Shoes that Start with J

Do you want to know what are shoes that start with the letter J. Here is an extensive list of shoe brands that start with J.

shoes that start with J

Shoe Brands that Start with J


Journee Collection





Jane And The Shoe

Joseph Allen

JBU by Jambu

Journee Signature

Jessica Simpson

Jambu Originals

Justin Boots

Jones NY

Types of Shoes that Start With J Letter

  • Jordans
  • Jump boots

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Deatils About Shoe Brands that Start with J

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture is a brand that was started by three people in the year 1996 , originally known for its range of casual luxury designer clothes.

The business idea came about when Kevin and Pamela moved to California from New York and met up with Gela . They wanted to create clothes that reminded them of their hometown, so they drew inspiration from the hip hop culture and the rich Californian lifestyle.

Journee Collection

Journee Collection is a brand that was started in 2013 , focusing on bringing affordable high-end quality clothing to its customers. The inspiration for this came from the frustration of going shopping and not being able to find the right pair of shoes .


JAMBU is a brand that was started in 1995 by two avid water skiers, Gretchen and Dan Nordstrom , who desired to have more comfortable footwear when they went out on their boat.

They found that most shoes were either too stiff or they were uncomfortable after wearing them at work all day ; so, the couple decided they would create a shoe company based around making products with their specific needs in mind.

Jambu shoes are most popular for being super lightweight and waterproof, which makes them suitable for any season.

John Fluevog Shoes

This company was founded in the year 1970 by John Fluevog , who wanted to create a branch of his father’s shoe store that focused on high-quality shoes with unique styles.

He started designing shoes because he could not find what he liked at the time (he was used to British-styled dress shoes) and would make them himself .

Eventually, after getting some buzz around town about his shoes, he decided to start making them full-time. The name of this brand comes from John’s last name spelled backwards; therefore, “Fluevog” is pronounced like “flee-vog.”

Their sneakers are definitely very unique with their own styles and materials, including the glowing soles of their ” LED” shoe (seen in the main photo).

Recently, Fluevog has started making different types of clothing , but they are still best known for their shoes.

They have also collaborated with brands like Disney to release special edition sneakers that can be worn by both adults and children .

Their most popular shoe is definitely the Angel Flat (seen below), which is a women’s pointed-toe flat that can be dressed up or down .

John Varvatos

John Varvatos was founded by John Varvatos around 2001 after being inspired from his love of art and music during college.

He decided he wanted to create a company that was similar to how his art market was back in Detroit , which involved the mixing of different kinds of artistic mediums together to create one piece .

This would be reflected in his clothing, where he looked for inspiration everywhere including the streets, museums , and concerts .

John Varvatos is popular for its range of men’s footwear because their shoes always have some kind of design element on them.

For example, many of their boots are made with waxed or leather laces that can be wrapped around the ankles, while others also come with straps across the side.

In addition to this, they also have a special line called Bespoke Shoes , which focuses on making custom-designed shoes for customers who want something unique from what is already offered.


Josmo was started by Jos Moorman in the year 2013 , where he originally wanted to create a line of shoes that were meant for men but could still be worn by women as well.

He thought it would be a good idea because most shoes are made only to fit a certain gender , and this meant that many people were excluded from wearing stylish footwear.

His decision came after finding his own wife struggling to find “a pair of casual boots that combine style, comfort, and durability” at an affordable price point.

In addition to this focus on comfort, each shoe produced by Josmo is also made with high-quality materials, such as full-grain nubuck leather .


JSport was created in the year 1992 by its current president, Jae Song , who wanted to design shoes that have innovation and second-to-none quality.

He started this company with his father after noticing there were many problems with traditional athletic shoes, including their lack of comfort or water resistance ; so he used this experience to create a product that both athletes and casual customers could get behind.

Their name comes from the initials of Jae’s full name (Jae Sang) combined with ” sport,” which refers to the main aim of creating sportswear.

JSport is currently known for their high-quality water shoes and sandals because they are designed in such a way where you can practically wear them in any environment (including when you go swimming) .


Jellypop is a very small, independent shoe company that was started in the year 2016 by two women who wanted to bring some color and fun to an industry that they felt lacked these qualities .

They were originally inspired when one of the companies they ran in Australia decided to cut down on making bright colors because it was not “trending,” so later on they decided try their own hand at this and see how it went.

Since then, they have been able to produce many different types of shoes that come in a wide range of different colors and patterns , along with sometimes using more unique materials like recycled rubber from tyres .

Jane and the Shoe

Jane and the Shoe was founded by Jane Truong in the early 2000’s but recently stopped producing shoes after 2010 .

One of their most famous shoes is called The Sojourner , which is a black leather ankle boot with laces across the side.

What makes this shoe so special is its handmade quality ; where each pair made involved Jane personally cutting out patterns for every customer who wants something bespoke (custom-made) .

Joseph Allen

Joseph Allen is a UK-based fashion label that was created by Joseph Allen in the year 2012 . This company specializes in high-quality leather shoes, with each one being made from 100% calfskin leather .

Each pair is handcrafted so every person who buys one gets something unique , which helps to emphasize the brands attention to detail.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was originally created by Jessica Simpson in the year 2006 , but it has since been taken over by Nine West Company .

What makes this brand special is that every shoe they produce is designed to be “Fun, flirty and fashion forward” which can include unique embellishments on shoes like rhinestones or even fur .


Journeys is a very large company that sells shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. They were started in the early 80’s and are currently based out of Mentor, Ohio .

This company does not only sell their own products; instead they focus on meeting needs for customers either online or at one of their retail locations across the United States of America .

Customers of Journeys can enjoy a very wide variety of shoes, all varying in different colors and styles .

Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy is a brand that was started back in the 19th century by two men named John B. Johnston and William A. Murphy.

They were originally focused on creating some of the finest boots for both the military and civilians , but due to their high-quality leather they proved to be successful even after oil was discovered in Texas which meant cheaper boots could be made overseas .

Nowadays, Johnston & Murphy operates over 240 retail locations throughout the United States of America; making them one of the biggest men’s shoe brands in both sales and numbers. Journeys is a very large company that sells shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.

They were started in the early 80’s and are currently based out of Mentor, Ohio . This company does not only sell their own products; instead they focus on meeting needs for customers either online or at one of their retail locations across the United States of America.

Customers of Journeys can enjoy a very wide variety of shoes, all varying in different colors and styles .

Justin Boots

Justin Boots is a company that was started in the mid 1940’s by Justin and H.J . Justin . They began as a boot-making operation, focusing on creating high-quality cowboy boots for people all around North America ; what makes their products so special is the use of 100% leather .

This brand has grown immensely throughout the years and can now be found in many different countries around the world such as Australia, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom.

There are currently more than 30 retail locations of Justin Cowboy Boots located all across Texas (where they were first founded) but they also sell online .

Jones NY

Jones NY is a company dedicated to producing high-quality shoes that are unique but also fashionable . They have worked with many different celebrities including Oprah , Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and more in order to make sure they are creating the best possible products.

This brand was started back in 1905 by Maurice Bidermann, who sold it to Jones Apparel Group in 1992 .

Since then this American brand has been able to develop into one of the most well known shoe brands for both men and women across New York.