How To Clean Nike Shoes With Mesh (Best Guides)

Today’s topic is how to clean Nike shoes with mesh. Mesh shoes, like Nike’s popular Air Max and Roshe styles, are my favorite type of shoes because of their breathability and comfort. However, because the mesh material allows for dirt and grime to easily get trapped, they can get dirty quickly and may require more frequent cleaning. Cleaning mesh shoes can be a bit trickier than cleaning solid-surface shoes, as you’ll want to be careful not to damage the mesh or stretch it out of shape. No worries, I’ve got your back! I’ve compiled a lot of tips and tricks that I’ve tested to clean your Nike shoes with Mesh. Let’s get into it!


what is mesh shoes

A Mesh shoes have an upper that is made from nylon, polyester, or sometimes even knit material. The specific material used can vary depending on the brand. These shoes can be recognized by their distinctive fishnet or hole-like appearance.


how do you clean the mesh

Hand washing mesh shoes in my experience is a good way to clean mesh shoes. I will show you how to clean the mesh in your Nike shoes and make them look and smell fresh, no matter how often you wear them. Whether you’re dealing with grass stains, dirt, or sweat, I will tell you the way to thoroughly wash your Nike shoes.

1. Prepare the Solution

In a bowl, combine a small amount of laundry detergent or a mild soap with either cool or lukewarm water. It is important to avoid using hot water, as it may alter the color of the shoes. I also recommend avoiding using harsh chemicals or bleach.

2. Brush off Dirts

Remove any dirt from the top of the shoes by brushing them off. Next, hit the shoes together to remove any dirt clumps from the bottom. I recommend doing this outside or above a sink.

3. Remove the Shoelaces

To clean the shoelaces, you can either hand wash or machine wash them. For hand washing, mix soap and water and rub the mixture into the laces. Rinse with cold water afterward. If using a washing machine, put the laces in a mesh bag and run on a gentle cycle. After washing, let the laces air dry to avoid damaging the aglets (the ends of the laces). Do not put them in the dryer.

4. Stuff with Newspapers

To maintain the shape of the shoes, fill them with crumpled newspapers, washcloths, or a shoe tree. Usually, I stuff my shoes with newspapers because my shoe tree is always missing.

5. Brush Shoes with Solution

Gently brush the shoes in the direction of the knit pattern, being mindful to not scrub too hard and risk snagging the yarn. Remember that the direction of the brush strokes may need to change depending on the density and pattern of the knit on different parts of the shoe.

6. Scrub the side and bottom parts of the shoes.

Scrub the side and the bottom of the soles with the brush.

7. Grab a Towel

Use a clean cloth to remove the soap. If the shoes are not fully clean, repeat steps 5 and 6 until you are satisfied. If the shoes are particularly dirty, it may be necessary to repeat the process multiple times.

8. Air Dry

Use a cloth to pat the shoes dry, then allow them to air dry. It is best to avoid using the dryer, as the heat can cause damage to the shoes.


what is the best thing to clean mesh shoes with

Hand Washing, Using the Washing Machine, and using Hydrogen Peroxide are my best methods for washing mesh shoes. You know how easily they can become dirty and smelly, especially if you wear them frequently. But fear not, I have tested plenty of options for cleaning your mesh shoes and getting them looking and smelling fresh again. So let’s dive in and find out the best thing to clean mesh shoes with!

1. Hand wash

Hand washing shoes for me is the best method for washing mesh shoes because it allows for a more thorough and gentle clean. With this allows you to carefully scrub away any dirt or stains without causing any harm to the shoes. Additionally, you can use a mild detergent specifically designed for mesh shoes to ensure that the cleaning solution won’t harm the material. Overall, hand washing is the most effective and safe way for me to clean mesh shoes and keep them looking their best.

2. Washing machine

While the washing machine can effectively clean the shoes, it may not be as gentle on the delicate mesh material as hand washing. However, I think it is a convenient and efficient option for those who do not have the time or inclination to hand wash their mesh shoes. Simply place the shoes in a mesh laundry bag and wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Be sure to air dry the shoes after washing to prevent damage to the mesh. Overall, the washing machine is a reliable and efficient option for cleaning mesh shoes

3. Hydrogen peroxide

To clean your mesh Nike shoes, I usually fill a small bucket or sink with warm water and add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Gently scrub the shoes with a soft bristle brush, remember to pay extra attention to any dirt or stains. Rinse the shoes thoroughly with clean water and allow them to air dry. Repeat this process as needed to keep your shoes looking fresh and clean. Remember to always test the hydrogen peroxide on a small, inconspicuous area of the shoe before using it on the entire surface to ensure it does not cause any damage.

4. White toothpaste

After trying using toothpaste, it can be used to wash mesh Nike shoes and it is a great option for cleaning mesh shoes because it is gentle on the fabric, yet effective at removing stains and brightening the color of the shoes. It is important to use non-abrasive toothpaste, as harsh ingredients could potentially damage the mesh fabric. Additionally, it is always a good idea to test a small, inconspicuous area of the shoes before applying toothpaste all over, just to be sure it will not cause any discoloration or damage. Overall, toothpaste can be a convenient and effective way to clean and freshen up your mesh Nike shoes.


Nike shoe cleaning

The Nike Shoe Cleaning Kit includes a bottle of specially formulated shoe cleaner that removes dirt, grime, and stains from your sneakers, a scrub brush to help loosen tough dirt, and a microfiber towel to blot away excess cleaner. It also includes a small bottle of conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple. The Nike shoe cleaning kit is a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast because it includes everything you need to keep your sneakers looking new.  After using the product, I can easily maintain the appearance and longevity of my Nike sneakers. Whether you’re a sneaker collector or just want to keep your daily kicks looking their best, the Nike shoe cleaning kit has you covered.


how do you get stains out from mesh shoes

I will give you some tips and tricks that I’ve tried to get stains out of mesh shoes so you can keep them looking fresh and new. Are you tired of trying to get stains out of mesh shoes and failing every time? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t get them clean? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Mesh shoes can be a challenge to keep clean, but there are some tried and true methods for removing stains from them. Let’s dive into it:


  • Shoe Cleaner: A shoe cleaner is a product designed to remove dirt, stains, and other contaminants from the surface of shoes. It can come in the form of a liquid, powder, or cream, and is usually applied to the shoes using a cloth or brush. I usually prefer the liquid form, because it may also contain ingredients to help nourish and protect the leather or fabric of the shoe, helping to preserve its longevity and appearance.
  • Apron: An apron can help protect your clothes from getting dirty or splashed with water or cleaning solutions. You should definitely use it if you are using harsh chemicals or solvents to clean the shoes.
  • Premium Brush: A premium brush is typically used for the upper part of a sneaker to remove dirt and stains on canvas, suede, leather, synthetic leather, mesh, and knit shoes.
  • Medium Brush: A medium brush is typically about the size of a small brush, but with longer bristles. It should not be too hard or too soft because it will be used for the midsole of your sneaker.
  • Standard Brush: Typically has a handle made of wood or plastic, and a head made of bristles or fibers that are attached to the handle with a metal or plastic base and used for the outsole of your sneaker.
  • Small Brush or a Toothbrush: If you don’t have a small brush, you can use your toothbrush for the inner parts of your sneaker that are incredibly hard to reach with bigger brushes.
  • Microfiber Cloth: A microfiber cloth is a thin, soft, and highly absorbent cloth made from synthetic fiber. The fibers of a microfiber cloth are extremely small, measuring just a few microns in diameter, which makes them extremely effective at cleaning and polishing surfaces.
  • Shoetree: The shoetree is inserted into the shoe when it is not being worn to help maintain its shape and prevent creasing and wrinkling to the leather or fabric.
  • A Washing Bowl: Used to contain the water that we will be using with the shoe cleaner of our choice. Nobody can wash the mesh on Nike shoes without water right?


  • Upper: The upper part of a shoe is the portion that covers and supports the foot. It is typically made of a flexible and breathable material like the mesh. To clean the upper part of the sneaker we should use a small brush or a toothbrush.
  • Midsole: The midsole of a shoe is the layer between the outsole (the bottom of the shoe that comes into contact with the ground) and the insole (the layer inside the shoe that sits against the bottom of the foot). To clean the midsole, I recommend you use a medium brush.
  • Outsole: The outsole is the outermost layer of a shoe or boot that comes into contact with the ground. It is typically made of durable and slip-resistant material. It is often the most heavily worn and surely the part of the shoe with the most dirt and stains. It should be brushed with a stiff standard brush for maximum cleaning.
  • Insole: An insole is a thin, cushioned insert that is placed inside a shoe to provide additional comfort and support to the foot. Remove it from the sneaker before cleaning whenever possible, then use a premium brush and a toothbrush slowly to remove as much dirt as possible.


  • First, Prepare your mesh Nike shoes. Take your mesh Nike shoes from your storage, take a deep breath and prepare to give them a nice wash.
  • Prepare the tools needed to clean your Adidas shoes: Shoe Cleaner Liquid, Apron, Brushes, Microfiber Cloth, Shoetree, and your Washing bowl.
  • Remove the shoelaces from the shoes. Remove the shoelace by sliding it out of the eyelets on the shoe, be careful to not crease or wrinkle your shoelaces.
  • Dry Wash. Before entering the water, gently clean the top and midsole of the shoes with a premium brush to remove all the dirt and dust that has accumulated on them.
  • Wash the Outsole and the Midsole. To effectively clean the outsole, use a standard brush and apply more pressure and effort. Remember, the outsole is the most heavily soiled part of a sneaker, so put in your best effort to get it clean.
  • For the next step, it’s time to tackle the midsole. Use a medium brush to scrub the area, being careful to remove any subtle stains or dirt that may be stubborn to clean. This part of the sneaker requires patience and diligence as there may be a lot of dirt that needs to be removed. Remember to take your time and be thorough in your cleaning process to ensure a proper result.
  • Wash the Inner and the Outer of the Upper Part. To prevent scratches on the upper part of the shoes, use a premium brush to gently clean the area. After scrubbing, use a microfiber cloth to absorb excess water. To clean the inside of the shoes, use a toothbrush to reach hard-to-reach areas and finish with a microfiber cloth to remove excess water. When using a premium brush to clean the inside of the shoes, be cautious not to damage the mesh.
  • Detailing. To clean the midsole and outsole of dirty shoes, use a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with water. To clean the shoelaces, combine a small amount of shoe cleaner with water in a bowl. Allow the shoelaces to soak in the mixture for several minutes, then hand wash them. Squeeze out any excess water, and use a microfiber cloth to dry the shoelaces.
  • Drying Process. If you want to dry your shoes, a fan or a cool, dry room can be useful. However, it’s important to avoid drying them in the sun as it may damage the glue and change the color of the shoes.
  • Finishing. Once you have finished cleaning and ensuring that everything is dry, you can reattach the shoelaces and place the insole back inside your shoes. Your Nike sneakers will be ready to wear again!



  • When cleaning your sneakers, be gentle while scrubbing them.
  • Use premium brushes only on the upper part of the sneakers, not the rough or textured areas.
  • Before using water to clean your sneakers, dry scrub them first.
  • After washing, use a fan to dry the sneakers.



  • It is important to keep your sneakers in a dry and warm place to prevent damage.
  • I recommend using a high-quality brush to gently clean the top of your shoes.
  • Pay extra attention to the material of your sneakers.
  • Remember to consider the material of your sneakers and use damp paper towels to finish the cleaning process.


handwash nike shoes with mesh

These are the steps I’ve always used to handwash Nike shoes with mesh thoroughly. A proper understanding of how to handwash Nike shoes with mesh will help in the maintenance of your sneakers and is very important to ensure they last longer and stay in good condition. By following these simple steps, you can effectively clean your mesh Nike shoes by hand and keep them looking fresh. Here we go!

  1. Brush Away Dirt
  2. Make a Mixture
  3. Wash the Shoes with Your Hands
  4. Clean the Soap
  5. Give Shoes Time to Air-Dry


shoes with baking soda

I’ve always cleaned my mesh sneakers at home using only seven simple steps. If you’re going to clean mesh sneakers at home and don’t have the time or money to take your sneakers to a professional cleaner, don’t worry! I assure you it is very possible to clean your mesh sneakers at home. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the laces and set them aside.
  2. Fill a bowl with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent.
  3. Using a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush, scrub the surface of the sneakers, paying special attention to any stains or dirt build-up.
  4. Rinse the sneakers thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  5. Stuff the sneakers with newspaper or a shoetree to help them retain their shape while drying.
  6. Place the sneakers in a well-ventilated area to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources, as these can cause the sneakers to shrink or deform.
  7. Once the sneakers are completely dry, replace the laces and you’re good to go!


how to clean nike shoes with mesh

To clean mesh shoes with baking soda is easy and affordable. Baking soda is a natural cleaning agent that has deodorizing and stain-removing properties, making it the perfect choice for freshening up your mesh shoes. After the tests I’ve done, I will show you how to clean mesh shoes with baking soda in just a few simple steps.

  1. To whiten your shoes, you will need to create a paste by mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda, half a tablespoon of water, and half a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl.
  2. Using an old toothbrush, gently brush the paste onto the surface of the shoes, applying enough pressure to remove any dirt and work the paste into the fabric.
  3. Add a second layer of paste and then stir the shoelaces into the remaining mixture.
  4. Place the shoes and laces in the sun for 3 to 4 hours or until the paste is dry and cracking.
  5. The longer and hotter the sun is, the brighter and whiter your shoes will become. Once the paste has dried, brush off any excess and re-lace your shoes. Your shoes should now be much cleaner and brighter than before!


white nike shoes with cool background

To clean mesh shoes in a washing machine, these are the steps I’ve always done:

  1. Put the shoes in a mesh bag to protect them from damage during the wash.
  2. Remove the insoles and laces and wash them separately by hand.
  3. Do not wash the shoes with bulky items. Instead, add some standard towels or kitchen cloths to the load.
  4. Use a gentle cycle, such as hand wash or delicate, and wash the shoes in cold water.
  5. Avoid washing mesh shoes that are too light, as they may float around in the washing machine and potentially become damaged.
  6. After the wash cycle is complete, allow the shoes to air dry, rather than placing them in the dryer.



neat white clean shoes

After all my experience, I’ll provide some tips on how to clean mesh shoes white and restore them to their original, bright appearance. Keeping them clean can be a challenge, especially in white mesh shoes. Over time, dirt, grime, and sweat can build up on the mesh, leaving your shoes looking dirty and discolored. in this section of the article,

To brighten the appearance of your white Nike mesh shoes, create a paste by mixing two parts baking soda with one part water.

  1. Use a soft brush to apply the paste to the knit upper, brushing it in the direction of the mesh or knit pattern.
  2. This mixture can also be used on the rubber sole to remove dirt and stains.
  3. Allow the paste to sit for 30 minutes before wiping it off with a damp washcloth.


90s Nike Max shoes

You can try these steps I’ve tried to clean Nike Air Max 90 Mesh, these shoes are iconic, a classic, and a staple in many wardrobes, being a star in the streetwear fashion choice, they can get dirty and scuffed up over time. Don’t worry, with a little bit of magic and some household items, I can get your AirMax 90s looking like new again. Follow these steps and you’ll have your sneakers looking fresh in no time.

  1. Remove the laces and set them aside. Use a Premium Brush to scrub off any dry dirt on the sneakers.
  2. Use a Sneaker Wipe to spot-clean the shoes, focusing on scuffs and stains, especially in the mesh areas.
  3. Spray the sneakers with Sneaker Cleaner and scrub the upper, paying special attention to the leather and rubber sections. Wipe the shoe down with a microfiber towel and then gently scrub the mesh in small circular motions to remove dirt. Clean the midsoles and under the soles of the shoe as well. Wipe off any excess solution and let the sneakers dry.
  4. Clean the laces by spraying them with Sneaker Cleaner, rubbing them together, and soaking in water. Dry the laces alongside the sneakers.
  5. Lace up the sneakers and apply additional odor spray to the inside of the shoes and the innersoles. This will fight odors, bacteria, and stains, and protect the sneakers from UV rays.


Colored white shoes

I will walk you through the steps on how to clean colored mesh shoes. If you’ve invested in a pair of colorful mesh sneakers or athletic shoes. They can be a stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe. However, like any other type of shoe, they can get dirty and need a good cleaning. Whether you have bright neon green or bold red mesh sneakers, I’ve got you covered. In my experience, here are the best steps to clean colored mesh shoes:

  1. First create a cleaning solution for colored mesh shoes, mix a small amount of mild laundry detergent with water.
  2. Using a clean cloth or sponge, gently scrub the shoes with the soapy water.
  3. Be sure to use a color-safe detergent and avoid scrubbing too hard to prevent the colors from bleeding.
  4. Once you have finished scrubbing the shoes, rinse them thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  5. After rinsing, pat the shoes dry with a towel and allow them to air dry completely before wearing them again.

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how do i protect my meshh sneakers

Protective Sprays, Storage, and Odor Removal are my essentials when I’m protecting my Mesh sneakers. They can be prone to wear and tear if not properly cared for. So, let’s get started on how to protect your mesh sneakers and keep them looking their best.

1. Protective Sprays

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, including holding the can six to eight inches away from the shoe during application and reapplying the coating every six to twelve months.

2. Storing your Sneakers

Consider storing them in the original box or in a clear container that allows you to see the shoes. Using a shoe rack or bench is also a good way to protect your sneakers from damage. To combat creasing, try using shoe trees to help maintain their shape and keep them looking fresh.

3. Removing Odor

Removing and washing the insoles can help freshen up smelly sneakers. To prevent odors from occurring, take care of your feet and rotate your sneakers, leaving at least a day in between wearings. You can also use sneaker balls to help eliminate odors while the shoes are not being worn.


In conclusion, there are many ways to clean mesh Nike shoes, including using a soft brush and soap, using a shoe cleaning solution, or using baking soda. It is important to be gentle when cleaning mesh shoes and to avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbing too hard. By following these cleaning methods, you can keep your mesh Nike shoes looking fresh and clean for longer periods of time. Remember to also regularly remove debris from the mesh to prevent dirt and grime from building up and causing stains or odors. Overall, taking the time to properly clean and care for your mesh Nike shoes will ensure that they remain in good condition and continue to provide the comfort and performance you expect from them.