How to Clean White Tennis Shoes to Look Brand New

how to clean white tennis shoes

Before i jump into how to clean white tennis shoes, let’s talk about white tennis shoes. In the midst of fashion trends that offer tennis shoes with striking colors, white is still on the top of the most popular color for tennis shoes. Why is that so? The answer is simple: white matches everything. It’s … Read more

Running Shoes Outfit Ideas to Wear (20 Ideas & Outfits)

running shoes outfit ideas

Running shoes are not just for exercising! They’ve become part of fashion that puts emphasis on freshness and versatility. They are not only comfy to wear, but they also look great and are easy to combine with any type of clothes. So, on this occasion, I’d like to talk about outfit ideas that will go … Read more

How to Clean Bottom of Shoes from Stubborn Dirt

how to clean bottom of shoes

What do you call the bottom of a shoe? Before i explain how to clean bottom of shoes, let me tell you a little information about Bottom of shoes. The bottom of a shoe is often called the outsole, it’s a piece of hard material that protects your feet from dirt, pebbles, animal excrement, sharp … Read more

How to Clean the Rubber on Shoes and Get Rid of Dirt Effectively

how to clean the rubber on shoes

Rubber shoes are favorites for a lot of people. They are normally more durable and flexible than normal shoes. Some rubber shoes can be used for athletic purposes, while others might even be used for industrialization purposes. I have some rubber sneakers in my collection, and I must say that I enjoy wearing them! Previously, … Read more

How to Clean Leather Shoes and Make Them Shiny and Fresh

how to clean leather shoes

Before i jump into how to clean leather shoes, let me tell you about it’s material. Leather shoes are the real definition of premium shoes. They look really cool and classy. Moreover, they feel so nice when you touch them. After all, leathers are really smooth and comfortable! This type of shoe is perfect for … Read more

How To Clean Sneaker Mesh Without Destroying Them

How to Clean Mesh Sneakers Without Destroying Them

There are a lot of sneakers out there in the market, which is understandable considering their popularity. In this day and age, some sneakers might even have neon lights installed! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves first here, because I’m here to discuss mesh sneakers. As the name states, mesh sneakers are sneakers that … Read more

How To Clean Adidas Shoes (Tips, Tricks, Do’s & Dont’s)

how to clean adidas shoes

Why do people choose Adidas? Before I jump into how to clean Adidas shoes, I’m gonna answer a few questions related to Adidas. First, why do people choose Adidas? There are plenty of reasons why people choose Adidas as their trusty footwear. As you might know, this three-stripes brand is one of the most popular … Read more

How to Clean Hiking Boots and Not Damaging Them in the Process


Hiking is not as easy as people thought it would be. You’re even required to wear hiking boots for extra safety measures. Consequently, it’s almost certain that your hiking boots will get dirty. After all, you will pass muddy passages or dirt. And so, on this occasion, I shall tell you all of the necessary … Read more

How to Clean Sneakers (Best Tips & Tricks)

How to clean sneakers

It goes without saying that something that you need to carefully look after your precious possession. The same thing also applies to your sneakers. You need to make sure that it stays clean and fresh. If you’re going to use sneakers, you don’t want them to look dirty, right? The same thing also applies to … Read more

How to Clean Checkered Vans and Keep Them Durable

5. Shoe care tips to keep them durable

Checkered Vans are one of the most popular unisex footwear these days. Not only that they look good, but Checkered Vans are also easy to combine with any outfit in your wardrobe. I believe you can find them in slip-on and lace-ups configurations, making them quite versatile. Now, if you are a Checkered Vans owner, … Read more

How to Clean Converse Without Leaving Scratches

How to Clean Converse

Converse shoes are so comfortable and popular. Even though they’ve been around for quite a long time, Converse shoes are always a viable option for both casual wearers and shoe collectors. There are different types of Converse that you can wear or collect, like white Converse, the All-star series, and other legendary brands! They can … Read more

How to Clean White Sneakers (Simple & Easiest Ways)

how to clean white sneakers

White sneakers require a lot of care, even more than regular ones. Because of its pure color, this type of sneaker is prone to dust and stains. So, on this occasion, I shall provide you with some useful insights on how to clean white sneakers in safe and simple ways! Why should you have white … Read more


how to clean rubber shoes

When you come to think of it, there really are a lot of different shoes out there in the market. Shoes may even be made from different materials. Naturally, each material provides a unique perspective and function. For starters, shoes with rubber soles are flexible and waterproof. They can even be used in hazardous environments. … Read more

How to Clean White Converse and Preventing Any Yellowing

how to clean white sneakers

Since the dawn of age, people have been subscribing to the idea of wearing converse sneakers for their feet. Okay, I might have exaggerated a bit there, but you get the idea! Converse sneakers tend to have similar models, with the design and painting being their main highlights. If you have unique converse sneakers, especially … Read more