New Balance vs Nike Sizing

new balance vs nike sizing

Are you looking to replace your current New Balance or Nike sneakers? Before you purchase the first pair of either brand you find, consider how the sizes compare.

Then, you can consider shoes from both brands, and you’ll have more options. Think about how the sizing differs and where you plan to wear the shoes. Here are all the details about New Balance vs Nike sizing and fit.

Read on to learn if one brand is better for you.

new balance vs nike sizing

New Balance vs Nike Sizing

1. How New Balance Shoes Fit

In general, New Balance shoes fit true to size, and they come in a variety of sizes. Most people should be able to wear their regular size when shopping for New Balance shoes.

Whether you’re shopping for a pair of mens’, womens’, or kids’ shoes, start with the size you currently wear. Then, you can experiment with different widths because New Balance has a wide range of shoe widths.

Unfortunately, not all widths are available for all lengths and styles. However, it’s worth testing out different length and width sizes to find the right fit for you.

You can start with your usual size in other brands of shoes when you first try New Balance. Alternatively, you may want to measure your feet to start from scratch.

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2. How Nike Shoes Fit

Nike shoes tend to run smaller than other brands, including New Balance. They run small both in terms of the length and width. That can make the shoes uncomfortable if you already have wide feet because you may not get to go up a width.

Compared to New Balance, Nike has a limited range of widths. If you have wide feet, consider the Zoom Vomero and Air Zoom Structure styles. Those do come in wider sizes, so you may find they fit well.

You may also feel like Nike shoes don’t fit well if you have flat feet because the shoes have high arches. But people with higher arches might find Nike shoes are much more comfortable than brands with no arch support.

As long as you account for the smaller sizing, you may be able to find a good pair of Nikes. You should be able to go down a size, but you can experiment to find the correct size for you.

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How to Find Your Correct Shoe Size?

Whether you’re looking for New Balance, Nike, or either brand, you should know how to find the right size for your feet. Since the two brands can have slightly different sizing, you may need to do a bit of math to convert your size accordingly.

Fortunately, you can use the same steps to find your ideal size for New Balance or Nike shoes. Then, you will be able to test sneakers from each brand to find your perfect fit. If you want to buy another pair from the brand later, you may be able to order the same size.

Before you order the size you think you need, consider how to measure your feet. And think about testing the shoes to confirm they’re the correct size.

1. Use a Brannock Device

A Brannock device is the device you see in some shoe stores. It has a spot for your foot and a gauge that runs up and down it. You’ll put your heel at the back and bring the adjustable gauge to the top of your big toe.

new balance vs nike sizing
Use a Brannock Device

Take a look at the number by where you stopped adjusting the device. That should give you a good idea of your size, especially if you’re shopping for a pair of New Balance. If you’re between sizes, you can test both sizes to see which feels better.

You can use the device to measure your feet for Nike shoes. However, you may want to go up a size from what the device tells you. Then, you can accommodate for the fact that Nike shoes run small, and you can get a good fit.

2. Measure With a Ruler

Another option for measuring your feet is to use a ruler and a piece of paper. You’ll need to place your foot on a piece of paper and mark the back of your heel and the tip of your big toe. Do this for both feet, ideally, on separate sheets of paper or the back and front.

where are Adidas shoes made
Measure With a Ruler

Then, use a ruler to determine the length of each foot in centimeters. Use the larger measurement to select the best size of shoe. Getting an accurate measurement this way is essential when you want to order online.

If you compare a New Balance size chart to a Nike/Jordan size chart, you’ll see the size difference.

The sizes may not be that different for smaller sizes. But by the time you get to a mens’ 10.5, the two brands differ by a centimeter. Use the centimeter measurement to select the first size to try for a more accurate result.

3. Wear Good Socks

You should wear a good pair of socks when trying on sneakers. However, you may want to wear socks when measuring your feet, especially if they’re thick. That way, you can account for the difference in size that the socks cause.

where are Adidas shoes made
Wear Good Socks

Even if you measure your bare feet, wear socks when trying on a pair of shoes. The size may technically fit when you don’t have any socks on or if you wear thin socks. But you may find the shoes feel too tight when you wear thick socks.

Think about when you’ll wear the sneakers and what you’ll wear with them. Bring a few pairs of socks to the shoe store if you need to. That way, you can see how the shoes will feel with all of the socks you might wear the shoes with, and you can keep from buying shoes that are too small or too large.

4. Try the Shoes for Yourself

One of the most important steps in selecting the right shoe size from New Balance or Nike is to try a few pairs for yourself. Put on your favorite pair of socks, lace up the sneakers, and walk around.

New Balance vs Nike Sizing
Try the Shoes for Yourself

Do whatever you expect to be doing in the shoes, such as walking, jumping, or running. You may not be able to test the shoes a ton in a store. However, you should be able to get an idea of how they fit and if you need to go up or down a size.

If the shoes aren’t comfortable, test other sizes. Another option is to test different styles from the same brand and in the same size. Some designs may not work with your feet, so you may need to compare a few options to find something comfortable.

5. Remember Wide Sizes

If the shoes feel fine from front to back but not side to side, consider other widths. New Balance sneakers come in more width than Nikes, but Nike has a few widths to compare. Widths from New Balance run from B to 6E for men and 2A to 2E for women.

New Balance vs Nike Sizing
Remember Wide Sizes

Nike widths range from B on the narrow end to 2E for both men and women. Take a look at the letter on the shoes as you try them. If they feel too tight, go up a letter, and if they feel too wide, go down a letter.

You can experiment with higher and lower numbers and letters. That way, you’ll be able to find your ideal size for that particular style.

6. Don’t Forget About Foot Problems

If you have any foot problems, you should consider those as you try on New Balances or Nikes. Some problems, such as bunions, may require a bit more room inside. On the other hand, if you have plantar fasciitis, you may need the perfect arch placement.

New Balance vs Nike Sizing
Don’t Forget About Foot Problems

You might also have to consider leaving space for insoles or orthotics. In that case, going up a size can help so that you have room for more foot support. Even if you don’t have a diagnosis, you should consider things like foot pain to select the right shoes.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before you buy a new pair of sneakers. They may recommend a certain style or insole, and they can help you compare options. That way, you’ll get the support you need to protect your feet.

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Are New Balance or Nike Shoes Better?

New Balance may be better for people with wider or narrower feet than average. The brand has a larger range of wide and narrow sizes, so you can get the proper fit.

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Are New Balance or Nike Shoes Better

Nike shoes can be better for support and performance when running or going about your day. It can also offer a secure fit for all-day wear.

Should You Buy New Balance or Nike Online?

You should buy New Balance or Nike online if you’re positive about the size you need. Maybe you’re buying a pair in the same style as your current sneakers.

However, when you’re buying a new style for the first time, consider trying them on in a store. If you can’t do that, look for a retailer that will let you return the shoes if they don’t fit.

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Which Brand Lasts Longer?

New Balance shoes last longer than Nike due to their materials and cushioning. However, you could make either brand last longer by selecting the correct size.

Be sure to rotate between pairs of shoes as well. The less you wear the shoes now, the more you’ll be able to wear them in the future.

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