Stepping with Confidence: Are Crocs Really Non-Slip Shoes?

Whether you are looking for something more traditional, or need to protect your feet from the hazardous regions of the workplace, crocs shoes are a safe bet. But are Crocs non slip shoes?

Their lightweight design makes them ideal for casual wear, but this increased breathability and flexibility of croc shoes make it easy for them to transition into comfort footwear that effectively protects your sole.

are crocs non slip
Crocs Style Clog Sandals on Wet Wood Deck

As long as you do not go overboard with intense physical activity with crocs shoes on, they provide an excellent pair of non slip shoes. Most importantly, there is no break in period required to be comfortable in crocs.

All-day comfort means all day protection against slipping hazards on wet surfaces. Whether at home or work having slip resistant crocs work boots will allow you move about with ease and confidence.

Are Crocks Non Slip Shoes?

Yes, Crocs are non slip. But not all Crocks are slip resistant. Find the ones that are Crocs Lock. Crocs shoes are incredibly popular and it’s not hard to see why.

Not only do they provide comfort and style, but you can wear them at almost any occasion without needing to change your footwear.

Non slip crocs for men come in a variety of designs and colors so that you can always find something that suits your personal taste.

On top of this, their durable design means that these non slip shoes are built to last which is perfect for people who have to have dependable footwear on the job every day.

One issue with non slip croc shoes lie when wearing them in wet weather or walking across wet surfaces because water could seep into the grooves of the shoe which will compromise grip quality.

With this in mind, croc shoes should be avoided for use around swimming pools and other wet areas. The material has been tested however, and it is slip resistant under wet conditions.

Which Crocs are Non Slip?

You can go to Crocs website and look under “crocs for work” and click on “slip resistant” and it will tell you which types are non slip Crocs.

On their website, it says they don’t sell nonslip shoes. But this is not true. No shoe will stop you from slipping, but some brands say they are safe to be in a safe area when it comes to the law.

Crocs shoes are non-slip and this property is attributed to the design of the shoe as well as the rubber compound used in their manufacture. 

Are Crocs Non Slip Shoes
Which Crocs are Non Slip?

Croc’s patented closure system ensures a snug fit with these non slip shoes so that there is no danger of water ingress or loss of structural integrity, even when subjected to vigorous impact or contact with sharp objects such as rocks on the beach.

When combined with Aqua Clog men’s and women’s safety shoes , you get unparalleled protection against impacts and penetration from nails, staples, glass shards, thorns and other sharp objects.

The Crocs Men’s Classic clog is slip resistant for indoor wear, but water tests show it is not safe for use on wet surfaces. However, the company has taken steps to improve this property with their new patented technology which promises to make croc shoes anti slip .

Every woman who works in an office should own a pair of non-slip women’s shoes because it makes sense to avoid slips and falls that may injure you or damage office property.

So if you are looking for footwear that provides adequate protection against wet surfaces then crocs shoes are the best option.

What Slips Resistant Sizes are Available?

Slip-resistant shoes are mainly for work. You will find it harder to find slip-resistant Crocs for kids. But you can get them in all the usual women’s and men’s sizes.

What Makes Crocs Non Slip?

Their Slip-Resistant Crocs Lock technology tread meets industry standards for non slip resistance, making Crocs the best choice for non slip shoes for many workers. If you work in hospitality or food service, Crocs are a great option for you to wear to prevent falls on slippery or wet floors.

Non slip crocs have a thicker sole than regular ones. The difference between the Crocs with a thicker sole is that they also have a pattern on the bottom of the shoe. This pattern is what makes them slip-resistant.

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How About Crocs That are Not Slip Resistant?

If you work somewhere where the floor is very slippery, you should buy Crocs from the section that says it has a slip-resistant sole. The reason for this is that there is no guarantee for them to even be slip-resistant, so you won’t be sure at all of how slippery the soles on the Crocs you purchase are.

Are Crocs Non Slip Shoes
How About Crocs That are Not Slip Resistant?

But if you do work somewhere with an extremely slippery floor and want to buy a pair of Crocs with a non-slip sole, it’s probably best to go for those in the slip-resistant section.

Non Slip Crocs fit the same as regular Crocs, but there are two different styles – Relaxed and Roomy. Roomy style has more space for your feet, and relaxed style is secure and comfortable. You can expect all Crocs to be comfortable!

Are Non Slip Crocs Comfortable as the Regular Ones

Yes, both types of Crocs are comfortable. Crocs with slip-resistance meet the industry standards for slip-resistance. They are still comfortable because they are made of Crosolite material which is lightweight. Slip-resistant Crocs will help you not to slip on floors while still being very comfy.

What Styles of Non Slip Crocs Are Available?

There are different styles of Crocs that are slip-resistant. You can choose the style that best suits you.

Here are different styles of Non Slip Crocs:

1. Clogs

Are Crocs Non Slip Shoes?

Many people know about clogs. They are comfortable and lightweight. Clogs are popular with many people who work.

2. Flats


Crocs for women are called flats. They’re lightweight and comfortable, but they’re different than clogs because they’re thinner.

3. Mary Janes

Are Crocs Non Slip Shoes
Source Pinterest: @Women’s Carlie Mary Jane

Women wear mary janes too. They are a type of shoe that is similar to flats, but they offer more support if you have to work for a long time standing up or walking.

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How Much Do Slip Resistant Crocs Cost?

Non slip Crocs can be anywhere from $30 to $60. They come in black, white and blue colors. Some of the Crocs have a pattern that is different from these colors as well as some other colors.

How to Know If My Shoes are Slip Resistant?

When you work in a place where there is a lot of slippery stuff, you need to have slip-resistant shoes. Slip-resistant shoes are important. They will save your bones from breaking and they can also help you avoid medical bills. You should make sure that the shoes you want to buy are slip-resistant. Here’s how to tell if shoes are non slip, check your shoes:

  • Check the Label. If you want to know if the shoes are non-slip, check the label. The shoe is likely non-slip if the feature is shown on the label. But if it doesn’t have this information on it, then check what kind of tread it has and give them a test walk too.
  • Make sure they have a textured sole with no ridges or bumps,
  • Make sure the shoe is made of synthetic materials that are rubberized or have some other kind of friction material on them,
  • Make sure that there’s a rubbery lining inside the shoe where it meets your foot, and
  • Check to see if they’re waterproof because this will give you some extra protection against slipping in wet conditions.
  • Check the tread. The best kind of shoes for this are ones with treads on the bottom. They might be round or hexagonal shapes, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is how many numbers they have. For example, if your shoes only have one tread and it has a high number, then you will probably not slip as much as someone who puts their toes on the ground to walk instead of using their heel.
  • Examine the grooves of the shoe sole to make sure they are not slippery. Most anti-slip shoes have tire shaped grooves. The groove will create small parts in the sole that make it more flexible and helps with standing upright on slippery floors.

If you don’t have slip resistant shoes and you want to make your shoes non slip, check out this article: How to Make Shoes Non Slip?

Other Shoe Brands that Are Non Slip

If you want some other brands of shoes, then Vans are non slip and Converse are non slip shoes you may want to check out. You may also want to check out the best slip resistant shoes for women and best slip resistant shoes for men.

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Final Thought

There are Non Slip Crocs and regular Crocks with different shoe styles.

Crocs with slip-resistant soles provide comfort and durability to workers who spend long hours moving about. By locking the foot in place, the Crocs will also help improve your posture while at work. If you are working in an environment where there is a high volume of water or chemicals present, make sure to buy branded waterproof non slip crocs.