Sizing Secrets: Do Crocs Run Big or Small? Find Out Now!

Crocs are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. When you bring them out into the world, you experience the perfect combination of luxury, relaxation, and style.

These shoes will bring a unique pop of colorful style to any outfit you choose. There’s a reason they’re so popular throughout the world!

They’ve also made a great deal of progress since they were first founded in 2002. In 2020, they brought in $250 million US Dollars in revenue in the US, $65 million in the Asia-Pacific region, and $20 million in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Because one of Crocs’ biggest benefits is their comfort, it’s particularly important to get their sizing right. That’s why it’s so important to figure out their exact fit, especially if you plan to order them online.

Do Crocs Run Big or Small or Are They True to Size?

do crocs run big or small
Crocs Clogs Shoes

This leaves many potential Crocs wearers asking themselves: do Crocs run big or small? In short, it depends. Typically, Crocs tries to make their shoes run true to size, but the truth is it ends up varying significantly across the many different models and styles they offer.

Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes?

First things first– one of the best ways to customize to your exact comfort level with shoe sizing is half sizes. That can help mitigate the problems that arise with certain manufacturers running too big or too small.

That said, Crocs sadly does not offer half sizes on the adult models of their shoes. They do, however, offer some half sizes when it comes to their children’s models, so if you’re looking for an exact fit for your child, you may be in luck.

Crocs Size Chart

Are you ready to step into comfort and style with Crocs? But wait, before you dive into the world of colorful clogs and trendy footwear, let’s unravel the mystery of the Crocs size chart. Choosing the perfect size can be a game-changer in ensuring a snug fit that accompanies you on all your adventures.

Whether you’re gearing up for a casual stroll or an outdoor escapade, understanding the Crocs size chart is your first step towards the ultimate footwear experience. So, let’s dive in and decode the art of finding the ideal Crocs size, ensuring a perfect fit that will make every step a breeze.

Crocs Size Chart for Women

US UK EU JP Korea Inch MM
3 N/A N/A N/A N/A 8 204
4 N/A N/A N/A 210 8 3/8 212
5 3 34-35 21 220 8 5/8 221
6 4 36-37 22 230 9 229
7 5 37-38 23 240 9 3/8 238
8 6 38-39 24 250 9 5/8 246
9 7 39-40 25 260 10 255
10 8 41-42 26 270 10 3/8 263
11 9 42-43 N/A N/A 10 5/8 272
12 10 N/A N/A N/A 11 280

Crocs Size Chart for Men

US UK EU  JP  Korea Inch MM
4 N/A N/A 22 230 8 5/8 221
5 N/A N/A 23 240 9 229
6 N/A N/A 24 250 9 3/8 238
7 6 39-40 25 260 9 5/8 246
8 7 41-42 26 265 10 255
9 8 42-43 27 270 10 3/8 263
10 9 43-44 28 280 10 5/8 272
11 10 45-46 29 290 11 280
12 11 46-47 30 300 11 3/8 288
13 12 48-49 31 310 11 5/8 297
14 N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 305
15 N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 3/8 314
16 N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 5/8 323
17 N/A N/A N/A N/a 13 331

What Size Crocs Should I Get? Crocs Fit Types

Get ready to explore the world of Crocs with a new perspective as we delve into the fascinating realm of Crocs fit types. Just like the diverse range of activities life has to offer, Crocs understands that different feet demand different fits. Whether you’re seeking comfort for casual strolls, durability for outdoor adventures, or style to match your personality, Crocs has you covered.

In this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind the various Crocs fit types, ensuring that every step you take is a confident one. So, fasten your seatbelt as we embark on a journey to discover the perfect fit for every occasion.

1. The Roomy Fit

The Roomy fit is Crocs’ core competency. This is the fit that encompassed the original Crocs clog, allowing wearers room to completely stretch out their feet. Typically, these models feature enough space that the wearer’s feet can have room to breathe at both the ends and sides of the shoe.

Most of the styles Crocs offer within the Roomy fit category are modeled after their famous clogs, with a heel strap in place to keep the shoes from flying off.

Because of the space and comfort that Roomy Fit models provide, these Crocs run big rather than small. Especially if your feet have a lower than average width, you will likely want to err on the side of smaller sizes for these shoes.

2. The Standard Fit

The Standard Fit errs on the side of snug tightness. These shoes should not be uncomfortable, but they should feel much more secure on your feet than Crocs’ comfort-focused Roomy Fit offerings.

Specifically, your heels should not feel like they are slipping out of the shoes as you walk. If you feel that slippage on a Standard Fit model, the shoes are too big for you.

Standard Fit models run slightly small overall, but in our experience are the closest to true-to-size of all the Crocs fits.

3. The Relaxed Fit

The Relaxed Fit tries to split the difference between the Standard Fit and the Roomy Fit. These models do their best to feel secure while still maximizing your comfort.

You should still feel a little space around the sides of your foot and some room so your toes can wiggle around while feeling more secure than the Roomy Fit models tend to feel.

Because the Relaxed Fit models offer more room, they tend to run slightly larger than true-to-size, but not quite as large as the Roomy Fit.

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Best Crocs Styles and Whether They Run Big or Small

Crocs sells several more styles than just its classic clogs. Indeed, they currently offer 186 different styles on their website at the time of writing. From flip flops to boots to glitter-covered clogs, Crocs has an enormously varied catalog.

Best Unisex Crocs Styles

Because of their distinctive style, Crocs shoes are often unisex, working as well for masculine outfits as they do for femme ones.

Best Unisex Styles
Best Unisex Crocs Styles

Note that unisex Crocs models often come with two sizes printed on them, with the smaller, left-hand number referring to the US Men’s size and the larger, right-hand number referring to the US Women’s size.

1. Classic Clog

When it comes to Crocs, you can’t go wrong with their classic model. This is the style that gave the brand its first waves of fame in 2002 and 2006, and the one that has driven customers back to it again and again.

This design is the most recognizable of all the shoes Crocs sells, sporting the well-ventilated front, exceptionally comfortable foam sole, and securing strap that they’ve become known for over the years.

As these shoes have Crocs’ Roomy Fit, they will tend to run big.

2. Classic All-Terrain Clog

The Classic All-Terrain Clog is very similar to the Classic Clog in design but is distinguished from it in material quality and design. Where the Classic Clog focuses on maximizing comfort on its own, the All-Terrain variety focuses on maximizing durability and comfort together.

The main differences lie in the outer material (especially the soles of the shoes) and the security strap.

The All-Terrain Clog can support a lot more stress from difficult terrain because of its fortified soles, and its holding strap provides more security and comfort due to its cushion. The cushion also helps prevent chafing for long days of walking.

Also, despite the greater focus on multiple terrain use, the All-Terrain stays at a Roomy Fit, meaning it will tend to run big rather than small.

3. The Athens Flip

The Athens Flip is a Crocs shoe geared towards summer weather. On the outside, it looks like a standard flip flop, but it truly is nothing but standard.

Crocs has worked their comfort magic on these shoes, making them into a delightfully comfortable style that stands out from the crowd among both Crocs’ offerings and other flip flops on the market.

The biggest drawback to these shoes at present is that Crocs is currently not selling them as a company. But they are popular nonetheless, and many of them are available on websites like Amazon.

There appears to be some confusion on the sizing of these shoes. While the Amazon product page calls them true-to-size, the product description says that they run large. But then several customer reviews claim that they run small, recommending that other buyers purchase them up to a size and a half up.

Because of this confusion, we recommend trying to find this model in a physical store first. If you can’t swing that, make sure you have the opportunity to return them to the online seller you buy them from.

4. Baya Lined Clog

The Baya Lined Clog is almost the opposite of the Athens Flip. Where the Athens Flip seeks to double down on Crocs’ traditional spring and summer appeal, the Baya Lined Clog provides a Crocs shoe for the colder months of fall and winter.

This model follows the Classic Clog stylistically for the most part. The primary distinction lies in the internal lining– where the Classic model focuses on an airy, well-ventilated kind of comfort, the Baya Lined Clog instead emphasizes a cozy, warm kind of comfort.

The interior of these Clogs is lined with a fleecy, plush, delightfully toasty material that will keep your feet warm all year long. That doesn’t mean they sacrifice the classic “holes-in-the-front” Crocs look though– that look is still maintained, just covered by the lining on the inside.

These shoes are designed in the Relaxed Fit style, so they will tend to run slightly large, but not as large as Roomy Fit clogs.

5. Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

The Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot is Crocs’ way of doubling down on the wintry venture of the Baya Lined Clog. These shoes are also lined and also look similar to the Classic Clog, with one key difference: these are boots instead of clogs.

This model adds a nylon neck to the lined clog, which allows it to keep your ankles warm in addition to your feet. The neck is a little loose by default, but it comes with a tightening mechanism (a bungee cord with a lock) on the cuff so you can tighten it to your preference.

Another departure of this model from the Baya Lined Clog is the fit style– these boots are made in the Roomy Fit style, so expect them to run big.

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Best Men’s Crocs Styles

Best Men's Styles
Best Men’s Crocs Styles

Crocs can be an incredibly stylish option whether you want to embody masculinity or femininity. From loafers to flip flops, Crocs has some excellent men’s offerings you can try.

1. Men’s Walu Slip-on

If someone had predicted in 2006 that Crocs would be selling stylish, high-quality loafers by 2021, that person would have lost all credibility to say anything at all. But here we are with the astonishingly comfortable Men’s Walu Slip-on shoes – a pair of Crocs loafers.

These loafers are barely recognizable as Crocs if you don’t see the brand’s logo casually embossed on the side. They look like normal loafers, if not upscale ones.

Crocs has slipped in one classic element of its style here though – these shoes have discreet ventilation holes included on the sides and sole. This allows for their airy comfort to coexist with a more refined look.

These shoes are made in the Standard Fit, so expect them to run somewhere between true-to-size and slightly small.

2. Men’s Classic Yukon Vista II Clog

The Men’s Classic Yukon Vista II Clog is a fascinating product from the Crocs lineup geared especially towards camping. Of course, there’s no reason why camping should be a specifically masculine activity, but this shoe nonetheless features a unique design both aesthetically and practically.

These Crocs are similar to the All-Terrain model, just with some adjustments to the degree of support and comfort. They also include an adjustable strap whose size you can change depending on how you want the shoes to feel at any given point.

The goal for these is that the wearer can shift between a perfectly slip-on shoe and one that is more secure.

These come in the Roomy Fit style, so expect them to run a little big.

3. Men’s LiteRide Pacer

Crocs simply refuses to stop until they’ve made a shoe for every style out there. Indeed, they’ve even made sneakers– lightweight, uber-breathable sneakers that prioritize comfort.

The Men’s LiteRide Pacer is that pair of sneakers, and it’s quite a special style of shoe. Like the other models we’ve discussed, it maintains that unique Crocs breathability with ventilation holes throughout the shoe, but it also includes an innovative new comfort standard.

This model is a Relaxed Fit one, so it will likely run slightly big, but don’t worry if you’ve got a little room in the heel– that’s by design!

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Best Women’s Crocs Styles

Best Women’s Styles
Best Women’s Crocs Styles

Crocs offers an exceptional variety of Women’s styles in addition to its Men’s and Unisex styles. They have heels, wedges, boots, work shoes–anything you could want when building out a femme outfit.

1. Women’s Classic Platform Clog

If you’re looking for a shoe that combines the classic Crocs clog look with an extra feminine twist, look no further than the Women’s Classic Platform Clog.

Of Crocs’ gendered offerings, this model comes the closest to emulating the feel of the original clog. But this model adds a small amount of wedge heel–1.6 inches, to be exact–to bring a femme touch to an otherwise standard look.

These shoes also bring a sleeker, slimmer style to the clog look. If you want a quirky, trendy addition to your night-out outfit, this shoe is a splendid choice.

Like the Classic Clog, the Classic Platform Clog is made in the Roomy Fit style, so it will likely run on the larger side.

2. Women’s Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge

On the other end of style, the Women’s Crocs Brooklyn Low Wedge offers a much more standard look without losing the unique Crocs comfort and charm. With its classic platform heel look, it brings a whole new meaning to all-day-long comfort.

These shoes are as right at home in the workplace as they are in a restaurant, and they won’t make your feet sore like non-Crocs shoes in this genre. They also come with adjustable straps and deep heel cups so you can feel both productive and comfortable– a difficult balance to come by for feminine shoes.

This model is a Relaxed Fit, so it will likely run a little big, but probably not too much to worry about– especially given the adjustable straps.

3. Women’s Neria Pro II LiteRide Clog

If you are trying to find something more practical, the Women’s Neria Pro II LiteRide Clog may be what you seek. These workplace-focused shoes work well for someone working on their feet, with slip-resistant treads and a highly resilient structure.

This model also comes with removable LiteRide footbed liners designed with optimum comfort and workability in mind.

These shoes are designed at the Relaxed Fit level, so they will typically tend to run on the big side.

Comfort Ratings Across Crocs Models

Crocs has three different comfort levels, all of which can further influence fit:

  • Comfort Level 1 – Iconic Croslite Technology
  • Comfort Level 2 – Dual Croslite Technology
  • Comfort Level 3 – Croslite + Memory Foam Technology

The Iconic Croslite Technology that makes up Comfort Level 1 consists of a balance between foamy softness and a supportive rebound that made the Crocs brand famous in the first place. This comfort level will influence fit the least since it has the least padding.

Their Dual Croslite Technology invests more into comfort while providing more arch support than Comfort Level 1.

Comfort Ratings Across Crocs Models
Comfort Ratings Across Crocs Models

This comfort level adds extra foam padding in play to increase comfort, so Crocs made in this style will have a slightly tighter fit. If the shoes are in Standard Fit, they’ll likely run small with this combination, but it will likely only make Relaxed and Roomy Fit shoes closer to true-to-size.

Finally, Comfort Level 3 brings the highest amount of comfort of the group by employing a Croslite + Memory Foam Technology. This adds another layer of memory foam padding on top of the traditional foam padding added with the Dual Croslite models.

Because of that extra memory foam padding, shoes at Comfort Level 3 will tend even tighter, but likely still not tight enough to make Relaxed or Roomy Fit shoes run small.

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Overall, Are Crocs True to Size?

As we’ve seen, Crocs tend to run on the larger side due to their general focus on comfort and roominess. But this certainly varies across different styles and models.

The main thing to remember is this– if you want to know how much a Crocs shoe varies from its stated size, look at the fit type and comfort level. A higher comfort level will mean more snugness, but that will seldom make a shoe with a Relaxed Fit run small.

The most important indicator of fit is the fit type, at which Standard Fit shoes run slightly small, while Relaxed fit shoes run somewhat big and Roomy fit shoes run very big.