Unveiling the Truth: What’s the Real Average Shoe Size for Men?

average shoe size for men

The average shoe size for men is a topic that has been widely discussed among people everywhere.

For those who do take their time and conduct a little bit of research about this topic, there can be some interesting results as to what kind of shoe size most men fall within.

Moreover, every foot structure is going to be different from one person to another.

Hence, I’d love to share the following information that will help those interested in this topic learn more about what kind of foot structure might fit with an average-sized shoe for a man.

Average shoe size for men based on height

Men’s HeightMen’s Average Shoe size
Under 5’5″7 – 9
5’6″ – 5’9″9.5 – 10.5
5’10” – 6’2″11 – 12.5
6’3″+13 – 20+

Based on the above table, you can tell that your height somehow influences your shoe size. And I agree with that!

The correlation between height and shoe size highly depends on the dimension of the body. In my observation, taller individuals generally have longer feet due to their skeletal structure that tends to scale with height.

Nonetheless, I must highlight that genetics, foot width, and personal preference significantly affect shoe sizes.

Moreover, the diversity of sizing systems and standards also influences the relationship between countries and shoe manufacturers. Therefore, I recommend you not to rely entirely on the sizing system based on height.

Here is the average shoe size for men in the U.S.

Do you want to know the average foot size for men? This is about 10.5.

Foot sizes change depending on height, so even if two people are the same height their shoe size can be different.

For men in the United States, most American men who are 20 and taller and whose height is 5 feet 10.9 inches wear a shoe size of 10.5.

Meanwhile, men who are taller than 6-foot-2 inches usually wear a size 11 to 12; shorter men usually wear an eight to nine shoe size.

To know better about how to determine your shoe size, check on the following shoe size conversion chart:

average shoe size for men
Shoe Size Conversion Chart for Men
average shoe size for men
(cont.) Shoe Size Conversion Chart for Men

The average shoe size for men in UK

The average shoe size in the UK is 9. This used to be 8 a few years ago. Some people think that this change might be because of obesity. Other people think it might be because of changing diets in England.

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The average shoe sizes for men in different countries around the world 

In different countries, the average size of a man’s shoe can be different. It is usually between 9 and 10. It depends on the country. Most people are taller in countries with food that is easy to get than they are in countries where there is not much food.

What determines the foot size for men

average shoe size for men
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Your shoe size is determined by your feet. Your feet are a lot like your height and that is mainly controlled by genes. When it comes to height, there’s a connection between shoe size and height.

Our feet support the rest of our body. They are made up of muscles and ligaments that hold us up. If you are tall, your feet need to be bigger so they can support your weight and keep you from falling over.

The average height-to-foot ratio is about 6:1, meaning you will have about 6 inches in height for every 1 inch in foot length.

This is a rough estimation, though. Some people use a shoe that is smaller or larger than those from this calculation.

Diet and lifestyle can also affect your foot size. For instance, eating foods with protein, vitamins and other important nutrients as a child may make you taller, which will also determine your foot size.

Does your shoe size change overtime?

When you are older, your feet might grow. This is because of weight gain or loss in the ligaments and tendons. You might need a larger shoe size than before when you were younger.

How to know what is your correct shoe size

average shoe size for men
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Shoe sizes are measured in length and width. The number on the shoe is the length of the shoe. If there is a letter following it, it is the width of the shoe.

Men’s shoes mostly come in medium width, D for example. There are other specialty widths for men’s shoes that range from A to 4E+.

To find your shoe size, you need a piece of paper, a tape measure, and a pen and do it at the end of the day as the feet will expand a bit.

Put on the socks if you want to try this with them on. Then put your foot up against the long side of the paper with both your heel and big toe touching it.

Mark where it touches on the paper with a dot or line, then use a straight edge to connect those two dots or lines together in order to get your shoe size!

You need to measure the length from the heel to the farthest point on your toes. Then, inspect how wide it is. Measure the widest points, which are usually on either side of your foot.

What are the challenges of determining the average shoe sizes in various countries? 

average shoe size for men
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Determining the average shoe sizes is indeed challenging since there are different sizing standards and footwear preferences.

Based on my experience, the first tricky thing in choosing the shoe is the difference in shoe measurement systems. For example, in the U.S., the sizing measurement refers to inches, while in Europe, they use centimeters.

Furthermore, cultural variations in fashion and culture influence the shoe sizing system. It further challenges us to pinpoint the average shoe size globally.

Beyond that, I also find economic factors and regional variations in body anthropometrics contribute to the diverse sizing preferences. The fast fashion evolution complicates this challenge since people’s preferences in fashion shift quickly.

In addition, I think the inconsistent data on sizing across countries hinders the reliable global average shoe size.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are size 11 feet big for guys

Size 11 is pretty common and not that unusual. You can find shoes with an 11 size. Most stores have sizes up to 12. But most stores don’t have shoes bigger than 12.

2. What is the average shoe size for a 6-foot man

For men who are 6 feet tall, the average shoe size is 11.5. But this might not be true for everyone. You may want to give or take an inch so that it falls in the range of 11 to 12.5 inches, which would make it more relatable for people who are not 6 feet tall than if you just used 11.5 inches as the average size.

3. What shoe size is considered small for men

Under 8 is considered small. If you wear a size under 8, it is hard to find the right shoe in the adult section. You might need to buy shoes from the children’s section.

4. Why average shoe sizes are increasing

Some people’s feet are getting bigger over time. This is because when we were kids, we ate high-calorie foods that made our feet bigger.

At first, women wore a size 3.5–4, but then in the 1940s they wore a 5.5 instead. In the 1970s, their shoes were an average of 7.5—a whole size smaller than now!

The problem is that many shoe stores do not carry shoes in big sizes for both men and women. That can make it hard when they have to special order shoes that fit well. Many stores refuse to buy bigger sizes, even though more and more people want them.

5. If your feet are outside of the regular range

If your feet are not in the average size, don’t worry. Foot size is getting bigger every year. People like to buy big shoes now because they are bigger than ever before.

The most popular sneaker sizes are also growing larger and larger. If you have big feet right now, your foot size will get smaller over time because it is getting bigger all the time.

What is more important is finding shoes that fit well and do not cause you pain—you can find the right shoe size by measuring your feet accurately and then adjusting that number based on what kind of sneakers you want to wear and what feels comfortable for you.

Final words on shoe sizes

Now you have learned that the average shoe size in men is about 10.5. This estimation is taken from a 5 feet 10.5-inch man. Even though your height and shoe size might be correlated, all shoe sizes are normal.

What makes you different is the things that make you unique. The shoes that fit best for you are the ones to buy because those will be the only ones to enjoy wearing.