Best Cowboy Boot Brands

Cowboy boots are a type of footwear and an essential piece of any cowboy or cowgirl’s wardrobe. They can be made from many different materials, including leather, suede, rubber, and synthetic materials.

Cowboy boots can come in many styles; some popular styles include roper (a short boot with a rounded toe), engineer (a tall boot that may or may not have a heel), and western (high-heeled boots for riding).

Cowboy boots are unique boots that are often made with quality materials to ensure long-lasting use (depending on how well you take care of them).

They are also designed to withstand the elements (soil, dust, water) which mean they can easily get dirty or wet but maintaining them will lengthen their lifespan.

There are several main brands of cowboy boots.  Some of the best cowboy boot brands are:

best cowboy boot brands

Benefits of Cowboy Boots

Some of the main benefits that come from wearing cowboy boots include:

Better Ankle Support 

Because this style of boot is taller and covers more of your leg, it’s able to provide better support for your feet and ankles. This will help to keep you from twisting your ankle while walking if there are any bumps or holes in the ground.


Cowboy boots can be worn for a variety of purposes including ranch work, riding horses, going out to bars/clubs, going to church/formal events, etc… The sky is really the limit when it comes to what you’re able to do with them.


Some people find that wearing boots, in general, is more comfortable than wearing standard shoes because they’re able to keep your feet at a cooler temperature and let air circulate so there’s less chance of getting sweaty or smelly from being inside of them all day.

When shopping for cowboy boot brands make sure you try on multiple pairs so you can choose the one that fits best and feels the absolute most comfortable.

How Long Do They Last?

Even though most cowboy boots are made out of real leather, the manufacturers typically use a synthetic sole instead of one that is made from wood (other materials such as rubber and polyurethane typically make up the soles of these types of shoes too).

This means you’ll be able to get far more mileage out of them than you would if they had a wooden insole because it will typically need to be replaced every few years.

The boots themselves should last for several decades though unless they’re exposed to water on a regular basis or you wear them when riding horses daily which can cause them to chip/fray at the toes and around where they meet your feet.

Best Cowboy Boot Brands

Justin Boots

A brand founded by Frank Winfield and Chipp Brooks in 1881. The headquarters for this company is located in Fort Worth, Texas and they still produce boots in America.

Justin Boots was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway, a company owned by Warren Buffett, in 2002.  The acquisition of the brand was made to diversify Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings.

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Cowboy Charlie 

A company that specializes in custom-made boots for cowboys around the world. Cowboy Charlie is known as one of the top manufacturers of custom-made boots, but they also sell ready-to-wear products.

They are located in El Paso, Texas and they have modeled their company after Zappos by providing excellent customer service and same-day shipping on items that are available immediately.


This brand was founded by Robert Herford in 1969 with its headquarters based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Cinch produces two types of boots; traditional western style cowboy boots and roper style cowboy boots designed with modern riders in mind (meaning they can be worn while riding a motorcycle). Their boots and clothing are designed to withstand years of wear and tear.


This brand was founded by Sam Lucchese in 1883 with its headquarters based out of San Antonio, Texas. This company is most well known for their handcrafted cowboy boots using traditional methods such as Goodyear welt construction and hand stitching.

Their boots are pieces of art that can last a lifetime if cared for properly. The company claims they have the “largest collection of exotic skins” which include crocodile, anaconda snake skin, elephant, lizard, ostrich, shark, stingray, elk antler tips (for decoration), yak tails (for decoration), fur pelts (for lining), etc… They also provide boots of all different colors and styles.

Tony T

A more modern company founded in 2000. They produce cowboy boots using synthetic materials. This company is based out of El Paso, Texas with their headquarters located in Dallas, Texas.

Their products are designed to be very comfortable around the foot while also providing extra ankle support for riding motorcycles or horses or simply walking on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt for extended periods of time.

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Rios of Mercedes 

Another more modern company that specializes in handmade boots made from cowhide (not synthetics). They use an old German method for building high-quality leather shoes called “ha-heeled” process which is said to make better use out of leather hide because it eliminates material waste by recycling the unused portion of the leather hide. Rios of Mercedes is based out of Mercedes, Texas with its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas and their products are known for durability.


A brand founded in the 1970s by Y.R. Kim and based out of Fort Worth, Texas with it headquarters still in Fort Worth, Texas.

They produce a wide range of western-style boots that vary from dress boots to roper style to cowboy boots and they also produce casual or athletic wear such as jeans, shorts or shirts for men, women, and children.


Another company that specializes in western style boots that can be worn for riding or everyday footwear. Their cowboy boots are known as the best quality products for riders who want to look good at all times (and not just when they’re on their horses).

This brand is based out of Toluca, Mexico with its headquarters in El Paso, Texas.

Old Gringo

A company that produces boots that are known throughout the world for their design aesthetic. They are handcrafted using quality western leathers and suedes, embellished with intricate embroidery, Swarovski crystals, silver conchos, and other types of decoration.

This brand was founded in 1986 by Anna Sheffield whose family has been making cowboy boots for five generations and their headquarters is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Lone Star 

A brand that produces boots designed with the horse lover in mind (for both men and women). Their products can be purchased at over 1000 locations worldwide.

This company was founded by Freemont B Green who began making their own cowboy boots in 1932 and is based out of Irving, Texas.


A company that makes roper and cowboy boots for men and women. Their “cowboy boots” are designed with a modern twist which means they can be worn while riding motorcycles or playing sports like soccer, football, etc…

They have many different styles to choose from and they’re most notable for their many show collections (which includes brands like Twisted X, Hondo Flair, and Roper Rebel).

They were founded in the 1970s by G.H. Bass and Company who is based out of Clarkesville, Georgia and they currently maintain a large number of factories throughout Mexico where their products are manufactured.

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A company that produces unique-looking cowboy boots for men and women. They use their own special techniques to build high-quality western-style boots which include handcrafted leather lining, reinforced stress points, and footbeds with extra cushioning.

This brand was founded in 1987 by Tony Ferrini who’s goal was to produce the most comfortable boots on the market and are headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.


A company that specializes in cowboy boots for men and women. They use high-quality leather to build their products which provide the wearer with the proper comfort, support, and durability they require while wearing them.

Their boots are meant to be a bit more stylish than traditional cowboy boots while still maintaining a classic western look. This brand was founded in 1972 by Jake and Teresa Gomez who reside out of Phoenix, Arizona.

M&F Western 

A brand that for over 30 years has specialized in western style boots that are designed with both men and women in mind. They offer all different types of boots including cowboy boots, dress boots, roper boots, maternity boots, dance boots, and many others.

Their products are available at different retail locations throughout the world. They began in 1978 with Wylie Grant who is still the President/CEO of M&F Western today and their headquarters are based out of Choctaw, Oklahoma.

Tin Haul  

A company that specializes in cowboy boots specifically designed for the rodeo rider. They have a large number of different boot styles to choose from and their most popular ones include Tin Haul Legend, Tin Haul Signature, and Tin Haul Custom Rios.

This brand was founded 1968 by Charlie Hillen who is based out of Iowa Park, Texas and they currently maintain a facility in nearby Wichita Falls.

Smoky Mountain

 A brand that is currently run by the second generation family. This well-known brand was founded in 1947 by J.B. Brooks (senior) and specializes in handcrafted boots for men and women that provide all-day comfort while still maintaining a stylish look.

They are based out of Sevierville, Tennessee and in addition to their headquarters they also maintain a large number of facilities throughout Mexico where their products are manufactured.

Old West

A company that makes cowboy boots for both men and women which are meant to be worn on the ranch or in the rodeo arena due to their durability, comfort level, and support they offer to wearers.

Their products can be purchased at various retail locations across the world and they were founded in 1969 by Tom Redmond who is based out of San Antonio, Texas.


A company that has been around since the 1950s and originally made holsters for the police but over time started producing a line of cowboy boots specifically designed to meet their customers needs.

They’re known for their value-priced products which means it’s possible to find many different styles without breaking the bank.

Their boots are manufactured with different types of leather depending on what they feel most comfortable wearing (a list of available leather includes cow leather, nubuck, distressed leather, etc…)

This brand was founded by Wayne Ferguson Sr. who still runs it today and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.


A company that provides western style boots for men and women which are handcrafted from premium quality leathers. Their products provide both comfort and durability with over 100 different types of styles to choose from including dress, cowboy, roper, work, motorcycle, etc…

This brand was founded in 1970 by Earl Schreffler who is still the CEO/Owner of Durango today and they maintain their corporate offices out of Dallas, Texas.


A brand that has made a name for itself among western boot connoisseurs by consistently providing high-quality boots at affordable prices. They offer thousands of different styles to choose from but most people commonly associate them with Frye harness boot pattern (a popular style of cowboy boot).

William Frye started this brand in 1863 and it is still run by the family today. Their headquarters are located out of New Britain, Connecticut.


A brand that specializes in making both men’s and women’s western-style boots. They have a large number of products to choose from including exotic leather, fancy stitching, decorative hardware, multiple colors, etc…

Their boots are made out of high-quality materials and can be purchased at various retail locations throughout the US. This company was founded in 1978 by Don Rodríguez who is still the CEO/Owner today despite having sold off 85% of his shares in 1992 (he currently runs D&F Holding Co.).

Tony Lama

A well-known cowboy boot brand that provides all different types of styles for men and women which include roper, dress, pull ons, harness boots, etc…

They offer some of their boots as waterproof which makes them popular among people that work outside all day and those doing active sports such as riding motorcycles.

The Tony Lama boot company was founded in 1922 by Tony Lama (who is still the owner) and they maintain their corporate offices out of El Paso, Texas.


A brand that makes western style boots for both men and women and can be found at various retail outlets throughout the world.

Their products are designed to provide an optimum degree of comfort while also maintaining a stylish look that will allow wearers to feel confident enough to wear them on special occasions or even dressed up with a nice pair of jeans.

Wolverine was started back in 1883 by GE Henshaw and is still owned by the Henshaw family today (they also own Chippewa, Hytest, L.L.Bean, Merrell, Sperry Top-Sider, and Sebago).


A company that crafts all of their shoes by hand to ensure that they’re able to maintain high standards of quality control during production.

The majority of this brand’s products are manufactured in either Mexico or Japan which means western boots aren’t available for purchase but Yuketen does have a small selection of moccasins which can be purchased online at their official website as well as various retail outlets throughout Europe.

Yuki Matsuda started this business back in 2001 and it currently maintains its corporate office out of Tokyo, Japan.

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Lee Miller 

A brand that specializes in making boots for both men and women which combine fashion, comfort, and affordability. All of their products are made out of genuine leather (cowhide) which make them popular among people who like the rugged outdoors yet look stylish while doing so.

The Lee Miller Company was founded in 1939 by John Christopher “Jack” Reed and they maintain their corporate office out of El Paso, Texas.

Final Words

Every cowboy boot brand has its advantages and disadvantages. The key thing to keep in mind when looking into buying a pair of boots is that there really isn’t one perfect brand that will be best for everyone.

Each brand has developed quality standards over time so it would not be fair to compare them on some common ground because they all have different standards they stick to when making their products.

For example, some brands may use only 100% leather while others may use some synthetic materials or extra lining depending on how they want their specific brand’s product line to function (price, durability, style, etc…). Visit their company website for more information on their products and what makes them unique.