12 Best Boots for Wide Calves

Best Boots for Wide Calves

The time has never been better to invest in a pair of boots. They are sexy, trendy, and gorgeous. That’s saying nothing about their versatility. Our roundup of the best boots for wide calves will show you the possibilities, whether you’re looking for something to wear at work or for casual nights on the town.

If you’ve searched for boots online or in the shops, you’ll probably notice that there is a vast array of styles, price points, and quality. They are no longer just something to wear when the weather takes a turn. Today’s footwear is a fashion accessory.

Our guide will go over the features to look for when buying boots. We’ll discuss the types and materials you’ll see. We will also delve into how to make them a part of your unique look. In case you want to cut to the chase, here are our favorites.

Our Top Picks

Let’s begin with the things you need to know to make an informed choice.

How to Choose Boots

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that there are many takes on what boots are to say nothing of the best boots for wide calves. They started as a practical item that you might use on the farm when gardening or riding horses. That has all changed.

No matter how people use them, durability is the top feature that buyers want in a pair. That makes sense, given the price you’ll likely pay for a quality product. After all, some products contain more material when you consider taller boots like knee-highs. The higher cost reflects that fact. However, don’t let it be the only factor when choosing a pair to buy.

We suggest taking the time to find a pair that you like, and that feels comfortable, especially if you’re going to wear them frequently. Don’t settle. Get the ones you want, even if it means paying a little more. Skimping on footwear is never a smart idea when you consider the consequences of an ill-informed choice.

What Features Should You Look for in a Pair of WC Boots?

Comfort, of course, is the critical feature. That’s only the end product. The factors that add up to a pair of boots you want to wear is another story with lots of possibilities. The features you should consider include:

  • Type
  • Material
  • Height
  • Support
  • Weather-resistance

Types of Boots

Think about what you want out of a pair of boots and when you’re going to wear them. That will help you home in which one is best for you—along with a budget. It’s easier to justify spending more if you’re going to use them every day.

The most popular types of boots include:

  • Ankle boots
  • Chelsea boots
  • Wedge boots
  • Calf boots
  • Knee-high boots
  • Over-the-knee boots
  • Riding or equestrian boots
  • Winter boots

You’ll find boots that you can wear every day and others that serve more practical purposes. For example, there are snow boots and rain boots when the weather takes a turn. Others are more formal and are ideal for dress-up occasions.

Materials of the Upper

No matter when you wear your boots, you want them to look good. Your choice of the material of the upper is a significant part of your decision. Out of the box, they’ll catch your eye. That’s called marketing.

It’s what happens after you wear them several times that matter most.

Full-grain leather is the quintessential choice for all footwear for a good reason. They last. These boots can handle the punishment of everyday use. They will also soften with time, making them feel like a pair of well-worn jeans. The downsides are that they are expensive and require care to keep them feeling as luxurious down the road as the first day you slipped them on your feet.

You’ll also see variations on the leather theme with split-grain and nubuck leather. The former offers a more affordable product because of the addition of other materials like nylon that cut down on the amount of leather in the boot. That makes them less expensive to produce and, thus, they are more affordable.

The latter improves durability so that the boots will last longer. Manufacturers use the outside of the animal’s hide, which they buff to give its signature look. Unlike natural leather, nubuck doesn’t darken with age. Other than an occasional scuff or road salt stain, it’ll look the same. However, they still will loosen up with use and get that comfortable feel.

It may surprise you to learn that leather is on the wane for footwear. Several reasons explain this trend, including affordability. Another driving factor is a focus on vegan-friendly products. After all, if you choose your foods based on these principles, it’s hypocritical to use other products that are contrary to this lifestyle.

You’ll also see a wide range of synthetic materials. Many look like leather with similar styling. It’s an excellent compromise to get the look without the high price.

Heel Height

Heel height is an essential consideration on several fronts. It affects your comfort level, targeting the muscles of your lower body. Ill-fitting shoes can change the way you walk and lead to lower back pain. We’d suggest thinking about how long you’ll wear your boots for a stretch. Stiletto heels are fashionable, but they may wear out their welcome after several hours on your feet.

Heel height also plays a role in how you appear when wearing shoes. They can help disguise what you perceive as wide calves. With the right pair of boots, your legs will look sleeker and slimmer. You can opt for flats, platform, or higher heels, depending on the length of your legs. The shorter they are in relation to your body, the taller the heel you’ll need.


The type of closure is another vital factor to consider if you have wide calves. The kind determines how easy you’ll find putting on your boots. You’ll find products with simple zippers to laces to buckles—and everything in between.

We recommend choosing something adjustable if just to accommodate the changing size of your feet during the day. The longer you’re upright, the more likely that blood is pooling downward and making them swell. We prefer ones that are easy to use like zippers.

You’ll see both half and full-length zippers. A lot depends on the construction of the boot and the size of the opening or circumference. Manufacturers often include more than one type. A buckle or strap can allow you to adjust the fit while adding a decorative element. The same thing applies to pull-tabs, which make it easier for you to put on your boots instead of a closure.

Comfort and Support

Comfort relates directly to the type of material and the length. Some like leather will retain heat more, which is either a good or bad thing. During the winter, you’ll welcome it while it’s summer, not so much. Many quality products will have a breathable lining to overcome this issue.

If you get boots above your calf, you may also feel the heat since it’s probably unlikely that this part of your body is covered by anything more than your pants, typically. Keep this factor in mind, especially if you experience prickly heat frequently.

Look into the type of support that a pair of boots offers. Many products have flexible soles that reduce fatigue and help to relieve pressure. Balance is another vital aspect of comfort. Our footwear should help you stay in your natural gait. It’s one way you can avoid foot or back pain.

Weather Resistance

We always consider weather resistance, whether we’re buying running shoes or boots. It’s the one thing that will affect the return you get from your investment. After all, you can trash your footwear in one day if there is a lot of salt on the roads or sidewalks.

It’s also about comfort in this case, too.

When your feet get wet and cold, just about nothing will warm your body. It cuts through you like a knife. That’s why we always think about how our boots will hold up to the elements, especially precipitation of any type. You will see products that have a coating, which protects them from the elements.

You can also apply sprays that will keep moisture from seeping inside of them and repelling it from the surface. However, you should always check the care instructions of your boots and the instructions on the repellants before applying them. They can damage some materials like suede.

Pay attention to the wording that you see in the product’s description. There is a significant difference between weather-proof and waterproof. Some boots—especially performance ones—will include an IP rating. That figure gives you a quantitative way to gauge how well they’ll keep your feet dry. The first figure tells you how well it’ll keep solids from getting into your boots.

The second number refers to its waterproofness. If it is 6, 7, or even 8, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about snow or puddles.

How Should You Match Your Boot with Your Body Shape?

The best-kept secret about boots is that it’s a fashion accessory that can improve your body image. You can make the most out of your purchase when you think about how they can affect how you appear to others.

For example, long boots make your legs look slimmer, especially if they hug the contours of your legs. We love this type because it looks so curvy and sexy. Lengthening the perception of your body makes all of you look this way. Your tummy will even seem smaller, like your calves. However, you have to note the circumference to determine if they are the right choice for you.

We recommend measuring your calves at the widest point, preferably in the afternoon after you’ve been on your feet for a while. Manufacturers will typically provide this dimension in the product’s description. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle with returns and ill-fitting boots by knowing where you stand.

Platform heels are an excellent choice if your legs are a shorter length that is less than average. It does the opposite of knee-high boots because of the smaller scale. It’s an excellent compromise that adds some height but is not too high to affect your back.

We’d also suggest being practical. It’s one thing if you’re wearing your boots at work where you may want to take a more conservative stance versus going to the clubs where you want to be noticed. Keep it real. The takeaway is that your footwear can affect your overall look and make your calves seem smaller.

You should measure your feet before buying your boots, preferably in the afternoon when they are at their widest. Sizes often vary with the manufacturer. Even a small difference in length or width can affect your comfort. Many sellers have size charts to help you pick the right one. We think using these measurements is a better way to gauge sizes.

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Our Picks for the Best Boots for Wide Calves

Now that you have the scoop on the features let’s move onto the boots. We included several types, some with some specific uses. After all, boots are like potato chips: you can’t have just one.

1. Bed Stu Manchester Wide Calf Boots

Bed Stu Manchester Wide Calf

The Bed Stu Manchester Wide Calf Boots are a smart choice if you like the rugged look of well-worn leather. The curvy profile will hug the lines of your calves. They have a lace closure at the top that you can adjust to size with a half zipper along the side. The shaft is 17.75 inches with a 1.25-inch heel. The circumference is 16.25 inches. Both the lining and upper are leather.

The soles are Goodyear welt outsole. The texture is cut deep for an excellent grip on whatever surface on which you’ll walk. They are easy to put on and take off, thanks to the two closures. You can get them in either tan rustic or black hand in sizes 6 through 10.

The boots are vegetable-tanned, which means they will take on a patina as they age, adding to the character of the boots. It also improves its durability. It’s worth noting that it’s the same process that manufacturers use to make saddles. You will need to take care of these boots with occasional waxing. You should also avoid getting them wet until you’ve had a chance to break them in for a few weeks.

While they are spendy, the Bed Stu Manchester Wide Calf Boots are attractive and sure to turn heads. They are comfortable and provide decent support in a quality product.


  • The stressed look is gorgeous.
  • The sole has enough gripping power for wet surfaces.
  • They provide ample cushioning for all-day wear.
  • The front profile is slimming to make your legs smaller.


  • The sizes run small.
  • The insole isn’t removable if you need extra support.
  • The boots are expensive.

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2. Franco Sarto Haylie WC Boots

Franco Sarto Haylie WC

The design of the Franco Sarto Haylie WC Boots takes its inspiration from the equestrian world with a look that combines the practicality of something you’d wear in the field with stylish good looks. They have a rounded toe and a 17.5-inch shaft, putting them just below your knee. They have a side zipper closure with a leather strap across the ankle that draws attention away from your calves to the boot.

The low-stack heel is 0.75 inches, making them a suitable choice for those with average-sized legs. Both the inner and upper portions are leather. The boots flare slightly toward the top, making them easy to put on with the full-length zipper. The cushioning and arch support are comfortable and well-served for all-day use. The circumference is 16 inches, making them an option for those with wide calves.

You can get them in black, brown, or cognac leather in sizes 5 to 11. We liked having the extra option for an earth tone color. Overall, the look of the boots is classy and suitable for casual or work settings. The inside of the boots is soft and a pleasure to wear.


  • The boots run true to size for length.
  • The leather is uber-soft so that you can fold the boots for different looks.
  • The support is excellent.
  • The leather strap is an attractive touch.
  • They are affordably priced.


  • The lack of texturing on the soles won’t provide a lot of traction.
  • The width runs slightly narrow.

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3. Cambridge Select Women’s Slouch Mid-Calf Boots

Cambridge Select Women's Slouch Crisscross Strappy Chunky High Heel Mid-Calf Boot,9 B(M) US,Tan PU

The Cambridge Select Women’s Slouch Mid-Calf Boots are an excellent choice if you want casual footwear that has a sophisticated look that is appropriate for work. The relaxed shaft is comfortable if you have wide calves without feeling too tight. The pair comes in white, black, tan, and brown in sizes 6.5 through 10.

They have two straps criss crossed at the ankle in the front of the boot with a seam running up the back. The sole is lightly textured, which is decent enough for indoor wear but may be slick on wet surfaces. The heel is just under 2 inches. The added height has a slimming effect, which we liked. The upper has a distressed look that works well with the adjustable straps.

The interior of the boots is soft. There is enough cushioning to make them comfortable to wear for long stretches. Overall, they are affordable and a good value for the price.


  • The boots are affordably priced.
  • They run true to size.
  • There is decent arch support for all-day use.
  • The design is fashionable.


  • The traction on the sole isn’t textured enough for slick surfaces.
  • There are occasional quality-control issues.

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4. Brinley Co Women’s Cammie-WC Slouch Boots

Brinley Co Women's Cammie-wc Slouch Boot, Brown Wide Calf, 8.5 M US

The Brinley Co Women’s Cammie-WC Slouch Boots are another value-priced pair with a laid-back look suitable for the office. They are synthetic and come up to the mid-calf area at 13.5 inches. There are two straps at the top of the shaft and one across the front of the foot. The opening is wide, making it easy to put on and take off quickly.

The synthetic boots have a mildly textured sole for adequate grip on slick surfaces. The heels are 1.5 inches as a hidden wedge. From the front, they look as if they are flat. Even though they are for casual wear, they are still warm, especially when you wear thick socks. They are well-made and can handle everyday use well.

Overall, the boots are a good value for the money. They are comfortable and look attractive for casual wear. The slough design does an excellent job of accommodating wide calves.


  • There are plenty of color choices to match your wardrobe.
  • The circumference of the shaft can accommodate wide calves comfortably.
  • The boots provide ample support for all-day wear.
  • They are true to size.


  • Some may find the straps make the boots look too busy.
  • We’d prefer that the heel was visible instead of hidden for a sleeker look.

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5. Naturalizer Women’s January WC Riding Boots

Naturalizer Women's January Wc Riding Boot, Camel, 7.5 M US

The Naturalizer Women’s January WC Riding Boots is an over-the-knee product in a classic equestrian style with a welcome touch of femininity. The upper is leather with a synthetic sole. There are two straps in the back and a half zipper on the side. The shaft is 20 inches high with a circumference of 17.5 inches. The heel is a modest height for comfortable walking.

You can get the boots in either camel or black in sizes 4 through 12. The design is slimming without feeling tight. The tan pair has a noticeable textured leather surface on the front of the foot with a smoother grain on the shaft. The manufacturer bills them as having N5 comfort. That means they are balanced and lightweight.

The boots also have a breathable lining with extra cushioning in the insole where you need it most. The soles are flexible to prevent hotspots, too. Overall, it’s a well-made product that will handle the rigors of everyday use. The leather has a well-worn look that is attractive.


  • The cutout on the back of the boots prevents binding when sitting.
  • The manufacturer did skimp, using high-quality materials in the construction.
  • The boots are uber-comfortable.
  • The profile is attractive.


  • Some may not like the two-tone look of the leather on the tan boots.
  • Some may find the opening too wide.

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6. Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boots

Hunter Women's Original Tall Black Rain Boots - 7 B(M) US

The Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boots is our first fully waterproof product. It has a straight, 16-inch shaft with an upturned toe box that gives it a playful look. The upper is leather with a high-gloss finish that is sure to turn heads. These are not the rain boots you had as a kid. There is a silver buckle on the top of the shaft, which adds a nice touch, along with the manufacturer’s label.

The profile of the boot is curvy, following the contours of your leg. The fit is comfortable with plenty of cushioning for support. While they run true to size in length and width, you might consider going up a half size if you plan to wear thicker socks. However, there is ample wiggle room for your toes. They come in 27 colors in sizes from 5 through 13.

The boots are a sound value if you need a waterproof pair. They are well-made with quality materials. The manufacturer has made this style since 1956, which says a lot about customer satisfaction with this product.


  • Buyers have their choice of 27 colors.
  • The soles provide excellent traction.
  • Your feet will stay dry in these boots.


  • The shiny surface of the boots will show spots more readily.
  • Some may find the opening too narrow.

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7. Franco Sarto Women’s Belaire WC Equestrian Boots

Franco Sarto Women's Belaire WC Equestrian Boot, Black, 7 M US

The Franco Sarto Women’s Belaire WC Equestrian Boots have a minimalist design that looks sleek and elegant, especially with the stitching on the front and back. The shaft measures 16 inches with a circumference of 16 inches. There is an adjustable strap at the top, which can cinch for the ideal fit. The profile is gorgeous and decidedly feminine.

The toes are rounded with a slight point that makes your feet look smaller. The heel is just over 1 inch and adds to the overall look of the boots. You can get them in black, scotch, or brown in sizes 5 through 13. The upper is leather, while the sole is synthetic with subtle texturing. It’s flexible so that the boots are comfortable to wear all day.

Buyers recognize the manufacturer as a producer of quality products. This pair of boots is no exception. The design and construction are top-notch with some little touches that speak volumes.


  • They are a beautiful pair of boots from all angles.
  • The attention to detail is evident with stitching in the front and on the toes.
  • The boots run true to size.
  • They are well-made.


  • Some may find the circumference too narrow.
  • The boots may scuff easily.

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8. Brinley Co Women’s Fulton Riding Boots

Brinley Co Women's Fulton WC Riding Boot, Brown Wide, 10 M US

The Brinley Co Women’s Fulton Riding Boots are more for casual wear than the office. They are synthetic but look like real leather. The 16.25-inch shaft comes up just below your knee. There are two adjustable buckles on the top of the foot with a full-length zipper along the side. They are easy to get into and remove with a 17-inch circumference.

The sole is also synthetic with a 1.5-inch heel. The texturing on the bottom is subtle and not likely to provide a lot of traction. You can get it in your choice of six colors in sizes 6 through 11. You’ll either love or hate the contrasting side zipper. However, you can get the boots in black without this feature. Nevertheless, they have an eye-catching distressed look that we liked.

The boots are comfortable with enough space in the width and toe box. Individuals with special footwear needs will appreciate the wide selection of sizes, including two widths. Overall, they are a decent value for the price of an everyday pair.


  • You’ll find the boots in both wide and extra wide.
  • The boots are affordably priced.
  • They have an attractive distressed look.
  • The full-length zipper makes removal a snap.


  • Some may find that the color of the zipper distracts from the boots otherwise good looks.
  • The foot portion of the boot is bulky.

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9. Naturalizer Women’s Dale WC Leather Riding Boots

Naturalizer Women's Dale Knee High Boot, Black Watch, 10 M US

The Naturalizer Women’s Dale WC Leather Riding Boots are the second pair of waterproof footwear in our top picks. The upper is leather with a synthetic rubber sole. The traction is excellent on slick surfaces. There are two buckles at the ankle, which add some visual appeal. While you wouldn’t think you’d wear leather boots in the winter, you can do so with these with their heat-retaining sock liners.

The boots have 2-inch heels with a 15.5-inch circumference in the 15-inch shaft. They come in either black watch or black wp leather in sizes 6 through 11. There is a side zipper for easy removal. Like other products from the manufacturer, they feature the N5 comfort technology. They are both lightweight and balanced to support your natural gait.

Although waterproof, the boots are also breathable with a moisture-wicking liner to keep your feet dry. Cushioning at the critical wear spots ensures that you won’t get blisters.


  • The boots are warm and comfortable.
  • They are waterproof.
  • The soles provide reliable traction.
  • The design is flattering and makes your legs look slimmer.


  • They don’t run true to size and are a bit narrow.
  • There are no wide size options.

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10. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee-High Riding Boots

DREAM PAIRS Women's Atlanta Brown Fur Lined Knee High Riding Boots Size 9 M US

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee-High Riding Boots combine the styling of equestrian footwear with a motorcycle vibe that makes them a fun pair for going out on the town. The shaft is 17.5 inches with a 14.5-inch circumference. They have a modest 1.25-inch heel. There are two straps at the ankle and a full-length zipper for easy removal.

The boots have a distressed look that fits the design. They are synthetic with a rubber sole. Texturing on the bottom provides good traction. The inside of the boots has faux fur, which will keep your feet warm on a chilly day. You have your choice of 11 colors in sizes 5 through 12. The arch support is adequate, with plenty of room throughout the foot.

The manufacturer added a secret compartment to one of the boots that we loved. While they aren’t waterproof, they will hold up well during regular use. The boots are also value-priced.


  • The styling is fun.
  • The boots are warm.
  • The right boot has a pocket on the outside of the shin for carrying a key or change.
  • They run true to size.


  • The boots are too hot to wear during the warmer months.
  • Some may find the opening too narrow.

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11. Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boots

Charles Albert Women's Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boot with Pull-Up Tabs in Black Size: 11

The Charles Albert Women’s Modern Western Cowboy Distressed Boots is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pair that sits lower on your leg and has plenty of give in the opening. The shaft measures 8 inches. They have 2.5-inch stacked heels and a rounded, almond toe, which are a fun addition to a pair of footwear with a tough look to them.

Both the upper and sole are synthetic with pull-tabs for easy removal. You can get them in 10 color choices in sizes 6 through 11. We’ll admit that we’re partial to the black ones. Unfortunately, there are no half sizes. However, they run true to size with ample room in the toe box and width if you go to the next size.

Overall, we loved the look and the price of the boots. They have an edgy feel that we appreciated. They are comfortable with enough support to wear all day.


  • They are comfortable with no binding at the top.
  • The boots are affordably priced.
  • The rubber sole provides good traction.
  • They are stylish.


  • There are no half sizes available.
  • Some may find the opening too wide.

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12. Debby Side Zip Snow Boots

Weatherproof Women's Debby Snow Boot, Brown, 8 WC US

The Debby Side Zip Snow Boots are the only pair of true winter boots that we included in our top picks. This pair scores high marks on a lot of fronts. The look is smart and attractive, especially given its type. The materials are synthetic that could easily pass for leather. It has a buckle at the ankle and a full-length zipper, which we appreciated to make removal easier when wearing thick socks.

The shaft reaches mid-calf. It has a modest heel that is practical for walking on slick surfaces. Faux fur lines the inside with the color complementing that of the upper material. It has a waterproof, rubber sole that does an excellent job of gripping the surface. The styling is casual yet classy, or dare we say practical? We liked the fact that the fur peaks out of the top of the boot.

The arch support is spot-on, along with the width. They run true to size for the most part. Our only gripe is the toe box, which some may find a bit narrow. You can get the boots in either black or brown in sizes 6.5 to 10. While they’re not footwear for an arctic trek, they’ll keep your feet warm enough while running errands. They are also reasonably priced.


  • The boots are both good looking and practical.
  • The faux fur is warm and comfortable.
  • The traction is excellent.
  • The care is easy.


  • There isn’t a lot of insulation on the top of the foot.
  • The sizing runs small.

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The Verdict

Picking the top boots from our list was hard, to say the least. However, three stood out from the rest for the little things that can sway a decision one way or another. Let’s recap our favs.

Best Overall

The Naturalizer Women’s Dale WC Leather Riding Boots impressed us on many levels. We loved the N5 comfort technology and the way it made them more comfortable to wear. The attention to details was excellent. The manufacturer designed the pair to last while not losing sight of styling. The slimming effect of the design was irresistible.

It’s a sound choice if you need a pair of boots for wide calves. The opening is generous and one of the largest of the products that we reviewed. The addition of the buckles to adjust it is another welcome feature of this product.

Best Premium

The only thing that kept the Franco Sarto Women’s Belaire WC Equestrian Boots from top honors was the price. If we wanted to treat ourselves to something special, it is the one we’d pick. The curvy lines are so gorgeous that you can wear them anytime. We liked the fact that they give your legs a sleek look. Not only do they fit, but they look great.

We also appreciated the breathable liner, which is a must-have feature with leather boots. It wicks moisture away from your feet, making you feel more comfortable. It was a pleasant surprise for footwear you’d expect to put fashion at the forefront. The flexible sole was also a boon to support your gait and stride without binding.

Best Value

The DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee-High Riding Boots surprised us. The design, construction, and attention to detail won us over, not to mention the affordable pricing. It’s an excellent choice for a casual look that won’t break the bank. We loved the styling that you’ll see in comparable products at a much higher price point.

The faux fur insole won us over, too. It is soft and comfortable while providing a bit extra warm on chilly days. The strap at the top of the shaft is another feature that we liked. Not only does it look good, but it allows you to adjust the circumference to fit, whether you’re wearing a skirt or jeans.