The Hype Around Crocs Closed Toe Shoes: Are They Worth It?

Crocs is a world-renowned brand in the footwear industry. And, Crocs is known for their distinctive line of rubber shoes with holes on them. They’re called Crocs and they come in different colors, styles, and materials. In this article, we’ll discuss the topic if Crocs are considered closed-toe shoes or not.

In general, a pair of closed-toe shoes must have an enclosed upper that covers all of your toes completely while you wear them. It also may extend a little bit down your foot. It’s typically made from leather or suede but can be any material available today. 

are crocs closed toe shoes
Green Crocs on A Beach

Open-toe shoes, on the other hand, don’t cover your toes and usually have a strap that goes across them. This is the main characteristic of open-toe shoes.

Are Crocs Closed Toe Shoes?

Crocs have styles that are closed-toe shoes and styles that are not. Crocs are waterproof, long-lasting and lightweight. They are also comfortable and come in a variety of sizes. Crocs with closed toes provide extra protection for your feet. You can wear them practically anywhere.

Crocs used to make closed-toe shoes only, but people wanted open-toe shoes too. The classic Crocs are considered closed-toe shoes.

One more thing to mention is Crocs do come in different styles so they are used as sandals as well. In this case, if the sandal has a piece of material going over your foot then it’s still considered a closed toe shoe despite there being holes on the upper part. Otherwise, it will be an open toe sandals if no material covers anything on your toes.

Open and Closed Toe Croc Styles

How can you tell the difference between closed toe and open toe Crocs?

There are two types of Crocs, traditional and Literide. They have the same basic style, but the toes are different. Traditional crocs have perforations on the entire toe-box. Literide crocs don’t have a toe-box.

You can also find Crocs that are semi-closed-toe shoes. These crocs have one or two holes on the toe box.

Crocs don’t only make clogs. Crocs also make sandals, flats and flip flops. These are all considered open-toe shoes.

Why Are Crocs so Comfortable?

Every time someone wears Crocs they say the same thing, “Oh my gosh, these are so comfortable!” There’s a reason why. They’re made with Croslite material. This foam-rubber is soft and bouncy. It keeps your feet cool and dry. It also provides cushioning for each step you take while wearing them.

are crocs closed toe shoes
Why Are Crocs so Comfortable?

The Crocs foam-rubber material is part of what makes them long-lasting. It’s tedious to make but it helps the shoes keep their shape no matter how much you wear them.

Are Crocs Only for Casual Wear?

Some people argue that Crocs are only suitable for casual wear because they’re not professional enough, but this isn’t true at all. You can wear any style of Croc anywhere you want to go without worrying about being under or overdressed.

Crocs are great for men and women, boys and girls, toddlers and adults. No matter who you are or where you’re going, there’s a pair of Crocs that will work perfectly with your style.

What Makes Crocs Popular?

Crocs are popular because they’re comfortable, adaptable, and breathable. They go with any outfit. You can wear them anywhere; work, school, play, home or hiking in the woods.

Everyone loves Crocs because they come in so many colors and styles that you can pick one that matches any look you want to portray. No matter who you are or what you like to do, there’s a pair of crocs for everyone.

Crocs are now available all over the world. They’re sold at malls, retail stores, online outlets and shoe stores everywhere.

Benefits of Using Crocs?

Crocs have many benefits, one of them is that they are made from Croslite material which gives comfort to the feet. The foam rubber material in crocs allows free airflow into your feet giving it a cooling effect. This material also makes crocs long-lasting because the texture does not wear out easily.

Another benefit for using crocs is that they are waterproof. You can wear these shoes to any type of water like water parks and they are good for restaurant workers.

are crocs closed toe shoes
Benefits of Using Crocs?

They are available in different colors and designs which makes them suitable to younger children whose tastes change. This also benefits parents because even if your child grows out of their favorite color, they can choose another one easily.

Some people argue that Crocs are only suitable for casual wear because they’re not professional enough, but this isn’t true at all.

You can wear any style of Croc anywhere you want to go without worrying about being under or overdressed.

They are resistant to bacteria and odor. This is because the foam rubber material dries up quickly.

They are firm but lightweight. This makes them easy to carry around.

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Are Crocs a Good Choice for Work?

Crocs are great choices of work shoes because of their durability and stability they provide on higher surfaces such as walking on slippery floors.

The special Croslite material is slip-resistant which means that if you’re walking on wet or greasy areas then there’s no chance of slipping because it grips well even with water.

Most workplaces have floors with tiles so this is better than taking high heels to work where your chances of tripping strengthen each time you step.

What Are Some Different Styles of Crocs?

Crocs come in many different styles and colors to accommodate for all walks and tastes and here are some examples:

Lined Crocs : these crocs come with an extra lining which traps the heat inside, perfect for winter time or cold weather.

Different Styles of Crocs
Different Styles of Crocs

They also come as Clogs which look like a clog, but they don’t have laces. The shoes go up to your ankle. They’re kind of between sandals and shoes material-wise if that makes sense.

The other type is liner crocs, these types of croc shoes have a foam lining inside them making them warm and suitable for winter wear.

The other type of Crocs is the water Croc, these are great for swimmers, divers or people who just love to be around water.

They also come in toy story characters, princesses and other cartoon characters which makes them attractive to children. Who doesn’t love Buzz Light year? They even have Minions crocs now!

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How Do You Clean Crocs?

You can clean crocs easily by using a mild soap solution with water on a damp cloth then scrubbing it on the shoes softly without pressing too hard as this will leave behind some dirt.

Once you finish cleaning rinse off with water and let them dry overnight before wearing again.

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What are Some Tips for Wearing Crocs?

When it comes to buying crocs, everyone has their own preference so here are some tips when buying them:

Measure your feet before shopping if you’re wondering what size to buy because they come in different sizes.

Crocs Shoes for Work
Crocs Shoes for Work

When you have your size ready, look online or visit a shoe store near you, don’t just go for the first pair that caught your eye.

Pick many colors and designs then narrow down on one color or design that can be versatile, this is if you want it for casual use only.

If you’re looking at it as work shoes better choose practicality over style because not everyone likes wearing bright orange work shoes with their formal clothes.

Carefully pick the style that you prefer and the type of Crocs such as Salt water, Clogs or Water Crocs. The different types suit different purposes so when picking your next pair keep this in mind

Pros and Cons of Wearing Closed-Toed Shoes

Here we have listed pros and cons of wearing closed toed shoes. 

1. The Pros of Closed-Toed Shoes

Closed toe shoes are more favorable for people who like to wear sandals or flip flops because they protect your toes. If you’re looking for work shoes, closed-toed shoes provide the same stability as high heels but with some extra benefits.

They also prevent dirt from falling inside your shoe especially if you go hiking often where the environment is not so clean.

They’re perfect when going to places with water features such as a pool or beach since they don’t have open holes which gather sand and pebbles easily.

They can be worn in any weather condition although not all closed-toe shoes are made equal, some provide protection against harsh weather conditions such as winter shoes which have extra lining inside to keep the warmth close.

2. Some of The Cons of Closed-Toe Shoes 

Although closed toe shoes prevent dirt from falling on your feet they also provide a barrier between your foot and the environment.

This is why some people go for open toe shoes because it provides direct contact with nature, breathing room for your toes and better ventilation for your feet as well as legs as a whole.

It can be hot wearing closed toe shoes, some brands don’t let air inside so you’ll feel suffocated if it’s too hot outside.

Sneakers are more breathable compared to any other type of closed-toe shoe out there however not all sneakers are made equal.

When it comes to picking out the perfect shoes, closed toe or open toe, comfortability is measured by preference.

It’s important to know your needs first before buying especially when you have a busy lifestyle so you can wear either type of shoe for any occasion without having too much trouble taking them off and putting them back on again.

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How Long Will Your New Crocs Last?

Crocs are mostly made of rubber which is natural and won’t break that easily, in fact it will last you years.

However, if you wear them often or for rough purposes such as hiking where the ground can be uneven then your crocs will wear off faster than usual because it’s not meant to be used for rough purposes.

It’s best to use crocs only when needed rather than wearing them all day every day so they can last longer.

are crocs closed toe shoes
How Long Will Your New Crocs Last?

Most people prefer quality over price, some pay big bucks just to get that one special pair thinking that it will last long while others go cheap on purpose knowing they don’t have much money to spare yet still want more shoes in their wardrobes.

Either every person has his/her own reason to pay more or less for an item, the same goes with Crocs. The price of Crocs may vary depending on discounts and deals around your area which is why it’s important to know where you can get the best deal.

Sadly there are people who don’t take good care of their shoes so they only last a few months or years before wearing off, this doesn’t mostly happen to quality shoes rather than brands that are not popular enough.

If you pick out the perfect one without neglecting its maintenance then you’ll have nothing but wonderful memories wearing them especially if it suits your style.

Usually, when taking good care of your Crocs, they should last around 5 years.

When Should You Replace Your Crocs?

Crocs aren’t like ordinary shoes where you replace them every now and then depending on how often you use them.

It’s different with Crocs, it’s best to wait for the old one to wear off before getting a new pair or two because once they start breaking down you’ll notice that their shape changes as well which is an indicator that it’s time to replace your Crocs.

If the treads in Crocs wear out then it’s time to replace your Crocs.

Crocs Sizing

Crocs are true to size. However, they don’t offer 1/2 sizes so if your foot size is 8 1/2, you need to make sure if you need Crocs size 8 or 9.

The best way to measure your feet is by using a Brannock device. However, if you don’t have that measuring tool at home, you can simply measure your feet standing up.

are crocs closed toe shoes
Crocs Sizing

Draw the lines on your toes and heel on the piece of paper and measure your feet size then using a Crocs size chart to figure out the correct size.

You can also just go to the shoe store and let them measure your feet there or simply try on different sizes of Crocs.

If you bought the wrong size of Crocs and can’t return them to the store, you may be wondering if Crocs stretch over time.

Do Crocs Stretch?

Crocs come in a lot of different fits. Although Crocs are quite true to size, some styles may feel roomier inside, while other models give you a more secure fit.

No matter what the fit is, the croslite material makes the Crocs stretch a little when wearing them over time.

The reason for this is because croslite expands with the heat. So in the summertime when temperatures rise high, Crocs can stretch and expand in size.

If you don’t want them to stretch then don’t leave them out in the sun for long periods of time.

Sometimes when you wear them every day for long periods of time can make them stretch.

If you left your Crocs outside for awhile and you’ve noticed your shoes stretched out, there’s not much you can do after that. It’s hard to shrink Crocs afterwards.

I’ve heard people say if you put them in the dryer for about 15 minutes wrapped in a cool and wet towel, that you can shrink Crocs back to its original size. I’m not totally convinced you can shrink them this way.

Fun Facts: Classic Crocs Have Exactly 13 Holes

If you wonder why every Classic Crocs have 13 holes, then this is done for a reason. The holes are there to let out air and moisture and help with ventilation. This allows Crocs to be free from odor and bacteria.

And you can personalize your Crocs with Jibbitz charms.

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Final Thought

In conclusion, Classic Crocs are a closed-toe shoes intended for casual wear. But Crocs also make shoes that are open-toe.

They’re quite different from the traditional sandal but has a very unique design that’s why it can’t be categorized with any other shoes in the market.

Crocs maintain its shape through time and only stretch out when you wear them over extended periods of time.

If you want your Crocs to last longer then make sure not to leave them outside during warm weather or sunlight because this is what causes the fabric to expand and stretch out.

Also, make sure to take good care of your Crocs by using a clean dirt cloth every now and then so they don’t cause bacteria and also use a soft brush to keep the treads on their feet strong and sturdy.