10 Best Workout Shoes for Women

Best Workout Shoes for Women

Between having a full-time career and a family (or chores), joining the gym might not be at the top of many women’s to-do lists. But, getting that gym membership might just be your best investment yet…for your health that is.

According to research, people who work out at least a few times a week are 50% less likely to be obese or have an elevated resting heart rate. That last one matters too because researchers have found a correlation between having a high resting heart rate and heart-related deaths.

Apart from losing some of the circumferences around your waist area, working out regularly keeps you healthy, focused and motivated. It also reduces stress, which results in improved brain health and memory. Breaking a sweat during a workout can be grueling, but it results in better sleep quality. If you’ve made up your mind to work out regularly then you’re going to need the proper shoes that will protect your feet whether you’re working out at the gym or trail running.

Importance of Wearing the Right Workout Shoes

One of the most important parts of your workout gear, if not the most important gear is going to be your workout shoes. Wearing the right shoes can make your workouts comfortable and stress-free, ensuring you get in a good workout in the process.

On the other hand, wearing the wrong workout shoes will not only result in an ineffective workout, but can also lead to many injuries that would have otherwise been avoided if only you got the right workout shoes.

If you take a particular interest in the type of formal or work shoes you wear, then you should also pay special attention to your workout shoes as well, since they are equally, if not more, important. According to experts, choosing the right workout shoes is an extremely important factor in itself when it comes to getting results.

The shoes are important because, during a workout, your feet are influenced by the movements of the exercises. In other words, your workout influences the alignment of every muscle and joint in your body, which includes your feet.

Keeping that in mind, wearing the right footwear during your workout can have significantly impacted the overall quality of your workout. Besides, investing in the right pair of workout shoes also protects your feet from those aches and pains that are a common occurrence when working out.

In short, you should make your workout shoes work for your exercise goals and not against it. Just as there are different types of exercises for different parts of the body, there are different types of shoes that have been specifically designed to give your feet the right amount of support during your workouts.

Choosing the best workout shoes for women ensures that your feet and ankles are protected, stable and strong, which will allow you to log more (and more effective) hours at the gym or running trail. Even if you prefer to work out or use the treadmill at home, you are going to need the right workout shoes to ensure that your feet remain secure during your workouts.

How to Choose the Right Workout Shoes?

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to work out, the next step is to choose the correct workout shoes. This is going to depend on the type of workout you are interested in. If you prefer to hit the gym, you are going to need specially designed shoes to ensure your feet and ankles are safe during lifting weights.

On the other hand, if you prefer walking or hiking, you will need shoes that provide more cushioning for your feet to lessen the impact while walking or running. If you are confused, the following should give you a good idea of where to start.


When it comes to choosing the right running shoes, there are two factors that need to be considered; your gait and the shock absorption of the shoes. While there are other factors that you might want to consider such as the weight of the shoe, the manufacturer and color, these two are going to be the most important.

The gait of an individual has got to do with how they run and it dictates how their feet hit the ground. If your feet lands on the inside of your sole, then you are a pronator. If your feet lands on the outside of your sole, then you are a supinator.

If your feet fall in neither of the above then you are neutral. The best way of judging which group you fall under is to examine your previous shoes to find whether the wear and tear are on the inside or outside of its sole, or whether the wear and tear are distributed equally from one side to the other side of your heel.

Shoes that have been specifically designed for running work to counteract over pronation or supination, making it easier for you to land your feet more neutrally. Another crucial factor of running shoes is the amount of cushioning the shoes provide.

While running, every step shoots an intense pressure on your foot that travels up your leg. This may result in an injury if you wear shoes that do not offer the right amount of shock absorption. The more you weigh, the more impact there tends to be on your feet which often results in ankle or knee injuries.

Keeping that in mind, it’s crucial to choose running shoes depending on your gait and your weight to stay away from any unnecessary injuries. Also, whether you’re going to be using a treadmill or running on a trail, the shoes you wear during your workout should be replaced every 500 miles.


If your workout includes at least an hour cycling, then you will want to invest in the proper pair of shoes to make sure you’re able to get the most out of your workout. There are many reasons where you should wear shoes that have been specially designed for cycling.

First of all, these shoes have been designed to be more stiff, which enables you to conserve energy. This, in turn, helps you get more out of your workout. Cycling shoes are also designed for clipless pedals or toe clips.

This means you do not just have to push down on the pedals you push forward, pull up and backward. In this way, wearing shoes that have been specifically designed for cycling makes it easier to pedal more efficiently.

Strength Training

A quick glance around the gym and you’ll see that different people wear different types of shoes at the gym, from tennis shoes to sneakers and sandals. For recreational exercisers, footwear may not be their main concern, but if you really want to get the most out of your workout then you will need to invest in the proper pair of shoes that’s been designed specifically for strength training.

If you’re going to be lifting weights at the gym, then you’re going to need good quality shoes that deliver the right amount of support. Lifting heavy weights is going to put your feet, ankles, and knees under a lot of pressure. Shoes that have been specially designed for lifting weights have the right amount of cushioning and padding in the insoles and outsoles to ensure that your feet remain secure and protected while you lift weights.

Here, it is important to note, that unlike running shoes, which provide shock-absorbing soles to keep your feet protected against impact, weightlifting shoes do not provide any shock absorption, but rather, offer a lot of cushioning and support for your ankles and feet.

Some strength training shoes also feature straps that run across the mid-foot for better stability, while others feature wooden heels that have been designed to block any stress from getting to your feet.

Group Exercises

While slipping on a pair of running shoes or sneakers might seem like a good idea when taking part in group exercise activities, that is going to be a mistake. This is because running shoes have been specifically designed for running or moving forward, while group exercises oftentimes include many sideways movements.

Besides, using shoes with thick soles, such as the ones found on running shoes can significantly increase your chances of slipping during your workout.

Also, in running shoes, the extra cushioning and padding is often placed at the heel of the shoe for shock absorption upon impact. Group exercises such as dance fitness, martial arts, cardio or holistic workouts involve a lot of forefoot impact.

Keeping that in mind, if you are going to be taking part in group exercises, then it’s best to go with footwear that offers you with lateral support, along with a combination of shock absorption and flexibility.

Cross Trainers

Cross trainers have developed a reputation of being the Jack of all trades, which was the whole idea behind their design in the first place. This type of workout shoes delivers more shock absorption as compared to running shores and better padding as compared to weightlifting shoes.

In other words, cross trainers have been designed so that they can be used for all types of workouts in the gym or out on the running trail, cycling and group exercises. Cross trainers have been designed for those who prefer a little variety in their workouts and are looking to get the most out of their workouts without having to invest in multiple workout shoes.

Things to Consider When Choosing Workout Shoes

Choosing workout shoes for women is not easy. There are quite a few things that you are going to need to consider to make sure you get the perfect fit. Keeping that in mind, the following are some of the factors that need to be considered when investing in workout shoes for women.

The Fit

The fit is obviously going to be the main factor when investing in a pair of workout shoes for women. Regardless of the brand, you won’t be getting the most of your workout if you’re wearing shoes that are either too tight or too loose. In fact, wearing shoes that do not fit properly can mean ending up with serious injuries, sores, and blisters at the end of your workout.

So, if you’re looking to invest in workout shoes for women, then you will have to make sure that the shoes you are buying are the right size and fit you properly. Even if you’re going to be purchasing the shoes from an online store, brands normally include a sizing chart to give buyers an idea of the size of the shoes.

If the shoes that you are about to buy comes with a sizing chart that uses European or British sizing, then you can easily find out the equivalent size by using an online size conversion tool. Since the fitting of the shoe is going to be important, regardless of what you wear the shoes for, you need to go the extra mile and take proper precautions to ensure that the shoes are the right fit.


The workout shoes that you purchase needs to provide your feet with enough cushioning so that you do not get injured while working out. While there are many people who go the minimalist route when it comes to buying workout shoes, which means there is no proper cushioning or support, this could be a bad idea since it leaves your feet exposed to injuries caused by stamping too hard on the ground or banging your heels while on the treadmill.

Heel Height

The height, drop or pitch of the trainer shoes is normally between 0 to 14 mm. While the heel height is an important factor, you need to ensure that the ankle joint is not stiff or too close to the wall of the trainers. The height of the heels will be important since it supports your ankles while working out at the gym. It’s best to choose workout shoes that keep your feet protected and provide your heels with the right amount of shock absorption so that you’re safe while working out.

The Outsole

As the name implies, the outsole of the workout shoes you purchase is going to be the exterior part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground or other surfaces. Keeping that in mind, when investing in workout shoes you need to first thing of the surfaces where you will be walking, running or exercising on so that you do not get shoes that do not provide you with the right amount of support for your feet. Needless to say, if you are going to be working out outdoors or at the gym where you’ll be lifting weights, you will not want to get yourself shoes with soft outsoles and no shock absorption, for obvious reasons.

Motion Control

Some manufacturers that specialize in workout shoes integrate the design of the shoe with additional features that contribute to the reduction of mechanical forces on the feet and lower leg area. This not only prevents you from getting injured but also improves your running ability. Since foot position is a major factor in the spectrum of mechanical forces that result in feet injuries, you need to find workout shoes that provide the right motion control to keep your feet protected.

Feet Type

There are three different feet types that you need to know about when it comes to getting shoes for your workouts. These types are, pronators, supinators and neutral.

Pronators – Having feet that have a low arch or flat feet, where your feet roll inward when you walk or run.

Supinators – This feet type is the opposite of the pronators. Meaning, supinators have high arches and step and roll outwards when walking or running.

Neutral – As the name implies, this means that the person has got a neutral gait that lies somewhere in the middle of the pronators and supinators. In other words, it means that your weight is equally divided throughout your feet.

Features of Workout Shoes for Women

Time to find the perfect shoes for your workout, but first, there are a few factors that you will need to consider. The best workout shoes for women are composed of a few main parts; the upper, insole, midsole and outsole. Apart from these, some women’s workout shoes also have additional features, which may vary depending on the manufacturer.


The upper of workout shoes for women can be made of leather, mesh or synthetic, depending on the brand. Workout shoes for women that have been well-made feature an upper that’s extremely breathable so that your feet remain cool and dry regardless of the intensity of your workout routine.

Uppers that prevent the buildup of moisture in the shoe keep your feet safe from bacteria and sores. Since the fabric has been specially designed to wick away moisture and sweat, the shoes do not give off a strange odor during and after your workout sessions.

Synthetic material is also used for making workout shoes and is considered to be lighter as compared to leather, and as a result, more breathable. Mesh is another option when it comes to workout shoes for women if you want your feet to stay cool during workouts. This is also one of the main reasons why many of the best workout shoes for women have mesh uppers.

That being said, leather is more durable than mesh. Leather also happens to be more water-resistant as compared to both synthetic and mesh uppers, which makes them the best choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting and durable pair of workout shoes. If you plan on running a lot during your workout routine, then going with workout shoes that have a leather upper should be a good choice to get the most out of your workout.


In women’s workout shoes, laces are considered to be a better fastening option. Having laces gives you a snug fit that makes the shoes comfortable during your workout. The lining that’s included inside the shoe also enhances the comfort factor of the workout shoes.

When it comes to workout shoes for women, having a comfortable fit that’s not too tight is crucial since that will prevent you from getting any sores or blisters due to a very tight fit. Also, choosing workout shoes with laces is a good idea because it can prevent falling or misstepping.


The insole is another important part of workout shoes, mainly because it protects the feet. The insoles of workout shoes usually contain special padding and cushioning that keep the feet safe by absorbing the stress created while running or performing heavy workouts. The insole of workout shoes has also been designed to provide better support while moving in the shoes. The material that insoles are made of differ according to the manufacturer.


While the insole of your workout shoes have been designed to provide protection to the feet by equally spreading the stress created by running or jumping throughout the feet so that no single area is under too much stress while working out. This also helps to significantly reduce the chances of injury during workouts.

Most of the shock absorption that’s provided by the sole is by the midsole, which is why manufacturers spend years of research in designing the midsole and adding other features and materials to enhance the performance of the workout shoes.

The protective cushioning of the midsole is made either from a gel, air, foam or a combination of these materials. The best workout shoes are those that have been designed to transfer the shock of impact from running or jumping into forwarding motion. There are also some workout shoes that feature a shank that stiffens the shoes under the arches to make sure the feet flex in the correct way while running.


The outsole of workout shoes is designed using a combination of grooves and lines that are cut into premium quality rubber to deliver an exceptional level of grip and traction while working out. That being said, the outsole of women’s workout shoes also has to be flexible enough to let their feet move naturally during each exercise.

Some workout shoes feature additional structures and grooves that make them better for specific exercises as compared to others. Since manufacturers design workout shoes for carrying out specific exercises, it is always best to make sure you choose workout shoes that suit your needs.

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Our Top Three Choices

Best Overall Choice: Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Fly Trainers

Premium Product: Adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce Training

Best Value: PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe

Best Workout Shoes for Women

1. Merrell Women’s Glove 4 Trail Runner

Merrell Women's Glove 4 Trail Runner

The Merrell Women’s Glove 4 Trail Runner is an excellent example of how even a minimalist design workout shoes can deliver superior quality and protection for your feet. These shoes have been designed keeping the user in mind, and it shows right out the box. These shoes have been manufactured from high-quality materials and feature a synthetic upper and sturdy outsole.

Some of the main design features of the Merrell Women’s Glove 4 Trail Runner shoes has got to be its synthetic breathable fabric that keeps your feet warm even when the temperature drops outside. The zero heel-to-toe drops and Vibram outer sole improve flexibility and ground feel of the shoes, which makes it easier to run for longer periods without taking a toll on your feet.

Apart from the Vibram outer sole, some of the other stand out features of this incredible looking shoe includes a mesh upper, with breathable mesh lining, a zero drop cushion and 3mm lugs for added support. You also get a trail protection pad for underfoot protection and a durable and sturdy outsole that offers your feet with the shock absorption it needs to take out long trail runs.

In case you were wondering there’s another feature that’s been included in the design of these shoes which is the anti-microbial treatment of the inner part of these shoes reduces the chances of odor. Overall, the shoes feel nimble while on the trail and its lacing system ensures a snug fit.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Vibram outsole
  • Ankle support
  • Easy to use Omni-Fit lacing system
  • Superior traction for walking on wet surfaces


  • Flimsy insole

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2. Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Fly Trainers

Nike Women's WMNS Zoom Fly Trainers

The Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Fly Trainers is one of the go-to choices for those who are looking for a great workout while keeping their feet protected against injuries, sores, and blisters. This women’s workout shoe has been designed to make it easier to run for longer periods of time without putting your feet on any form of pressure or stress.

Coming from the same family as the famous Vaporfly Elite, Nike Zoom Fly has many of the features of its predecessor, and then some. The shoe is stunning to look at with a large Nike logo splashed throughout the length of the shoe. Some of the stands out features of the shoes include a breathable upper that has been constructed with a combination of fabric and synthetic materials, which also makes these shoes quite sturdy.

The Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Fly Trainers features Zoom Air which is located at the front and consists of two low profile pressurized air pockets. These air pockets have been designed to flex on contact which provides the wearer with superior cushioning while walking or running. Some of the other standout features of these shoes include a snug fit upper, a lightweight midsole and a stiff forefoot rocker which makes it a highly efficient workout shoe.


  • Made from superior quality materials
  • Constructed with a combination of fabric and synthetic
  • High quality rubberized sole
  • Unisex design
  • Carbon Fiber insert
  • Features a full-length midsole foam
  • Features a Phylon Wedge foam for added cushioning


  • Some might find it a bit tight

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3. Lake Cycling 2017 Women’s CX237-W Road Cycling Shoe

Lake Cycling 2017 Women's CX237-W Road Cycling Shoe

If your workouts are a combination of exercises which also includes cycling, then you are going to need the right footwear to help you get a great workout while your cycling on a machine or a trail. The Lake Cycling 2017 Women’s CX237-W Road Cycling Shoe provides the perfect combination of style and comfort for the wearer so you can peddle for longer without feeling any pressure on your feet. The Lake CX237 boasts of two independently placed BOA dials that work separately from each other. This is a great addition for those who have problems with the dial being a bit too loose near the heel.

The heel of these shoes can be adjusted to improve your performance. While the shoes are durable and offer lots of padding, this makes them a bit on the heavy side. Similar to the CX331, the CX237 features a moldable CFC that’s been designed to deliver superior power output in the ball of the foot. The Boa closure runs underneath the full-grain leather upper, which not only improves the aesthetics of the shoes but also makes it sturdier and more long-lasting.


  • Made from premium materials
  • Leather upper
  • Dual Side mounted Push/Pull BOA lacing system
  • Aesthetically appealing leather heel lining


  • Flimsy interior padding
  • A bit heavy

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4. Louis Garneau Women’s Carbon LS-100 2 Bike Shoes

Louis Garneau Women's Carbon LS-100 2 Bike Shoes

The Louis Garneau Women’s Carbon LS-100 2 Bike Shoes delivers in spades when it comes to superior quality and functionality. These shoes have been designed from faux leather and have a sturdy and robust design. This is mainly because the LS-100 has been designed for high-performance athletes so that they can get the most out of their cycling. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not the right choice for you if you’re just starting out or have just added cycling to your workout regimen.

The Louis Garneau Women’s Carbon LS-100 2 Bike Shoes boasts of quite a few features that offer to give you a great workout and protection your feet in the process. The Louis Garneau Carbo LS-100 2 boasts of the X-Comfort Zone technology, which puts an end to any discomfort while pedaling.

Some of the other features that the shoes boast of include air ventilation for your feet and ensures that you won’t develop any bunions as such in the future. It also has arch support for added protection for your feet while peddling.

The outsole has the patented Carbon Composite by LG and will help give you the stiffness you need to push the pedals further when you are on the bike. The BOA closure system is also a brilliant addition and works as the cherry on the top to cement an amazing pair of shoes. Power Zone toe protection keeps your toes protected and is a nice addition to the design of the shoes.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Features a carbon outsole
  • Features a BOA closure for a snug fit
  • Power Zone toe protection
  • Carbon Composite by LG


  • Bulky design

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5. Adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe

adidas Performance Women's Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe,Black/Night Metallic/Super Purple,9 M US

The Adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe offers the perfect balance between style and functionality, which is not something you can say for many other workout shoes for women. These shoes feature a sole that is made out of rubber and boasts of Adidas’ Bounce technology which provides extra comfort and softness to the wearer.

Some of the other standout features of the Adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe includes an adjustable floating mesh midfoot panels that provide extra support while working out. The ultra-comfortable textile lining offers added comfort while preventing injuries. The low-top arch makes for a snug fit. The pivot point outsole ensures your feet are protected against impacts. The non-marking rubberized sole is another nifty addition to the overall design of the Adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe.


  • Made from premium materials
  • Bounce technology
  • Ultra-comfortable textile lining
  • Lightweight design


  • Not enough arch support

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6. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

The PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe is a great option for indoor exercise shoes. These shoes have been designed to provide you with a superior level of comfort and protection during workouts. Some of the stands out features of these shoes include the padded tongue and collar which gives you a snug fit. The EVA padded heel provides great shock absorption while running or walking.

Other features of the PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe include lightweight and breathable fabric which keeps your feet from sweating. The moisture-wicking insole ensures that your feet stay dry and protected during your workout.


  • Made from 100% premium quality materials
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable EcoOrthoLite sockliner
  • Features a TPU shank for better stability


  • Not waterproof

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7. New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoes

New Balance Women's WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe

The New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoes quite a few qualities that make it a good choice for those who enjoy running or exercising at the gym. Some of the main features of these shoes include the IMEVA midsole which not only provides enhanced cushioning for your feet but also offers exceptional arch support as well, which is great for runners. There’s been a lot of work that’s been put into the design of these shoes and it shows.

The Abzorb Technology ensures that shocks get reduced while running or walking, which makes it easier to work out for longer without hurting your feet. There’s also an internal shank that supports your feet while working out. The rubberized sole offers great shock absorption. This shoe has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and anatomically correct so that you are as comfortable as possible during your workouts.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Features IMEVA midsole for better shock absorption
  • Features Abzorb Technology
  • Internal shank for more support


  • Not as durable

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8. Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoe Women

Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 Printed Womens Running Shoe

If you’re looking for a more colorful option in the Nike lineup then the Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoe Women should be right up your alley. These shoes have some standout features which makes it a great choice for workouts. The premium quality fabric of the upper makes it sturdy and attractive to look at. The addition of Flywire technology means that you get a shoe that is secured with micro cables that have been integrated into its design. Another feature is the Herringbone shoe sole that’s been included for better multi-directional traction. The shoe boats of parts that are made of mesh that improves the shoes breathability.

Other hi-tech features include Hexagonal flex grooves that allows your feet to move naturally. The thick outsole protects the feet by spreading the impact evenly throughout the heel, keeping your feet safe from injury when running on uneven terrain.


  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Features Hexagonal flex grooves
  • Flywire cables with dynamic lockdown laces
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Rubber pods for enhanced traction


  • Not great for running for too long

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9. RYKA Women’s Dynamic 2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

RYKA Women's Dynamic 2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe,Black/White,8 M US

The RYKA Women’s Dynamic 2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe is considered by many to be one of the best shoes that’s available in the market for women. This specially designed shoe also happens to be a great choice for those who have foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or knee pain. The shoe is also extremely comfortable, and provides you with the perfect amount of support for your feet while you are working out. Apart from that, the RYKA women’s dynamic 2.5 cross trainer shoe has been specially designed to provide maximum support for those who suffer from back pain or joint pain. The shoe has been designed with a variety of features that offer the perfect amount of cushioning and support while you are working out.

The shoes have been designed to offer the perfect amount of shock absorption as well to keep your feet safe while jogging or running as well. The RYKA Dynamic Cross Trainer has been designed to provide great arch support for your feet, which means you get great traction without losing your balance.

Breathability is another factor that concerns most people who invest in cross-trainers. The good news is that the RYKA Dynamic Cross Trainer has been designed with high quality, breathable fabric which means your feet remain dry and comfortable throughout your workout. The upper of this cross trainer features multiple layers of mesh and synthetic materials that offer a snug fit and unmatched support for your feet. Since the materials that have been used in its design, your feet do not sweat or get sore after prolonged use.


  • Made from premium materials
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Incredible shock-absorbing capabilities
  • Features an Ortholite antimicrobial footbed
  • Moisture-wicking inner sole
  • Rounded toe design for more wiggle room


  • Finding the right fit might be a challenge

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10. PUMA Women’s Riaze Prowl Wn Sneaker

PUMA Women's Riaze Prowl Wn Sneaker, Quarry-Island Paradise, 8 M US

Puma steals another spot on our list with the impressive Puma Women’s Riaze Prowl Wn Sneaker, which has clearly been designed keeping the use in mind. These workout shoes has so much going on for it, from its sleek, chic design upper to the many features that make sure you stay comfortable throughout your workout. As far as women’s cross trainers go, this has got to be one of the best shoes available out there. The upper of the shoe looks great and its breathable fabric means that your feet do not sweat after prolonged use. This also means that you are safe from getting sores and other discomfort due to moisture buildup in the shoes.

Apart from its smart-looking upper design, the Riaze Prowl Wn also boasts of quite a few features that easily makes it one of the best workout sneakers for women that are available in the market today. These workout shoes feature a cushioned insole that provides your feet with a comfy, snug fit. The lightweight design means that you stay comfortable even after wearing the shoes for a prolonged period of time.

The midsole also offers a good amount of shock absorption to ensure that your feet remains safe even if you’re outdoors. With two pull up tabs one at the back of the collar and one at the tongue, you can rest assured that you’re going to have a snug fit throughout your workout, although I’m guessing there’s not going to be much resting going on once you put on this baby. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Puma comes up with another feature that will blow your mind.

This time around, the women’s Riaze Prowl Wn sneaker features reinforced fabric to prevent any wear and tear of the shoes. Other features includes traction control, a sturdy, rubber outsole and ankle support, which makes this the ideal choice for those who are looking to get a good workout every day.


  • 100% premium fabric
  • High quality rubber sole
  • Run-Train high performance sneaker
  • Cushioning for feet
  • Great shock absorption
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Two pull-on tabs


  • The heel can get squishy for heavy lifts

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Final Thoughts

It is true that the workout shoes you wear can either make or break your workout routine. Having a good pair of workout shoes for women can easily allow you to get the most out of your workout, while having shoes that are either too tight or too loose will not only lead to injuries but will keep you from reaching your workout goals.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options when it comes to workout shoes for women, with every manufacturer focusing on one particular area of your workout and designing workout shoes accordingly. With so many options available, finding the right pair of workout shoes can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have come up with a few options that you could use to improve your workout game.

Best Overall Choice

The Nike Women’s WMNS Zoom Fly Trainers are a no-brainer when it comes to getting the best workout shoes for women. These shoes offer many of the features that made the Nike Vaporfly Elite a favorite for runners. The shoes boast of a unisex design which means it can be work by both men and women. The shoes feature a sturdy, breathable upper made from a combination of synthetic and fabric. The shoes feature a full-length midsole foam for superior shock absorption. There’s also a Phylon Wedge form for added padding. The Carbon fiber insert makes sure you get a snug fit.

Premium Product

The Adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe is right up there with the best made workout shoes for women available in the market today. The shoes offer plenty of features from premium quality materials to ultra-comfortable textile lining to protect your feet from scratches and injuries. The lightweight design makes it easy to wear for long periods without putting your feet under pressure.

Best Value

The PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe boasts of some great features that makes it a good choice for those who like to shake up their workout routine from time to time. With these shoes you won’t have to invest in specific footwear for different workouts. Some of the features of the Tazon includes the EVA padded heel for superior shock absorption. You also get a moisture wicking insole that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. The TPU shank has been integrated into the design of the Tazon 6 for better traction and stability.