What Color Shoes to Wear with a Navy Dress

What Color Shoes with a Navy Dress

When it comes to fashion these days, it feels like there are no right or wrong answers. Something that I might find appalling could be winning fashion icon awards, while an outfit I put together myself would never make it down the red carpet in one piece.

That being said, there are typically old standbys that we can all count on for general, everyday fashion advice.

Navy is a color that will never go out of style. You can use it to look sharp at a job interview, sexy on a first date, or casual kicking back with friends. When a girl has herself the perfect navy dress, there’s nothing she can’t do.

The dilemma comes into play, not with the dress itself, but on what color shoes one should wear a navy dress.

Today, we’re going to discuss dress and shoe types, color schemes, and how to display yourself as a real knockout in an awesome navy dress with the perfect color shoes.

Color Schemes

Navy dresses offer themselves as natural alternatives to little black dresses. They deliver all the style, elegance, and coverage as a black dress without being too typical or predictable. In fact, navy is the most popular color dress for bridesmaids to wear.

The trick about a navy dress is that pretty much all colors go with it. Yes – that’s the big secret behind the popularity of navy. You honestly can’t go wrong with any colored shoe, unless you decide to play around with other shades of blue (tip: don’t!).

The hard part is deciding which is best for which occasion and the style of dress, along with other details like jewelry and handbags.

Let’s dive into the best shoe colors for a navy dress.

What Color Shoes to Wear with a Navy Dress: The Classic Looks

There are basically two ways that you can go when it comes to wearing your new navy dress: you can go for classic, professional, and put together, or you can strive for fashion-forward, non-traditional, slightly wild, and bold looks.

That’s not to say that a classic color combination can’t be bold and sexy, or that a bright color option is always crazy, but generally, these are what they look like. Let’s take a look at the classic navy dress color options.


The first and most obvious option for shoe colors with a navy dress is black. Black pretty much goes with everything. Contrary to what some might believe, you can totally even rock black with brown – in the right situation.

That’s why black is perfect for the color navy.

The greatest thing about black shoes is that you can find them in just about any style you prefer. So while it may look nicer to rock a pair of pink heels rather than a somber pair of pink loafers, black would work for either one.

When rocking a navy dress, feel free to go for your black flats, black pumps, or a sexy pair of sky-high black leather boots. The options are endless when it comes to classy black shoes and a navy dress.


Red with navy is a great way to spunk up your outfit without going too crazy. Red is an eye-catching color that delivers a touch of confidence without people looking at you like you’re a bit crazy.

You can use a red shoe with a navy dress to portray an attitude of style and drama while still looking poised and professional. Many political figures are seen rocking the colors navy and red together. While it helps that they are two of the country’s national colors, they also happen to look awesome together.

Red is for fierce women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to capture a bit of attention. You certainly can’t go wrong in pair your navy dress with a couple of fiery red pumps.


White is a very classy color that is often paired with navy. It’s immaculate, sophisticated, and mature, and white looks terrific when paired next to navy.

The contract of the dark and light colors will serve to make your outfit pop. It’s viewed as a very natural choice because of how well the two go together.

Some fashion experts caution against this combination, though. Apparently, wearing a navy dress with white shoes can portray a bit of a nautical dynamic. Think of a sea captain and his wife standing on a ship, boasting their white and navy sailor hats.

This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with this look; however, some may want to be aware of that vibe in case it’s not at all what they want to go for.


Nude heels are a staple in a complete closet, and every woman should own a pair. Nude goes with just about everything. There’s something about a nude shoe – whether it’s a flat or a pump – that says class, business, deals, and confidence.

Nude is also a particularly strategic way to contrast the dark nature of a navy dress without being controversial. The light shades prove to stand out without drawing too much attention in a way that says you have your life together.

While proving as a safe and professional option, nude shoes are less predictable than black but give a softer look than a vibrant white. You can also find nude shoes in several different shades, making it a pleasing choice for just about every taste.


If you’re throwing on a fitted navy dress for a girls’ night out on the town, then you should definitely consider flaunting a pair of shiny silver heels.

Silver heels catch the light and grab attention. They also stand out against the dark fabric of a navy dress, emphasizing your feet and legs at the same time.

Silver heels are awesome party shoes. You can’t go wrong with pairing some shiny heels or even a flashy pair of flats or sandals with some thin, elegant silver jewelry.

Silver also pairs well with sparkles, so break out the diamond earrings, the bracelets, the necklaces, and even the hairpieces to really make your outfit shine.

What Color Shoes with a Navy Dress: The Bold Looks

Now that we have looked at some of the more classic, elegant options, we can dive head-first into the bold and dramatic opportunities for navy dresses. If you’re looking to capture attention, showcase your unique style, and really change up a classic look, one of these color options might be right for you.


Yellow is the perfect bold choice to match up with your navy dress. In the world of art and colors, blue and yellow are actually considered complementary. The dark elegance of a deep blue like navy is perfectly contrasted and paired with a bright color like yellow.

A yellow shoe with a navy dress says that you are fashionable, professional, and fun, all wrapped into one. You aren’t afraid to try something new that might make you stand out, but you also know that you’re going to look good doing it.

It also says that you know your stuff. While some may think that yellow and navy together are ridiculous, others will applaud you for knowing your color schemes and having an eye for flare. So go ahead, throw on those bright yellow pumps with your elegant navy dress and get this party started.


Green shoes are rare in their own rights, so wearing them with anything is sure to get you a bit of fashionable attention. However, it’s worth it to note that many shades of green look fabulous when paired with deep blue color such as navy.

While most shades of green won’t give you a bold contrast like a bright yellow will, the unusual color of the shoe itself is enough to make you stand out.

Darker greens blend well with dark blues like navy, giving your whole outfit a very professional and mature look without being predictable. On the other hand, brighter greens like kelly and wintergreen provide a bold and unique contrast to the dark outfit.

You can find these greens in all kinds of shoes, from pointed heels and pumps to sandals and ballet flats. Any style will work with your navy dress to look and feel your best in a unique way.


Any fashionable lady knows that if you want to draw attention, always go with pink. Pink is one of those colors that tend to be signature; you either hate to wear it, or you love to show it off. Like wearing red shoes, pink shoes give a fantastic contrast to the dark blue of a navy dress while picking up on some of the hues they share in the color family.

Pink truly pops in whatever shade you choose. It’s also a very feminine color, which is what some women prefer to showcase in their style.

Many people also view wearers of pink as fun, spontaneous, and whimsical. In fact, certain people can view lighter and hot pinks as immature and childish, a less severe version of red or purple. But, when you pair pink heels with a navy dress, you accomplish the difficult task of finding a balance between a spark of the party and an overlay of seriousness.


Fashion critics have said that purple does not blend, but it stands out for all the right reasons. Purple is certainly a bold choice. There are still many people out there who find purple and navy are not a stable fit for one another, which leaves the color in terms of a navy dress a bit on the fence.

Those who chose to go with purple aren’t wrong, per se, but it’s what we would call a bold choice.

Purple works with the color navy because they come from the same color family. You can pretty much clump purple, blue, pink, and red together because they all share various hues of colors, making them draw from each other when it comes to fashion.

A purple show may cause someone to do a double-take, but they will quickly realize that they actually love the combination without really knowing why.

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Colors to Steer Clear Of

As we mentioned earlier, there really are not very many color options that do not look good with a navy dress. However, because there are so few poor choices, when you make the mistake of wearing one of these, it really looks awful instead of just okay.

Other Shades of Blue

Possibly the worst mistakes you could make with your navy dress is to wear any other shade of blue with it. There’s nothing that looks worse than pairing different shades of any color. Most of us know that even wearing different shades of black together can turn out to be a disaster from a visual perspective.

That being said, you should never pair your navy dress with blue shoes unless you can guarantee that they are the exact same shade of navy. Even then, we don’t condone wearing the same exact color navy shoes. While they will certainly look beautiful, they won’t give your outfit that extra pop of creativity and style that other colors would.

Stay away from teal, sky blue, periwinkle, indigo, and other blues that will do nothing but throw off the chemistry of the entire getup.


There’s a bit of controversy surrounding the idea of pairing navy and brown. Some say it’s in, while others call it a complete disaster.

If you’re asking us, we recommend staying away from the brown-navy discussion altogether. If there’s going to be a question as to whether everyone will think it looks good or not, then it’s best to avoid it.

Navy is already a darker color, so a muddy and grungy color like brown typically serves to make the outfit boring and dull.

Besides, there are so many other options out there that there’s no reason to insist upon brown anyway. Take it from us – you’re better off choosing one of the above choices than a brown shoe with a navy dress.


What do you call a great navy dress with the perfect pair of shoes but no accessories? We call it a waste of an awesome outfit.

Forget everything you’ve heard about fashion: accessories have the ability to really tie an outfit together and give it that extra something that it was missing before. The perfect accessories can kick your outfit up from an 8 to a 10, turning heads and pulling attention from the crowd.

So, let’s talk about accessories.

If you want to keep things simple, the best thing you can do with accessories is to match them to your shoes. Depending on the style and color of your shoe, they can act as accessories themselves, so it only helps your outfit pop more if you coordinate everything else.

For example, if you plan on wearing a short navy cocktail dress with a pair of yellow pumps, then you should also reach for your yellow handbag to complete the outfit. The same goes for a black pair of shoes: use a black purse, and so on for other colors, if possible.

You can also wear a hat to bring your outfit together. A flowy, summery navy dress with a pair of nude sandals could easily be completed with a nude wide brim hat.

Finally, jewelry is one of the most popular accessories used to tie an outfit together. With jewelry, you have the option of adding bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Picture a navy dress with simple silver heels.

The pairing certainly looks nice, but when you add some sparkly diamond earrings, a long, thin necklace, and a shiny, delicate bracelet, you have created for yourself an outfit that speaks a thousand words.

Some navy dresses, depending on the style, may even do well when you add a belt to the waist. If you take a simple navy dress and add a thin black belt, an elegant black necklace, and a strappy, sexy pair of black heels, you have put together the perfect outfit for a fancy dinner at a five-star restaurant.

In the same way, a navy dress with pink ballet flats can be made fun and flirty by some chunky, bold, and colorful jewelry and a bright handbag or clutch. If you’re feeling extra fashion-forward, you can even grab a pink pair of sunglasses.

All of this is to say that there’s not much that can go wrong when you’re rocking a navy dress. Navy is one of the most popular colors chosen by both men and women, especially in the workplace. But just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun without losing your sense of professionalism.

Use this versatile yet straightforward piece of clothing to skyrocket your reputation for fashion and showcase your eye for design and flare. Branch out of your comfort zone and go for a bold color the next time you want to look great in that navy dress. Whether it’s nude, pink, yellow, or red, you’ll have heads turning your way.