10 Best Slipper Boots

Best Slipper Boots

With the cold winter months arriving, we are all looking for ways to keep ourselves warm and comfy. While all our sweaters and jackets combine with the blankets to protect our bodies from the cold weather outside, there is little that we are can do for our feet when indoors. If your feet are cold inside your house, you might be tempted to take out your boots and wear them indoors to protect your feet.

For those of you who cannot bear to have your house messy or damage the floors of your home because your feet are cold, there are wool socks to wrap around your feet. The thing is, even the furriest and warmest wool socks fail to offer complete protection from the cold. It somehow always finds a way to get through to your body. What do you do then? You wear slipper boots.

A great pair of slipper boots are the best way to keep your feet warm and comfy inside your house during the cold winters. If you have ever considered buying slipper boots to keep your feet warm, you might have noticed that there are way too many options to choose from.

The number of choices can become intimidating for someone who doesn’t know much about slipper boots, what qualities they should have and what qualities they shouldn’t. In case you are searching for slipper boots to keep your tootsies cozy and warm and you have no idea where to start, you are in luck.

We have created this guide to help you understand everything you need to know about slipper boots so that you have absolutely no problems in finding a pair that will be perfect for your needs. You will find information on the advantages of slipper boots, why they are important, and answers to the most common questions people have regarding slipper boots.

Additionally, we have created a list of reviews that consist of the top ten slipper boots in the market right now. After reading the guide, you can easily compare the reviews, so you have a more convenient time deciding which pair will work out best for your needs from a pair of slipper boots.

Best Slipper Boots Buying Guide

In order to make the ideal purchase decision when it comes to slipper boots, much like any kind of footwear, you need to be aware of what you should expect from the pair. When you have a better understanding of what you are buying, you will be able to avoid any pitfalls that can result in the loss of money through bad purchases.

Let us try and understand this vital footwear better so we can move on to the top options you have in the market right now.

What are Slipper Boots?

Everybody knows that slippers are some of the most comfortable things you can ever wear. Slippers are not performance-enhancing sports footwear. They are just something you wear on your feet to keep them covered, protected, and comfortable while you relax and unwind. When you think of slippers, your mind usually veers towards open heeled slippers that cover your feet from the front, leaving the back of your feet exposed. It is very easy to slide in and slide out of them.

The thing is, slippers do not necessarily need to have an open back. Open heel slippers are just one of many types of slippers. Slipper boots are a particular favorite for the winter season. The reason? They resemble the shape of boots and cover your feet just as much as a pair of boots can, but they provide your feet with the relaxing sensation of wearing slippers. It takes the best of both, combines them, and makes it even better.

Slipper boots still qualify as slippers because there are no laces involved. All you have to do is easily slip your feet in and slip your feet out to put them on or take them off – hence the name slippers. Slipper boots are also highly insulated, made from comfortable materials, and capable of offering your feet an adequate level of protection while you are indoors.

Why Are Slipper Boots Important?

People have different preferences for footwear when they are indoors. Some people are so comfortable being inside their house, they choose not to wear anything at all indoors. Of course, the cold can change all of that. When it becomes chillier, people often opt to use wool socks to keep their feet warm. Sometimes, even that is not enough.

If you do not mind wearing just a pair of socks, that is completely alright. There still are plenty of reasons why wearing slipper boots can be important even when you are indoors. Let us take a look.

Keep your feet warm

The first and the most obvious reason why slipper boots are important is that they keep your feet warm during the winter season. They provide a barrier between your feet and the cold floor, keeping your feet warm. Additionally, the insulation within slipper boots enhances their ability to retain heat and prevent your feet from feeling cold.

Keep your feet clean

Another important reason is that slipper boots, like any footwear, keeps your feet clean. No matter how much you brush the carpets, vacuum them or mop the floors, there is always going to be a presence of germs and dust on the floor. Wearing a pair of slipper boots, or any kind of footwear adds a layer of protection for your feet against the germs.

If you prefer to wear socks indoors, they can provide your feet with a protective barrier from germs, but that means you risk making your socks dirty. If you love wearing white socks, you know how much of a pain it is to keep the white socks clean.

Provides Safety against indoor hazards

The safest a person can feel is within the boundaries and the walls of their home. It protects you from the hazards in the outside world by keeping them out. People tend to forget that there are still some dangers lurking inside the sanctity of their homes. We are sure you have experienced the misfortune of stepping on a Lego block at least once in your life, and the horrors of stubbing your toe against furniture multiple times. Both are excruciatingly painful experiences that are almost unavoidable.

If you wear slipper boots inside your home, those hazards will not catch your unsuspecting feet and serve as a shield for your underfoot and toes against them. There are some slipper boots that have relatively thick soles. They can protect your feet from the more dangerous hazards like an odd pin or thumbnail lying on the floor.

Advantages of Wearing Slipper Boots

Slipper boots are a piece of lightweight footwear. They are pretty easy to wear. We have gone over some of the reasons why wearing slipper boots is important. Let us go over some of the clear advantages you stand to gain by wearing slipper boots, especially during the winters.

Slipper boots reduce the risk of getting a cold and flu in winters

By keeping your feet warm and comfy, slipper boots effectively remove a major threat in your life. Did you know that if your feet are cold and you keep on walking on the cold floor without protecting them, you can actually increase your chances of getting a cold or flu?

Researchers from the Cardiff School of Biosciences at Cardiff University found that if your feet experience extremely cold temperatures, it can lead to the onset of symptoms of the common cold.

They help reduce the chances of fungal and bacterial infections

Speaking of the symptoms of common cold, wearing slipper boots can also prevent the onset of communicable foot diseases like Athlete’s foot. When you wear slipper boots, you decrease the possible exposure of your feet to harmful bacteria and fungus that can lead to highly uncomfortable conditions.

They protect your feet from several household accidents

Slipper boots can be a savior for you when it comes to preventing common household accidents. They can already play a big enough role by protecting your feet from things that can cause minor injuries to your feet, but they can do much more.

The best slipper boots allow you to get a much better grip on the cold floor. The better the grip you have on the floor, the more stable you are, and the less likely you are to trip and fall. Wearing slipper boots will not just keep your feet warm, it can make the indoor environment a lot safer for you.

They help keep your house cleaner

When you come back inside your house from the outside world, the first and the worst thing that can dirty up your home is your footwear. You bring in all kinds of dirt, mud, and grime when you come back inside. Other than the more obvious dirt, you also bring in countless bacteria. If your feet are very cold and you need to keep them warm inside your house, wearing your shoes indoors is the worst thing you can do.

This is why you should take your shoes off immediately as you enter your home and wear something else to keep your feet warm. Slipper boots present the perfect option.

Things to Consider when Buying Slipper Boots

Now that you know and understand the importance and advantages of wearing slipper boots, it is time you move towards understanding what you should expect from the best slipper boots. Not all slipper boots are made the same. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials, but they have a similar general purpose.

These are some of the most important considerations you have to make when you are weighing your options.

The insulation they offer

There is absolutely no rule prohibiting you from wearing slipper boots in the summers. In fact, you might actually feel the need to wear them if someone in your house feels the need to turn the dial and turn your home into a freezer. Primarily, slipper boots come in handy during the winter season to help us keep ourselves warm. One of the most important considerations you need to make when you are buying slipper boots is how well they can offer insulation.

The ability of a slipper boot to preserve warmth, keeping our feet from getting cold is perhaps the most important factor. The list of the top ten in our guide features slipper boots made with some amazing insulating material. The key section of a slipper boot when it comes to the insulation is its lining. The inner lining within the slipper boot comes into direct contact with your feet. It is the job of the lining to trap the heat generated by your feet and keep it locked in.

Additionally, if you feel like you need an extra layer of protection to keep your feet warm, socks are a great option. When you are buying slipper boots, you need to make sure you get a design that can accommodate a pair of socks as well as your feet. If you choose from the list we have compiled, you will get options that are stretchy enough to accommodate your feet along with a pair of thick socks on them.

While insulation is important, it is also critical that the slipper boots never overheat your feet. You want your feet to be warm and comfy, not burning up and sweaty. If your feet get sweaty, it can result in the development of bad odors. Bad smells can be the least of your worries. If your feet are too warm for extended periods, it can raise the core temperature of your body.

A raised body temperature for too long can result in serious health issues in the long run. You need to consider getting slipper boots that can keep your feet warm for hours on end, but not make them too hot that your feet start sweating inside them.

How comfortable they are

We think that one of the biggest factors in evaluating the effectiveness of any kind of footwear is the comfort that it offers you. Slipper boots are the kind of footwear that you will find yourself wearing for long hours, pretty much all the time that you are home. If your slipper boots are not comfortable, you will probably avoid wearing them.

What is it about these footwear that makes them comfortable? Let’s see. There has to be enough padding in the slipper boots, they have to be flexible and soft, and they also need to rank high on the comfort scale. Think of it like this: When you put on a pair of slipper boots, your feet should get the sensation of a warm hug from a fuzzy and cozy blanket.

Here is a better look at some of the factors that affect the comfort of your slipper boots.

  • Lining
    The lining does not just play a part in the insulation. Remember that this is the part of the slipper boots that come into direct contact with your feet. Most of the items you wear inside the house happen to have an inner lining. The lining is supposed to be soft on the skin as well as be capable of retaining heat. Nobody wants a material that is able to retain heat if it makes their skin feel itchy. If the material is itchy, it can even cause rashes for people who have sensitive skin.
  • Seams
    While people do not generally make much of them, the seams in slipper boots play a major part in how comfortable the footwear can be for you. The stitching that holds the different materials of the slipper boots together to form the structure is worth taking a closer look at. The seams should be as flat as possible, unrounded, and they should never dig into your skin in any way. If the seam on the slipper boots makes you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable, you can be sure that the sensation will get worse in the long run. It is best to avoid the product altogether.
  • Flexibility
    If the footwear you have on your feet is not flexible, it simply cannot be comfortable. When you are in the confines of your home, you want all of your body to be relaxed. There are no wet conditions, asphalt roads, and no trails to run on. It is your house, and your feet need to be able to unwind just like the rest of your body. If your feet are unable to follow their natural movements without restrictions, the slipper boots fail.

Do they provide adequate traction?

Traction is more important when it comes to slipper boots than people generally would give them credit for. One of the reasons why wearing socks inside your house (without anything else on your feet) to keep your feet warm is that they do not offer any kind of traction for your feet (unless they are gripper socks).

If you are an older individual, wearing socks on a smooth indoor surface can be pretty dangerous. They can cause you to slip, trip and fall. Why risk a major injury? Keeping on a pair of slipper boots helps you keep your feet warm while offering good traction. The best pair of slipper boots will offer great traction on both carpeted and smooth indoor surfaces.

Look for slipper boots that have a decent amount of traction. All the models we’ve discussed in this guide are made using materials that offer adequate grip on indoor surfaces.

How durable are they?

While you won’t expect to conquer Mount Everest in them, or even head out much while wearing them, they do still need to offer some durability, right? Just like trail running shoes need to be rugged enough to put up with the harsh conditions of the outside world, your slipper boots need to be able to keep up with the rigors of indoor use.

Slipper boots will be less durable than regular footwear, but that does not mean that the footwear should fall apart if you pull at it too hard. We have mentioned the ones more durable than the others in the list we’ve reviewed to make sure you know what you are looking at.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I wear slipper boots outside?

  1. While there is no rule that says you cannot wear them outside, we recommend that you stick to using them indoors. One of the advantages they have is that they allow you to keep your feet warm and protected inside the house without bringing in the germs from the outside. Wearing them for outdoor use will wear them out faster and defeat the purpose of germ protection.

Q. Should I wear socks with slipper boots?

  1. Depending on whether or not the model you have can accommodate your feet with socks, yes you can.

Q. How do I clean slipper boots?

  1. While the general rule is that you can clean any footwear with soapy water and a rag in the sink, some models might have particular requirements. It’s best to check out the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the specific pair you own.

Q. How much traction should slipper boots provide?

  1. A pair of slipper boots need to provide you enough traction that you do not slip on a smooth surface inside your home. This will make sure you have enough stability to walk and move around the house without the fear of tripping.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Slipper Boots: GaraTia Vintage Arctic

Best Premium Quality Slipper Boots: UGG Alena Slipper Boots

Best Value Slipper Boots: Dr. Scholl’s Gigi Slipper Boots

Now, we can get to the part where you can look at all the best options out there. After conducting hours of research, trying out pairs ourselves, reading about the models, checking out reviews, we have compiled a list of the top ten slipper boots you can buy right now.

To help make it easier for you to decide between them and narrow down the list further, we have included detailed reviews of each pair along with the pros and cons they offer. By comparing their qualities and tallying them against the buying guide above, we are confident you will be able to pick out a pair that works out the best for you.

Best Slipper Boots

1. GaraTia Vintage Arctic

GaraTia Winter Vintage Boot Womens Slippers Arctic Solid Indoor Outdoor House Shoes

GaraTia’s Vintage Arctic is the appropriate pair of slipper boots to start off the list of the best footwear in this category. These slippers have a solid design that is durable. If you want to get a pair that can handle the strain of being worn inside the house well, protecting your feet, and keeping them warm, these slipper boots can do it for you.

The shaft of these slipper boots is relatively low, with an ankle cut collar. That makes them ideal for someone to slip them on and take them off in a single motion. There are plenty of more reasons to love these slipper boots. The wrap-around design of the slipper boots around the midfoot area is also a lovable aspect.

The slipper boots can provide an ample amount of support for your midfoot area and offer a slightly sturdy platform for the underside of your feet. These slippers cover your entire foot to give it the sensation of being cushioned and taken good care of. The problem with a lot of slipper boots is that their soles are too soft, and you feel unsupported. That will not be a problem with this pair with the midfoot shank supporting your feet.

The lugs at the bottom of the slipper boots allow the footwear to give you better traction on a variety of surfaces. The lugs are thick, but they do not interfere with the overall design of the slippers. In fact, the lugs are actually able to help them look good. You can walk around your home easily while you have these on without the fear of tripping or looking bad.


  • Wrap-around support
  • Wide toe box
  • Thick lug outer sole
  • Excellent grip
  • Soft interior lining


  • Size runs a little small

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2. UGG Alena Slipper Boots

UGG Women's W Alena Slipper

Perhaps one of the most pricy pairs of slipper boots you can get on the market, the UGG Alena Slipper Boots might be too much for a lot of people. When it comes to all that they have to offer for the price tag they have, we felt that this pair definitely deserved a place on the list. UGG is a well-known brand when it comes to high-quality footwear for a number of uses.

When it comes to the Alena, there are few others that can compare to the qualities this pair can offer. The company already has a reputation for comfortable casual boots, winning the hearts of millions around the world. With the Alena, you get a pair made specifically for indoor use. The design of these slipper boots falls somewhere between slipper boots and moccasins, bringing the best of both to be adjustable according to your needs.

UGG spares no expenses when it comes to the material they use to manufacture their footwear. The Alena is no exception. The upper section of the UGG Alena is made using Silkee suede. The material is water and stain-resistant, keeping your feet dry even if you decide to head outdoors for a little while wearing these. The rubber outer sole also makes them suitable for outdoor use, but we would still recommend using them strictly indoors.

The lining of these slipper boots is made using UGGpure wool. This is one of the best materials for slipper boot insulation in the market, and this manufacturer has exclusive rights to it. The material keeps your feet warm, but it also allows your feet to breathe. It wicks away the moisture and keeps your feet dry within the boots. The footbed is covered in the same material so you can get the warm hug sensation all over your feet.


  • Silkee suede upper
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Rubber outer sole
  • Moccasin toe design
  • Wool footbed


  • Very expensive
  • Lacks support

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3. Dr. Scholl’s Gigi Slipper Boots

Dr. Scholl's Women's Gigi Bootie Slipper

Perhaps one of the most affordable pairs of slipper boots we have reviewed, these indoor boots by Dr. Scholl were designed keeping comfort and relaxation as the top priority. If you want to spend a cold winter night at home and make sure you are comfy, or if you need to wear something on your feet for everyday use within the house, these slipper boots will make sure you can keep your body temperature up.

You get the option of two different color patterns with these slipper boots – you can go for either the black or mushroom colored versions, and both of them look amazing. The material used in these slippers combines microsuede with knit material for a breathable, soft, and lightweight pair of kicks.

The microsuede is a synthetic material soft to the touch and capable of molding to the shape of your feet without deterioration or losing its elasticity. The knit material makes sure your feet get plenty of fresh air without compromising on the internal temperature. In fact, breathability helps keep the temperatures from going too high.

The sole is made using traction nubs of rubber that offer an excellent grip. This means your slippers will not wear out too fast as the soft sole versions and they will offer you better stability for using them in your house all day. Another winning feature in these slippers is the soft lining that gives you a comfortable sensation, allowing you to wear them all day long without feeling the need to take them off.

These slippers are remarkably well-priced for all the features they have on offer. The Gigi slipper boots prove that you do not need to pay a leg and an arm to get a decent pair of slipper boots.


  • Microsuede upper
  • Soft lining
  • Rubber outer sole
  • Warm
  • Breathable upper
  • Soft lining


  • Only good for winters
  • Looks very bulky

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4. Yelete Cable Knit Slipper Boots

YELETE Womens Cable Knit Slippers House Booties Socks Soft Sherpa Lining Rubber Soles

The cable knit style will never run out of style. It has been a part of our wardrobes for so long and people cannot seem to get enough of it. Aligning with popular demand, the Yelete Cable Knit Slipper Boots are ankle-high slipper boots that are nothing but comfortable. They feel so good on your feet that you will wish they had a higher cut so the rest of the leg could feel their warm embrace.

The Sherpa-lined interior adds to the softness you will experience as you slip your feet into these slipper boots. The cable knit design allows the footwear to move according to the shape of your feet without causing any hindrance and it still manages to offer ample support.

The flexible sole goes right along with your foot without impeding your steps, and the grip pattern on the bottom helps you get a more stable footing. The pair also features a notched collar area, giving you better adjustability and more room to slide your feet in. The collar is also notched to enhance the adjustability even further.

The cable knit weave offers both strength and comfort. You will find that these slipper boots are great to wear, they keep you steady, and most of all, they keep you warm.


  • Flexible outer sole
  • Sherpa Wool Lining
  • Soft padded inner sole
  • Notched collar
  • Cable knit design


  • Not very durable
  • Knitting is thin

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5. GaraTia Fleece Plush

GaraTia Warm Indoor Slippers for Women Fleece Plush Bedroom Winter Boots Pink Low Top 7-8.5

For a brand that is not quite popular, it might seem a little odd for you to see more than one entry on a list of the best slippery boots. Regardless, both of the pairs we have reviewed come highly recommended based on the reviews they have gotten. These low-cut design Fleece Plush slipper boots are perfect for people who do not like tall slipper boots.

The footwear is pretty warm and comfortable for your feet. Your feet and legs will feel free to move around due to the material used and the low-cut design. The flexibility of the material also allows a wide range of feet types to fit in without compromising on support.

The memory foam inner sole guarantees a more custom fitting experience from the moment you slip them on your feet. Your feet will be able to rest on the memory foam all day long without letting you feel like you should take them off.

The design aspect of these slippers is also very playful. You get several animal shapes with the GaraTia Fleece Plush with the availability of unicorns, puppies, or even bunnies.


  • Low cut design
  • Memory foam inner sole
  • Machine washable
  • Cute animal shapes
  • Supportive rubber outer sole


  • Unreliable sizing
  • Not very durable

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6. Minnetonka Chrissy

Best Sheepskin Slippers

Minnetonka enjoys a solid reputation for the moccasin slippers they produce for consumers. The Chrissy, in particular, is ideal for indoor wear and keeping your feet warm. While more akin to moccasins than slipper boots, the manufacturer did create this model in a way that it looks like a bit of both. There are several color options you can choose from when you get a pair of these.

The Chrissy comes in two width options so people with wider feet can also enjoy the comfort and style that these slippers have to offer. The upper is made from natural plaid fabric or suede, both have their own advantages. The suede is breathable, durable, and abrasion-resistant. The plaid, on the other hand, offers better breathability. We recommend sticking to the plaid version because it is softer and molds to the shape of your foot easily.

The inner lining of the Minnetonka Chrissy slippers consists of the pile. The material is soft to the touch and warm. While you can use the slippers outdoors, that can seriously decrease their lifespan.


  • Plaid or suede upper preferences
  • Pile lining
  • Wide width size available
  • Adjustable
  • Thin rubber outer sole


  • Durability is questionable
  • Size runs a little small

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7. Airee Fairee

AIREE FAIREE Slippers Booties for Women Ladies Girls Slipper Boot Bootie Faux Fur Lined with Pom Poms

With a cute and plush look accompanied by pom poms, the Airee Fairee name suits these slipper boots that seem like they have come out of a Disney movie. The pom-poms hang from the upper section and they are completed with a bow to give you a wholesome aesthetic. The faux fur detail at the collar adds to the overall beauty of the slippers.

The inner lining consists of fleece, a material that adds more warmth and comfort to the entire interior. The Fairee also has a sleek looking style that makes the slipper boots less bulky than a lot of the options you will see out there. They will adjust to the shape of your foot and lower legs around the ankle area.

The pair also comes with an outer sole made from TPU rubber, making it remarkably durable, and it will make sure you do not slip at all while you are walking in your house. The material used is high quality, so if you take proper care of these slippers, they can last you a few seasons. It is a shame that the pair is not as durable as you would like it to be over a long time.


  • Fleece lining
  • TPU rubber outer sole
  • Faux fur cuff
  • Bow and pom poms
  • Crocheted upper


  • Pom poms fall off over time
  • Questionable overall durability

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8. Acorn Slouch Slipper Boots

Best Sheepskin Slippers

A look at these slipper boots will have you slightly confused. Are they boots? Are they some really thick pair of socks? We would like to think that they are a bit of both in one product. The slouchy style makes the Acorn Slouch comfortable to wear inside the house, and they allow you to get a good grip on the floor inside the house due to the outer sole.

The collar has a cupped feature that helps the boots to stay high on your calf, ensuring that you have good insulation from the tip of your toe to the better part of your calves. Fleece is a super soft and warm material. Acorn used fleece for the inner lining of the slipper boots.

The soles of the slipper boots are like many canvas shoes you can find in the market. The material is flexible, but it holds its shape well enough to offer you support. The sole is also rigid enough to protect you from getting hurt in case you step on tiny objects on the floor.

The Acorn Slouch has a very classy and rugged look. You can wear these casually around your house all day and just as easily wear them if you have guests over. One drawback of these is that the lining can become a little uncomfortable for people who have sensitive skin.


  • Sock-like upper section
  • Microfleece lining
  • Tall shaft
  • Flexible outer sole
  • Good grip
  • Cupped collar


  • Not ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • Size runs small

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9. Acorn Faux Chinchilla Slipper Boots

Best Sheepskin Slippers

If there is one pair of slipper boots that we can say offers the ultimate balance between support and comfort, it is the Acorn Faux Chinchilla. The second entry on the list of slipper boots by Acorn, this pair gives your foot complete wraparound support, keeping your feet feel well swaddled. As supportive as the upper section construction is, you will be surprised to learn that these slipper boots still are pretty flexible. The faux lining and collar cuff keep your feet feeling warm and comfy.

The lightweight and flexible inner sole are made from memory foam to give your feet a custom-fitted experience with these slipper boots. The foam protects your feet from the shock of impact and provides the perfect cushion for your feet to rest on.

The rubber outer sole gives you great traction on the indoor surfaces. There is also arch support and built-in heel support that adds another level of comfort and confidence to your steps.


  • Wearable all year long
  • Slip-on design
  • Slip-resistant outer sole
  • Faux fur lining


  • Size runs small
  • Footbed comes loose within the slippers

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10. Muk Luks Amira

Muk Luks Women's Amira Short Slipper Bootie

When it comes to having a good reputation for designs and quality of service, Muk Luks is way up there among the best for the slipper boots it manufactures. The Amira is one of the most interesting designs that they have produced in recent times with a low cut finish. The upper is flexible and will allow you to move freely while you cradle your foot as you go about your regular day.

The sole of the Amira is made to be durable and strong. Most of the other options we have reviewed in the guide do not offer rubber soles as strong as the ones on the Amira. The rubber sole comes complete with a rugged tread pattern and the material bends entirely with the shape of your foot without compromising on the support you get.

We doubt that you will ever have issues sliding your feet in and out of the slippers because of the generous opening on the collar of the slipper boots. The edges on the sides of the opening are cut out to allow more room in the collar area for your feet to enter the slippers. The cut out areas also allow for a greater range of movement.

These are affordable slippers that also happen to look quite great. They are ideal for everyday use inside the house, and they look good enough to be worn on occasion.


  • Flexible opening
  • Grippy outer sole
  • Bendable upper section
  • String detail looks amazing
  • Contrast stitching


  • Giant fit
  • Zero arch support

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The Best of the Best

With that, we almost come to the end of the guide. Between the information provided in the buying guide and the reviews, you have all the information you will need to become an expert on slipper boots and a diverse range of options to choose from.

As you can see in the list, the top ten slipper boots do consist of models that vary drastically from each other. You might even feel overwhelmed making a decision among the list of the top ten so we decided to narrow down your choices even further.

The following are our top three picks for different categories. With these, we feel that you will have no trouble deciding on a favorite.

The Best Overall Slipper Boots

Our best overall pick comes from a relatively unknown brand. The GaraTia Vintage Arctic  really does have a vintage look and feel. These slipper boots offer you the best qualities you can expect from a pair of kicks in the winters without an exorbitant price tag.

The Best Premium Quality Slipper Boots

For our premium pick, nothing gets better than the UGG Alena Slipper Boots. These slipper boots carry a hefty price tag. But they offer so much at the price, which makes them perfect for you if you are willing to spend a little more.

The Best Value Slipper Boots

Dr. Scholl’s Gigi Slipper Boots is our best value pick because they offer most of the best features at an amazing price tag. If you are buying slipper boots for the first time, they make the perfect purchase for you to consider.