they can elevate the back of their feet and transfer further weight to the ball of the foot.

A good pair of salsa shoes need to be able to support your weight as you sway to the rhythm, allowing you to make transitions with ease from one dance position to another. They will keep your feet safe while you move and maintain proper posture. Let us discuss why it is so important to wear the right shoes for salsa so you can understand this better.

The Importance of Wearing the Right Shoes for Dancing

When it comes to any kind of physical activity, you might have noticed that there is a certain dress code that one has to follow. There is certain apparel that a person has to wear and follow a procedure. This is true for those working on construction sites, ballet dancers, soccer players, etc. Salsa dancers are no exception to this as they dance to the tune with their partner in highly intense salsa sessions.

For dancing salsa with your partner, you want to make sure that you wear all the right things that do not restrict your movement or make you feel uncomfortable. You do not want anything to get in the way. Nothing is more annoying (or dangerous) than if something you wear gets in the way of your fun and prevents you from executing the right moves.

Salsa shoes are specifically designed for the task of dancing. This dance form is quite old and over the years, people have started taking it up professionally. Shoemakers from back in the day kept adjusting the shape and structure of salsa shoes to make them safer and better for all the abrupt and fast-paced movements performed by dancers.  They also wanted to make sure that salsa dancers can maintain a good balance and posture.

The Effects of Wearing Bad Shoes

If you wear the wrong pair of shoes for dancing, you may run into a host of problems. Some of these can be mild or just annoying to deal with, while others can increase your risk of ending up in the hospital. The way that your whole body weight shifts as you dance, move your arms, go for acrobatic throws and spin around, your feet need to be able to handle the pressure and create a base to accommodate all of it.

Shoes that are not made for salsa dancing cannot offer the support and comfort your feet need to facilitate the most intense maneuvers while you are having fun. Your feet might slip within your shoes if they are too wide, or you might not be able to spin as well as you should while dancing.

You will find that your feet feel sore after every salsa night, even though you managed to dance properly. Remember, when your feet do not get the right support, your feet will experience a lot of strain and pain, which can be avoided by wearing the right shoes.

Your shoe completely slipping off your feet, or causing you to trip due to odd weight distribution, is also within the realm of possibilities. If that ever happens as you are about to launch into the lift, both you and your partner can suffer from grave injuries by falling.

If you are serious about salsa and you want to achieve the greatest sensation, you should make it a point to get everything right – from the technique to the shoes you wear, everything has to be perfected.

For the people who don’t own a pair of salsa shoes, but they have tried salsa dancing, the experience of wearing a good pair of salsa shoes will create an impact on how well they can dance, and how much fun they can have due to the smoother transitions.

Types of Salsa Dance Shoes

Now that you understand the importance of wearing the right dance shoes for salsa, and what can happen if you do not wear them, it is a good time to take a look at the different types of shoes you can wear for dancing.

Dressy sandals with straps

Dress sandals with either flat or small wedge heels are a decent option to consider, especially if you are starting out. Just make sure that you do not get one of the thong-style sandals because that will be way too loose on your feet. There is a risk of the shoe strap coming off or your feet slipping out of the sandals.

High-heeled shoes with ankle straps

High-heeled shoes make for much better transitions and spin while doing the salsa, but they also increase the risk of your foot slipping out the shoe from the back. This is why high heeled shoes with proper straps to make sure that your feet stay in are highly recommended. Backless heels or slingback heels can make dancing difficult. These heels are no more than just a few inches off the ground so that you can also maintain a good balance while dancing.

Leather booties and smooth-bottomed booties

Whether they are almost flat or have a heel less than three inches, leather booties or booties with smooth bottoms make excellent salsa dancing shoes. The only other important feature is that they are not too heavy. Otherwise, you will have a lot of difficulties moving your feet around.

Spectator shoes

Spectator shoes work well enough for salsa dancing as long as they have a smooth bottom.

High-heeled dance shoes

The type of shoes mentioned above is regular shoes that can double as salsa dancing shoes. High heeled dancing shoes, on the other hand, are able to offer more ankle support than regular high heeled shoes. They have a little limitation on the arch support, but they do have very flexible soles that make dancing easier. They can attach to your feet in a more secure manner than regular high heeled shoes, offering you a great platform to spin around.

Ballroom practice shoes

Ballroom practice shoes are similar to dress shoes that men wear, but they come with a higher heel. They may not make for the best looking shoes you can wear to a salsa class, but they sure do make for a comfortable pair of shoes for dancing and standing on your feet for hours.

Jazz shoes or dance sneakers

Perhaps, some of the most suitable shoes for salsa dancing, jazz shoes or dance sneakers are a blessing for salsa dancers. They are flat shoes that resemble regular gym shoes, but they are more flexible. They also have a slippery bottom and are the best for people who have arch problems.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Salsa Dance Shoes

Buying salsa shoes can be quite a difficult task considering all the different types and the qualities that they have to offer you. Each style of shoes will fit your feet differently. Plus, there are so many strap styles to choose from. The heel heights also differ for these shoes.

Not to mention, there is a range of width fittings that cater to feet of different shapes and sizes, and the sizes can also vary from brand to brand.

Choosing the best salsa dance shoes is essential for your comfort, balance, and performance. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when you are buying salsa dance shoes, especially if you are purchasing them online.

Choose a reputable brand

When you search online for the best salsa shoes, you might find a few brand names on the top results of Google search. If you do not know much about salsa shoes, you might just assume that these companies offer the best salsa shoes. They are companies that have perhaps just invested in SEO to ensure that their websites show up as top results. Instead of going for the first option you see on Google, you should conduct further research.

Look for a brand that has been making salsa shoes for a long time or look for shoes made by companies that competitive salsa dancers wear or recommend. These are smart ways to start your search for salsa shoes.

Check the shoe size

Size is one of the most difficult parts of getting any kind of shoes, especially if you are getting them online. Your feet are 3D shaped that cannot simply be measured by their width and length. You will find size charts online that can help you in terms of basic guidance, but finding out the right size requires a little more effort.

One of the best ways to get a better idea about whether the shoes you are considering buying come close to standard sizing is to read the shoe reviews by people who have bought them. Depending on whether or not the size runs smaller, larger, wider, or narrower than the standard size, you can get a reference for what size might fit your feet better.

Salsa shoes are designed to give you a snug and secure fit, but they need to be comfortable for your feet. It is ideal to resist the temptation to go a size larger when you are ordering your shoes.

Read reviews

On that note, you should make it a point to read online reviews about the model you are considering ordering. People who have already been wearing the shoes leave their comments and reviews on them. Check out the opinions they have about the shoes. Look for detailed reviews for the correct information instead of simply five-star or one-star reviews.

If someone has praised them, find out why they feel the shoes are so good for them. If someone says that they hate the shoes, you should find out why. This will give you a better idea of the salsa dance shoes you are considering buying so you can decide whether or not you should buy them for yourself.

Choose a style with comfortable and supportive straps


Choose the right heel shape and height

Performance and comfort are two key facets of salsa dancing. In order to get that stylish shift in salsa, your weight needs to be distributed towards the ball of the foot. Your salsa dancing shoes should be high just enough to make sure that there is an adequate amount of weight going to the ball of your foot.

The shoes need to get the shift in weight distribution just right to make sure that there is no undue pressure on your foot. Wide-styled heels will offer you greater stability and even weight placement. Measure the heel height properly from the heel tip so that you have a better idea of how tall your shoes are and whether or not they will be suitable for you.


Salsa shoes do not need to have a lot of cushioning. They need to have just enough cushioning to make sure your feet do not have to absorb all the shock from the impact of the fast-paced movements themselves. At the same time, the cushioning has to be thin enough to allow you to get a good feel of the ground you are dancing on.

The right level of cushioning in salsa dance shoes will dampen the force of impact on your feet to protect the underside of the feet and joints while making sure you are able to get the best dancing experience.

Check the company’s return policy

This is a particularly important thing to consider if you are buying your shoes online. A lot of the time, when you buy shoes online, the chances are that you may get the wrong size or width type. Perhaps, what you thought you were getting was not going to fit you well, but you realized it much later.

Reputable sellers and brands have decent returns policies in place to help customers out and replace the shoes should they need a different size.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall Pick for Salsa Dance Shoes: Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes

Best Premium Quality Salsa Dance Shoes: Theatricals Adults Lace Up Dance Shoes

Best Value Salsa Dance Shoes: Capezio 550 Junior Footlight Dancing Shoes

Best Salsa Dance Shoes

With all of that information, you should know more than enough to be able to pick out a pair of salsa dancing shoes that satisfy your needs. Even with all of this information, you have way too many options to consider and then select your favorite from them. This is the main reason why we have put together a list of the top ten salsa dance shoes.

We have conducted hours of research, including testing the shoes ourselves, reading reviews of the shoes, and researching the shoes themselves, to compile this list of shoes. There are various types of salsa dance shoes covered in this list, and each entry covers comprehensive information of the model that will give you the information you need to consider when buying salsa dance shoes.

1. Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes

Linodes (Tent Leather Upper Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men's Dance Shoes Black 6M

Linodes Leather Upper Jazz is an incredibly stylish pair of dancing shoes to start off the list of reviews of the best salsa dance shoes. These are fantastic shoes that do not look anything like your typical shoes if you look at them closely. The heels are high and the shoes are wide. At just 0.4 inches of height, the heels of these dancing shoes give you the right amount of weight distribution for the spins and turn you need when doing the salsa.

The heel counter feature offers you additional support and stability for dancing. The upper section of these shoes is made using genuine leather to make sure you have a durable pair of dancing shoes. You can keep on dancing in them for a long time and not get worried about them wearing out on you.

The synthetic sole of the shoe has a slightly bouncy feel to them that offers just the right amount of shock absorption for proper dancing. The upper has a split design that offers greater flexibility in the shoes. Other than these features, Linodes Tent also comes with an arch insert in the middle of the shoe to offer you a decent amount of arch support.

While your color options might not be expansive with these shoes, the rest of their features will make you fall in love with them. Offering high-quality construction, breathability, flexibility, ease of wear and removal, they definitely are a pair that gives you a fantastic salsa dancing experience.


  • Comfortable shoes
  • Extremely breathable
  • Offers great arch support
  • Durable pair of dancing shoes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flexible due to split design


  • Few color options to choose from

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2. Theatricals Adults Lace Up Dance Shoes

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Shoes T9500BLK06.5M Black 6.5 M US

Theatricals created these shoes for tap dancing, something entirely different from salsa dancing, especially if you compare the technical aspects of both these dances. That being said, the Theatricals Adult Lace Up Tap Dance Shoes make for an excellent pair of salsa dancing shoes, so we had to include them on our list.

These are shoes designed to cater to the needs of beginners in every regard to help them understand the art of salsa dancing before they shift their gears for more intense maneuvers. The shoes come with a criss-cross elastic band that is already attached to them. The band, along with the sole of the shoe, offers maximum stability and comfort while salsa dancing.

The chrome-tanned suede leather outer sole and hammered pleats give this pair a distinctly tap-dance look and feel, but they won’t interfere with your ability to perform the spins and shines during salsa dancing. The adjustable percussions and soft grain leather make these shoes very comfortable. The tap-dancing reinforced metal bonding helps improve their durability. This is a shoe you might fall in love with after every twirl, kick and tap as you dance the night away.


  • Shockwave plates
  • Cashmere inner lining
  • Moisture-wicking materials


  • Slightly expensive

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3. Capezio 550 Junior Footlight Dancing Shoes

Capezio Women's Jr. Footlight Character Shoe,Black,8.5 M US

The 550 Junior Footlight Dancing is one of the many entries on the list manufactured by Capezio. These dancing shoes are widely considered to be among the very best in the market when it comes to salsa dancing. The 550 Junior Footlight comes as close as it gets to getting the classic dancing shoe design. The simple, clean and elegant design of these leather shoes is quite attractive, but there are many reasons to love these shoes.

The genuine leather construction features a leather sole made to enhance the comfort you experience when you dance the night away. To further boost the comfort that these shoes offer, Capezio also made their lining in a way that they support the arch of your feet. A firmly attached heel at the back supports your Achilles tendon to prevent heel dig-in problems, which is often caused by dancing shoes.

Capezio has been in the business of designing dancing shoes since the 1800s. The fact that it is able to offer shoes like the Junior Footlight ensures the company’s strong reputation in the industry. These dancing shoes have a smooth-folded edge, a padded inner sole with arch support and the inner lining is made using a moisture-wicking microfiber to reduce foot odor.


  • Rubber outer sole offers excellent grip
  • Low profile heel allows for more stability


  • Not for beginners
  • Few color options to choose from

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4. Capezio Women’s N625 Jr. Tyette Dancing Shoes

Capezio Women's N625 Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe,Black Patent,9.5 W US

The second entry on the list of the best salsa dance shoes by Capezio is actually another tap dancing shoe. Keeping in mind the specific requirements of female dancers, the company designed these shoes. The Capezio Women’s Jr. Tyette Dancing Shoes feature a foam-padded footbed for extra comfort and shock absorption during dancing. The brushed microploy lining in the shoes adds another layer of comfort for the wearer, so you can rely on these shoes to keep dancing all night long.

These shoes have a raised heel, while their toe taps are mounted onto the synthetic outer sole using fiberboard for greater stability. They also offer you unparalleled durability and comfort, thanks to their excellent construction. Moreover, they come at a pretty decent price as compared to a lot of other products that you will find on the market.

You might face a few issues with these shoes due to the fact that they are, after all, made for tap dancing. The noise and sound that they make can be a little annoying to many wearers. If you are into trying out different styles of dancing, however, these shoes can allow you to experiment with a range of dancing styles and perfect them. This is one of the best selling tap shoes on the market. Also, the shoe’s functionality is highly rated for various dance types.


  • Counter-free toe keeps your forefoot area more comfortable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable pair of shoes


  • Not suitable for beginners

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5. Capezio Women’s Mary Jane Dancing Shoes

Best Salsa Dance Shoes

If you are starting to get annoyed by reading about Capezio’s dancing shoes one after another on this list of the best salsa dance shoes, you should know that the company is really that good. The company makes a variety of models that cater to dancers of all kinds, and the Mary Jane Dancing Shoes are an excellent option for a lot of them.

Another shoe with a primary focus on its design as a tap-dancing shoe, Mary Jane is an excellent option to consider for satisfying your salsa needs. These shoes are made to ensure your comfort and stability when you are dancing – two of the most important qualities you need for performing all those spins and lifts dancing the salsa with your partner.

Being one of the longest standing manufacturers of dancing shoes, Capezio outdid itself with the Mary Jane. The shoes have removable bow clips to help you to focus more on the performance than aesthetics. It also has a non-slip heel to boost its capabilities even further. These shoes offer a decent amount of flexibility and are extremely lightweight. The customizable lace-up closure of the shoe allows you to adjust the fit, based on what suits your needs the most.


  • Flexible shoes that allow a more natural range of movement
  • Adjustable closure that gives you a more customized fitted feel
  • Light shoes with a low profile


  • Size runs a little smaller than standard

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6. Joocare Breathable Mesh Jazz Dancing Shoes

Women's Breathable Mesh Jazz Dance Shoes Lady Latin Tango Ballroom Sports Dance Sneakers (9.5US/42,Black)

There is nothing better than a pair of jazz shoes for salsa dancing. One of the main issues with traditional jazz shoes is the fact that they are made using materials that are not exactly the most breathable. If you love to dance the salsa and you enjoy a bit of grooving to the rhythm of jazz music, you will fall in love with the Joocare Jazz Dancing Shoes.

These shoes are our favorite on the list because they have a unique feature, which differentiates them from the rest of the entries. These shoes have an upper, which is made from a highly breathable mesh material that puts it a class apart, especially when it comes to comfort over extended periods of use. The breathable mesh allows plenty of fresh air to enter the shoes and the warm and humid air inside to go out. This keeps your feet cool and dry even after hours of dancing.

There is an elastic drawstring on these shoes, which gives them the ability to offer you a very snug fit all the time. The sole is cushioned well enough to dampen the force of impact from performing all those high-intensity dance moves. The sole is also flexible enough to allow a more natural range of movement for your foot while ensuring it has enough support to keep you stable.

These shoes are suitable for performing a broad range of dancing styles. Few shoes can get better than these when it comes to salsa dancing.


  • Soft material gives the most comfortable feel
  • Breathable mesh helps to regulate the temperature within the shoes
  • Moisture-absorbing material
  • Keeps your feet cool and dry


  • Nailed taps can get a little bothersome when salsa dancing
  • Not suitable for beginners

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7. Capezio Women’s Jr. Footlight T-Strap Dance Shoes

Best Salsa Dance Shoes

Another pair of shoes made by Capezio to be featured on the list of the top salsa dance shoes, Women’s Footlight T-Strap is one of the top choices for professionals and entertainers out there. The design of these dancing shoes is quite simply practical and efficient. You can wear them to get the best out of your salsa moves. These shoes have plenty of features to make you fall in love with them.

The upper section of these shoes is made with genuine leather that works perfectly with the Nappa Polyurethane sole to give you an impressive dancing shoe that is also incredibly comfortable for your feet. You can expect these shoes to do away with all the discomfort usually associated with dancing shoes.

The T-Strap styling of these shoes, in particular, is a simple and effective way to make sure they never cause you any trouble when you are dancing. These shoes have a 2-inch heel and the heel design can handle the pressure that comes with the spins of salsa. The design also makes sure that the heel does not get damaged during high-intensity maneuvers and that you do not lose your balance.

One of the top reasons these shoes are so popular is that they are quite comfortable. The padded footbed and soft microfiber lining of these shoes give you a much better experience of dancing for hours without letting your feet feel uncomfortable.


  • Soft material on the interior makes the shoes comfortable for long periods of use
  • Absorbs moisture to reduce foul odors
  • Highly durable pair of dancing shoes
  • True to size


  • Limited color options to choose from

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8. Bloch Dance Women’s Neo Flex Leather Jazz Shoes

Bloch Dance Women's Neo-Flex Leather and Neoprene Slip On Split Sole Jazz Shoe

Bloch is also a manufacturer popular for all the dancing shoes that it creates for a wide range of dancing styles. The Neo Flex Leather Jazz Shoes show you pretty much the best of what Bloch has to offer. This shoe is made using a combination of genuine, full-grain soft leather and neoprene to create an extraordinary tool for the avid dancer.

The combination of these two materials allows this shoe to give you a more gentle touch, and the slip-on goring at the side ensures you can put them on and take them off with the utmost convenience. The interior of these shoes is packed full of EVA foam technology to ensure that you get the most comfort and support while dancing.

The shoe slip design offers you plenty of ease with which you can perform rapid movements for different types of salsa dancing styles, while keeping you stable at the same time. The heel is just high enough to facilitate a good amount of movement and offer you a pivot to perform all the spins. The split sole design allows you a significantly wide range of movement and the heel pads offer additional support and stability to the back of the foot so you can enjoy dancing without facing any shoe-related issues.


  • Full grain leather for durability and comfort
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Fairly priced
  • Slip-on style makes them easy to put on and take off


  • Not true to size

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9. Bloch Dance Women’s Pulse Jazz Shoes

Bloch Dance Women's Pulse Leather and Neoprene Split Sole Jazz Shoe

Another shoe manufactured by Bloch to make this list of the best salsa dancing shoes is the Dance Women’s Pulse Jazz Shoes. This is one of the top-rated pairs that is known for offering flexibility to wearers. If you are looking to accomplish some really adventurous maneuvers when you are on the dance floor, including leaps that will leave the crowd in awe, we feel that there are few pairs that can compare to this.

There is a small rubber section on the outer sole of these shoes to help you gain a better sense of grip on the ground you are dancing on. Other than that, there are no hard parts in the Women’s Pulse Jazz Shoes. With this pair on, you can expect to be able to move without any hindrances at all as you dance. The upper section of the shoe is made using a combination of full-grain soft leather and neoprene. The leather provides protection and comfort, while the strategically-placed neoprene material gives the shoes their flexibility.

The fact that there is no hard material in the construction of the shoes also means you get a good barefoot feel on the dance floor. The midfoot section hugs your foot tightly and reduces strain on your arches. The light material and netted top goring give your feet plenty of room to enter these shoes. Your feet will remain cool and dry in the shoes, no matter how long you dance.

One thing you do want to make sure is that you get the right size if you are getting a pair of these. You cannot reap the benefits of these shoes if they are too tight or too loose for your feet.


  • Durable and extremely flexible
  • Priced reasonably
  • Rubber outer sole offers excellent grip
  • Barefoot feel for a more immersive dancing experience


  • Few color options available

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10. Stelle 2 Character Dance Shoe

STELLE 2" Character Dance Shoes for Women Big Kid (8MW, Black)

If you are looking for the most beginner-friendly shoes for salsa dancing, the Stelle Character 2 Dance Shoes are an all-purpose option. This pair is ideal for salsa newbies. Plus, it can help learners of most dance forms get in tune with the finer aspects of their movements and maintain balance and support.

The upper section of these dancing shoes is made using a combination of fine quality genuine leather with synthetic leather that does not pinch or irritate your skin in any way. The premium quality materials on the exterior are aided by high-quality memory foam in the cushioned area under your foot. The memory foam helps offers you a more comfortable fit while giving you an adequate level of shock absorption while dancing.

One of the problems with leather construction in dance shoes is that it does not allow fresh and dry air to reach the feet. The inner lining in these shoes addresses this issue since they are designed in a way to make the shoe breathable. The heel height on these shoes is not too much either. Within a maximum of just 2.5 inches of height, you get enough elevation on the heel side to get ideal weight distribution for dancing without the risk of having an unstable platform to dance on.

The shoes are quite versatile in the sense that you can wear them with pretty much everything. As you know, different dance forms require specific attire and accessories that are suitable for it. You will not need to worry about changing your shoes for each style since the sleek look of this shoe gives it the ability to match any kind of outfit from your wardrobe.

An additional quality to love about these shoes is that they are true to their size. You will not have any problems finding the right size if you decide to purchase this shoe.


  • Memory foam cushioning provides comfort and shock absorption
  • Comfortable material used for the upper section
  • Reasonable heel height for beginners
  • Flexible shoes that do not pinch your feet
  • Fits as expected


  • Style might be too generic for complex dances
  • Limited color options

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The Best of the Best

With that, we have revealed all of the top ten salsa dance shoes available on the market right now. Within this list, we have tried our best to include all the shoes that can help you get the most out of your dancing experience, based on different requirements.

Once you’re done reading our buying guide and top salsa shoe reviews, we are confident that you will be able to pick out a pair of shoes that will be perfect for your dancing needs.

There is a chance that the recommended shoe list might still be a bit confusing and you’re struggling to make a clear cut decision on a single pair. If you are still confused, you might want to take a look at three of our top picks and why we picked them out.

We have mentioned our top picks based on the best overall shoes, the best in terms of premium quality, and the shoes that can give you the most value for the money you spend on them.

Perhaps, the top picks can help you come to the best purchase decision.

Best Overall Pick for Salsa Dance Shoes

The Linodes Tent Leather Upper Dance Shoes is our overall top pick when it comes to the best salsa dancing shoes. This pair offers you a great balance in terms of delivering all the qualities you can expect from a shoe in this category, without being too pricey for you to consider.

Best Premium Quality Salsa Dance Shoes

If you do not mind spending a little extra on getting something that only the best might consider, the Theatricals Adults Lace Up  is more than an ideal option. These shoes offer you the best features that the shoes in this category can have without compromising quality. Of course, the premium features also come with a premium price tag.

Best Value Salsa Dance Shoes

When it comes to getting great quality salsa dancing shoes on a budget, it might surprise you to see a pair by the most reputable manufacturer, but here we are. The Capezio 550 Junior Footlight Dancing Shoes deliver the best bang for your buck. Reliable, durable, and featuring outstanding features, these shoes come at a reasonably low price tag.