10 Best Traction Spray for Shoes

Best Traction Spray for Shoes

Your sports shoes can become a major disappointment when you’re playing an indoor or outdoor game on a slippery surface. In this case, even running and other intensive and rigorous sports games will become too difficult for your shoes to handle. Another issue you will come across with the soles of your shoes is them being smooth as glass, which will, in return, increase your chances of sliding and slipping.

You do not want to lose your focus while working out or even when walking or running on a surface you are likely to lose your balance on due to your shoes. You can prevent the embarrassment of falling down by investing in the best traction spray for shoes.

However, traction sprays are not just for sports shoes, but you can use them for a variety of different shoes. For instance, some store-bought shoes may be slippery. You can test the shoes out on various surfaces and then use a traction spray or just be on the safe side, use it with every shoe you have.

You do not have to single out any shoe because it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are in the market for a traction spray for shoes, you will find several options. Will all be the best though? Through deductive reasoning and some investigative work, that is what you have to find out.

To give you a head start, you will find an entire list of some of the top traction sprays for shoes in the market. You can go straight to the list or you can take the time to learn more about traction sprays.

What Are Traction Sprays for Shoes?

Not all shoes come with a slip-proof sole, such as high heels for women and dress shoes for men. Sometimes, even the ones that come with a slip-proof sole tend to slip. You need to use a traction spray or an anti-slip spray on your shoes to prevent yourself from losing your grip.

If you plan to walk a lot in those shoes or use them as your everyday shoes, you have to make them slip-proof. Wearing smooth and slippery soles is an accident waiting to happen, especially in areas that have water or oil on the floor.

You want to make your soles more secure and safe by enhancing their grip. How can you combat this situation? Traction sprays will come to your aid, saving you from potential falls. When you are walking on smooth and polished wooden floors, wet and icy pavements, or any other dangerous surface, you can walk with confidence, knowing the premium quality anti-slip spray you sprayed on the soles of your shoes is doing its part in preventing falls.

For all the athletes, they can use traction spray on their sneakers to give them an edge while playing a variety of outdoor sports games, such as basketball, football, soccer, and more. This also includes running and jumping as well. The long-lasting spray will decrease their chances of losing their balance and help them fall face down or on their bum after falling. Traction sprays are easy to use as well.

There is no science to it. Just spray it on the bottom of your shoes and leave it on before you put your shoes on again to go outside. The type of traction spray you get depends on the type of traction you want. For instance, you can choose between medium traction and heavy traction sprays.

The duration you need to put your shoes aside after spraying differs, based on the type of traction you want. You should read the manufacturer’s instructions on the spray before you use it on the soles of your shoes. If you do not leave the spray on for the specified time that is mentioned, you may not get the traction you needed.

Alternatives to Traction Sprays for Shoes

There are two alternatives that you can get — anti-slip shoe soles and non-slip shoe pads.

· Anti-slip Shoe Soles

You can use anti-slip shoe soles in your shoes to prevent yourself from slipping. These soles can help you avoid falls that can lead to a serious injury. If you walk for most of the day, using anti-slip soles is a must as they will protect the soles of your shoes.

Anti-slip soles are excellent to use with high fashioned shoes and dress shoes because neither of those shoes is designed for walking on wet, oily, or smooth surfaces. If you walk in flat or heeled shoes, there is still a risk of you slipping and falling without anti-slip shoe soles.

If you are wearing your high heeled shoes or dress shoes and you see a surface where you can fall down or slip, you can still cross it without worry because under your shoes’ soles are anti-slip shoe soles. Applying anti-slip soles at the bottom of the soles of your shoes is easy. They will not ruin your shoes at all.

You can even place them on the soles of old sneakers or boots. With time, the traction of old shoes tends to wear out, leaving you with shoes that cause you to slip and fall. Another benefit of using anti-slip soles is that they can help extend the lifespan of your shoes.

They are available in a large variety of colors and sizes. You can apply them to any shoe with a smooth and flat sole. Just peel away its backing, position it on the sole of the shoes, press it against the sole for a few seconds or as specified by the manufacturer, and you are ready to wear them out.

You need to be precise about the position of the anti-slip shoe sole. For instance, on high heels, place the pads on the ball and heel of each foot because these areas require the most traction. If you need to, cut and trim it before placing it on the soles of the shoes.

· Non-slip Shoe Pads

Non-slip shoe pads are made from textured rubber that makes sure that you receive the best possible traction when walking on certain types of surfaces. You can place them on shoes without anti-slip soles and on your sneakers to enhance their traction and get that extra grip you require.

Non-slip shoe pads are excellent if you are an athlete and you want to increase your ability to grip on indoor courts or other types of playing surfaces and make tight turns without worrying about slipping or running over slippery surfaces or through the water.

For women who love wearing high heels but often discover that they struggle to maintain their balance on smooth and polished surfaces, they should consider opting for non-slip shoe pads. A premium quality non-slip shoe pad will add a durable layer of rubber to the foot and heel of the shoe to provide them with a good grip.

Since they are self-adhesive, all you need to do is peel the back away and apply it to the sole of your shoe. Each manufacturer will have different instructions on how to use their products. Make sure you read the instructions before you apply it. Non-slip shoe pads give you improved traction, protect the soles of your soles, and extend the lifespan of your shoes.

Should You Choose Traction Spray, Anti-slip Shoe Soles, or Non-slip Shoe Pads?

Traction spray, anti-slip shoe soles, and non-slip shoe pads have the same purpose — to ensure that you do not accidentally fall on the surface you are walking on. With three options, you need to get the best one. Which one is the best option for you to use?

All three can be used on a variety of different shoes and it really just matters on your personal preference. However, if you really want to know, you should go with a traction spray for shoes. There are reasons for it too.

With anti-slip shoe soles, you have to be very precise with the positioning. Once they are on, they are on. If you take them out, you will need to throw them away. You may also have to trim and cut them to fit the soles of your shoes. That can be a hassle.

With non-slip shoe pads, you run into the same difficulty. Once they are on, they are on. If you need to increase traction on several of your shoes, you will have to buy more than one anti-slip shoe soles and non-slip shoe pads.

You will not run into these types of problems with a traction spray. You just need to buy one and spray it on the soles of different shoes. Unlike these stick-on traction products, you do not have to worry about it being inaccurate. Just spray the entire sole of the shoe and you are good to go. Go with a traction spray for shoes instead of the other two options.

What DIY Methods Are There to Increase Traction and Should You Try Them?

Even though there are several do-it-yourself methods that you can try on the soles of your shoes to improve traction, all these are temporary, meaning they will not last. They will also ruin the appearance of your shoes and you will not want anyone to catch a glimpse of the soles of your shoes even by accident.

Additionally, they require a lot of work and effort and may not even work as well as a traction spray would work. You should steer clear of using the following DIY methods to improve the traction of the soles of your shoes:

1. Scuff the Soles of Your Shoes

Scuffing the sole of your shoes will give you traction, but it will also ruin the appearance of your shoes. Some of the things that you can use to scrape the bottom of your shoes are rough concrete and gravel. With a pair of newly bought shoes, you will find yourself scraping them often to increase their slip-resistant ability.

With a traction spray, you will eliminate the hassle to scrape continuously and the bottom of your shoes will not lose their appearance. Can you even imagine scraping the bottom of your new shoes to increase traction? — No, of course not.

2. Sandpaper to Abrade the Soles of Your Shoes

You can use sandpaper to abrade the soles of your shoes. What if you sand the soles of your shoes too much because you still think that they are not as slip-resistant as you want them to be? You will also have to rub specific areas of the bottom of your shoes.

As you sand the soles of your shoes, you will have to feel the sole of the shoes continuously to ensure that you have the desired feel. You can use 50-grit sandpaper to sand the soles of your shoes. However, this technique does not work for all types of soles, such as sandals and flats. Do you know what works for all types of soles of shoes? — A traction spray.

3. Two Adhesive Bandages

You can stick to adhesive bandages at the anterior part of your shoes. You can place them on the heel of your shoes to improve the overall grip. There is a possibility that these two adhesive bandages trick will fail you if you walk on water or any wet surface.

You also do not want others to see that you have bandage under your high-quality shoes. If the bandage does come off the shoe, it may come half off and then you risk people seeing it. Of course, you can brush it off as a discarded bandage sticking on the soles of your shoes, but you probably do not want to take the risk. Stick to using a traction spray, as it is a much safer and less risky option.

4. Nail File

Just as you used sandpaper to sand the bottom of your shoes, you will use a nail file the same way. You need to scuff and smooth the bottom of your shoes, especially those areas that will come in contact with the surface.

You should go with metal nail files, but you may also use an emery board if you want. Again, you may run into the same problem as you did with the sandpaper. By using a nail file, you can ruin the bottom of your shoes entirely and it will not be a pretty sight. Using a traction spray is the best option.

5. Puff Paint

If you are into arts and crafts or you have children, you must have probably heard of puff paint. You can apply puff paint on the bottom of your shoes and leave them to dry. Once the puff paint dries, it forms a rough and textured surface.

You need to apply a layer of puff paint to the sole of the shoe, set it aside for several hours or until the paint completely dries, and then wear it out. You will need to reapply the puff paint for it to remain effective. This means again waiting for hours for it to dry. It is not a long-lasting option, but do you know what is? A traction spray.

6. Ankle Strap

Adding an ankle strap to every shoe is too much work. An ankle strap can also ruin the look of your shoes because it will not look good paired with every type of shoe.

Even though an ankle strap can help you to maintain your balance, it will not reduce the risk of you falling or slipping. This means that there is still a chance that you may fall or slip because you are not adding anything to the bottom of the soles.

7. Masking Tape

You can add masking tape to the bottom of your shoes to increase traction. Just form an “X” with the masking tape. You need to apply it to the widest and flattest part of your shoes. This is not a long-term solution and you really do not want others to see the “X” at the bottom of your shoes.

8. Rubber Glue and Salt

Make a rubber glue and salt solution. It will provide you with a grainy texture and improve both the grip and traction of your shoes. You will have to create a new solution each time and reapply it to the bottom of your shoes.

Combine rubber glue and salt together and then apply the mixture to the sole of your shoes. Let it dry for a few minutes, wear your shoes, and move around to see if it worked. You can just get some traction spray and spray the bottom of your shoes, no mixing needed!

9. Natural Traction

Natural traction is when you let your shoes wear down on their own. If you do not wear those shoes often, they will not wear down naturally. When you do wear them, you will feel as if you will fall and need to be extra cautious when walking on certain surfaces.

You do not have to wait for your shoes to wear down naturally, but you can use traction spray and wear them instantly. This is especially for shoes that you take out once in a blue moon out of your closet for special events.

Who Needs Traction Spray the Most?

Anyone who does not want to slip on the ground while walking and running. However, there are some people who require a traction spray to stay on their feet and maintain their balance because for them, if they slip and fall, the risks are high.

The two people who need traction spray are athletes and restaurant workers. Here is how a slip and fall accident can lead to serious repercussions when playing a sport or working at a restaurant:

  • Physical Injuries– If an athlete slips and falls during practice or on the court, it could lead them to sit out of the game or sit out for several games. An accident on the court can cause a concussion. What if slipping and falling lead to a life-threatening injury? Therefore, it is important that you invest in a traction spray for your shoes.
  • For those who work at a restaurant, a slip and fall accident can be equally dangerous, if not more. It can result in bruises, sprains, broken bones, and concussions. What if you are cooking a hot dish? You go to stir it and while reaching for it, you slip and take down the hot dish cooking on the stove with you, spilling it all over the floor and on you. The same goes for an upturned knife.
  • When you slip and fall, your first instinct is to save yourself, so you automatically reach for anything that can stop it. If there is an upturned knife on the counter and you grab the counter, only for the knife to stab you, you may have to be rushed to the hospital for stitches.
  • Financial– The severity of your injury depends on the amount of money you have to pay in hospital fees. Whether you are an athlete or a restaurant worker, an injury due to slipping and falling caused by shoes that lack traction means paying medical fees for an unexpected number of days, weeks, or months. The severity of your injury depends on the duration you will have to continue for medicines or any other treatments prescribed by your doctor. For a restaurant worker, they can file a worker’s compensation claim, but they will only reimburse them for the costs. You will still be paying upfront. Use a traction spray on your shoes to prevent this from happening.
  • Mental Stress– Both athletes and restaurant workers may have to deal with a lot of mental stress due to their injury and inability to play or work, respectively. If your injury has you cooped up in your home or it prevents you from enjoying yourself, it will hit you hard. You may develop depression and anxiety because of your slip and fall accident, which will then make your entire situation even worse.

Yes, you really need a premium quality traction to spray for your shoes. Even though traction sprays are not that expensive, there are still some things that you need to consider before you purchase one. Remember, you do not have to be an athlete or a restaurant worker to get a traction spray.

The entire point of buying a traction spray is to avoid falls due to slippery shoes. If you are searching for a traction spray, there are some things you should consider prior to selecting one.

Things to Consider before Buying a Traction Spray for Shoes

You need to consider the following things before you buy a traction spray for your shoes:

1. Long-lasting Grip

When you use traction spray on your shoes, you expect it last you for several hours. You do not want to deal with the headache of spraying the bottom of your shoes frequently. If you had to do that, you would have to carry the spray around with you everywhere. It is better to invest in a traction spray that offers you a long-lasting grip instead of one that lasts a few short hours.

2. Non-sticky

Walking around wearing shoes that keep sticking to the ground due to the traction spray can be embarrassing. You want to be discreet, not announce to the world that you have sprayed the bottom of your shoes with traction spray. You should go for a traction spray that is not sticky.

3. Environmentally-friendly

The traction spray, even after it has dried, will leave a little residue behind when you walk. Most traction sprays are eco-friendly, meaning they are safe for the environment. You will not feel guilty when spraying the bottom of your soles with a traction spray.

4. Dries Out Quickly

Traction spray, depending on the amount you sprayed on it, should not take more than three minutes to dry. If it takes longer to dry, you will have to spray the soles of your shoes several hours before heading out.

5. Does Not Damage the Sole

You do not want the traction spray to damage the sole of your shoes. You do not want the shoes you use for sports or even your favorite pair of shoes to become damaged in any way because of the traction spray. Plus, if you have an issue with traction on your go-to shoes that you wear every day, it will sadden you to find out that the traction spray you used damaged the insoles of your shoes.

6. Easy to Use

All you have to do is spray the bottom of your soles with it. If the instructions are too difficult to follow, as every traction spray has a certain method on how to use it, you may miss a step. The instructions should be easy to follow, so you do not make any mistakes.

For instance, the design of the bottle of traction spray can make it either difficult or easy to use. A traction spray with a specially designed nozzle will allow you to spray the exact areas of the shoes without wasting it or spraying elsewhere on the shoes.

Our Top Three Choices

Best Overall Choice: Performance Grip Basketball

Premium Product: Court Grabbers “On-Court Traction System

Best Value: Bare Ground BGSG-1 Spray-on Shoe Grip Adhesive Spray

1. Court Grabbers “On-Court Traction System

Court Grabbers Stop Slipping on Court-Score More Points & Win More Games On-Court Traction System-Elevate Your Game-Basketball, Volleyball, Racquetball & More! Black Shell/Black Cloth.

The Court Grabbers “On-Court Traction System is a traction product but in gel form. Even though this is not in spray form, it is still worth mentioning here due to how effective it is in offering people the traction they require to maintain their balance and not slip.

With the kit, you receive 2 clear base strips, which are attached to your shoes by the laces, and two traction pads, which slide and secure to the base strips and offer the cleaning service that improves the traction of your shoes.

The kit also includes a 2 oz. traction gel bottle. You need to lightly apply the gel to each traction pad. The gel works to clean the soles of your shoes to provide them with the needed traction to perform well on all types of surfaces. You do not need a large amount of gel either.

The gel has no harmful effects on people, equipment, and clothes. The manufacturer states that an independent lab has certified its products as safe to use in a variety of different environments, especially courts.

The products are made from lightweight and durable plastic. You can choose between two different colors, black shell and black cloth, white shell, and black cloth, and white shell and blue cloth. This product is mainly catered towards athletes, but anyone can use it to improve traction.

The manufacturer has made the traction gel from 86% food products, 13% alcohol, 1% food coloring, and 1% fragrance. The gel improves traction, reduces the chance of injury, and eliminates the need for wiping your shoes with your hands, thus reducing contact with germs.

Pros and Cons:


  • Use it on court
  • Can play a large variety of sports
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Creates slip-resistant soles
  • Available in various colors
  • Reduces exposure to bacteria
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Excellent for basketball, volleyball, racquetball, and badminton


  • Some users may find it difficult to use
  • Targeted towards athletes
  • Laces need to be exposed to allow fitting
  • Will not fit shoes below size 6

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2. Performance Grip Volleyball

Performance Grip Volleyball - 2 Pack

Performance Grip Volleyball has several positive qualities about it. It is a non-sticky, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and bio-friendly traction spray for shoes. The product can clean, rejuvenate, and increase traction for several different types of shoes.

As time passes by, your shoes tend to lose their effectiveness, causing them to become dry, hard, and slick. This happens because they collect debris and dirt. The manufacturer states that other types of traction sprays are sticky and conceal the problem, not resolve it.

Their product aims to clean the dirt and debris from shoes while softening the soles to increase performance and improve the condition of the shoes. The more you use the traction spray, the better the gripping performance of the shoe will become.

Pros and Cons:


  • Made from anon-sticky, eco-friendly, non-corrosive, and non-toxic ingredients
  • Increases traction of shoes
  • Improves the condition of shoes
  • Cleans dirt and debris from the soles of the shoes
  • Can extend the lifespan of shoes with continuous use


  • May wear off shoes quickly than other traction sprays

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3. Bare Ground BGSG-1 Spray-on Shoe Grip Adhesive Spray

Bare Ground BGSG-1 Spray-on Shoe Grip Adhesive Spray for Slippery Surfaces

The Bare Ground BGSG-1 Spray-on Shoe Grip Adhesive Spray is specially designed for people to walk on various surfaces with confidence. Whether you are walking on snowy, icy, and slippery surfaces, you can improve grip and traction by spraying the product on the bottom of your shoes.

The non-slip formula will not damage the rubber and leather soles of your shoes. You will know exactly what area of the sole you are spraying, thanks to its specially designed nozzle. The nozzle design also limits the waste because you are not spraying more than necessary.

If you have to walk on tiled, wooden floors, docks, boating, and any other type of indoor and outdoor surfaces and need a spray that can make you feel safe walking on them, you can consider buying this traction spray for your shoes.

Pros and Cons:


  • Dries quickly
  • Offers additional traction
  • Specially designed nozzle increases the accuracy of spraying and reduces waste
  • Non-slip formula will not damage rubber or leather
  • Offers improved grip on wet, dry, smooth, and all types of surfaces
  • Reduces the risk of slips and falls
  • Affordable


  • Can make the bottom of the shoes very sticky
  • Takes too long to dry

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4. Shoe Grip Ice and Snow Non Skid Spray

Shoe Grip Ice and Snow Non Skid Spray 5oz can

The Shoe Grip Ice and Snow Non Skid Spray is an anti-slip formula that reduces the risk of slipping on snowy and icy surfaces. The manufacturer has added a nozzle, especially designing it to reduce waste and increase spraying accuracy.

The formula will not damage the leather and rubber soles of your shoes. All you need to do is spray the bottom of your shoes, set it aside to dry for a few minutes, and then wear your shoes. The manufacturer has designed the traction spray for everyday use, allowing people to walk outdoors with their held up high, regardless of the weather condition. Apart from outdoors, the traction spray also improves the shoes’ grip on wooden and tiled surfaces.

Pros and Cons:


  • Reduces slipping, sliding, and shuffling on both outdoor and indoor surfaces
  • Will not damage leather and rubber soles
  • Easy to use
  • Dries quickly
  • Specially designed nozzle increases spraying accuracy and reduces waste


  • May not work well for athletes

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5. Grip Boost Clutch Hold Sweat Proof Grip Spray

Grip Boost Clutch Hold Sweat Proof Grip Spray for Gamer Grip, Golf Grips, Tennis, Yoga, Weightlifting Liquid Chalk, Pole Grip Fitness, Gymnastics Grips -2oz.

The Grip Boost Clutch Hold Sweat Proof Grip Spray offers a large variety of benefits. You can use it on your hands as well as on the bottom of your shoes, as claimed by some reviewers. If you are using it on your hands, it can enhance your grip through rain, sweat, and high humidity.

If you need grip certain objects, such as a basketball, baseball bat, football, and tennis racket, you can spray it on your hands. It offers a tacky feel while keeping your hands dry. It allows you to grip the object firmly. You can spray it on the soles of your shoes to improve traction. The tackiness of the traction spray will hold. You can use it for both purposes.

Pros and Cons:


  • Prevents slippage
  • Adds a clean and long-lasting grip
  • Use it for both items and shoes
  • A tacky feel and keeps hands dry
  • Improves grip through rain, sweat, and high humidity weather conditions


  • Mixed reviews on whether it will improve traction for shoes
  • Affordable
  • Some users report it to be too sticky
  • May be difficult to remove if used on hands

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6. Performance Grip Basketball

Performance Grip Basketball Pack Multi, 2

The Performance Grip Basketball is made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients. The formula is not sticky and is non-corrosive. If you want your shoes to last longer and provide you with increased traction, you may like this product.

The traction spray improves the grip of sports shoes and keeps them in good condition that you will be able to use them for more years than you expected. Most shoes tend to stop performing well on the surface as they once used to, dry out, and become hard and slick due to them collecting dirt and debris over time.

This traction spray not only removes the dirt and debris from under the shoes, but it also softens the soles to improve performance. If you want to improve your game or have more confidence while walking on several types of surfaces without fear of falling down or slipping, you can spray this on the bottom of your shoes before heading out.

Pros and Cons:


  • Formula created using non-sticky, eco-friendly, non-corrosive, and non-toxic ingredients
  • Improves the condition of shoes
  • Removes dirt and debris from the soles of the shoes
  • Can extend the lifespan of shoes with routine use
  • Increases traction of shoes


  • May wear off from the soles of shoes quickly and require repeated spraying

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7. Grip N’ Go

Grip N' Go

The Grip N’ Go, again, is not a spray, but is just as easy to use as a traction spray. By cleaning the insoles of your insoles using the wipes, it will increase your shoes’ grip on the ground. This is far more than just a cleaning solution, but it will add grip to your shoes to help you perform better on the court if you are an athlete.

The best part about this product is that you can bring it everywhere with you. It is compact and portable. When you are wiping the insoles of your shoes, you are also preventing the spread of germs. The wipe removes germs from the insoles. You can wipe your shoes to keep the insoles free of debris and dust while increasing traction on different surfaces.

Pros and Cons:


  • Maximizes traction
  • Cleans the insoles of the shoes
  • Removes germs and bacteria
  • Has an effective and natural formula
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • May finish quickly
  • Only recommended for volleyball and basketball courts

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8. Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer

Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer, Aerosol, 4-Ounce

The Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer is an aerosol adhesive, which you spray on your hands to improve your grip on items, but you can use it to improve traction as well, as per a few reviewers. The traction spray works well in both cold and wet weather conditions.

You can spray the handles of baseball bats, vaulting poles, hockey sticks, and vaulting poles to improve grip and tackiness. The traction spray is easy to use. You just need to hold the can upright and spray it five inches from your shoes, hands, fingertips, hands, and equipment.

Since water removes the tackiness, it is recommended that you use it on the soles of your shoes if you will be indoors or playing in a court.

Pros and Cons:


  • Clear color
  • Use it on shoes, handles, hands, fingertips, and equipment
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces fumbling and improves grip
  • Can use it in wet and cold weather condition


  • Cannot spray it on the soles of shoes if playing outdoors or in wet weather conditions
  • Only a few users state that it works well to improve traction when sprayed on the soles of the shoes

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9. Python Racquetball Positrac Anti-Slip Court Shoe-Spray

Python Racquetball Positrac Anti-Slip Court Shoe-Spray

The Python Racquetball Positrac Anti-Slip Court Shoe-Spray is a traction spray made for indoor courts. You can spray it on the bottom of your shoes, put your shoes aside to dry for a few minutes, and then wear them. Shoes that have become old and dusty with time tend to lose their traction and increase your chance of slipping and falling. You can increase the traction of your shoes by spraying it.

Pros and Cons:


  • Eliminates court slippages
  • Ideal for aging shoes and dusty courts
  • Reduces the risk of slipping and falling
  • Easy to use
  • Dries fast
  • Affordable


  • Can only use it on indoor court surfaces
  • Quantity is less in comparison to other traction sprays

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10. Court Grabbers Traction Gel

Court Grabbers Traction Gel -World's Best Traction in a Bottle. Use with The Traction Kit

The Court Grabbers Traction Gel comes without the kit and is just as easy to use as a traction spray. You can use take the gel out on a towel and rub it on your shoes to increase their traction. If you have the kit, but the gel is finished, you can buy the gel separately because the other products in the kit are washable and reusable.

The gel is safe to use and will not harm your shoes, skin, equipment, clothes, and court surfaces. If it does get on your clothes, it will not leave a stain and you can easily wash it out. The manufacturer states that it offers consistent traction for 30 games, which is 30 minutes of practice or playing time.

They also state that the usage of the gel also depends on the conditions of the court as well as the needs of the user. It reduces your risk of falling and slipping during gameplay. You can use the gel on all types of shoes used to play indoor sports on a court.

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use
  • Will not harm skin, shoes, clothes, court surfaces, and equipment
  • Will not stain clothes and is washable


  • May pick up dirt and dust
  • May not work as well if used alone
  • Needs routine application to maintain traction

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Final Thoughts

You are searching for a traction product — whether it is a spray, wipe, or gel — to use on the soles of your shoes. You want a traction product that you can easily use on the soles of your shoes to increase traction on a variety of surfaces.

All these products serve one purpose to reduce your risk of injury by preventing you from slipping and falling on the ground. You will no longer have to worry about people laughing at you in the event you fall down because the traction spray will ensure you remain on your feet.

You can look through the list to find a traction spray, gel, or wipe that meets your usage requirements. Since most people look for convenience when it comes to using any type of product, all three different forms of traction products offer you just that. In the end, you can go with a traction spray if you do not think a gel-based or wipe-based traction product is for you.

Best Overall Choice

The Performance Grip Basketball is an eco-friendly traction spray with non-stick and non-corrosive properties. Once you spray it on the soles of your shoes, it will instantly improve traction and reduce your risk of injury due to accidental slips and falls. It will also improve the condition of your shoes with routine use. It will remove the dirt and debris from the bottom of your soles while softening them to enhance performance. You can walk on several different surfaces without worrying about falling or losing your balance.

Best Premium Product

The Court Grabbers “On-Court Traction System is an incredibly effective traction product, which is why it has made this list. Although not exactly a traction spray, it works great to improve the grip of your shoes. It comes with a kit, which includes clear base strips and traction pads. You just need to fill the base strips with gel, attach it on the soles of your shoes, and you are good to go. The gel will also last you a long time because you do not need a huge amount of it.

Best Value

The Bare Ground BGSG-1 Spray-on Shoe Grip Adhesive Spray is an excellent traction spray because it allows people to walk on several different surfaces, ranging from icy, snowy, and slippery surfaces. This traction spray improves your grip and will not damage the leather and rubber soles of your shoes. It also has a specially designed nozzle for accurate spraying.

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