What Shoes to Wear with Knee-High Socks

What Shoes to Wear with Knee-high Socks

Knee-high socks have served many purposes throughout their existence. They are used in school uniforms, sports teams, and winter events. They are also used in a fun and flirty way in addition to their ability to being just plain goofy and outrageous.

Some people like knee-high socks because of their comfort; you can find knee-high socks in many fuzzy and thick materials that are perfect for the winter. Others use them for their compression abilities. Still more find specific styles of knee-high socks to be very fashionable if used in the right context, such as a professional workplace or a classy event.

Whatever your reason, if you are going to wear knee-high socks, then you need to know what shoes to wear with them. We are going to explore your options and come up with the best solution as to what shoes to wear with knee-high socks.

You may be surprised to hear what is considered “in” when it comes to this unique look.

What Shoes to Wear with Knee-High Socks

You may find this surprising, but there are actually several different styles of shoes that can look awesome with a pair of knee-high socks. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of this trend, you can always try out one of these combinations to see how it looks.

Knee-high Boots

Possibly the most popular and the most sensible shoe option to wear with knee-high socks is some kind of boot. Not all socks of this length are goofy – some are cute, fuzzy, and quite comfortable. In fact, several companies make knee-high socks specifically for wearing with knee-high boots.

The reason why this combination is so successful is the height of both the sock and the boot. Knee-high socks typically stretch to just below your knee, while knee-high boots – though incorporating the same name – usually reach a couple of inches below that point.

These two together create sort of a layering effect where you get to see both the tall boot and the long sock underneath.

Additionally, wearing boots poses a practical solution to those cold, winter months – when knee-high boots are typically most popular to wear. The shoes themselves, unless lined, offer little to no protection from the weather. However, if you add a thick pair of knee-high socks, you can keep both your feet and your legs toasty while you strut your style.

Boots with knee-high socks are also a great way to break up colors. It’s trendy to rock a pair of black knee-high boots with black leggings under a sweater or a dress, but when you add it a couple of knee-high socks, you insert a break in the all-black aesthetic for some variance.

Try matching the color of your sock to your dress or your shirt, rather than your shoe. You can wear a maroon knee sock with brown boots and jeans to match your maroon sweater for a fantastic fall or winter look.

Other Boots

Any woman of fashion knows that there are several different styles of boots aside from the classic knee-high leather boots. And the good news is, many of these other styles also look fabulous with knee-high socks.


Surprisingly to some, ankle booties actually make a great match for knee-high socks. Because ankle booties only come up to your ankles, they allow you to show off the full length of your tall socks, where other boots might cover them up.

Proudly boast your knee-high socks with a cute pair of wedge booties or ones with a full lace up the front. Play with different color combinations and materials to achieve a chic, fashion-forward look. Try this combination with a trendy denim skirt or a sweater dress.

Winter Boots

Winter boots are a no-brainer in this situation. The whole goal of a winter boot is to keep your toes warm in the snow and low-degree weather. Combining the already warm and protective nature of a winter boot with the soft coziness of a knee-high sock is a recipe for success.

Depending on your style of a winter boot, there are even knee-high socks explicitly designed to fit in them. Tighter-fitting winter boots require thinner knee-high socks, but even these socks are made to keep you warm and toasty.

Looser-fitting boots let you sport the thickest, fuzziest socks you can find without worrying if your boot will go on too tight.

And of course, we highly encourage that you get yourself the cutest pair of knee-high socks you can find. Though some styles are appealing, not all winter boots are what we fashionistas would consider cute, so it can be extra fun to dress these suckers up with some adorable knee-high socks.

Along the same lines as the winter boot, knee-high socks make the perfect mate for rain boots as well. While there are rain boots that come in ankle-length, we’re talking about the classic knee-high rain boot, as wearing knee-high socks with ankle rain boots will only serve to make your socks wet.

Rain Boots

Rain boots are classically made of rubber, so when you wear them with regular socks, they can leave the rest of your leg feeling cold and clammy. Not only does a pair of thick knee-high socks sound fabulous on a dreary rainy day, but they will help protect your legs from the cold and prevent them from rubbing up against the rubber of the boot.

Get yourself a fun and colorful pair of rain boots and pair them with an equally fun and colorful pair of knee-high socks to really brighten up the rainiest of days.

Tall Boots

Finally, we need to address the fact that your knee-high socks will look great with not just knee-high boots, but tall boots with heels. There’s no rule that says you can’t be sexy when it’s cold out. Even though we have to bundle up, there are still ways to look incredible and flaunt your stuff.

Wearing knee-high boots with a heel is the perfect way to achieve that sexy and flattering look – even though you are also sporting a thick winter coat. One of my favorite ways to dress up a winter outfit without looking too bulky is to rock a pair of high heeled knee-high boots over tights.

Tights are form-fitting, so although you are covering your legs, you still get to show off the shape and curves. When you add a high heel, you only accentuate those curves more as well as give yourself a couple of extra inches of height.

Though some would call this a completed look, you can still make it better. Add a touch of color and a bit of layer by throwing in a pair of knee-high socks. Like we mentioned earlier, the socks peeking out over the top of your boot can break up the black of the tights and the shoes. They also will help keep you warmer during a stroll through the town square with your date.

The knee-high socks will stick to the theme of holding tight to your legs to show off your calf muscles while ensuring that you don’t wholly freeze while you’re outside. And the heel of your shoe makes the outfit that much sexier.


If you’re looking for a more professional look rather than a fun and flirty style, you can never go wrong with a nice pair of loafers. Loafers are timeless and classic, and those made of leather are certainly nice enough to wear to the office or out for a lunch meeting with your boss.

While you can rock loafers with a pair of work pants any day, you can also wear them with a skirt and a nice dress shirt. On their own, they might look a little odd with the skirt; but when you pair them with some classy knee socks, you can really conquer the fashion world and the business world at the same time.

This look can be a little tricky, so we suggest keeping it simple and not overdoing it. Don’t overthink; pick out a cute skirt and a professional top, or even a short professional dress, and a dark pair of matching knee-high socks. Throw on your loafers and grab your matching purse and a long jacket, and you’re good to go!

Wedges and Heels

In an almost startling turn of events, you can also sport knee-high socks with your favorite pair of heels or wedges. Though these are not always the first option everyone thinks of, they can certainly work when you put your outfit together the right way.

Let’s start with the heels.

In most cases, platform heels work best with knee-high socks. Think about a classic, close-toed, nude platform heel. While this shoe is a staple in a woman’s closet all on its own, it can also serve as an excellent match for knee-high socks.

Rather than simply wearing a black, flowy dress with your nude platform heels, try adding a pair of black knee-high socks for a fun yet fashionable twist. The colors will certainly play off of one another, while the socks add an additional layer that will accentuate your legs and turn a spring dress into a winter outfit.

Wedges are phenomenal will knee-high socks because the substantial heels serve to create a smooth transition from the shoe to the sock, creating the illusion of a more extended calf and, therefore, a longer, smoother leg. Wedges can be a little tricky, though.

In this case, we aren’t talking about flirty summer wedges that look more like sandals on heels. If you want to wear a pair of wedges with knee-high socks, then we recommend going with a solid black wedge. Look for one made of suede rather than the kind that displays cork bottoms.

Wedges and platform heels with knee-high socks seemingly pulled from the idea of a private school girl uniform with a bit of a twist. Because of this relation, this look is great for anything professional, smart casual, business, or school-related.

Finally, in terms of heels, you can even pull off a strappy high heel with a pair of knee socks with the right color combination and outfit selection. Close-toed or open-toed, strappy heels have a sexy and beautiful appeal all on their own. So much so that many of us consider it a crying shame when we can’t wear them because it’s too cold outside.

However, when you put these shoes together with a pair of knee-high socks, they suddenly become available all year long – making them staples in our wardrobe, highly functional, and super attractive.

On your next date night, try wearing a strappy pair of heels with a complementing pair of knee-high socks. Put these together with a short and flirty skirt and a knock-out blouse. Top the outfit off with a long peacoat jacket and a matching scarf, and you have yourself an outstanding winter date night outfit.

Ballet Flats

Maybe you’re not much of a high heel person and prefer to stay grounded to the earth rather than up on stilts. Never fear – the classic ballet flat will never let the women of this world down.

Ballet flats are amazing shoes because of their ability to be adorable, professional, classy, and sexy. That’s right – this one shoe can transform into each of these looks, depending on what you pair with it.

That being said, think about putting your ballet flats together with a pair of knee-high socks. These trendy and practical shoes will look absolutely stunning with a fitted plaid skirt and a pair of dark knee-high socks.

This same look also works for dress, both flowy and fitted. Either option can go with knee-high socks and matching ballet flats.

With this combination, not only can you look fashion-forward and trendy, but you will remain comfortable without having to worry about walking in heels all day long. Use this look for the office, a lunch date, or a wonderful trip to the mall. This is a versatile look that works in many different settings.

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We can’t talk about knee-high socks without addressing the fact that they can be both fashionable and athletic. There are so many different kinds of knee-highs that range from girly and neon to professional to sporty. In fact, there are several different sports that incorporate knee-high socks into their uniforms for game day or practice, such as soccer or football.

With that in mind, one of the most apparent pairings for these kinds of knee-high socks would be sneakers or cleats. Of course, you can’t wear cleats on a regular basis due to their spikes, but that leaves you with sneakers as a great option.

For Training

Many athletes like to wear knee-high socks during training or workouts. You may have even seen members of your local gym wearing high socks with their sneakers to train. You can obviously wear them with your athletic shorts, but some women even like to pair them with their leggings as they workout and lift.

Knee-high socks can add an extra layer to help you sweat more, while others simply like them for how they make any outfit look. Though many don’t care how they look during physical activity, others find that a well put together outfit helps drive their workout.

Additionally, some knee-high socks can provide extra compression on the leg during an intense workout.

For Outdoor Activities

For outdoor activities, knee-high socks might deliver a bit of protection and warmth on cooler days. A lacrosse player practicing on a cool spring day might be a little chilly, so wearing a pair of knee-high socks can help cover part of the leg to help out. At the same time, these socks are minimal enough that once you work up a sweat, they won’t end up being too hot.

Keeping along the lines of athletic activities, you can also pair hiking boots with knee-high socks. These socks will keep you warm and comfortable during a hike in the cooler months, but they also serve as great protective when it’s warm outside.

Low-hanging branches, bushes, and brush often scratch at our legs during hikes. If you’re wearing knee-high socks, you can avoid some of these natural damage. You can also protect yourself from getting bit by mosquitoes and other bugs without being weighed down by long pants.

Consider knee-high socks for a camping trip. They’ll keep you warm, protect your legs, and as a bonus, they won’t fall down inside your shoe while you’re walking.


As you can see, knee-high socks can be functional, practical, fun, sexy, and professional. They are a lot more versatile than they receive credit for, so don’t count them out based on your memory of a school uniform or a crazy outfit that you saw your little sister put together.

There are several options of shoes you can choose from to wear with knee-high socks, from boots and booties to heels and sneakers. Whatever your style is, there’s a good chance that you can find something to put together a fantastic outfit with knee-high socks.