16 Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Did you know that a percentage of the adult population suffers from edema? It is a condition in which their ankles and feet swell, making it difficult for them to walk comfortably. Some shoes, whilst stylist, may not accommodate edema, and it is a real shame as everyone wants to be comfortable while looking nice. … Read more

12 Best Slip-Resistant Shoes for Men

Best Slip-Resistant Shoes for Men

The struggle against gravity has always been a struggle for mankind. While we have taken inspiration from birds and figured out how to keep airplanes in the air for hours, we are still at the mercy of gravity and often come crashing down to the ground. At some point in our lives, we have all … Read more

10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

A Good Day Starts with Comfortable Footwear! In the United States, an estimated 23,000 people (both athletes and non-athletes), walk (or rather, limp) into hospital emergency wards in need of medical attention due to an ankle sprain or other foot-related injuries. While traditionally, footwear has been used for protecting one’s feet, it’s increasingly being used … Read more