Shoes that Start with F

Are you wondering about what shoes start with F? There are many great shoe brands available for people to purchase. Shoes that start with F can be found at all different price points and made from a variety of materials to serve different purposes. Read on to learn more about shoe brands that start with F.

shoe brands that start with f

Shoes that Start with F



Forever 21


French Shriner

Franco Sarto


French Connection


Four Seasons Handbags


French Toast

Fireside by Dearfoams



Florsheim Work




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Types of Shoes that Start with F Letter

Figure skates


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Details About Shoe Brands that Start with F


One brand is Fendi, which was founded in 1926 by Adele Casagrande as a fur and leather shop in Rome, Italy called Adele Casagrande. The name was changed later to what it is now after it became popular among film stars.

Nowadays the brand makes purses, shoes, clothing, jewellery and accessories. It also offers other products like perfume, home decor items and watches (Designer Brands). Some shoes that the brand offers include heels that are colorful and patterned, loafers and sandals.


Another shoe brand is Fila, which was established in 1911 by Giovanni Fila after he began making clothing and shoes. Nowadays it also makes covers for smartphones, backpacks and fitness equipment to name a few other products (Designer Brands). Some of the shoes available from the brand include pumps, sneakers, tennis shoes and casual boots (Brand List).


The Feiyue sneaker brand was founded in France and China (1922-1990) by Zhang Qiurun, who became interested in martial arts about 20 years after its inception.  

Its Chinese name means ‘to fly over the sky’ which reflects its origin as a humble training shoe. Their design is influenced by the classic French contour shoe.

Feiyue shoes are made in China to support the manufacturing in China with brand new designs, materials and manufacturing equipment.

Finn Comfort

The Finn comfort shoes brand was founded in Germany by Wolfgang Fischer in 1984. The brand started out making traditional moccasins but has expanded into many other products over the years including slippers, slipper boots, backpacks and handbags.

Some of their shoes include casual walking boots for men and women, clogs with leather upper or textile material covering, slip-on espadrilles that have leather sock liners and rubber outsoles with wedge heels of various heights depending on the style.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry was founded in 1963 by the famous tennis player, Fred Perry. Besides clothing and shoes, it also manufactures bags, watches, sunglasses and other accessories for men and women.

Shoes that the brand offers include loafers, sneakers made of suede or leather with laces or slip-on without laces in various colors like black, white and brown. Some of which have perforations to allow airflow to keep feet cool.


Footjoy is a shoe brand that was established in 1906 by Joseph Lawrence in New York. It’s called ‘foot joy’ because he saw that golfers had pain when they played due to wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Nowadays it has expanded its offerings to make not only footwear for golf, but also other types of shoes like casual walking shoes for men and women that have soft spikes in them for better traction.


Forzieri was founded in Italy in 1991 by Antonio Forzieri. Some shoes offered from the brand include stiletto heels made with laces or straps, leather sneakers with solid rubber soles, high heeled boots made from suede or leather of various colors and sandals that consist of ankle strap attached to an open toe of various heights.


Freebird is a shoe brand that was founded in 2008 by Andres Garcia and Maria Cristina Baena. It has been called the ‘Global Fashion House’ because it offers shoes made from high-quality leather, suede or textile material to various types of shoes like heels, booties, sandals and more. All of which have trendy embellishments like buckles, studs and straps.


The Fornarina shoemaker company was founded in 1985 by Marcello Gavio and two other partners. Besides shoes, it also makes handbags and clothing for men, women and children. Some of their footwear includes boots with zippers on front, sandals with ankle strap either closed toe or open toe, casual sneakers or slip-ons with thick rubber soles.

Franco Sarto 

The Franco Sarto brand was established in 1991 by George and Myra Manetti Shustak. Besides footwear, it also makes handbags, clothing and accessories like belts for men and women.

Some of the shoes include stilettos with open toes or closed-toe made from suede or leather, wedges that have colorful decorative details on the front strappy part of the shoe and sneakers that have rubber soles and come in various colors like black, beige and white.


Freewaters makes comfortable shoes for outdoor activities like hiking, walking, jogging and water sports. It offers different kinds of shoes including casual walking boots with laces to slip on without laces in various colors like grey, red, black and green.

They make sneakers with rubber soles in various colors like gray, red, white and blue, sandals with ankle straps made of fabric material or leather that are closed-toe or open-toe for both men and women.

French Connection 

French Connection is a brand that offers clothing and shoes for men, women and children. Some of the footwear available includes wedges with bowknot decoration made from fabric or leather. T

hey make sneakers made of different types of fabrics like mesh, suede and canvas in various colors like black, brown and gray, sandals with straps either flat or have decorative studs on them.


Frere was established in 1916 by Gabriel Joseph Frere who started it as a shoe company that grew into many other areas.

It has been called ‘The Merchant Prince’ because until the 1980’s they were one of the largest suppliers to Marks & Spencer PLC.

The brand offers a variety including casual walking boots for men and women with laces to slip ons, sneakers made from mesh with rubber soles in various colors like black, beige and white, slip ons that have rubber soles and come in gray or black color.


Frye is a shoe company that was established by bootmaker Charles F.H. Frye who moved from Boston to Pennsylvania to start his own footwear business after the Civil War ended.

In addition to boots for men and women, they also make casual shoes like sneakers with leather upper either high top or low cut in different colors like navy, brown and white or other colors like green and red depending on the style.

Nowadays boots are still being made but also include casual shoes similar to hi-top with laces attached to the shoe. And women’s boots also have closed-toe and open-toe styles with heels of different heights.


The Furla brand was created in 1927 by Emanuele and Salvatore Furla who began by making leather bags for men and women.

In 1938, they expanded their business to include shoes, handbags and wallets made from a variety of materials like suede, nappa leather or textile that come in different colors, prints or embossed leather details on them.

Nowadays the brand is known worldwide for its fashion footwear collection that includes heels with an ankle strap attached to the shoe, sandals with wedge heels made from fabric as well as platform wedges. Also, sneakers with embellished front either flat or with heel and sandals with ankle strap.

Fratelli Rossetti 

Fratelli Rossetti shoes were created in 1972 by Enrico and Andrea Rossi who wanted to create shoes that could be worn both casually and formally.

They use different types of leathers, patent or velvety materials for the soles, metallic colors on heels or decorative details like tassels hanging from zippers or studs on shoes.

Besides footwear, they also make handbags for men and women as well as other accessories like belts with embellished buckles for women.


Florsheim was founded in 1892 by Milton S. Florsheim after he invented the machine that made mass production of high-quality dress shoe uppers more efficient.

He built his footwear business based on the principle of selling good-quality shoes at reasonable prices. The brand is known for having helped develop some innovative technologies like introducing rubber soles to shoes or building high heels with steel shanks inside.

Nowadays they offer classic menswear styles made from leather, suede and jean fabric in different colors like brown, black, white, tan and gray.


Freeman is a company that offers men’s footwear made from leather in casual styles like boat shoes, sneakers and oxford shoes.

As for ladies, their collection includes boots with pointed toes or stiletto heels, high-heeled pumps with thin straps attached to the ankle, wedges with ruffles on the upper part of the shoe and sandals with embellished buckles on them.


Fossil was created in 1984 after Tom Kartsotis sold his investment in another company he founded called Bedrock Manufacturing which produced watches under license.

He decided to focus his attention on selling affordable fashion watches so along with Kosta Kartsotis they began selling watches through The Limited stores.

Nowadays they also make bags for men and women, belts for men and other accessories like wallets with leather material made to resemble the texture of denim fabric.

Fresh Produce 

Fresh Produce is a design house based in Italy that makes shoes for both men and women using high-quality materials like nappa leather or python skin, silver, gold or black leather to make boots with bungee laces, sandals with ankle straps and platform wedges.


Fred was founded in 1985 by Jean-Louis Dumas after he noticed that most women were wearing men’s shirts. He then designed a line of casual wear for women using comfortable fabrics like cotton and silk twill made into blouses, dresses and pants.

They also create other items including woven jackets for men as well as scarves made from wool fabric with various prints on them.  

Four Season Handbags 

Four Seasons Handbags was founded in 1982 by a group of experienced businesspersons from the fashion industry who decided to start designing and manufacturing accessories for men and women made from different types of leather, suede or fabrics.

They make handbags like totes, satchels with handles attached at the top , crossbody bags as well as shoulder bags with wide adjustable straps.


FireSide is a brand that was founded in 1993 but it didn’t become known until 1995 when Sophia Lauren wore their handbag to the Oscars ceremony.

They design and manufacture casual bags for women like shoulder bags with tassels hanging from zippers or flap-buckle closures, satchels with long handles attached by metal rings on either side of the top opening, hobo bags with pointed tips at the bottom and totes made out of straw material.

French Toast 

French Toast is a company that was created in 1984 when the owner, Bruce Weintraub got tired of not being able to find nice quality loafers for his daughter.

He decided to design and manufacture shoes for children using water-resistant materials like leather or suede with soles made from rubber or synthetic material.

French Shriner 

Frensh Shriner was founded in 1877 by one of the most accomplished boot makers from France, Joseph French.

He originally opened a store that sold women’s shoes and boots until he decided to close it and focus on designing and manufacturing men’s footwear like classic dress shoes, leatherworking boots and casual styles made out of durable materials.


Floafers are shoes created by a group of young men in California. They make shoes for both genders out of leather, suede or microfiber material in different colors like tan , black, white and brown.

Their collection includes high-top sneakers with velcro straps attached to the ankles or lace-up ankle boots that can be worn over jeans, knee-length boots with chunky wooden heels and shoes made out of boxy shapes.

Forever 21 

Forever 21 is a well-known company that offers apparel and accessories at very affordable prices.

They have many branch stores across the US where they sell clothes for women, men and children including trendy dresses made from cotton or polyester for teenagers as well as cardigans, sweaters and knitted vests for men.