What Does GS Mean in Shoes (Also TD, PS & BG)?

what does gs mean in shoes

Have you ever been looking for shoes online and seen a word with a letter and a number? Here are some common ones: PS, BG, GS. You can find out what they mean by looking at the table below:

These shoe letters mean:

GS means: Grade School in Shoes

PS means: Preschool in Shoes

TD means: Toddler in Shoes

BC means: Baby Crib in Shoes

EP means: Engineered Performance in Shoes

BG: Boys Grade School in Shoes

What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

What does GS stand for? It stands for Grade School. Generally, GS is the size of a shoe. This is related to the average shoe size for a child.

It can fit both girls and boys. It is a specific size modification that is available for sneakers, or shoes. You can order these in Nike and Jordans. The size goes up to 7Y, which is the same as 7 for men.

This means that the price and quality will be different than it would be if you ordered a regular shoe size of 7. But not all brands are like this, so you should still read the label!

What are Nike GS sizes?

As you know, shoe sizes change from brand to brand. Some brands offer more sizes. Nike’s size chart includes GS sizes for your shoe. Here is a chart for Nike GS Sizes.

GS Shoe Size Chart (Grade School)

3.5Y 3 3.5
4Y 3.5 36
4.5Y 4 36.5
5Y 4.5 37.5
5.5Y 5 38
6Y 5.5 38.5
6.5Y 6 39
7Y 6.5 40


PS Shoe Size Chart (Preschool) 

10.5C 10 27.5
11C 10.5 28
11.5C 11 28.5
12C 11.5 29.5
12.5C 12 30
13C 12.5 31
13.5C 13 31.5
1Y 13.5 32
1.5Y 1 33
2Y 1.5 33.5
2.2Y 2 34
3Y 2.5 35


TD Size Chart (Toddler)

2C 1.5 17
3C 2.5 18.5
4C 3.5 19.5
5C 4.5 21
6C 5.5 22
7C 6.5 23.5
8C 7.5 25
9C 8.5 26
10C 9.5 27


How to Measure Your Child’s Feet for Nike Shoes?

Here’s how to measure your child’s feet. You need a ruler and piece of paper.

• Put a piece of paper under your child’s foot.

• Make sure that their heel is against the wall and that their foot is as flat as possible.

• Draw around the largest part of the foot with pen or pencil. Measure to get your child’s shoe size. If one foot is larger than another, order shoes in those sizes instead of having two pairs of shoes that are both too small.

It is important to measure your child’s feet in the afternoon. Feet tend to swell a little bit at the end of the day. The length from their longest toe to where their foot ends should be 5 inches and not more. Put them in regular socks that they would usually wear and then put them in shoes that are also regular for them, not too thin or too thick. When they have the shoes on, have them walk around some so you can see if it is a good fit for them. This only applies to kids who are able-bodied enough – toddlers and up!

What Are Y Sizes?

When looking at sizes, you will sometimes see a letter after the number. This letter is an indication of which approximate age group the size is suitable for. Here are some examples: Y means youth, whereas C means child. When talking about adult sizes there are also different letters like N (narrow), M (medium), W (wide) and R (regular).

Is GS 7 the same as men’s 7?

GS 7 is pretty similar to men’s size 7. Their length is the same, but they are different in other ways. For example, adult shoes are made for adults with bigger feet and kids have smaller feet.

Men’s shoe sizes start at 7.5 while GS shoe sizes go up to 7. There are some major differences between these two types of shoes – their price and quality for example.

You can get a better quality pair of men’s size 7 shoes by spending more money, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on something with low quality when it comes to GS size 7 shoes because they may be cheaper in price but not in quality!

What is GS on Stockx?

GS stands for ‘grade school.’ It is a gender-neutral shoe size on StockX. Girls and boys can both wear them. When you have a look at StockX, it will show your shoe size automatically if the size is available. If you need to change the default size on your page, then that can be done too.

What does BG GS mean in Jordans?

The letters BG stand for “Boys Grade School,” and the letters GS stand for “Grade School.” They are shoe sizes, where BG sizes are specially designed for boys in grade school, while GS sizes are gender-neutral.

Is GS for Girls?

It does not mean a Girl Size. GS can be both for girls and boys. GS is the abbreviation of grade school shoe size, and it’s a number between 1 and 7. It can be any size from one-year-old to seven years old. But girls’ sizes are different – they’re between one year old and five-and-a-half years old.

Can GS Size Be for Women?

It is not meant the size is specifically for women. GS means ‘Grade School’ and is mainly for kids. GS sizes stay between 1y-7 or 7.5y, and women’s shoe size usually are small, so people think they are the same.

But in reality, they are not the same size! If a woman wants to buy a GS size she needs to subtract 1.5 sizes from her regular shoe size if she wears women’s 8 then she has to buy 6.5 shoes in Girls Grade School.

Can Adults Wear GS Size Shoes?

If you have a small foot or are a petite adult, then the GS shoe size will fit your feet. If you are an adult with regular or standard feet, then the GS size will not fit.

GS shoes are cheaper than other shoes because they are made for kids and not adults. The best choice for an adult is to buy regular shoes instead of GS ones.

The Difference in PS and GS in Jordan’s Shoes

People often think that Jordan PS and GS are the same size, but they are different. Even though they both might be for kids, there are some differences.

Here are the slight differences:

Jordan PS Jordan GS
Stand for Preschool Grade School
Designed for Preschool kids Kids (all types)
Large Less than GS More than PS
Popular Less than GS More than PS
Wider Less More
Adults wearable No Sometimes

What is the Average Foot Size for 12 Year Old?

The average shoe size for a 12-year-old is 4Y. However, this is very individual and depends on genetics.

What is 7K in shoe size?

7K means that the shoe is for a child. It is the same as a US size of 7Y.

What Does OG Mean for Shoes?

When people use the word OG, they might mean the original colorway or release date. The reason for this is that they were first made in a particular way and it’s important to know if you want the same shoe.

An example of this is Air Jordan 1 Bred, which was released in 1984 and has not been changed since that time. It might be worth it to buy a shoe like that if you care about its original colorway or release date.

How is GS Used?

GS is not a single size. Some kids will need the GS size 3.5 instead of the GS size 6. This does not take into account other factors like feet length, arch height, or just how different styles of shoe fit on boys’ or girls’ feet.

Slightly different sizes may also look different, and not all shoes will be available in every size on the chart. Always measure your boy’s or girl’s feet before you take them to get new shoes since their number on the chart could still fit poorly if their feet are longer or higher than normal.

Using GS Shoes at Another Age

Grade school shoes can still be helpful to adults, especially adults with smaller feet than average. Many men’s and women’s shoes are too big for people who have a specific size requirement, often meaning that kids’ shoes fit better. If they fit best, there is nothing wrong with using girls’ or boys’ shoes when you are an adult.

Specific Shoe Sizes

When you are getting shoes, you have to remember that they are designed for an average size. You can have a foot size that is between two other shoe sizes, which means your foot might fit in one of them.

If it does not, you’ll need to choose the bigger size. Shoes also take time to break-in and become comfortable for your feet. For example, Nike Air Jordan sneakers are very flexible and will usually stretch to suit your feet.

What Does TD Mean in Shoes

TD means these are kids’ shoes, specifically toddler-size shoes. You can also see some labels that are TDV, this means toddler shoes with velcro.

What Does PS Mean in Shoes

PS means these shoes are for preschoolers. Some bigger toddler shoes can fit preschoolers too. It’s best to measure your child’s feet to have the right size shoe. 

Buying Shoes

Reviews of shoes can help choose the best shoes for you. Reviews of the Air Jordan would tell you how it stacks up to other Air Jordan’s and what people like about it. It can be good to read reviews from people who have first-hand experience with Air Jordan’s if you want your first shoe of this type to be successful.

Some shoes are only found at certain stores. You will not find a store that has all types of shoes. Some old Jordan designs are no longer being made, so you cannot buy them at any store. 

Finally, price. Some brands are going to cost more because they have a name and make a higher quality shoe. Jordan shoes are more expensive than other shoes because it is a name brand and has better quality. It doesn’t matter if you can afford the price or not, it is up to you what you want to pay for your shoes.


First, GS means ‘grade school’, which is when kids are in their last two years of elementary school. It is available in 3.5Y-7Y sizes, so people with small feet can wear size 7Y.

It is not the same as men’s or women’s shoe sizes. GS shoes are gender-neutral and fit for kids in grade school who are in their last two years of elementary school.

When you buy shoes for your child, it is important to know their size. There are many shoes that fit different feet, so make sure you measure the foot first. Consider other factors like arch height, width of the foot and instep size. And think about how your child will be wearing the shoe too.