Puma Shoe Sizing Chart

If you want a comfortable shoe that will match any outfit, look no more. Puma shoes are versatile for any occasion. They come in several colors and designs that make it easy for you to wear them anywhere.

One thing about Puma is that the shoes do not fit true to size. It is crucial to know your regular shoe size and, most importantly, how to measure your foot appropriately for a perfect fit. Here you can find Puma shoe sizing charts and a fitting guide.

puma shoe sizing chart

Why Puma?

Why choose Puma over other brands? When you buy Puma, you get quality stylish footwear. There is a greater variety of shoe types for casual or formal wear. On many occasions, you can receive discounts and special offers.

Celebrities, such as Selena Gomez, Elle Fanning, and Rihanna, wear puma shoes and endorse them. Olympic athletes and sports icons have worn Puma footwear for decades. 

Do Puma Shoes Run Big or Small or True to Size?

Puma shoes can run small, so it may be better to go half-size or full-size up. If you usually wear a different brand of shoe, you may be able to see a difference in how your Pumas fit.

The purpose of Puma brand shoes is to accommodate narrow feet, but if yours are wide, do not worry. Puma considers that. A variety of shoes, such as the Puma Roma, is for those with wide feet.

How Does Pumas Footwear Compare to Other Brands?

Puma is a German brand that two brothers founded and disputed over and is a favorite among younger generations. Its competitor Adidas also has German roots.

Men’s sizes in puma shoes are about the same as the brand Reebok but fit a full size smaller than Nike and Adidas. In women’s sizes, Puma measures up to Nike and Adidas but is bigger than Reebok by half a size.

New Balance sizes are different than Puma, so there is not much comparison.


Nike is an American company. The shoe selections are ideal for any age, especially athletes. Nike shoes are more expensive than Puma, and shoe sizes are comparable to Puma.

Like Pumas, Nikes run a half size smaller. They are also more narrow than regular shoes. Each style may vary in size, so be careful before you buy. In the U.S., Nike sizes run six to 13 for men, five to 12 for women, and 3.5 to seven for kids.


Adidas shoes are true-to-fit. If you choose to get a pair of Pumas after wearing Adidas, you will need to size up by at least half. The sizing guide for Adidas shows that men’s shoes range from three to 13.5, women’s sizes run four to 12, and kids are 1.5 to 13.5.


Sizes are different from Puma. Men’s size seven in Pumas is 9.7 inches versus 9.8 inches in Vans. Like Puma, Vans fit people with narrow feet. They are also more expensive.

Men’s shoes run big while women’s are true-to-fit. In the U.S., men’s shoes run 3.5 to 16, and women’s are available from sizes five to 12.


In Reeboks, men’s sizes eight to 10 equal the same in Puma. Women’s Puma shoe sizes six to eight compare to Reebok’s 6.5 to 8.5.

New Balance

New Balance shoes fit true-to-size, so there is no second-guessing when determining size. The shoes conform well to the feet, meaning you do not have to break them in. They accommodate the extra narrow to XX-wide in both men and women and standard, wide, and extra-wide for kids.

In the U.S., men’s sizes of New Balance vary from six to 13.5, with some half-sizes. Women can find shoes in sizes 5.5 to 15. U.K sizes range from five to 12.5.

Puma Size Chart

Here you can find Puma shoe sizing for men, women and unisex sizes.

Puma Shoe Size Chart for Women

Inches CM US UK EU
8.6 22 5.5 3 35.5
8.8 22.5 6 3.5 36
9 23 6.5 4 37
9.2 23.5 7 4.5 37.5
9.4 24 7.5 5 38
9.6 24.5 8 5.5 38.5
9.8 25 8.5 6 39
10 25.5 9 6.5 40
10.2 26 9.5 7 40.5
10.4 26.5 10 7.5 41
10.6 27 10.5 8 42
10.8 27.5 11 8.5 42.5

Puma Shoe Size Guide for Men

Inches CM US UK EU
9.8 25 7 6 39
10 25.5 7.5 6.5 40
10.2 26 8 7 40.5
10.4 26.5 8.5 7.5 42
10.6 27 9 8 42
10.8 27.5 9.5 8.5 42.5
11 28 10 9 43
11.2 28.5 10.5 9.5 44
11.4 29 11 10 44.5
11.6 29.5 11.5 10.5 45
11.8 30 12 11 46
12.2 31 13 12 47
12.6 32 14 13 48.5
13 33 15 14 49.5

Unisex Puma Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Men’s size Women’s size
4 5.5
4.5 6
5 6.5
5.5 7
6 7.5
6.5 8
7 8.5
7.5 9
8 9.5

Kids Puma Size Chart

Inches CM US UK EU
4.75 12 4 3 19
5 12.7 5 4 20
5.5 14 6 5 22
5.75 14.5 7 6 23
6.125 15.5 8 7 24
6.25 16 9 8 25
6.5 16.5 10 8.5 26
6.625 16.8 10.5 9.5 27
6.75 17.1 11 10 28
7.125 18 12 11 30
7.5 19 13 12 31
7.75 19.6 1 13 32
8 20.3 1.5 13.5 33
8.125 20.6 2 1 33
8.25 21 2.5 1.5 34
8.5 21.6 3 2 34.5
8.625 21.9 3.5 2.5 35
8.75 22.2 4 3 35.5
9 22.8 4.5 3.5 36
9.125 23.2 5 4 37
9.25 23.5 5.5 4.5 37.5
9.5 24.1 6 5 38
9.625 24.4 6.5 5.5 38.5
9.75 24.8 7 6 39

Puma Shoe Sizing Guide

Sizes vary per shoe style, so regular sneakers may fit differently than those for sports. One reason is that sports shoes tend to be thicker with additional padding and fit more snugly. Measurements will be more accurate if you measure from heel to toe.


Puma makes shoes for training, running, sports, leisure, and other occasions. Whether suede or leather, there is a shoe for every man.

The U.S.

In America, Puma shoes range from six to 16, with half sizes up to 12.5.


Puma footwear in England comes in sizes five through 15, including half sizes up to 11.5.


Puma shoes in Denmark, France, and Italy are different, starting at 38 and ending at 51.


Puma offers a wide variety of styles for any occasion. From contemporary footwear to basketball sneakers, classic trainers, slippers, running shoes, and sandals, there is a kind of shoe for every woman.

The classic suede sneakers start from size four up to 14, with some half sizes. They are available in unique colors, designs, and styles.

The U.S.

The standard sizes of footwear for American women are 5.5 to 11.

The U.K.

In England, women’s sizes range from three to 8.5.


In Denmark, France, and Italy, women can find Puma shoes ranging from 35.5 to 42.5.

For a comfortable fit for home, Puma also has slides and slippers. The fluffy faux fur flip flops range from sizes five to10. Fluff remix slide slippers are available in full and half sizes, five through 11.


Puma shoes for kids come in all styles and colors. Sizes vary on the style of shoe, so your child should try on each type. When in doubt, select a shoe that is a little bigger than your child’s regular shoe size.

The U.S.

  • Toddlers: 4-10 come in full sizes only
  • Small kids: Sizes include 10.5 to 3.5
  • Juniors: 4-7 includes half sizes

The U.K.

  • Toddlers: three to nine are available in full sizes only
  • Small kids: Sizes range 9.5-2.5
  • Juniors: three to six includes half sizes


Kids’ Puma shoes in Denmark, France, and Italy range from 19 to 27.


The unisex footwear comes in men’s sizes, but women should request shoes that are 1.5 sizes smaller than their usual size. All footwear is available in 4-8, including half sizes for men and 5.5 to 9.5 for women.

How to Measure for Pumas

To make sure you get the appropriate size, you should take precise measurements of your foot. It is better to measure in inches. Have someone trace around your foot while you stand up straight. It is important to mark it from the end of the longest toe, which may not be the great toe.

Measure both feet. If you have one foot longer than the other, use the measurements from the longer side. For a better fit, your shoes should be larger than too small. Do not wear thick socks when you measure.

How to Make Sure Pumas Fit

The best time to try on your new shoes is at the end of the day when your feet are a little swollen. There are two fool-proof ways to ensure your Pumas are the right size.

Two Methods

The index finger and thumb methods determine if your footwear is snug or loose.

Index Finger Method

Use your forefinger to check for a gap between the shoe and your heel. If you can move it from side to side, the shoes may be a good fit. If your finger does not easily slip down the heel, your shoes are too small. To resolve this problem, use a shoe stretcher or exchange for a larger size.

Thumb Method

Using your thumb, press down on the longest toe. What you want is a gap that is the length of your thumb. Anything greater or less than that would indicate the wrong size.

You can also feel for a little wiggle room on the side of the shoe’s sole. There should be enough space to move your foot around a little.

How to Care for Puma Footwear

Puma footwear does not require a lot of care and maintenance, but there are times when it is necessary.


After you finish wearing them, clean your shoes to remove visible dirt. Only wear your cleats or running shoes for the appropriate occasions so they last longer. Do not put them in the washer or dryer as doing so can warp or destroy them.


Certain materials require special care. Leather (authentic and faux) should not sit in water. A damp cloth with mild soap or leather cleaner is all you need to get rid of the dirt. Use a soft, moist cloth and soap to gently scrub nylon and canvas.

Avoid harsh chemicals, such as bleach or certain detergents that can ruin your shoes. If your shoes are suede, spray them with suede spray before the first use. When they get dirty, use a suede brush and cleaner to wipe off the residue. Do not subject them to water.

Canvas is not as sensitive as other materials but still does not tolerate the heat of a dryer. To clean canvas shoes, dampen a soft cloth with water and mild soap or detergent and carefully scrub. You can use an old toothbrush instead of a cloth.


Wear your shoes only when you need to. Store them away from sources that can damage them, such as heaters, radiators, or other items that can become hot. If your shoes are wet, remove the insole and set them out to air dry. Packing them with newspaper or tissue paper will retain their shape and protect them.