Shoes that Start with H

H is the common letter many shoe brands start with, and there are many brands founded in years 18th-20th century.

Some very popular shoe companies which start with the letter H are Hugo Boss, Hush Puppies, Harry’s of London, Harrods, House of Hounds, Happy Feet, Heelies, Hunter …

shoes that start with h

Shoes that Start with H





Hybrid Green Label

Hoss Boot

Hip review

H.S. Trask review


Helle Comfort 


Hush Puppies Slippers 

Hoy Shoe 

Havana Joe 

Hugo Boss

Harry’s of London

House of Hounds

Happy Feet


H & M

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Types of Shoes that Start with H Letter

High-top sneakers
High-top boots

Details About Shoe Brands that Start with H

House Of Hounds

House of Hounds is a company that was established several years ago in 2006 by Mandy Rodenhuis who lived in Kent.

She wanted to produce bespoke footwear for men and women which would be handmade using luxury materials & leathers.

However nowadays House Of hounds products only include boots for children up to age 6 or 7. The shoes have become so popular among parents because the brand takes care about feet development very carefully.


Haas offers high-quality, high-performance footwear for sports like running and tennis.  The company was founded in 1883 by Mr. Henry W. Haas and originally sold general shoes before moving into athletic shoes in the 1960s when it sponsored national running teams that included marathoners Bill Bowerman and Frank Shorter.

Haas shoe Company has been owned by Adidas since 1997, following bankruptcy earlier in the decade .

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a very popular fashion brand founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss. The company specializes in luxury menswear.

It was named after Mr. Hugo Boss, who became the single largest shareholder in 1924. He later managed the business together with his brother, Mr. Rudolf Dassler until 1948 when they split due to differences between them and subsequently went on developing their own brands that are well known nowadays.

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies started out as an affordable men’s shoes brand created by Wolverine World Wide for the 1950s automotive culture, back then it was called Bennet-Welt Shoes & Boots Inc.,

However around 1960 Bennet-Welts was bought by Brown Shoe Co. and renamed Wolverine World Wide, but by 1963 the company name was changed to Hush Puppies. Since 1966 the brand started selling men’s shoes at discounted prices which were targeted towards college students.


H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a worldwide fashion retailer of high-quality yet affordable garments, it has around 17 000 stores in 48 countries. It was founded in 1949 in Sweden by Erling Persson who opened its first store in Västerås.

It became popular among young people for offering fashion items at low prices which are both stylish and functional. However, throughout time, this friendly image disappeared due to intense price wars with other competitors like Zara, Gap, Forever 21 …


Hi-Tec was founded in 1974 by John Cobb and Tony Bignell, it specializes in making sports shoes like walking, running and hiking boots.

Nowadays the company is owned by Pentland Group. Hi-Tec’s success came from an innovative marketing strategy to concentrate on product differentiation after traditional advertising had failed.

Hey Dude

Hey Dude is a great brand for kids’ shoes that were designed by Audrey Beyens and produced in Mexico. Their main focus lies on design, comfort and well-being of the little ones feet .

They partner up with pediatricians to produce healthy children’s footwear, aiming at children walking barefoot before wearing any kind of shoe.


Heelys is a brand specialized in shoes with wheels, it was created by Mike Kennedy and Jon and Chris Farmer.

They decided to turn the wheeled skateboard, or “roller-skates” into a pair of casual shoes.

Hence they invented this new shoe which has wheels built inside so that wearers can modify their appearance effortlessly while walking.

Hybrid Green Label

Hybrid Green Label is a brand of footwear manufactured by Crocs. As its name suggests, the company’s products are environment friendly as they are made from recycled materials.

They found a way to recycle old rubber tires into shoes which have proved to be very popular since their creation in 2002.


The shoe was first released in 1991 at a retail price of $52. It has been a timeless classic ever since with many celebrities wearing it on and off the court.

In addition, Michael Jordan wore them when he returned from his hiatus from basketball back in 1995 after winning three NBA championships with Chicago Bulls.

People were amazed by his new look and all wanted to contribute to this new phenomenon. In 1996 Air Jordan XII model was renamed Air Jordan XII Retro “Taxi” which came with a new colorway to re-create the famous look.


The brand was created in 1856 by Charles Hunter, he opened his first shop in London’s West End which has since become the region’s most famous shopping street.

Today, there are around 500 branches worldwide and its products come from all over Europe. The company is currently owned by Johnnie Boden who transformed it into a leading outdoor sports & fashion retailer.

Hoss Boot

Hoss is an American brand specialized in cowboy boots and it was founded by Jessie A. Honeyman.

It started out as a small workshop but quickly expanded to become one of the leading producers worldwide that made high-quality handcrafted footwear.

Hip Review

Hip is specialized in trendy shoes for women, it was created in 2008. It has grown to become one of the go-to stores when it comes to purchasing stylish footwear at affordable prices.

The company’s collection consists of boots, sneakers, pumps etc. Its eclectic mix makes it stand out from its competitors like Nine West, Steve Madden …


Hogan belongs to Bruno Manetti & Giancarlo Galli who formed the Italian brand that they decided to call Hogan.

They started with shoes but proceeded by creating handbags and sunglasses in order to create a complete line of accessories.

Their products are now created with the utmost care so as to meet their customers’ expectations.

H.S. Trusk and Co.

H.S Trusk & Co was created by the Hausmann-Schoen, a family from Bavaria. The company’s history goes as far back as 1879 when it first started manufacturing shoes in Wien under the name Gebrüder Hausmann which later changed to their current name.

It is specialized in leather products but also offers a large range of other items such as luggage bags, small leather goods etc.

Helle Comfort

The brand was created in 1976 by Helmut Körner who worked at Dutch shoe factory until he decided to open his own factory with only two employees.

His dream came true when he managed to create a top-notch product that allowed people to enjoy wearing high heels without the associated discomfort.

He released his first design back in 1985, called “the Swiss Dream” which was an instant success.

Ever since then, the company has grown exponentially and it now produces more than two million shoes per year. Its products are sold all over the world so as to offer women everywhere equal opportunities of experiencing their magic touch.


Hummel is a Danish sportswear brand founded by Albert Messmer who opened his first store in his hometown of Kolding.

He wanted the company’s logo to remind people that they will never walk alone which is why he decided to use an image of a small boy who is pulling along his friend who became too tired to walk.

Ever since, Hummel has evolved into one of world’s leading sportswear companies with around 500 stores worldwide including two shops in London and Barcelona where it focuses on footwear, clothing and accessories.

Its products are sold all over Europe but also in countries like Australia, Canada or Japan.

Humphries shoes

Humphries & Co. is a British company that was founded in 1830 by John Humphrie who opened his first shop in Edinburgh.

In 1844 he started making and selling shoes and boot and expanded it to become one of the leading shoe manufacturers in Scotland. Nowadays, its products can be found all over the world and they are sold at various different stores including Clarks.


Hytest produces hand-made leather shoes for men , it is based in Barcelona (Spain) where the company was created back in 1921 but it also has an additional production plant located within Portugal’s territory.

It focuses on high-quality footwear which is why you will only find leather products for both sexes such as, brogues etc…


JustFab is an online shoe retailer that was launched back in 2011 by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in Santa Monica, California.

The company has experienced massive growth since its foundation and it now also focuses on accessories such as sunglasses , bags etc…

Its unique selling point is the fact that customers can enjoy a large number of products all with free shipping and returns but at discounted rates. They offer a wide range of different brands including Nike, Steve Madden or Superga …

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a company that was founded back in 1903 and it is specialized in manufacturing and selling motorcycles. Its first bike was named the Harley Davidson 1.

It has been able to conquer multiple markets such as America, Japan or even Europe where it opened up its first store in 2008 located at Madrid (Spain).

It still focuses on making high-end bikes such as Road King or Fat Boy but it also offers various other items such as bags, hats, shoes etc…

Hoy Shoe

Hoy Shoe is a Spanish company that was founded back in 1989. The company makes 100% handcrafted shoes for women and also offers accessories (bags, belts etc…). It focuses on luxury products that are made out of crocodile leather or suede.

Havana Joe

Havana Joe is a Cuban company that was founded back in 2001. It produces women’s shoes that are made out of exotic, original materials such as crocodile or python skin. The style of the shoes are inspired by the traditional Cuban styles during the 1950s.

Harry’s of London

Harry’s of London was founded back in 1863 by Harry Baily. It is one of the oldest shoe brands that are still running nowadays.

Its products are handcrafted and they include men shoes, bags or other accessories. They use high-quality leathers such as crocodile, buffalo etc… for their shoes which are often found with classic styles.


Hayabusa is a Japanese sports footwear that specializes in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and combat sports.

They wanted their brand to be synonymous with quality and innovation and Hayabusas are currently worn all over the world by many top fighters including Anderson Silva, Jon Jones or Rashad Evans.